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  1. E-Prescribing Is Safe And Efficient, But Barriers Remain
  2. Stress Response In Police Officers May Indicate Risk For PTSD
  3. Mayo Clinic Study Comparing Costs Of Uterine Fibroid Treatments
  4. Researchers Regenerate Muscle In Mice
  5. Well-Done Red Meat May Increase Risk For Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  6. DNA Barcoding Offers Quick, Cheap, Easy Way To Identify Species, Uncover Frauds
  7. Patients Very Happy With Their Physicians, Especially If They Experience Short Waits
  8. Study Identifies A Key Molecular Switch For Telomere Extension By Telomerase
  9. The Dangers Of Snow Shoveling
  10. Explaining The Diversity Of Leg Shapes In The Animal Kingdom And Hereditary Defects I
  11. Norwegians Still Coming To Terms With Terror
  12. Yeast Offers Clue To A Cure For Eczema
  13. In Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Increases Airflow During Sle
  14. Carefully Selected Young, Healthy Neurons Can Functionally Integrate Into Diseased Br
  15. Travel Safely As Cold Weather Approaches, American Red Cross Reminds
  16. Ocean Spray Original Flavor Craisins Recalled, Hair-like Metal Fragments Found
  17. Thousands Of Seniors Hospitalized Due To Diabetes Drugs And Blood Thinners Annually,
  18. Translational Sciences Corporation Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For Commercializatio
  19. Ziehm Imaging Presents Innovative Mobile C-Arms For Virtually Unlimited Imaging
  20. Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Vaccine Receives Approval For Clinical Tests And Also Sec
  21. Takeda Submits New Drug Application In The U.S. For Investigational Type 2 Diabetes T
  22. Mammotome Marks Key Milestones As It Grows U.S. And Global Presence
  23. Princeton Community Hospital Integrates Advanced Germ-Killing Technology Into Its Pat
  24. L-arginine: Supplement Tested On Fit, Athletic Men Shows No Advantage
  25. Genetic Code Of First Arachnid Cracked
  26. MedUni Vienna: Development Of The Brain Network In The Foetus Now Measurable For The
  27. Keeping One's Eyes On The Goal Despite Stress
  28. Brain Imaging, Behavior Research Reveals Physicians Learn More By Paying Attention To
  29. Shortages Of Surgical Drugs May Pose Threats To Patient Safety
  30. How Does A "Good" Protein Hurt Brain Cells After Clot-induced Stroke?
  31. Vanderbilt Doctors See Increase In Burn Injuries, Offer Tips For Safe Holiday Season
  32. Eli Lilly And Company Provides IDRI With Additional Funding For Identification Of New
  33. Lilly Provides Additional Funding To Infectious Disease Research Institute To Identif
  34. Sanofi Pasteur Launches Nationwide Education Campaign To Help Parents Make Informed D
  35. Eczema Yeast Can Be Killed Off, Raising Hope Of New Treatments
  36. Global Financial Crisis Hits Disease Prevention Funding
  37. Dream Sleep Eases Painful Memories
  38. Patients With Infective Endocarditis And Heart Failure Have Reduced Mortality With Va
  39. Artificial Trachea Transplant Patient Doing Well Five Months After Procedure
  40. Training Doctors Who Leave To Rich Nations Costs Sub-Saharan Africa Billions
  41. Persistent Asthma Symptoms - Simple Night-time Airflow Device Helps
  42. Want To Understand The Mind-Body Connection? Study Shakespeare
  43. Exercise More Dangerous Than Fighting Fires For Firefighters
  44. Dangers Of Staggered Overdose Of Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Paracetamol)
  45. Bioengineering Yields New Approaches For Diagnosing And Treating Traumatic Brain Inju
  46. Babies Who Eat Fish Before Nine Months Are Less Likely To Suffer Pre-school Wheeze
  47. Post-traumatic Stress Risk To Police Officers Lower Than Previously Thought
  48. Five European Universities To Tackle Thyroid Problem
  49. Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences In Structure And Function
  50. For Future Job Seekers, 'Tis The Season To Network
  51. Dendritic Cells Protect Against Acute Pancreatitis
  52. 'Healthy For The Holidays' 10 Tips For Cancer Survivors
  53. Optimal Performance Training Benefits Athletic Performance And Everyday Life
  54. Coffee May Protect Against Endometrial Cancer
  55. Life-Threatening Condition In Preemies Linked To Blood Type
  56. Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Cost Lives
  57. Implanted Neurons, Grown In The Lab, Take Charge Of Brain Circuitry
  58. UAB Uses New 'Triggered Imaging' To Keep Tumor In Target Sight
  59. American Diabetes Association's Preferred Testing Method Shown To Fail At Identifying
  60. Stop Holiday Weight Gain Before It Starts
  61. Older Adults In Home Health Care At Elevated Risk For Unsafe Meds
  62. Titanium Debris From Artificial Joints May Trigger Painful Inflammation
  63. Cancer Vaccine Impact May Be Limited Unless Drug Industry Focuses On Tumors That Are
  64. Researchers Surprised To Find Fatty Liver Disease Poses No Excess Risk For Death
  65. Sex A Significant Predictor Of Happiness Among Married Seniors
  66. Mercury Risk To Indigenous People Assessed Through Huskies
  67. Avidocin™ Proteins Prevent And Treat E. Coli O157 Diarrhea In Animal Study
  68. Health And Safety In EMS Has A Lot To Do With Worker Perception
  69. Study Finds Fatigue Linked To Safety Problems Among EMS Workers
  70. Nudity Tunes Up The Brain
  71. Off To A Flying Start: Online Course For Newly Qualified Nurses, Midwives And AHPs
  72. Self-Help Treatment For Depression: Training In 'Concrete Thinking'
  73. Identification Of A Potential Marker For Leukemic Relapse Offers New Hope For Young L
  74. Bacteria Responsible For Common Infections May Protect Themselves By Stealing Immune
  75. Protecting Intestine From Radiation Injury With Probiotic
  76. Tapping The Medical Potential Of Tissue-Penetrating Light Using New 'Smart' Material
  77. The Promises And Perils Of Nanomedicine
  78. New Clinical Practice Guideline For Treating Common Elbow Fractures In Children
  79. Genetically-Engineered Spider Silk For Gene Therapy
  80. Secrets Of Wound-Healing Response Revealed By Roundworm
  81. Research Calls For More Personalized Approach To Smear Tests
  82. Potential To Prevent And Treat Malaria Offered By Dual-Acting Class Of Antimalarial C
  83. Treatable Weakness In Lethal Form Of Prostate Cancer Identified
  84. A New Pioneer Factor Identified Underlying Progression In Breast Cancer
  85. Heart Protection From Component Of Garlic Oil
  86. Possible New Target For Atherosclerosis Treatment - Hormone That Controls Iron Levels
  87. New Diagnostic MRI Technique For Alzheimer's Disease
  88. Association Between Illegal Drug Use And Abnormal Weight In Teens
  89. Radiation Levels In Fukushima: Preliminary Report Reveals Relative Safety Of Resident
  90. Guidelines For Earlier Cancer Detection Established By New Stanford Model
  91. Prevention Strategies Needed To Stop Americans Getting Fatter
  92. PAD Patients May Respond Better To Exercise Than Stents
  93. A Harder Old Age Faced By Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Seniors
  94. Growing Influence Of Genetic Factors Revealed By Study Of Twin Smokers
  95. Post-Cardiac-Arrest Discharge Improved By Better Understanding Of Neurologic Defects
  96. New Method For Producing Precursor Of Neurons, Bone And Other Important Tissues From
  97. Tropical Areas Aren't The Only Source Of Seasonal Flu
  98. Mystery Of Dystonia Unlocked With Advanced Imaging
  99. Symptoms Of Chronic Widespread Pain Improved By Talking Therapy Over The Phone
  100. Why The Body Can't Defend Against Tuberculosis
  101. Neuroscience 2011 Explores New Approaches To Treating Pain
  102. Metabolism Boosted By Enzyme, Weight Gain Prevented In Mice
  103. Brain Injury May Result From Routine Head Hits In School Sports
  104. How Brain's Structure And Genes Affect Autism And Fragile X Syndrome
  105. Study Confirms Smoke-Free Workplaces Reduce Heart Attacks
  106. Depressive Symptoms Linked To Mobility Limitations In Older African Americans
  107. One In Five Americans Has Hearing Loss
  108. Mammograms: How Often Should Women Have Them?
  109. Low-Income Seniors More Likely To Develop Heart Failure
  110. Canadian Researchers Find Potential New Leukemia Treatment With Old Antibiotic Drug
  111. AMD-Like Lesions Delayed In Mice Fed Lower Glycemic Index Diet
  112. Stem Cell Study Helps Clarify The Best Time For Therapy To Aid Heart Attack Survivors
  113. Spinal Surgery Becomes More Cost-Effective Over Time
  114. Researchers Examine Outcomes Of Carotid Artery Stenting Following Prior Carotid Endar
  115. The PROFI Study Results Reported At TCT 2011
  116. The COBRA Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  117. ADVISE Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  118. ROTAXUS Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  119. TWENTE Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  120. PEPCAD-DES Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  121. NEXT Clinical Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  122. REMEDEE Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  123. EVOLVE Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  124. Patients Who Use Narcotics Prior To Knee Replacement Experience Worse Results
  125. Chimerix Announces Late-Breaking Poster Presentation At Kidney Week 2011 Annual Meeti
  126. Adeona And The Skirball Foundation Join Forces To Advance Multiple Sclerosis Research
  127. FDA Approves New York Blood Center's HEMACORD™ For Stem Cell Transplantation
  128. First Patient Receives FDA-Approved Telescope Implant For End-Stage Macular Degenerat
  129. New Research Suggests That Acthar Reduces Proteinuria In Idiopathic Membranous Nephro
  130. Why Do Neurons Die In Parkinson's Disease?
  131. FDA Issues Two Draft Guidance Documents To Facilitate Investigational Medical Device
  132. No Need To Shrink Guts To Have A Larger Brain
  133. Model Explains The Choice Of Simple Movements
  134. Children's Spatial Skills Improved By Learning Spatial Terms
  135. Influenza Infection Blocked By Lipid
  136. Asthma Management Programs Benefit From Community-Based Care Coordination, Especially
  137. Healthy Dietary Habits Can Improve Long-Term Health Of Collision-Sport Athletes, Avoi
  138. EButton Combines The Powers Of Cameras, GPS, And Other Sensors To Combat Obesity
  139. First Proof Of Principle For Treating Rare Bone Disease
  140. World's First Bedside Genetic Test Proves Effective
  141. 'Bridging' Stent Patients To Cardiac Surgery
  142. The TRIGGER-PCI Trial Results Reported At TCT 2011
  143. The PARIS Registry Results Reported At TCT 2011
  144. DESERT Registry Results Reported At TCT 2011
  145. Community Health Centers And Primary Care Providers Need Training To Better Manage Ob
  146. Increased Risk Of Schizophrenia In Heavy Methamphetamine Users
  147. Screening For Broad Range Of Cancer-Causing Genetic Changes Can Be Implemented Into R
  148. Body Posture Can Influence Decision-Making
  149. Results From First Large Scale Study On Treatment Of Prescription Opioid Addiction
  150. Afterimages: What The Brain Sees After The Eye Stops Looking
  151. Abused Students Can Return To School And Thrive With Educator Help
  152. Diabetes Associated With Inflammatory Processes That Lead To Cortical Atrophy And Bra
  153. Investigating Imagination: Research Shows We All Experience Fantasy Differently, Whic
  154. Inhaling Low Levels Of CO Reduces The Impact Of Environmental Stress
  155. First Public Health Study To Examine A State-Level Approach To Fire Safety
  156. Advanced Liver Disease - The Economic Cost
  157. 12-Week On-Treatment Results From Large Phase IIb Study (COMMAND-1) Of Bristol-Myers
  158. York Study Will Track Health And Wellbeing Of Children And Adults
  159. New Research Calls For Lower Limit To Be Set For South Asian Obesity Level
  160. "If Hamlet Give The First Or Second Hit", The Development Of Burkitt's Lymphoma
  161. Both Sexism And Racism Are Similar Mental Processes
  162. All-Oral Treatment Regimen Of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Investigational NS5A And NS3 Inh
  163. Surgical Procedure Does Not Appear To Reduce Risk Of Subsequent Stroke After 'Mini-St
  164. Cardiac Stress Imaging More Frequent Among Patients Whose Physicians Provide, Bill Fo
  165. Hospital Safety Climate Linked To Both Patient And Nurse Injuries
  166. Novel Surface Triples Stem-Cell Growth In Culture
  167. Novel Drug Approach Against HIV Receives Gates Foundation Funding
  168. Study Indicates Brain Plays Role In Regulating Blood Sugar In Humans
  169. Grant To Study Microneedle Patches For Polio Vaccine
  170. Cancer-Causing Protein Strongly Tied To Hormone Resistance In Breast Cancer
  171. Low Rates Of Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy In Canada
  172. Reform Needed Of Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Laws
  173. Link Between Drospirenone-Containing Contraceptives And Higher Risk Of Blood Clots
  174. Improved Diagnosis, Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease Expected Using Combined Arte
  175. Brain Chemistry Directly Altered By Parasite
  176. Important Research Link Between Active Ingredient In Saffron And MS
  177. Gout Cases Missed By Traditional Tests Often Detected By CT Scans
  178. Reducing Disease Flares By Tweaking Withdrawal Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications Be
  179. Could Low Expectations By Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Be Holding Them Back After Kn
  180. Transportation And Childcare Difficulties Top Reasons For Missed Lupus Appointments
  181. Successful Pregnancy Outcomes For Most Women With Lupus
  182. Young Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis At Increased Risk For Broken Bones
  183. Allergies & Asthma In Children: Research Highlights New Interventions, Recommendation
  184. Asthma Control And Anaphylaxis Guidelines: Improving Outcomes For Adults With Allergi
  185. Effectiveness And Safety Of New Treatment For Hemophilia Confirmed By Tulane-Led Stud
  186. Study Finds Continuous Use Of Nitroglycerin Increases Severity Of Heart Attacks
  187. New Therapy Marks A Milestone In Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis
  188. Challenging Stereotypes Of Age
  189. The Secret To The Fountain Of Youth May Be Within The Fruit Fly Intestine
  190. Interactive Play With Blocks Found To Facilitate Development Of Spatial Vocabulary
  191. Malaria, An Ancient, Adaptive And Persistent Foe
  192. Details Of Alternative Splicing Circuitry That Promotes Cancer's Warburg Effect Revea
  193. Critical Protein Prevents Secondary Damage After Stroke
  194. The Impact Of CMR In Clinical Cardiology
  195. Bacterial Protection From Allergy
  196. Conflicting Views Of A Child's Behavior Problems From Parents, Teachers, And The Chil
  197. Low Vitamin D Common In Spine Surgery Patients
  198. Prostate Cancer Study Shows Radiation Plus Hormone Therapy Greatly Improves Survival
  199. Most Premature Deaths In UK Are Due To Cancer
  200. Chantix's Suicide Risk Makes It Unsuitable As First Line Smoking Cessation Drug, New
  201. Hippocampus Plays Bigger Memory Role Than Previously Thought
  202. How Chromosomes Pair Up
  203. Starving Prostate Cancer
  204. 3-D Long-Term Bone Marrow Culture To Analyze Stromal Cell Biological Function
  205. Link Between Hormone In Birth Control Shot And Memory Loss
  206. Non-Cardiac Ultrasound Primarily Used By Radiologists
  207. Study Finds Many Radiologists Disagree On Management Of Incidental Findings
  208. New Hope For Sickle Cell Disease Treatment
  209. Radiologists Can Take One Small, Simple Step Towards Going Green
  210. Anti-Clotting Drugs Do Not Increase Bleeding Risk In GI Procedure, Mayo Study Finds
  211. 'Melting Curve Analysis' Provides New Tool For Assessing Malignant Hyperthermia Risk
  212. SmartTots Initiative Plans Research To Answer Questions On Anesthetic Safety In Child
  213. Study Suggests Women Score Low On Tech Aptitude Tests For Lack Of Interest
  214. "Freshman 15" Just A Myth, Study
  215. Lung Regeneration May Be A Reality Soon
  216. Human Brain Cells' Genetic Make-Up Changes During A Lifetime
  217. Serious Norovirus Illness Hits NBA Players Too
  218. 50% More Diabetes Patients In UK Since 2005
  219. Preventing Venous Thromboembolism In Hospitalized Patients, American College Of Physi
  220. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Costing £178 Million A Year In UK
  221. Breast Cancer Survival Improves By Switching Drugs, Trial Shows
  222. Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea Responds To Probiotics
  223. Just One Drink Per Day May Be Cause Of GI Woes Like Bloating, Gas, Abdominal Pain, Di
  224. Nail Salons, Barbershops, Implicated In Hepatitis Transmission Risk
  225. World Population Officially Hits 7 Billion On Halloween
  226. Fukushima Radiation Fallout Bigger Than Officially Reported
  227. Measuring Quality Of Life Important In Cancer Survival Research
  228. Poverty-Related Stress Affects Readiness For School
  229. Higher Testosterone Levels Help To Protect Muscle Mass In Men As They Age
  230. Research Could Pave The Way For Preventative Measures To Tackle Gum Disease
  231. Nanoprobes And SQUID Provide High Tech Detection Of Breast Cancer
  232. More Strokes, Deaths Recorded In Poorer Countries, Those Spending Less On Health Care
  233. Therapeutic Clues Offered By Lung Stem Cells
  234. Predicting Response To Chemotherapy
  235. Novel, Noninvasive System Designed That Allows Users To Control A Virtual Helicopter
  236. Analysis Of Woodpecker Anatomy May Help In Designing More Effective Helmets
  237. Good Relationship With Teacher Can Protect First Graders From Aggression
  238. Substance In The Blood Blocks Repair And Contributes To Kidney Failure
  239. A Simpler System Would Make It Easier For Clinicians To Treat Kidney Problems In Lupu
  240. Nipple Sparing Mastectomy
  241. World's Population Hits 7 Billion, Governments Must Focus On Young People's Reproduct
  242. Researchers Identify Potential Risk Factors For Severe Altitude Sickness
  243. Most Strokes Preventable, 1 In 6 Of Us Will Have One
  244. Anti-Stroke Fight To Become Worldwide Health Priority - World Stroke Organization
  245. Stop Rising Allergies? Expose Young Babies To Dust Mites
  246. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Survival Predicted With Blood Proteins
  247. Low-Fat Diet With Fish Oil Supplements Slows Growth Rate Of Prostate Cancer Cells
  248. Prompt Surgery After Onset Of Lumbar Disc Herniation Symptoms Better For Patients
  249. Do EU-Funded Diet Projects Work?
  250. How Do Europeans React At Being Told What To Eat?