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  1. Scientists use synchrotron to develop novel ibuprofen delivery methods for bones
  2. Paving the way to test inosine's ability to slow Parkinson's progression
  3. Widely-used anti-inflammatory drug shows success in treatment of amyloidosis
  4. Multi-component therapy shown beneficial in treating PTSD in adolescent girls
  5. Radiotherapy is less often used by breast cancer patients with young children
  6. Adding cognitive behavioral therapy to treatment of pediatric migraine improves relie
  7. Proportion of opioid treatment programs offering on-site testing for HIV and STIs dec
  8. Use of antidepressant does not improve symptoms from stomach disorder
  9. Antidepressants for bipolar disorder
  10. Kinect-based virtual reality training promotes brain reorganization after stroke
  11. Saving fertility not priority at most cancer centers
  12. CCNY chemists use sugar-based gelators to solidify vegetable oils
  13. Nursing scholar sheds light on bullying in academia
  14. Promoting physical fitness among girls and women in urban communities
  15. Mating is the kiss of death for certain female worms
  16. In addiction, meditation is helpful when coupled with drug and cognitive therapies, s
  17. New study shows that more than half of consumers will choose a health-care plan that
  18. H. pylori vaccine shows promise in mouse studies
  19. TB bacteria mask their identity to intrude into deeper regions of lungs
  20. How cells remodel after UV radiation
  21. Happier patients, lower costs in esophageal surgery
  22. Full access, full choice for long-acting reversible contraception
  23. Advances in HIV vaccine research likely following animal vaccine study
  24. Genetic marker of resistance to key malaria drug identified
  25. The social, economic and environmental impacts and trade-offs of an expanding tobacco
  26. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells isolated from multiple sclerosis patients have dec
  27. Inside the Bloomberg public health toolbox
  28. Berkeley lab researchers make a powerful new microscale torsional muscle/motor from v
  29. Dual catalysts help synthesize alpha-olefins into new organic compounds
  30. Ancient cranial surgery
  31. FDA approves Tretten to treat rare genetic clotting disorder
  32. FDA warns consumers not to use muscle growth product
  33. Top-line results of Phase IIb study with monotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis
  34. Alzheimer's prevention initiative trial marks milestone
  35. New quality, payment initiative positively impacts pediatric care
  36. Genetic screening identifies genes driving resistance with a guide RNA library
  37. Study shows value of calcium scan in predicting heart attack, stroke among those cons
  38. Higher mortality in postmenopausal women with RA and anti-CCP antibodies
  39. Fewer than 1 in 10 Canadians in ideal cardiovascular health
  40. 'Be different or die' does not drive evolution
  41. Access to medical information, bio tissue for research: new public attitudes
  42. Study resolves a basic cellular question - Golgi's whereabouts during cell division
  43. New nanotechnology has implications for medicine, security, research
  44. Discovery confirms the existence of Neanderthal burials
  45. Examining synaptic mechanisms of rhythmic brain waves
  46. Mesenchymal stem cell co-culture prior to transplantation better for liver
  47. Views about health care reform differ sharply from general public, politicians, and c
  48. Should a healthy substitute for trans fats be found before banning them?
  49. Almost half of parents concerned their child will try e-cigarettes
  50. Low-cost nanomotors for medical use inspired by nature
  51. Incarceration has no effect on nonresident fathers' parenting
  52. Study shows pressure to conform to gender roles is stronger in all-girls schools
  53. Treating injured workers with the help of online tool
  54. Many older Americans rely on people, devices, other strategies to get by
  55. Studying evolution on the molecular level
  56. Early human interbreeding, inbreeding revealed by Neanderthal genome
  57. Discovery of immune avoidance mechanism could lead to treatments for deadly mosquito-
  58. Targeting micro RNA to halt atherosclerosis
  59. Risk of heart disease, diabetes in middle-aged women reduced by modest weight loss
  60. In older postmenopausal women, heart disease linked with dementia
  61. The EBV oncogene LMP1 protects lymphoma cells from cell death through the collagen-me
  62. The risk of venous thrombosis in individuals with a history of superficial vein throm
  63. CYP2B6*6 is an independent determinant of inferior response to fludarabine plus cyclo
  64. Oramed announces successful results of its oral insulin for the treatment of type 1 d
  65. New data for engineering immune cells shows early promise in solid tumors
  66. GSK Cervarix® two-dose schedule receives European marketing authorisation
  67. Professional football athletic trainers society officially supports USA football's he
  68. Nyack hospital implements procedures to protect patients during flu season
  69. 3.6 million Australian workers exposed to carcinogens
  70. Knee expert warns of 'avalanche' of new year amateur football injuries
  71. Marriage is not the answer to child disadvantage - UL study
  72. Wide disparities in diagnosis time for childhood lupus identified
  73. GRU researcher develops moisturizing lozenges for dry mouth
  74. ERA-EDTA and EuroPD: Using synergies to promote peritoneal dialysis in Europe
  75. Scientists look to tackle bacterium that is major cause of diarrhea, vomiting
  76. New gene responsible for cleft lip and palate syndrome identified
  77. The renegades of cell biology: Researchers discover why K-RAS gene mutations prove so
  78. Vanderbilt-led research identifies new gene fusions in melanoma
  79. Family centred approach reduces weight in South Asians
  80. Two thirds of UK carers will not get a break this Christmas, survey reveals
  81. Predicting developmental delays in preterm infants through brain chemical ratios
  82. Gene involved in adolescent brain development may play a role in mental health vulner
  83. Smoking changes our genes
  84. Antimicrobial option offered by pecan shell extracts for preventing listeria in organ
  85. 'Superbugs' found breeding in sewage plants
  86. Spaceflight has profound effects on fungal pathogen
  87. Small rewards encourage children to eat fruit and veg
  88. Non-significant reduction in the amount of candida in women who were taking oral garl
  89. Global map to predict giant earthquakes
  90. New tool for transplanting stem cells into the beating heart
  91. Rapid evolution of novel forms: Environmental change triggers inborn capacity for ada
  92. Using air transportation data to predict pandemics
  93. Opportunities to strengthen trauma systems offered by Affordable Care Act
  94. Enhanced tools developed for reversible gene suppression
  95. Exploring evolution of bacteria that may be useful in the fight against dengue
  96. The US should fundamentally change how American Indian health is funded
  97. Hybrid engineered that is five times more effective in delivering genetic material in
  98. Tinnitus discovery opens door to possible new treatment avenues
  99. A step closer to developing a 'universal' flu vaccine
  100. Beverage sugar tax targets minorities' health
  101. IVF success could double with new way of detecting faulty egg cells
  102. Nearly 8% of hip implants not backed by safety evidence
  103. Government's voluntary approach to improving hospital food is not working, argues exp
  104. First treatment for infants with CAPS licensed in UK
  105. Study shows therapeutic potential of fat-derived stem cells declines as donor's age r
  106. Congress introduces new telehealth legislation
  107. Redirecting the rules of attraction in fruit flies
  108. FDA and European Medicines Agency launch generic drug application inspections initiat
  109. FDA approves Anoro Ellipta to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  110. Pharmacists can help prevent medicine-related problems in older Australians
  111. Britain's relaxed about mobile health data but resistant to technology
  112. Stress-sensitivity gene linked to heart attacks, death
  113. Will we have a flu-free Christmas? UK reporting half the number of flu cases compared
  114. Scientists unlock prostate cancer protein in move which could lead to improved cancer
  115. Improved anti-inflammatory therapy for acute MS relapses
  116. DNA motor 'walks' along nanotube, transports tiny particle
  117. Lack of research in pain medicine cause for action, UF researcher says
  118. Breast surgeons report improved visualization of treatment area for radiation therapy
  119. Sixty percent of 12th graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful
  120. French National Health Authority recommends routine vaccination with Zostavax® to
  121. Up to one in three attendances to Emergency Departments are alcohol related in Austra
  122. PCORI approves $191 million to support patient-centered comparative effectiveness res
  123. Scientists discover genetic marker of drug-resistant malaria
  124. Multivitamins 'waste of money,' say medical experts
  125. FDA grants approval of a Phase 3 pivotal study for ST10 for the treatment of iron def
  126. Scientists find first definitive proof of MERS coronavirus in dromedary camels
  127. Mechanism by which fungus kills mosquito larvae - verdict of accidental death
  128. Regenstrief and IU investigators identify first biomarker linked to delirium duration
  129. Bedside Pressure Mapping helps reduce pressure ulcers
  130. Study confirms fibroblast growth factor receptors as targets for pancreatic cancer tr
  131. 'Tis the season for toy safety
  132. Swimming ants don shades to save their eyesight
  133. Research backs risk-reduction surgery for ovarian cancer
  134. The Medical Defence Union reports 40% increase in enquiries about social media
  135. epic3: National evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infect
  136. Antihypertensives appear associated with lower risk for dialysis in patients with adv
  137. Study analyses diabetes drug metformin as obesity treatment for children
  138. Hybrid clotting factor means fewer injections, better disease control for hemophilia
  139. Study links sleep to mood disturbance and poor quality of life in obese
  140. MITA cites progress in the global fight against Alzheimer's disease following U.K.'s
  141. Myriad's HRD™ test significantly predicts response to cisplatin treatment in tr
  142. Genzyme and NORD establish patient assistance program to help undiagnosed patients wi
  143. Enzyme BACE1 may be important in predicting onset of Alzheimer disease
  144. Salmonella jams signals from bacteria-fighting mast cells
  145. Childhood cancer survivors suffer symptoms in adulthood
  146. A new guideline has provided an updated definition of severe asthma along with new re
  147. FDA approves first generic versions of antidepressant drug Cymbalta
  148. New gene-editing system enables large-scale studies of gene function
  149. Certain advanced breast cancer patients may benefit from surgery before other treatme
  150. Medtronic announces first human implant of world's smallest, minimally invasive cardi
  151. Researchers explore how mothers' blood sugar levels influence child fat
  152. Outcomes of care for children and young people with diabetes is improving, yet overal
  153. Study shows symptoms linked to poor quality of life in long-term childhood cancer sur
  154. Cook Medical initiates clinical study to evaluate post-treatment removal of the Evolu
  155. Clinical Commissioning Groups in England serve too many masters
  156. What are the benefits of cod liver oil?
  157. Vaginal birth without epidural anesthesia and being accompanied during labour results
  158. New insight into fish allergies
  159. Using novel method, study resolves 50-year 'chlamydial anomaly'
  160. Staying ahead of Huntington's disease
  161. Guidelines to improve early diagnosis & effective treatment of heart failure in child
  162. Potential hemophilia treatment using new gene therapy
  163. FDA-approved lung cancer medication shrinks chordoma in mice
  164. Mechanism of cancer spread identified
  165. Burger consumption in restaurants associated with higher obesity risk in African-Amer
  166. Study shows maternal health program in India failing to deliver
  167. Kids' movies guilty of mixed messages about eating habits
  168. Targeting human cells to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  169. Major New Findings released by FPG's Family Life Project
  170. Babies may be at risk from personal care products containing harmful parabens
  171. After placing carotid stent, surgeons suggest skipping the balloon
  172. Repairing human hearts with biomaterials
  173. Discovery of mechanism controlling Tourette Syndrome tics
  174. Unlocking pain's mysteries has potential for better treatments
  175. Researchers refute cancer 'avalanche effect'
  176. Exercise may increase libido among women taking antidepressants
  177. Patients with HCV and diabetes may benefit from antiviral therapy
  178. Goji berries protect against the flu in new study
  179. 2nd Annual Medical Device Safety Monitoring & Reporting Conference, January 22-23, 20
  180. Adaptimmune announces interim results from a Phase I/II trial of engineered T cells t
  181. What can a graphene sandwich reveal about proteins?
  182. Hundreds of millions of Chinese men could die from tobacco related diseases
  183. MRI assessment of rectal cancer provides crucial prognostic information to improve su
  184. United Health Foundation's America's health rankings finds Americans are making consi
  185. Schools raise test scores, but not abstract reasoning skills
  186. Young women 'need better support' for healthy eating
  187. HIV causes structural heart disease, study says
  188. First-time mothers as young as 30-years-old in 'risk zone'
  189. FDA to phase out non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food animals
  190. BIT's 4th*Annual World Congress of Nano Science & Technology 2014, September 25-27, 2
  191. BIT's 3rd Annual Conference and EXPO of AnalytiX 2014, April 25-28 2014, Dalian, Chin
  192. BIT's 3rd*Annual World Congress of InfoTech-2014, June 19-21, 2014,*Dalian, China
  193. BIT's 1st Annual Congress of Designers 2014, June 26-29, 2014,*Dalian, China
  194. BIT's 1st*Annual International Symposium of Industrial Microbiology-2014, June 26-29,
  195. Nature beats nurture in exam grade differences
  196. Gene deficiency in males 'could cause diabetes and liver cancer'
  197. Tracking zinc in cells for prostate cancer diagnosis
  198. Long-term antacid use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
  199. Aspartame 'safe' at current levels, says European food regulator
  200. Studies uncover new insights into pathophysiology of sickle cell disease and thalasse
  201. FoundationOne™ Heme enables identification of genomic alterations not identifie
  202. New findings mean more flexibility in the delivery of timely health care
  203. A step closer to muscle regeneration
  204. New IMI project to revolutionise clinical trials for Alzheimer's drugs
  205. Prion protein can trigger spongiform encephalopathy and neurodegeneration
  206. Low folate in male diet linked to risk of offspring birth defects
  207. Type 2 diabetics 'have better glucose control' with exercise game
  208. Five healthy behaviors lower dementia risk, study shows
  209. Biosimilars and Biobetters Conference, 7th - 8th April 2014, Iselin, New Jersey
  210. Advanced-stage ovarian cancer treated with targeted nanomedicine
  211. Shire reports top-line results on OPUS-2, a Phase 3 study investigating the use of Li
  212. Norfolk Islanders' genes yield Bounty of insight into heart disease: study
  213. Frequently asked questions: Statins and cardiovascular disease
  214. New trial to help healthy women avoid unnecessary breast operations, UK
  215. FDA approves first drug treatment for Peyronie's disease
  216. Ecstasy-related hospital visits increase by 128% in under-21s
  217. Almost 600 under-16s take up smoking each day in UK
  218. Compound in grape seed extract 'kills prostate cancer cells'
  219. Prostate cancer biomarker may predict patient outcomes
  220. Similarities in shark, human proteins revealed by new genetic research
  221. Algorithm developed for recommending online dating prospects
  222. Increased risk of serious sleep breathing disorder in quadriplegics
  223. Hummingbird metabolism burns glucose and fructose equally: finding has implications f
  224. Drug induces morphologic, molecular and clinical remissions in myelofibrosis
  225. Proteins' passing phases revealed
  226. Effectiveness of Marinomed's antiviral nasal spray confirmed in clinical trial for co
  227. Pupil size adjusts when we imagine light or dark settings
  228. Researchers investigate use of pig kidneys for human transplant
  229. Origin of inherited gene mutation causing early-onset Alzheimer's
  230. Genetic breast cancer screening may benefit those at intermediate risk
  231. When it comes to teen sleep problems, social ties may be more important than biology
  232. Despite fewer friends, less autonomy, blacks are happier at work than whites
  233. Fundamental differences identified between human cancers and genetically engineered m
  234. Why combination drug treatment ineffective in cancer clinical trials
  235. Identification of gene crucial for formation of certain brain circuitry
  236. Protein in prostate tissue 'indicates increased cancer risk'
  237. Compression stockings viable as treatment for leg ulcers
  238. CDC report: measles 'eliminated' in US but still poses threat
  239. Chemists map molecular process of cataracts
  240. Healthy diet costs $550 more per year than unhealthy one
  241. Cigarette smoking after cancer diagnosis increases risk of death
  242. Novel pump being trialled at the Royal Free is giving patients with liver disease a n
  243. Breakthrough technologies and devices revealed at Congress of Neurological Surgeons A
  244. One-third of patients who receive stents and have evidence of arterial dysfunction at
  245. American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Academy of Optometry to explore educat
  246. Singapore scientists engineer human stem cells and move closer to mastering regenerat
  247. HIV cure may lie in radioimmunotherapy
  248. Microscopic hazards in your home this winter
  249. Social services must overcome multiple challenges to reach 'invisible' homeless women
  250. Omega-3s cross blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer's patients