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  1. Biomarkers of cell death in Alzheimer's reverse course after symptom onset
  2. New software automates and improves phylogenomics from next-generation sequencing dat
  3. Testis size matters for genome evolution
  4. Ludwig researchers show that infecting just 1 tumor with a virus could boost the syst
  5. South Pacific island's earliest inhabitants relied primarily on foraging, not horticu
  6. How does meeting on Facebook affect meeting face to face?
  7. Ultra sensitive detection of radio waves with lasers
  8. Similarity breeds proximity in memory, NYU researchers find
  9. With flip of wrist, interventional radiologists treat uterine fibroids
  10. Adolescent relationship violence has mental health implications for victims, perpetra
  11. Darwin: It's not all sexual (selection)
  12. Kidney failure: nanofiber mesh 'a cheap, wearable alternative to dialysis'
  13. Prehospital alerts let stroke patients skip the emergency room
  14. Study aims to define risk factors for falls in post-menopausal women
  15. Changes in hospital orders increase pertussis immunization rates
  16. ALS-linked gene causes disease by changing genetic material's shape
  17. Multidisciplinary teams helped marathon bombing survivors rebuild their lives
  18. Researchers identify key enzyme found in disease-causing bacteria responsible for hea
  19. Lung transplantation: A treatment option in end-stage lung disease
  20. RCGP to develop unique online info hub to help UK GPs support carers
  21. High consumption of fish oil may benefit cardiovascular health, Pitt Public Health fi
  22. Mental health NGOs from across the globe unite in new report
  23. Plant extract offers hope for infant motor neurone therapy
  24. Researchers show that infecting just one tumor with a virus could boost the systemic
  25. Atypical development in the siblings of children with autism is detectable at 12 mont
  26. Researchers capture 'most complete' picture of gene expression in cancer cell cycle
  27. Public Health England launches toolkit to manage hospital infections caused by antibi
  28. Cities challenged to be "diabetes aware"
  29. Aggression, rule-breaking common among Taiwanese teenagers who have early sex
  30. New innovation could mean eye injections are a thing of the past
  31. Real-time insight into our brain
  32. New findings on neurogenesis in the spinal cord
  33. Improving antibiotic prescribing in hospitals can make health care safer
  34. Researchers discourage rheumatology patients from using cannabis
  35. Next step in live-donor uterus transplant project
  36. International stem cell corporation announces positive interim data from primate stud
  37. Mother's diet linked to premature birth
  38. Gene identified by Purdue scientists may ease the genetic modification of plants
  39. Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to children's arteries
  40. New research on potent HIV antibodies opens up possibilities for HIV prevention and t
  41. Intimate partner violence in men who have sex with men is linked to adverse health ef
  42. How sexual contacts with outsiders contribute to HIV infections within communities
  43. Tears and fears: How do emotions change our political attitudes?
  44. Study suggests new application of a sophisticated method for improved accuracy of ant
  45. Motion-sensing cells in the eye let the brain 'know' about directional changes
  46. New approach to breast reconstruction surgery reduces opioid painkiller use, hospital
  47. Obesity rates in Canada have tripled in less than 3 decades
  48. Reliable pretreatment information assists prostate cancer patients in decision-making
  49. Study examines blood test to screen for fatal variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease
  50. EU-funded project sheds light on cardiovascular diseases
  51. Physicians are a leading source of prescription opioids for the highest-risk users
  52. A division and a decision in the first moments of infection
  53. New Phase III data demonstrate tiotropium Respimat® improves lung function versus
  54. Increased intake of fish can boost good cholesterol levels
  55. Homing in on cancer with a comprehensive measurement method
  56. World-class orchestras judged by sight not sound
  57. Exercising during pregnancy reduces excessive weight gain and the possibility of suff
  58. Personality clashes not the cause of workplace harassment
  59. Breast cancer spread may be reduced by silencing a gene
  60. Fighting cancer with light-activated drug delivery by nanoparticle
  61. Early strokes leave many young adults with long-lasting disability
  62. Scientists discover new protein involved in lung cancer
  63. Effective treatment for youth anxiety disorders has lasting benefit
  64. Strategies for developing new antiviral flu drugs
  65. Nanoparticles as drug carriers for malaria
  66. Scripps Research institute scientists describe deadly immune 'storm' caused by emerge
  67. Drug shortages continue to pose patient safety risks and challenge providers, accordi
  68. Scientists uncover trigger for most common form of intellectual disability and autism
  69. Pharma refuses to ensure access to lifesaving Hepatitis C treatment at global meeting
  70. Alzheimer's disease: New insights into Tau protein deposits
  71. Factors affecting self-reporting among people with TBI
  72. Light-sensitive switches turn pain off and sight on
  73. Cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia
  74. With up to 10 new designer drugs flooding streets every year, more education is neede
  75. Similar patterns of neuropathological changes shown in twin brains after death
  76. Standardized nomenclature for the architecture of insect brains will help improve stu
  77. Patients who have dental extractions before cardiac surgery are still at risk for poo
  78. Black men at lifelong health disadvantage following childhood adversity
  79. Children's health spending increased between 2009-2012 despite recession
  80. System-wide analyses have underestimated the importance of transcription in animals
  81. Re-thinking personalized medicine
  82. Patients with painful facial nerve disorder benefit from nonsurgical Gamma Knife ster
  83. Many women seeking medical care have experienced reproductive coercion and intimate p
  84. Can you really die of a broken heart?
  85. Fighting cancer with caffeine-based gold compound
  86. Garlic sprouted for five days has improved antioxidant potential
  87. Prenatal screening for fetal aneuploidy by testing mothers blood at 10 weeks of pregn
  88. In South Africa harvested rainwater harbors pathogens
  89. How cancer cells use PARP1 enzyme to resist current therapies could point to next gen
  90. Superior parenting makes breastfed babies so smart
  91. Can non-invasive electrical stimulation of the brain help patients regain a state of
  92. Early atherosclerotic plaques in the vessel wall regress completely when cholesterol
  93. Coordinating care for persons with dementia and their carers improves outcomes
  94. New report highlights growing drug and alcohol problems for older people
  95. Transition services for drug using, HIV-infected inmates leaving jail should be gende
  96. Mayo Clinic discovers African-Americans respond better to rubella vaccine
  97. Secondhand smoke exposure linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes
  98. VTT's hyperspectral camera shows promising results in detection of skin field canceri
  99. Unique multi-resistant bacterium difficult to eradicate
  100. Improving the health of people with learning disabilities
  101. Mailing free test kits improves colon cancer screening rates
  102. Making defibrillators as common as fire extinguishers could save lives
  103. "SuperMum" campaign results in startling improvements in people's handwashing behavio
  104. Virginia Tech researchers work with new wireless technologies to improve hospitals
  105. FDA approves Myalept to treat rare metabolic disease
  106. Glycerol Phenylbutyrate reduces hepatic encephalopathy events and ammonia levels comp
  107. Biosense Webster gets FDA approval of THERMOCOOL® SMARTTOUCH® Ablation Cathet
  108. Leading gastroenterology practices announce formation of digestive health physicians
  109. Fewer low risk urine test results may reduce unnecessary antibiotic treatment
  110. Female Genital Mutilation is child abuse and should be dealt with as a safeguarding i
  111. Mother to child HIV transmission at record low in the UK
  112. Blood pressure-reducing diet may also diminish kidney stone risk
  113. Brain switch that says 'it is time to sleep' found
  114. Medicaid Managed Care Congress, May 19-21st 2014, Baltimore
  115. NICE recommendation set to leave UK patients with newly diagnosed advanced melanoma w
  116. White matter disease exacts heavy toll
  117. Culture influences young people's self-esteem
  118. Obesity prevalence remains high in U.S.; no significant change in recent years
  119. Receipt of live MMR vaccine associated with lower rate of infection-related hospital
  120. Patient-centered medical home program led to little improvement in quality and no red
  121. Blood transfusion for patients undergoing PCI associated with increased risk of in-ho
  122. Continuous handling of receipts linked to higher urine BPA levels
  123. Earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease through novel imaging technique
  124. New technology for screening potential analgesic drugs developed
  125. Practice-based learning improves end of life care confidence in community nurses
  126. Salt imbalance occurs in nearly a third of hospitalised patients
  127. In multiple sclerosis, antibodies detected years before symptoms
  128. Cheap urine test for cancer steps closer
  129. Air Force aircraft returned from Vietnam identified as postwar source of Agent Orange
  130. New study, harnessing ground-breaking science, offers hope to British mesothelioma pa
  131. UK launch of once-daily tablet from Janssen provides new option to improve blood gluc
  132. Experimental treatment eradicates acute leukemia in mice
  133. First clinical trial of type 1 diabetes treatment developed by Ben-Gurion University
  134. Medication to treat high blood pressure associated with fall injuries in elderly
  135. Study finds differences in benefits, service at hospices based on tax status
  136. Death of partner associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke
  137. Exercise in older patients improves long-term health and wellbeing
  138. Cancer patients want more written information on late effects
  139. Mature, functioning liver cells made from skin cells
  140. Vitamin D and calcium disparities found among American subpopulations
  141. Robot 'REX' helping wheelchair patients walk
  142. New breakthrough for women with advanced cervical cancer, Avastin (bevacizumab) can e
  143. Seasonal flu vaccine may cut stroke risk
  144. When feeling poor makes you sick - Subjective poverty massively affects older people'
  145. Dyspnea during daily activities predicts all-cause mortality
  146. Researchers look for culprit behind oral health problems in HIV-positive patients
  147. Idiopathic anaphylaxis: The hidden allergy?
  148. Accurate diagnosis of rare diseases remains difficult despite strong physician intere
  149. CEOi and Academy launch development of Global Alzheimer's Platform (GAP)
  150. In vivo endomicroscopy improves detection of Barrett's esophagus-related neoplasia
  151. Listening to 'beautiful but sad' music may improve a low mood
  152. Our best memories have usually been created by age 25
  153. What is H7N9 bird flu? What is the pandemic risk?
  154. Molecular aberration signals cancer
  155. As Affordable Care Act is about to launch, many Texans are struggling to pay for heal
  156. New approach of accelerated treatment for Crohn's disease supported by REACT clinical
  157. Greater cancer risks faced by LGBT youth
  158. Ways to help manage chronic bone and joint pain
  159. Common driver of a childhood brain tumor discovered by gene sequencing project
  160. Chemical leak that contaminated drinking water shows gaps in research, policy
  161. Childhood viewing of violent media linked to genes
  162. Preventing zoonotic feline tularemia by finding influential geospatial factors
  163. Inherited predisposition to leukemia found in infants
  164. Medical devices with longer lasting nanoelectronics
  165. We often blame fate when we face a hard decision
  166. Preventing small particles called UFPs entering cars
  167. A step closer to kinetic battery chargers for implanted medical devices
  168. Research looks at correlation between OCD, body dysmorphia and tanning addiction
  169. Researchers discover targeted way to treat ovarian cancer
  170. Two-year study explores youth football injuries
  171. Greece's deepening health crisis
  172. Geneticists show how molecular switches coordinate development of the nervous system
  173. FDA clearance & CE Mark of miniaturized Medtronic heart monitor leads to global launc
  174. Tissue Fusion to commercialize laser surgical device developed at University of Color
  175. Parcell Laboratories partners with the University of Pittsburgh medical center to stu
  176. Survey reveals advanced practice clinician workforce continues to grow and incentive
  177. Regenerating heart muscle with gene therapy
  178. Personal Genome Diagnostics' Circulating Tumor DNA technology highlighted in landmark
  179. Public interest groups call on FDA to reject genetically modified humans
  180. Poor sleep tied to widespread pain and fibromyalgia
  181. Cell therapy to treat leukemia shows more promise
  182. IIC Show - the North of England's largest disability expo exceeds expectations
  183. Reducing the risk of falls by motivating older people to do preventative exercise
  184. Positive top-line results from clinical trial of microbiome modulator NM504 in type 2
  185. Study points out inequalities in prescribing blood pressure meds
  186. Healthy lunchbox challenge helps influence healthy eating habits in children
  187. Data shows Prolaris test predicts metastases in prostate cancer from biopsies
  188. FDA approves Northera to treat neurogenic orthostatic hypotension
  189. High family stress can impact a child's immune system
  190. A method for the diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma, the most aggressive skin cancer
  191. European study reinforces importance of eating breakfast for children's health
  192. Sitting too much linked to major disability after 60, regardless of exercise
  193. Exercise may slow diseases that cause blindness
  194. Starving melanoma cells may slow tumor growth
  195. Study finds Medtronic insertable cardiac monitors detect atrial fibrillation in strok
  196. HIV drug used to reverse effects of virus that causes cervical cancer
  197. Suicide and the internet: Groundbreaking research
  198. Published study validates MammaPrint test for long-term prediction of breast cancer o
  199. Quirky online videos hope to boost brain health and tackle fears about memory loss
  200. MPS highlights prescribing as one of the top risks in general practice in the UK
  201. Metal in the heart is non-hazardous to health
  202. One-quarter of high risk patients denied anticoagulation after AF ablation
  203. New treatment proposed to prevent devastating intestinal inflammation in cancer patie
  204. Magnesium may protect against hip fractures
  205. New survey launches to help identify mesothelioma treatment uncertainties
  206. Intracranial carotid artery atherosclerosis associated with increased stroke risk
  207. Study develops top 5 list of procedures to reduce costs in emergency department
  208. Obesity prevention in pediatrics is focus of two studies
  209. "It takes a village" - Community-based methods for improving maternal and newborn hea
  210. Water samples taken from the Upper Ganges River shed light on the spread of potential
  211. Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism
  212. Research article cites AlbuSorbTM to improve urine exosome proteomic study
  213. Nystagmus - Expert warns children with disabling sight problem 'being written off', U
  214. Study shows stroke patients with swallowing problems show improved recovery with new
  215. Study shows vitamin D provides relief for those with chronic hives
  216. Illegal prescription drug sellers arraigned on charges for smuggling illicit cancer d
  217. From music to medicine
  218. Promise of a bonus counter-productive in brains with high dopamine levels
  219. Pregnant women taking risks with asthma medication
  220. Pharmacists and conscientious objection to supply of the oral contraceptive pill
  221. Opsumit approved by SwissMedic for pulmonary arterial hypertension
  222. Our brain has switch board to guide behavior in response to external stimuli
  223. Impaired recovery from inflammation linked to Alzheimer's
  224. New research reinforces danger of drinking alcohol while pregnant
  225. Self-harm an increased risk for those with diabetes, epilepsy and asthma
  226. Changing expectations and rising inequality make today's best marriages better than e
  227. Women's stroke risk reduced by moderate exercise
  228. Chemotherapy side effects may be reduced by metal implants
  229. Returning to driving after a stroke without being evaluated for ability
  230. Restless leg syndrome effectively treated with pregabalin, which also reduces risk of
  231. Infection with HIV 4 times more likely in mental health patients
  232. Living near fast food outlets increases risk for childhood obesity
  233. Dogs provide new insight into Chiari malformation in humans
  234. Health and fitness habits 'influence health over next two decades'
  235. Response to oxidation in live cells evaluated by new NIST method
  236. Research suggests that sedation before nerve block should be used very sparingly
  237. Screening a library of FDA-approved anticancer drugs may lead to treatment of rare, d
  238. Industrial chemicals 'may cause global neurodevelopmental epidemic'
  239. Juggling could lead to better understanding of neurological disorders
  240. Big arguments can lead to good resolutions in happy relationships
  241. Researchers say there is no such thing as pornography addiction
  242. Lapse in infection control procedure led to rare bacteria outbreak in cancer clinic
  243. More than 700,000 flu-like illnesses linked to well-child visits
  244. HPV not eradicated by popular disinfectants
  245. Beauty of mathematics excites emotional brain
  246. Exposure to common infections linked to brain function decline
  247. On Valentine's Day, 'sexy' underwear is not the only way to feel feminine
  248. More than 14 percent of pregnant women prescribed opioids, study says
  249. MedAssist partners with CarePayment to offer patient financing solutions
  250. New survey points to growing numbers of parents seeking treatment abroad for disabled