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  1. Wart Treatment Compound May Treat Leukemia Effectively
  2. Financial Rewards In Health Management Programs Rose Considerably, USA
  3. Metastatic Colorectal Cancer - Regorafenib (BAY 73-4506) Improves Overall Survival
  4. Night Shift Working "A Probably Human Carcinogen"
  5. Dieters Fail Because Of Hormones Not Lack Of Will Power
  6. Contraceptive Birth Control Pills Double Risk Of Blood Clot
  7. Major GP Opinion Survey Published By British Medical Association
  8. People Pay Less Attention To Nutrition Labels Fact Than They Think They Do
  9. Repeat Bouts Of Depression Linked To Low Mastery And Smoking
  10. Following Canada's Common Drug Review Fewer Drugs Listed On Public Drug Plans But Fas
  11. BMA Says A Rise In NHS Pension Contributions Is Misguided And Unjust
  12. HPV Linked To Heart Problems In Women
  13. Obesity Pill Could Fool Brain To Eat Less
  14. Multidisciplinary Research Urged For Optimal Melanoma Surgery
  15. Saliva Can Explain Children's Weak Immune Defense
  16. Enzyme Controlling Cell Death Paves Way For Treatment Of Brain Damage In Newborns
  17. Peer Pressure In Preschool Children
  18. Chalmers Team Develops A New Weapon Against Cancer
  19. The Fight Against AIDS
  20. CT Scans For Lung Cancer Screening May Be Beneficial In Detecting COPD
  21. Singling Out The Real Breast Cancer Among The Lumps
  22. AACR Calls For Letters Of Intent For A Stand Up To Cancer-Prostate Cancer Foundation
  23. Students Coax Yeast Cells To Add Vitamins To Bread
  24. Surgeons Successfully Regenerate Tissue-Engineered Small Intestine From Frozen Intest
  25. Next Generation Allergy Vaccines To Be Developed In Finland To Create Effective And S
  26. Many Young Children Off To A Poor Start With Dental Health, According To Poll Results
  27. Women's Psychosocial And Sexual Well-Being Improves Following Advanced Post-Mastectom
  28. A Canadian Retrospective Spanning 3 Decades Concludes That Heart Transplant Surgery I
  29. Spinal Cord Injuries Associated With Increased Risk Of Heart Disease
  30. Simulation Replicates Real-Life Scenarios For Heart Surgeons, Improves Cardiac Surgic
  31. New Tobacco Cessation Research Highlighted At CHEST 2011
  32. Hebrew University Researchers Show How Motherhood Behavior Is Influenced By Alteratio
  33. Gene Mutations Predict Early, Severe Kidney Disease
  34. Could Additives In Hot Dogs Affect Incidence Of Colon Cancer?
  35. Cataract Surgery Could Be Revolutionized By Laser's Precision And Simplicity
  36. Video Games Used In New Treatment That May Fix 'Lazy Eye' In Older Children
  37. PSA Test Valuable In Predicting Biopsy Need, Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
  38. Use Of PET/CT Scans As Prostate Cancer Staging Tool Supported By Trio Of Studies
  39. Due To Safety Concerns, NIH Stops One Treatment Arm Of IPF Trial; Other Two Treatment
  40. Psychologists Defend The Importance Of General Abilities
  41. Why Do Some Athletes Choke Under Pressure?
  42. Over-Eating To Increase Social Standing
  43. Can It Hurt To Tell A Little White Lie?
  44. After Stroke, Blood Pressure-Lowering Drugs Aid Recovery
  45. World's First Implantation Of SPRô System For Chronic Pain
  46. Colonoscopy Still Recommended For Prevention Of Colon Cancers
  47. Recommendations For New Front-Of-Package Nutrition Labeling System
  48. Discovery Of First Ebola-Like Virus Native To Europe
  49. Can Aromatherapy Produce Harmful Indoor Air Pollutants?
  50. Good Rate Of Successful Pregnancies Following Kidney Transplant
  51. When Creating Policies For Better Health, Experts Weigh The Heavy Impact Words Have
  52. Soy Protein Improves Lipid Profile In Healthy Individuals
  53. Association Between Alcohol And Cancer Mortality
  54. If Coordination Fails
  55. Proposed Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines
  56. Years After The Menopause Women Still Suffer From Hot Flushes And Night Sweats
  57. In Wake Of Disasters Mental Health Relief Efforts Often Overlooked
  58. 'Microring' Device Could Aid In Future Optical Technologies
  59. Evidence-Based Medicine In Health-Care Reform
  60. Physical Therapy Computer Games Benefit People With Parkinson's Disease
  61. Estrogen Works In The Brain To Keep Weight In Check
  62. Gestational Diabetes In African-American Women Increases Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
  63. B-Lymphocyte Depletion Using The Anti-CD20 Antibody Rituximab In Chronic Fatigue Synd
  64. Pre-Term Babies' Exposure To Steroids Associated With Impaired Brain Growth
  65. Fighting Cancer With Oncolytic Viruses
  66. Neurons Associated With Epilepsy Rescued By Optimal Modulation Of Ion Channels
  67. Acoustical Archeology, Human Speech, Sounds Best To Be Avoided And More At Acoustical
  68. In The Fight Against Brain Tumors, Allergies May Help
  69. Mapping The Cannabis Genome Reveals How Hemp Got High
  70. The Effects Of Existential Fear On Politics
  71. One Of The First Studies Of Its Kind Breaks Down MSM Sex Stereotypes
  72. The Efficacy Of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Vaccine Demonstrated On Dogs
  73. Steroids Could Help Heal Some Corneal Ulcers
  74. Divorce And Remarriage Affect Beliefs About Who Should Care For Elder Relatives
  75. Rates Of Suicide Attempts And Hospitalizations In Children And Adolescents - Effect O
  76. Pediatric Cancer And Palliative Care: Parental Preferences Compared With Health-Care
  77. Dads, Community Health Care Workers' Roles In Supporting Low-Income Moms With Breast
  78. Profanity In TV And Video Games Linked To Teen Aggression
  79. Differences In Two Key Metabolic Enzymes - Why Some People Are More Susceptible To Li
  80. Multiple Riders, Lack Of Helmet Use, And Faster ATVs Contribute To Pediatric Injuries
  81. Sleep Disruption For Breastfed Babies Is Temporary
  82. Pilot Study Looks At Medication Safety In US Homes
  83. Protein That Fuels Lethal Breast Cancer Growth Emerges As Potential New Drug Target
  84. Study Identifies Scenarios That Precede At-Home Pool Drownings Of Young Children
  85. Candidate Susceptibility Genes Identified By First Genome-Wide Association Study For
  86. Precise Gene Therapy Without A Needle
  87. Faulty Molecular Switch Can Cause Infertility Or Miscarriage
  88. Following Head Trauma, White Children Far More Likely To Receive CT Scans Than Hispan
  89. Promising New Approach To Treating Debilitating Nervous System Disease
  90. Sixth Form Students Learn Research Skills To Take Part In Key Study Into Childhood Ob
  91. Obese Women Have Higher Risk Of Suffering Breast Cancer
  92. Gene Variant Leads To Better Memory Via Increased Brain Activation
  93. Bioengineering To Repair And Generate Healthy Skin
  94. Antiviral Drugs May Slow Alzheimer's Progression
  95. Ages For Diagnosis And Treatment Of ADHD In Children Expanded By AAP
  96. Seat Belts Less Frequently Worn By Minority Children, Increasing Risk Of Severe Inju
  97. Link Between Delayed Pediatric Appendicitis Treatment And Complications, Mortality
  98. During Winter Months, Sledding Injuries Are A Significant Cause Of Hospitalizations,
  99. Update On Agenda For Children By AAP President
  100. Challenges In The Emerging Field Of Pediatric Palliative Care
  101. Gene Expression In Cancer Regulated By Vast Hidden Network
  102. Computerized Text Analysis Uncovers The Word Patterns Of A Psychopathic Killer
  103. Diagnostic Tool Distinguishes Intestinal Inflammation From Fibrosis, Could Aid Effici
  104. Monitoring Cholesteral Drugs Via MRI
  105. Breastfeeding Reduces The Risk Of Suffering Allergy
  106. Skin Inflammation Control Via Cell Death Prevention
  107. Turning On Fetal Hemoglobin To Reverse Sickle Cell Anemia
  108. Stoves In The Developing World Contribute To 2 Million Deaths A Year
  109. Repairing Damaged Heart Muscle With Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Blood
  110. Connection Discovered Between Macroeconomic Conditions And Excessive Alcohol Drinking
  111. Cholesterol Lowering By Statins May Be Affected By Gut Bacteria
  112. Heart Disease Mortality On The Decline
  113. 1 In 6 Phones Carries Fecal Matter, UK Research
  114. Yervoy (ipilimumab) Turned Down By UK Watchdog
  115. Gallbladder Surgery And Abdominal Pain
  116. Materialistic Couples Have More Money And More Problems
  117. Taking The Myths Out Of Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Surgery
  118. Scripps Research Scientists Reveal Surprising Picture Of How Powerful Antibody Neutra
  119. Diagnosis Guidelines May Be Inadequate To Help Clinicians Detect Viable Pregnancies T
  120. Nasal Congestion, More Than Physical Obstruction
  121. New Method Isolates Best Brain Stem Cells To Treat MS
  122. Conference Sponsored By The American Physiological Society Focuses On Key Gender Diff
  123. Researchers Block Morphine's Itchy Side Effect
  124. Public Reporting Hasn't Improved Transplant Centers' Care
  125. Reducing Risk Of Death In Advanced Lung Cancer
  126. Research Reveals $6.9B Is The Annual Cost Of Violence After Women Leave Abusive Partn
  127. Delivering Cisplatin By Inhaler For Treating Lung Cancer
  128. Southampton Scientists Herald Significant Breakthrough In Study Of Chlamydia
  129. Could Boosting Children's Memory Skills Reduce Anxiety And Improve Performance At Sch
  130. Investing £1.3 Million In Research For Sick Children And Babies
  131. Kids With Blocked Tear Ducts At Higher Risk For "Lazy Eye"
  132. Increasing Cardiovascular Disease In China, Urgent Need For Prevention
  133. New Findings On How The Brain's Own Marijuana-Like Chemicals Suppress Pain
  134. Call For Realistic Targets To Address Teenage Obesity
  135. Diabetes Doesn't Mean Kids Have To Skip Halloween
  136. Global Deaths From TB Falling, WHO
  137. Potential New Treatments For Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes Following Research Finding
  138. Very Clean Seeds Essential For Safe Sprout Production
  139. New Approach To Peanut Allergy Prevents Life-Threatening Reaction
  140. Clinical Trial To Use Drug To Boost Immune System Function In Critically Injured Chil
  141. Advanced Genetic Test Influences Medical Treatment, Reports Genetics In Medicine
  142. Researchers Develop New Way To Screen For Brain Cancer Stem Cell Killers
  143. Secondhand Smoke In China Puts Children At Risk
  144. Gay, Lesbian And Bisexual Teens Find Wider Family Support
  145. Preeclampsia Appears To Be Caused By A Battle Between The Placenta And Uterus
  146. Almost Half Of Cancer Survivors Have Ill Health In Later Years
  147. Seeking Superior Stem Cells, One Hundred-fold Increase In Efficiency In Reprogramming
  148. Swedish Heart Test Saves Lives Of Newborns With Heart Defects
  149. New Strategy To Accelerate Blood Vessel Maturation Has Therapeutic Potentials For Isc
  150. Tooth Movement An Alternative To Bone Transplants
  151. Exercise Just As Good As Drugs At Preventing Migraines
  152. The Next Stage Of Heart Function Testing
  153. Smoking Cannabis Increases The Risk Of Depression In The Case Of Genetic Vulnerabilit
  154. Researchers Study Ageing's Effect On The Brain
  155. Using Diabetic Patients' Own Stem Cells Can Overcome Shortage Of Insulin-producing Ce
  156. 'Bicycle Sign' Can Aid Differential Diagnosis Of Parkinson's Disease In Any Setting
  157. Incompatible Assumptions Common In Biomedical Research
  158. Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Identified: Tomosyn-2 Regulates Insulin Secretion
  159. Testosterone Concentrations In Men Affected By Genetic Makeup
  160. More Effective Tissue Repair Treatments Likely Following Discovery Of How Tissue Cell
  161. Crucial New Component Of The Machinery That Cells Use To Sense Dietary Amino Acids Id
  162. Relapses Reduced In Multiple Sclerosis Patients By New Oral Drug
  163. Determining Health Disparities By Place, Not Race
  164. Selecting The Best Human Eggs For IVF By 'Genetic Biopsy'
  165. Nature-Inspired Medical Devices And Much More
  166. Trees Help To Clean The Air In London
  167. ER Closures Mean Longer Journeys
  168. Improved Accuracy Of IMRT Delivery In Post-Prostatectomy Patients
  169. Daughters Of Women Given Diethylstilbestrol During Pregnancy At Greater Risk Of Ferti
  170. How We Can Benefit From False Memories
  171. Inflammatory Food Toxins Found In High Levels In Infants
  172. Potential New Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer
  173. Anxiety And Depression Affected By Life Experiences
  174. Wash Away Your Troubles
  175. The Accuracy Of Autism Diagnosis In Children With Down Syndrome Validated By New Find
  176. After 20 Days Of Exposure To Music-Based, Cognitive Training 'Cartoons' Young Childre
  177. Chemoradiation Beneficial For Head And Neck Skin Carcinomas
  178. Potential Link Between Organ Transplant Success And Circadian Clock
  179. Cortisone Injection Can Prevent PTSD In 60% Who Experience Traumatic Stress
  180. Brain Cells Generated In Adolescence May Be Essential For Sociability
  181. Publication Of Results Of A New Drug Regimen For Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
  182. Hospital Compliance Makes Little Difference In Key Quality Measure For Asthma
  183. Controversy Surrounding Nutrition For Intensive Care Patients
  184. Reducing Iron May Lower Age-Related Brain Disease Risk
  185. The Brain Makes Memories - Rhythmically!
  186. Scan Shows High Diagnostic Accuracy For Detection Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Metas
  187. Smart Petri Dish Can Be Used For Medical Diagnostics, To Image Cell Growth Continuous
  188. Gauging The Emotional Toll Of Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing
  189. Payer Status Often Determines Nursing Home Hospitalizations
  190. Researcher Implants Robotic Cerebellum In Rodent To Repair Motor Function
  191. Children With Spina Bifida Need Personal "starter"
  192. Vitamin D Could Lower Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
  193. SAMHSA Awards Grant To UCLA For Substance Abuse Prevention In Iraq
  194. Everything You Need To Know About Addiction A Workshop For Reporters
  195. A Noninvasive Deep Brain Treatment For Essential Tremor?
  196. Blood Tests May Hold Clues To Pace Of Alzheimer's Disease Progression
  197. New Research Shows $6.7 Billion Spent On Unnecessary Tests And Treatments In One Year
  198. Loyola Receives Grant For Pediatric Leukemia Research
  199. Cell Movement Provides Clues To Aggressive Breast Cancer
  200. Higher Radiation Dose Does Not Help Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer
  201. Bacteria Enter Via Mucus-Making Gut Cells
  202. Vitamin D Deficiency Common In Cancer Patients
  203. Testing For Breast Cancer Mutations, Not For Everyone
  204. Outcomes For Merkel Cell Carcinoma Predicted By Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
  205. Denmark Taxes Fatty Food
  206. Oral Health Of Diabetes Patients Closely Linked To Heart Disease And Cancer Risk
  207. Alcohol's Effect On Immune System Provides Clue To Potential Dependence Medication
  208. Testing Of 'Micro'-Chemo And Cancer Pill Combo In Liver Cancer Patients
  209. Reducing Blood Clots After Hip And Knee Replacement: New Clinical Treatment Guideline
  210. How Mosquitoes Find Hosts To Transmit Deadly Diseases
  211. Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Using Cell-Specific Mechanism-Based Gene Therapy Appro
  212. Your Mindset Determines How Your Brain Reacts To Mistakes
  213. New Multidisciplinary Program And Clinical Trial: Expandable Prosthesis Resolves Adva
  214. Neurotoxin-Producing Algae That Affect Seafood Increasing In California
  215. Mechanism Uncovered For The Establishment Of Vertebrate Left-right Asymmetry
  216. Predicting Long-Term Survival After Liver Re-Transplantation
  217. Why Some Fatty Acids Are Harmful But Others Are Beneficial
  218. Heart's 'Back-Up System' Reduces Heart Disease Deaths
  219. Immune Response Impaired By Alcohol
  220. To Promote Better Management Of Peripheral Artery Disease, ACCF/AHA Release Updated G
  221. Mellon Scare Spreads With Listeria Found In Romaine Lettuce
  222. What Is A Breast Self Exam? Are Breast Self Exams Useful?
  223. Twitter Used To Study People's Daily Mood Patterns
  224. Early Bedtime Prevents Obesity And Maintains Fitness In Teenagers
  225. Rising Health Insurance Costs A Problem For Individuals, Employers And Federal Govern
  226. 48% Of Americans Skipping On Medications And Other Health Services Because They Canno
  227. Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery Safety Alerts
  228. Smartphones That Measure Radiation, Bad Breath To Be Unveiled
  229. Record Number Of Children To Be Vaccinated Against Diarrhea And Pneumonia
  230. New Way To Inactivate HIV Brings Vaccine Step Closer
  231. Asthma Plus Diabetes During Childhood Linked To Poor Blood Sugar Control
  232. Manuka Honey Shows Potential For Radiation-Induced Dermatitis
  233. Coffee Lowers Depression Risk In Older Females
  234. Hip Fracture Linked With Increased Short-Term Death Rates For Some Older Women
  235. Reports Of Mental Health Disability Increase In U.S.
  236. RNA Molecule Identified As A Potential Target For New Alzheimer's Therapies
  237. UN Discussions Focus On Non-Communicable Diseases
  238. Nanoantenna Separates Colours Of Light
  239. Urgent Support Needed For Governments To Roll Out Treatments And Control Kala Azar, T
  240. Diabetes Treatment For Dogs
  241. Unnecessary Surgery Could Be Prevented By New Diagnostic Imaging For Lung Cancer
  242. Increased Risk To City Cyclists Of Lung Injury From Inhaled Soot
  243. Asthma And 'Belly Fat' Linked
  244. New Cancer Drug Combination Significantly Delays Breast Cancer Progression
  245. Dietary Supplement May Lower Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
  246. Rise In Prostate Biopsy Complications And High Post-Procedure Hospitalization Rate
  247. After Mini Or Mild Stroke Patients Benefit From Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs
  248. Brain Imaging Reveals The Movies In Our Minds
  249. Bioengineers Reprogram Muscles To Combat Degeneration
  250. International Consortium Identifies 5 New Genes Affecting The Risk Of Coronary Artery