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  1. Glee-Dux: Was It Good for You? Plus, We've Got Scoop on What Happens Next!
  2. Dancing With the Stars Down to Four!
  3. Why Are Revenge's Stars All Bruised and Bloodied?
  4. Backstage at DWTS: Which Stars Fell "in Love"? And Who's Demanding Life in Prison for
  5. Gossip Girl Redux: Scoop! Which Fan-Favorite Couple Might Be Making a Surprise Comeba
  6. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Kim Shacks Up While Kyle Cries
  7. Dancing With the Stars: Perfection Is Achieved While Maks and the Judges Kiss and Mak
  8. Kim Kardashian Goes to See Kris Humphries in Minnesota
  9. Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Premiere Recap: "I've Got to Make This Funeral Pop!
  10. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and a Streaker Hit the MTV Europe Music Awards!
  11. Taylor Swift Tweets Photos of New BFF: An Adorable Kitten Named Meredith!
  12. Live at X Factor: Simon Cowell Speaks Out on the Stacy Francis and Dexter Haygood Con
  13. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Get Ready for a Shipper Riot! The "Soul Mates" Have Been Reveal
  14. Are $15 Million Actors Really Worth Such Massive Paychecks?
  15. Hilary Swank Dropped by PR Company in Wake of Chechen Party Scandal
  16. Five Things We Definitely Know About the New James Bond Flick
  17. Man Accused of Killing Glee Star Charice' Father Gives Himself Up
  18. Team Demi Lovato Won't Kiss and Tell!
  19. Happy Sweet 16, Kendall Jenner! So Is She Getting a Car?
  20. Coldplay vs. Kelly Clarkson—Who Won?
  21. Kim Kardashian Puts on Brave Face in First Post-Divorce Public Appearance
  22. Coroner: Bubba Smith Died From Overdose of Diet Pills, Heart Disease
  23. Watch Live: Is Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail?!
  24. Hugh Grant Becomes a First-Time Dad
  25. Kris Humphries Still Planning to Party in Vegas This Weekend
  26. Heidi Klum Goes Ape and More! Whose Halloween Monster Mash Was Best?
  27. Kate Middleton: Best-Dressed Duchess Royally Rules Bazaar U.K.'s List
  28. Sister Wives Recap: Polygamy Has Its Perks
  29. Angelina Jolie Takes the Kids Ice Skating in Budapest!
  30. Which Glee Stars Turned Up for Matthew Morrison's Halloween Bash?
  31. Guess Which Stunning Star Transformed Into a Creepy Corpse for Halloween!
  32. Happy Six-Month Wedding Anniversary, Will and Kate!
  33. Fashion Police's Halloween Party: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Do the Perp Walk!
  34. NBC's Grimm: Save It or Sink It?
  35. Chris Daughtry's National Anthem Caps Off World Series: Was It a Grand-Slam Performan
  36. Do Michael Jackson's Kids Get Too Much of His Money?
  37. Michael Lohan Isn't the Only One: Five Other Stars Who Fell Out of Trees
  38. Does Julianne Moore Nail Sarah Palin? You Betcha!
  39. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Seattle Docs Bring Curveballs and Foul Plays to the Game
  40. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Kathy Griffin Sends a Top Contender Home!
  41. American Horror Story Redux: Another Death, Baby Drama and Ghostly Visitors! Plus, Sc
  42. Survivor: South Pacific Insider: Five Reasons Why Castaway's "Ballsy" Move Is Crazy S
  43. Great Gatsby's Tobey Maguire Is All Tied Up in a Bow
  44. Backstage at DWTS: Chaz Bono "Upset" With Judges' Comments While Mom Cher "Could Cut
  45. James Van Der Beek Is Going to Be a Dad Again!
  46. Who's Off The X Factor Already?!
  47. Dancing With the Stars Elimination Shocker: Maks Apologizes (and Someone Gets Cut)
  48. Backstage at DWTS: Maks Defends Harsh Words to Len, Saying, "I Have Had Enough!"
  49. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: "You Can't Fight With Crazy"
  50. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Adopt!
  51. From Mom to Movie Star: Naomi Watts' Amazing Transformation...You Like?
  52. Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Recap: Who Isn't Drinking the Kool-Aid?!
  53. Zooey Deschanel Sings the National Anthem at the World Series: How'd She Do?
  54. Bikini Shot of the Day: Sofia Vergara Shows Off Her Hot Bod in Mexico!
  55. Sister Wives Recap: Are Kody Brown's Spouses Ready to Work It Out?
  56. Does the Material Girl Have a Homeless Brother?
  57. Kim Kardashian's 31st Birthday Gifts: a Movie Role & Surprise Performance by Pink!
  58. Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez on a Real Steel of a Date
  59. Country Legend Loretta Lynn Hospitalized
  60. Jersey Shore Finale Recap: Is This the Last Season for The Situation?!
  61. Rob Kardashian Responds to Obama Not Liking Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  62. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Seattle Grace Heats Up With Dirty Docs
  63. Is Zachary Quinto's Career Over Now—or Bigger Than Ever?
  64. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Are You Ready for a "Bitch Fight"?
  65. Lindsay Lohan's Latest Mug Shot: A Little Pouty?
  66. Why Is Justin Bieber Behind Bars?
  67. Celebs Tweet Reactions to Ohio Escaped-Animal Killings
  68. Backstage at DWTS: Wow. You Just Have to Hear How the Cast Really Feels About Tonight
  69. Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe" Video: Early Holiday Cheer or a Lump of Coal?
  70. Dancing With the Stars Elimination: Did Another Promising Dancer Get Picked Off?
  71. Breast Cancer Survivor Christina Applegate to Giuliana Rancic: I'm Here for You
  72. Backstage at DWTS: Did Nancy Grace Have Another Wardrobe Malfunction?
  73. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: "We're All Trailer Park Compared to You"
  74. Demi Moore Hits the Red Carpet Solo—but We Spy a Wedding Ring!
  75. Gossip Girl Redux: Holy Heartbreak, Lonely Boy! Get Scoop on What's Next
  76. How Did Prince Harry Spend His California Weekend? Let's Find Out...
  77. Sister Wives Recap: When Polygamists Go Back Home to Visit...
  78. Twilight's Nikki Reed & American Idol's Paul McDonald Marry In Malibu!
  79. Dan Wheldon, Race Driver for Justin Timberlake's Clothing Line, Killed During Indy 30
  80. Five Ways to Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon With Footloose Remake
  81. Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Separate
  82. The Walking Dead: Once More, With Squealing! Star Jon Bernthal Spills His Guts About
  83. Latest Muppets Trailer Is Here: Is It the Best One Yet?
  84. Jersey Shore Recap: Haters in Italy? Guido Problems. Hating on Mike? His Own Problem.
  85. The Secret Circle Boss Talks Tonight's Shocking Death and What's Ahead for the Coven
  86. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Debbie Allen Comes to Seattle Grace and Nothing Hurts
  87. The X Factor Recap: Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and Enrique Iglesias Join Contestants
  88. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Catfights, Kardashians and LaToya Jackson
  89. Survivor: South Pacific Insider: Meat Lovers Special!
  90. Chaz Bono and Jersey Shore's Vinny Team Up, but What For?
  91. Were Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Destined for Trouble?
  92. Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Other Woman Talks: "It Wasn't Weird or Perverted"
  93. Backstage at DWTS: Derek Hough Sets Record Straight on Injury While Stars Mourn Shock
  94. Chris Brown Big Winner at BET Hip-Hop Awards
  95. Jack Osbourne's Going to Be a Dad!
  96. Backstage at Dancing With the Stars: Why Was Ricki "In Shock"? And Who Got Injured?
  97. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Kyle and Kim Richards Tag-Team Their Mean Gir
  98. Gossip Girl Redux: And the Father of Blair's Baby Is...
  99. Five Huge Kim Kardashian Wedding Stunners!
  100. Unconscious Zsa Zsa Gabor Rushed to Hospital in Unstable Condition
  101. Ah, the Night Before: Paul McCartney's Last Blast as a Single Musician
  102. Arnold Schwarzenegger Bronzed for Posterity
  103. Christina Aguilera, Jamie Foxx and More Rock Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
  104. Jersey Shore Recap: "Gym, Tan, Who's the Rat?"
  105. The X Factor Recap: The Good, the Bad and the Oh-So-Outta-Tune of Boot Camp's Round T
  106. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Which Doctor Bromance Is Our New Favorite? We Can't Decide!
  107. Movie Review: The Ides of March Just Like Other Politics Thrillers, Except With More
  108. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Say That Medical Term Five Times Fast
  109. The X Factor Recap: Boot Camp Time! Who's Staying and Who's Going?
  110. Save It or Sink It: What'd You Think of Ryan Murphy's Scary-As-Hell American Horror S
  111. Survivor: South Pacific Insider: What's a Ricochet Rabbit—and Does It Have an Off Swi
  112. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Renew Vows
  113. Teen Mom (Final) Finale Recap: Which Mama Has Matured the Most?
  114. Dancing With the Stars Elimination Shocker: A Good Dancer Gets the Boot!
  115. Glee-Dux: "Asian F" Is an A-Freaking-Plus! And What's Coming Up Is Even Better
  116. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: "I'm Not Super Slut"
  117. Gossip Girl Redux: Dan Is There for Blair and Chuck While Nate Stalks Elizabeth Hurle
  118. Dancing With the Stars Recap: Who Had the Ballroom in Tears?
  119. Rapper Tone Loc Pleads No Contest in Felony Domestic Violence Case
  120. Weekend Wrap-Up: KISS' Gene Simmons Finally Ties the Knot, Russell Brand Denied Entry
  121. Sister Wives Recap: A Group Date and a Scary Wait
  122. The Amazing Race Shocker: Which Teams Didn't Survive?
  123. Wait, Is Arrested Development Returning as a TV Series and a Movie?!
  124. Jeff Conaway's Cause of Death Determined
  125. Best Glee Performance Yet? Get Your First Look at Heather Morris' "Run the World (Gir
  126. Sean Penn Joins Protest in Egypt
  127. Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial: Big Moments From Day Four
  128. Glee-Dux: Brittany and Kurt Are Unicorns—Hear Them Roar!
  129. Say Hello to Kevin Federline's Baby Girl
  130. David Beckham Talks About His Underwear (Yeah, Baby!)
  131. Five Biggest Surprises From the Michael Jackson Trial Opener
  132. Batman vs. Catwoman: Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway Suit Up on the Set of The Dark
  133. GOP Candidate Herman Cain Responds to Morgan Freeman's Tea Party Talk: "This Is Not a
  134. Hiker Inspired by James Franco's 127 Hours Gets Trapped for Four Days in Same Canyon!
  135. Taylor Lautner's Abduction Debut: Was It Any Worse Than His Twilight Peers' Movies?
  136. Five Superheroes Who Need Their Own Movies Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! (Sorry, Aqu
  137. Star Diplomacy: Sean Penn Aids in the Release of Two American Captives in Iran
  138. Lindsay Lohan's New Gig: The Face of Philipp Plein
  139. Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez on a Truly Titanic Date
  140. Bristol Palin's Camp Calls Homophobia Accusations "Completely Unfounded"
  141. Check Out Baby Bumpin' Jennifer Garner Talking Pregnancy...and Thongs?!
  142. See George Clooney's Girlfriend...Naked!
  143. DWTS' Nancy Grace: Ready to Show Even More of Her "Lavish Assets"
  144. Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki's Kooka Dance Causes Jionni to Jet From Italy
  145. Grey's Anatomy Redux: Fired Doctors and Families in Crisis!
  146. Wanda Sykes Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Double Mastectomy
  147. The X Factor Recap: Wannabes Frighten More Than They Wow
  148. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Getting Branded and Shaved
  149. Emily Deschanel Welcomes a Baby Boy!
  150. Toddlers & Tiaras Recap: 5-Year-Old Carley Declares, "If I Don't Win, I'm Gonna Be Pi
  151. The X Factor Premieres: Who's a Fan?!
  152. Are These the New Faces of The Real Housewives of New York City?
  153. Charlie Sheen–Ashton Kutcher Gunned Down...on Good Morning America
  154. RIP, R.E.M.: Shiny Happy Rockers Call It Quits
  155. Hot Mama Nicole Richie Turns the Big 3-0!
  156. Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus Get Baked Before Emmys
  157. Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin & Cindy Barshop Axed From Real Housewives of
  158. Not Winning, But...Charlie Sheen Expected to Present at the Emmys
  159. Sinéad O'Connor Posts Open Letter Discouraging Suicide Following Own Disturbing Tweet
  160. Brad Pitt Explains Aniston Marriage Comments: "It Grieves Me That This Was Interprete
  161. Charlie Sheen to Jay Leno: "I Thought I Could Come Back, Kinda Like You Did"
  162. Jersey Shore Recap: Some Guido Swackin' and Lots of Lesbian Mackin'
  163. Scarlett Johansson Naked Picture Poster Speaks Out: "I Really Felt Bad"
  164. America's Got Talent: Which "Brilliant" Act Won?!
  165. Big Brother 13 Finale: Who Won and Who's All Wet?
  166. America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Recap: Who Got the Boot (Again)?
  167. Survivor: South Pacific Insider: Boom, Bikini Time!
  168. Jon Cryer: I Was Worried That Charlie Was Going to Die
  169. Teen Mom Recap: To Grandmother's House We Go
  170. Does Johnny Depp Put Those Twilight and True Blood Vampires to Shame?
  171. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer: Save It or Sink It?
  172. Bachelor Pad's Bittersweet Finale: Who Won the Money and Who Was Left Hanging?
  173. So True? So False? Did Selena Gomez Tattoo Justin Bieber's Name on Her Wrist?!
  174. Which Rising Star Is a Great Big Sister?
  175. Did Amy Winehouse's Spirit Make an Appearance at Her Funeral?
  176. What the Heck Exactly Is The X Factor?
  177. Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield Dies at Age 39
  178. Lea Michele? Mila Kunis? Sarah Jessica Parker? Who Is Oscar de la Renta's Favorite St
  179. Rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash Arrested for Marijuana Possession
  180. Amy Winehouse's Parents Discuss Her Death: "She Hadn't Taken Drugs in Three Years"
  181. Oh Snap! George Clooney Takes a Reporter to Task
  182. Would Leighton Meester Ever Pull a Taylor Momsen?
  183. Jane Lynch as Emmys Host: "You're Going to Be Seeing Some Skin!"
  184. Ashton Kutcher and Costars Give Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Watch Two and a Half Me
  185. Jersey Shore Recap: Ronnie Channels Dr. Phil While Roommates Lose Interest in Snooki'
  186. Uh-Oh! Is Glee Snubbing Ashley Fink?
  187. Big Brother Eviction: Who Held All the Power in the End?
  188. Toddlers & Tiaras Recap: Pretty Woman? Pretty Inappropriate
  189. Five Things You Need to Know About Fashion Week
  190. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Gets a Sugar Fix on Top Chef: Just Desserts
  191. What Happened to Ali Lohan's Face?!
  192. Jimmy Kimmel Jokes Through Tears in Tribute to Late Uncle Frank
  193. Teen Mom Recap: The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now
  194. Susan Lucci Shoots Down All My Children Online Offer
  195. Diss Alert! Madonna Doesn't Get Lady Gaga's "Obsessions" Toward Her
  196. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: "Life Goes On—It Has To"
  197. Real Housewives of New York City Cast Weigh In on Beverly Hills Tragedy
  198. Alyson Hannigan: "No, I'm Not Pregnant!"
  199. Adele Talks Pre-Show Puking, Body Issues and Mean Girls
  200. True Blood Recap: Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead-ish!
  201. Will Madonna's New Album Be as Bad as Her New Movie?
  202. Eddie Murphy in Talks to Host 84th Oscars
  203. Did American Idol's "Wipeouts" Erase Jerry Lewis From Telethon?
  204. Judge Telling Prince to Pay $4 Million in Perfume Lawsuit
  205. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sneak Peek: Are Armstrongs MIA in Revamped Season?
  206. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Booted Off Flight Because of Saggy Pants
  207. Bethenny Frankel: Baby Bryn Is a Vegetarian
  208. Marc Anthony Slams Rumors of Having an Affair With Jada Pinkett Smith
  209. NCIS Actor Arrested for Battery
  210. Big Brother Eviction: Who Got the Boot?
  211. Proposal Alert! Romeo Pops the Question to Demi Lovato
  212. Russell Armstrong's Mother Talks Real Housewives Premiere: "Let's Not Murder My Son T
  213. Madonna, Dolly Parton and the Queen on Toddlers & Tiaras?! Well, Kind Of...
  214. Kim Kardashian Goes for the Gold in Her Latest Fragrance Ad
  215. Is Mark Wahlberg Getting a Reality Show?
  216. Teen Mom Recap: "I'm Excited to Have One of My Stable Parents Around Again"
  217. Who's Britney Spears Taking to Europe?
  218. Five Trailer: Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore Direct the Saddest TV Movie You'll See
  219. So What Did Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio Do Down Under?
  220. Why Was Kim Kardashian Without Hubby at VMAs?
  221. Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Cast Revealed!
  222. Bachelor Pad: Who Really Got Booted Last Week?!
  223. Marilyn Manson's Date Night With Barbie
  224. Beyoncé's Baby Bump and Lady Gaga's Alter Ego Make Their MTV Video Music Awards Debut
  225. The Hunger Games First Look: Is It Everything You Thought It'd Be?
  226. Beyoncé Announces Pregnancy at MTV VMAs!
  227. MTV Video Music Awards Video: Did Justin Bieber Give GF Selena Gomez Red Carpet Tips?
  228. Jersey Shore Recap: Forget Fist-Pumping, There's Gonna Be Some Fists to the Face
  229. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Will Have "Cutest Kids Ever," Says Kendall Jenner
  230. Kathy Griffin Confesses Her Love for Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey-Style
  231. Amy Winehouse's Parents to Attend MTV VMAs?
  232. Toddlers & Tiaras Recap: Small Showgirls Shake It in Sin City
  233. Is Rihanna the Latest Celeb to Release a Sex Tape?
  234. Treme Actor Found Dead in Mississippi River
  235. Is Snooki the Next Kim Kardashian?
  236. Teen Mom Recap: "If I Had Another Baby, I Wouldn't Be Bored"
  237. So True? So False? Did Leonardo DiCaprio Buy Blake Lively a Car?
  238. Craig Ferguson Reacts to White-Powder Scare: "Ack!"
  239. Who's the Queen of Summer? Vote in Round 2!
  240. Bachelor Pad Recap: Check Out Who Jake Hooked Up With This Week!
  241. David Letterman Jokes About Extremist Death Threats on Late Show
  242. So True? So False? Does Hilary Duff's Pregnancy Mean She's Out of Bonnie and Clyde Re
  243. Motown Hitmaker Nick Ashford Dies
  244. First Look: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Wedding Video!
  245. First Look: Kim Kardashian Gets Primped Before Saying "I Do"
  246. True Blood Recap: It's Time to Declare Your Loyalties!
  247. First Look: Newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Leave Hotel
  248. Party Time: Kim Kardashian Changes Clothes (Twice!), Plus the First Dance, the Food,
  249. Inside Kim Kardashian's Wedding: The Dress, the Vows and All the Romantic Details!
  250. It's Official: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Are Married!