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  1. Progression Of Clogged Arteries Reduced By Soy Proetein In Women Within 5 Years Of Me
  2. Automatic Speech Recognition Error Rate In Breast Imaging Reports
  3. The Microbial Immune System Can Be Likened To A Vaccination Program
  4. Gene Number And Protein Expression Revealed Simultaneously By Novel Technique
  5. Treatment Of Rectal Cancer Varies Considerably Across European Countries
  6. Solution To Chronic Fatigue Falls Short
  7. Protein 'Switches' Could Turn Cancer Cells Into Tiny Chemotherapy Factories
  8. Heart Drug Offers Possible Treatment For Patients Facing Respiratory Failure
  9. Positive Phase III Data On Bayer's Investigational Drug Radium-223 Chloride Show Sign
  10. REMICADE« Receives FDA Approval As First Biologic Treatment For Pediatric Ulcerative
  11. Novartis Drug Afinitor« Effective In Patients With Non-Cancerous Kidney Tumors Associ
  12. Results Of A Pivotal Phase 3 Efficacy And Safety Study For Butrans« (Buprenorphine) T
  13. Advanced Prostate Cancer With Bone Metastases Survival Improved In First Phase III Tr
  14. Two New Risk Indicators For Prostate Cancer Revealed
  15. 'Emerging Contaminants Of Concern' Detected Throughout Narragansett Bay Watershed
  16. YouTube Videos Can Inaccurately Depict Parkinson's Disease And Other Movement Disorde
  17. Divorcees Advised To Go Easy On Themselves
  18. Genes Discovered That Repair Nerves After Injury
  19. Should DSM-5 Reduce And Redefine Personality Disorders
  20. New Plastics For Baby Bottles, Shopping Bags, And Much More
  21. Potential Improved Test For Adulterated Heparin
  22. Emotional And Financial Strain Suffered By Caregivers
  23. Berkeley Lab PCR-Free Techniques ID The Most Active Microbes On The Scene
  24. New Twist Uncovered In A Blindness-Causing Disease Gene
  25. Differences In Gene Expression May Cause Higher Rates Of Prostate Cancer In African-A
  26. First Comprehensive Inventory Of Epigenetic Changes Over Several Generations Shows Th
  27. New Nanoparticle Design For Cancer Therapy Shows Potential
  28. Comparing Regular Moderate Drinking And Binge Drinking Effects On Atherosclerosis
  29. Study Shows Long-Term Effectiveness Of New Family Planning Method
  30. How Organisms Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  31. Using Bone Marrow To Protect The Brain
  32. Healthy Skin Relies On The Cooperation Of Key Genes
  33. Multicenter 1000-Patient Trial Initiated To Accelerate Development Of Personalized Tr
  34. New Floating Microscopic Device Will Allow Researchers To Study A Wide Range Of Cellu
  35. Predicting Sexual Function After Prostate Cancer Treatment Has Improved
  36. Exhaust Fumes Exposure Raises Heart Attack Risk For Six Hours
  37. Smoking Cessation Improves Prospective Memory Considerably
  38. BGI Develops RNA-Seq (Quantification) From As Low As 100 Ng Total RNA
  39. The Power Of "Push Polling", How Hypothetical Questions Influence Behavior
  40. Rare Toe-to-Thumb Transplant Lets Young Patient Resume An Active Life
  41. Weiss Smith, Sharfstein; Door Is Open At FDA For Drug Safety And Review
  42. More Focus Needed On Early Markers Of Alzheimer's Disease
  43. Candid Discussion Regarding Sexuality Can Improve Quality Of Life For Prostate Cancer
  44. American Association For Cancer Research Report Asks Congress To Increase Federal Fun
  45. New Insight Into Why Some Individuals May Be More Aggressive Than Others
  46. Alcohol Metabolism Causes DNA Damage And Triggers A Breast Cancer-Related DNA Damage
  47. Genomic Catastrophe Causes Developmental Delay, Cognitive Disorders
  48. Deciphering How The Brain Chooses And Decides - The Neuroscience Of Decision Making
  49. Indications Of An Additional Benefit From Prasugrel For Some Patients, But Also Of Gr
  50. Detecting Bacterial Infection Using Fluorescing Polymers
  51. Neural GPS?
  52. New Study Finds Two-Thirds Of Hepatitis C Patients Can See A Cure In Half The Time
  53. Treating Glioblastoma By Starving Cancer Cells Of Cholesterol
  54. High-Resolution Comparison Of Methylation 'Bookmarks' Across Species And Individuals
  55. 4th Annual European Medical Device Clinical Research Conference, October 10 - 11, 201
  56. Deepwater Horizon: Good News Plus Lingering Concerns For Cleanup Workers
  57. Heart-Healthy 'Super-Spaghetti'
  58. New Artificial Blood For Humans May Result From Study Of Woolly Mammoth's Secrets For
  59. Some Smokers Successfully Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
  60. House Fires May Needlessly Claim Lives Of Heavy Drinkers
  61. Purchases That Make Your Mouth Water
  62. Mapping The Global Spread Of Drug-Resistant Influenza
  63. Uterine Stem Cells Treat Diabetes In Mouse Model
  64. Some Memory Complaints In The Elderly May Be Warning Signs Of Cognitive Problems
  65. Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence & New Product Planning Conference, October 3
  66. Revisiting Psychotherapy
  67. Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Lowered By Plant Compound
  68. Strong Leadership Necessary To Provide More Sophisticated Care For Aging Population,
  69. Improving The Workplace For Breast Cancer Survivors
  70. Preventing Colon Cancer Without Increasing Heart Disease Risk
  71. Substitution Of Brand Name With Generic Drug Proves Safe For Transplant Recipients
  72. Cancer-killing Cells Are Caught On Film In More 3D Detail Than Ever Before
  73. Juvenile Delinquency Linked To Higher Suicide Risk
  74. Preschoolers' Grasp Of Numbers Predicts Math Performance In School Years
  75. Researchers Analyse The Two Chromosome Sets In The Human Genome Separately For The Fi
  76. Human Gene Therapy Expands With Robust New Methods Journal Dedicated To Technological
  77. Seaweed Does The Heart Good
  78. Blood Vessels From Your Printer
  79. European And Brazilian Cardiologists Cooperate To Reduce Cardiovascular Deaths
  80. Evolution Of A Gene Provides A Possible Explanation For The Development Of Metastases
  81. In Immune Cells, "Super-Res" Imaging Reveals Natural Killers' M.O.
  82. For Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis And Brain Cancers, Cornell Finding May Permit Dru
  83. Reminder Packaging Helps Patients Take Medications As Directed
  84. Pituitary Hormone TSH Found To Directly Influence Bone Growth
  85. Why Are Patients Reluctant To Reveal Depressive Symptoms To Their Family Doctor?
  86. Men's Testosterone Drops Steeply When Baby Arrives
  87. Fish Oil Supplements Can Undermine Chemotherapy Effectiveness
  88. High Cholesterol Linked To Greater Alzheimer's Disease Risk
  89. Eradication Of Malaria Is In Sight, After A 38% Drop In Numbers In Ten Years
  90. Orangutan Will Have To Quit Smoking, Malaysian Official Says
  91. Daughters With BRCA Gene Diagnosed With Breast Cancer 8 Years Younger Than Their Moth
  92. Bowel Cancer Death Rates Vary Widely Across UK
  93. 16 New Gene Regions That Impact On Blood Pressure Discovered
  94. "Doctor" Watson To Inform Medical Decisions: Not Sherlock's Assistant, But A Computer
  95. Promising Results From Whole-Parasite Malaria Vaccine Clinical Trial
  96. Extreme Summertime Temperatures Predicted To Become A Regular Occurrence, Posing Sign
  97. Circadian Clock Found To Regulate Platelet Function
  98. Discovery Of Common Gene Variant Associated With Aortic Dissection
  99. Researchers Discover Dozens Of Genetic Variants Associated With Increased Risk Of Hyp
  100. Research Could Pave The Way For Development Of Better Drugs To Target Neurodegenerati
  101. New Technique Gives Cats Protection Genes Against AIDS
  102. Potential Therapy For Tumor-Associated Epilepsy
  103. A Vigilant Mind Protects A Sick Body
  104. US Teaching Hospitals May Suffer With New Limits On Physician Training Hours
  105. Hormone Predicts Which Kidney Patients Might Die Early
  106. Stroke Prevention Trial Reveals High-Risk Patients Without Stents Implanted Had Fewer
  107. Positive Results From Phase 2 Clinical Study Of NKTR-102 In Metastatic Breast Cancer
  108. Abnormality Discovered In Patients With Specific Ataxia That Could Be Target For Trea
  109. Protalix BioTherapeutics' Taliglucerase Alfa Phase III Results Published In Blood, Th
  110. Listeria Outbreak Spreads From Colorado To Texas And Nebraska
  111. Under-Insured Adults Skip Needed Care, Struggle With Medical Debt: Affordable Care Ac
  112. Long-Term Survival For Inoperable Stage III Lung Cancer Improved By Concurrent Chemo
  113. Common Infection From Implanted Medical Devices Destroyed By Combination Therapy
  114. Genetic Link To Blindness Probed By Researchers
  115. A Chaperone For The "Guardian Of The Genome"
  116. New Advances Provide Reason For Optimism In Development Of Broadly Protective HIV Vac
  117. Link Between Liquor Store Density And Youth Homicides, Violent Crime
  118. National Forests Can Provide Public Health Benefits
  119. Key Protein Linked To Acute Liver Failure Identified By USC Scientists
  120. Data Suggest That Fragile X-Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome May Be Linked To Dysreg
  121. When Seeing Isn't Believing
  122. Spring Break May Explain Peak In Teenage Pregnancies
  123. Nanosensors Made From DNA May Light Path To New Cancer Tests And Drugs
  124. Treatment Options For Stiff And Painful Shoulders Caused By Adhesive Capsulitis
  125. The Impact Of Sexualized Lyrics On Adolescent Behaviors And Attitudes
  126. Magnetic Fields Used In Innovative Nanoparticle Purification System
  127. The Role Of Alcohol Intake And Smoking On Upper Aero-Digestive Cancers
  128. HIV Vaccine Trials Surrounded By Misunderstanding: Better Communication Needed With A
  129. 'Legs For Life' Screening Available During National PAD Awareness Month; Exercise, In
  130. Access To Health Insurance, Medical Homes Improves Outcomes Among Undocumented Child
  131. When The Rewards Outweigh The Risks
  132. Genome Evolution May Be Influenced By A 'Jumping Gene's' Preferred Targets
  133. Improved Understanding Of Human Mitochondrial Diseases Following New Cellular Surpris
  134. A More Progressive Tax System Makes People Happier
  135. Weight-Loss Surgery Has Its Complications But Costs Less Than Standard Obesity Treatm
  136. Remembering The Past Negatively Impacts Health
  137. Reviewing Two Decades Of Human Functional Brain Imaging
  138. Brain Waves Control The Impact Of Noise On Sleep
  139. Exercise At Work Boosts Productivity
  140. Biomaterials May Prove Key To Healing Chronic Wounds In Diabetic Patients
  141. Mother's Postpartum Oxycodone Use; No Safer For Breastfed Infants Than Codeine
  142. Control Of Fear In The Brain Decoded
  143. Ultrasound Improves Stem Cell Transplants
  144. Obesity In Children, Researching The Body's Natural Weight-control System
  145. New Class Of Anti-Diabetic Compound Established By Scripps Research Scientists
  146. First Irish Study Shows Weight Difference In Twins At Birth Is Key Predictor Of Healt
  147. World Menopause Day
  148. Stomach Bacterium Damages Human DNA
  149. Study Identifies 'respectable Addicts' Experiencing Range Of Problems With Over-the-c
  150. New Drugs Hope For Dangerous Yeast Infections
  151. New Strategy For Treating Cancer
  152. Gene Mutation Shown To Cause Leukaemia And Lymphoedema
  153. Key Protein Reveals Secret Of Stem Cell Pluripotency
  154. Non-Epileptic Seizures May Be Misdiagnosed Longer In Veterans
  155. Police To Interview 500 More People After Saline Doped With Insulin Tied To Deaths At
  156. Understanding Telomeres May Have Potential For Some Cancer Therapies
  157. Alzheimer Brain Destroyed By Too Many Blood Vessels
  158. Previous Government's Higher NHS Funding Improved Health Outcomes, UK
  159. More Young Adults And Teens Being Treated For Stroke, USA
  160. NHS Breast Screen Program Does Not Give Women Informed Choice, It Misinforms The Publ
  161. Charity Launches New Vision To Help Tackle £1bn HIV Public Health Costs, UK
  162. Undetectable Blockages In Brain Blood Vessels Linked To Signs Of Aging
  163. Cops Charge Teenager Who Posed As Physician's Assistant In A Florida Hospital
  164. Structural Genomics Project Creates Blueprint For Infectious Disease And Biodefense R
  165. CDC: New H1N1 Strain H3N2 Infected Two Children In Recent Months
  166. Solar Industry Responsible For Lead Emissions In Developing Countries
  167. Researchers Expand Capabilities Of Miniature Analyzer For Complex Samples
  168. A 'Nano,' Environmentally Friendly, And Low Toxicity Flame Retardant Protects Fabric
  169. Too Much Salt In Shop Bread, Say UK Group
  170. Wistar Researchers Find Signals That Preserve The Production Of Anti-Viral Antibodies
  171. Dendritic Cells In Liver Protect Against Acetaminophen Toxicity
  172. New Half-Match Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure Yields Promising Outcomes For Cancer
  173. Breast Cancer Risk Drops When Diet Includes Walnuts, Marshall Researchers Find
  174. Salk Scientists Discover A Highly Conserved Mechanism Governing Brain Development
  175. Research Gives New Hope To Those With Rare Vascular Cancer
  176. IDSA/PIDS Announce Guidelines For Treating Pneumonia In Children
  177. Leicester Scientists Deploy Space-Age Technologies At Science-Fiction Style 'Sick Bay
  178. Smoking After Menopause May Increase Sex Hormone Levels
  179. Same Conditions, Different Outcome In Fungal Infection
  180. Researcher Identifies Nearly 100 Studies Supporting Use Of Thermal Ablation To Treat
  181. Hot Flashes May Be Fewer In Older, Heavier Women
  182. Word Association: Princeton Study Matches Brain Scans With Complex Thought
  183. UBC Researchers Find A New Culprit In Alzheimer's Disease: Too Many Blood Vessels
  184. Adjuvant Therapy Perhaps Not Necessary For Older Breast Cancer Patients
  185. Children's Social Goals Help Determine Their Response To Bullying
  186. A Child's Capacity To Form Friendships May Be Affected By Anxiety
  187. Even Young Children Aware Of Ethnicity-Based Stigma
  188. Following A Heart Attack, What Do Patients Receiving Optimal Medical Therapy Die From
  189. Lower Achieved Platelet Reactivity Associated With Better Cardiovascular Outcomes
  190. Cardiac Disease: Coronary Or Not?
  191. Successful TAVI Implantation In Low Risk Patients
  192. Hemodynamic Results After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
  193. ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction And Optimal Reperfusion
  194. Reporting On The Role Of Soy In Menopausal Health
  195. Healthy Eating And Physical Activity Among Preschoolers Could Be Promoted By Child-Ca
  196. Starving Breast Cancer Cells
  197. Facile Route To Versatile Organozinc Compounds - New Salts For Chemical Soups
  198. New Perspectives On Sensory Mechanisms
  199. Pediatric Cancers Targeted By Virus
  200. Medication Reduces Heart Volume
  201. Aging Authorities Differ On Tweaks To Social Security's Benefit Structure
  202. PCI Patients Given Sirolimus-Eluting And Everolimus-Eluting Stents: Clinical Outcomes
  203. Remote Follow-Up Of ICD Patients
  204. Safe Alternative To Conventional Follow Up Is Remote ICD Monitoring
  205. A Step Closer To Building Much-Needed Tissues And Organs By Controlling Cells' Enviro
  206. Nitrogen Pollution's Little-Known Environmental And Human Health Threats
  207. Leucine Helps Mountaineers Burn Fat And Spare Muscle Tissue
  208. Temperature Response Differences Within Living Cells Revealed By Nano-Thermometers
  209. Degrading Proteins To Divide Cells
  210. Genes Play Largest Role In Coronary Heart Disease, Not Family Lifestyle
  211. Harmful Toxins A Threat To Children With Congenital Heart Disease
  212. People And Plant Medicine: Herbal Abortion Helps African Women
  213. No Nutritional Difference Found Between Free-Range And Cage-Produced Eggs: Cholestero
  214. Underuse Of Simple, Cheap And Proven Drugs Revealed Worldwide
  215. Breakthrough In Genetics Of Fibroids
  216. Predicting Weight Loss With Varying Diet, Exercise Changes
  217. Our Expectations Of A Lengthy Initial Trip Make The Return Trip Seem Shorter
  218. Vaccines Cause Few Health Problems
  219. Test For Movement Disorders Gives Physicians Better Tool To Diagnose Parkinson's Dise
  220. An Increasing Health Hazard Is Workplace Stress
  221. Burn Belly Fat With Aerobic Exercise
  222. Stroke Severity Reduced By Omega-3s
  223. Revealing 'Hidden' Differences Of Chromosome Organization
  224. Revealing 'Hidden' Differences Of Chromosome Organization
  225. Legs For Life Gears Up
  226. Natural Alzheimer's-Fighting Compound Created In Lab
  227. Anxiety Therapy Combined With Video Games
  228. New Test Hastens Diagnosis Of Cryptococcal Meningitis, Top Cause Of HIV-Related Death
  229. New Study Is The First North American Clinical Trial To Test Adult Mesenchymal Stem C
  230. Scientists Receive Grant To Develop New DNA Sequencing Method
  231. Clinical Study Shows Young Brains Lack The Wisdom Of Their Elders
  232. The Pancreas As We've Never Seen It Before
  233. Plants Could Pave The Way For New Ovarian Cancer Treatments
  234. Major Brain Similarities Found In Bipolar Disorder And Schizophrenia
  235. High Incidence Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria In Afghan Patients
  236. Lady Vols' Coaching Legend Pat Summit Moves Into World Of Dementia
  237. House Dust Mite Test On Wheezy Toddlers Predicts Asthma In Teenage Years
  238. Nanoparticles Can Hinder Intracellular Transport
  239. Modelling Emotions, A Potential New Therapy For Disturbed Teenagers
  240. Radical Change In Blood Pressure Diagnosis And Treatment
  241. Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic Reduces Acute COPD Attacks
  242. Bone Marrow Transplantation May Increase Cancer Resistance In Patients
  243. Study Of HIV Increase In Pakistan Could Benefit Other Research
  244. Bacterium Stops Mosquitoes From Transmitting Dengue
  245. Long-Standing Mystery Surrounding Activation Of T-Cells Solved; Discovery Holds Promi
  246. Support From Doctors May Help Smokers With Comorbid Conditions To Quit
  247. Malignant Brain Tumors In Children Found To be Two Different Diseases
  248. Signaling Stop To Leukemia Stem Cells
  249. Lessons From 2001 Anthrax Case Help Pinpoint Source Of Haitian Cholera Outbreak
  250. In Canada Alternative Health-Care Funding Will Not Lower Costs