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  1. Study Suggests Nature Walks Improve Cognitive Abilities For People With Clinical Depr
  2. Identification Of A MicroRNA Prognostic Marker In Acute Leukemia
  3. Sleepwalking More Prevalent Among US Adults Than Previously Suspected
  4. Pressure Ulcer Risk May Be Increased By Gastric Feeding Tubes
  5. Education, Medication Compliance Cited In Lower Number Of ICU Admissions For Asthma
  6. Researchers Describe A New Target For Developing Anti-Angiogenic And Anti-Tumoral The
  7. New Study Finds Military Marriages Are Not More Vulnerable To Divorce
  8. The Benefits And Risks Of Direct-To-Consumer Genetics Tests
  9. Hospitals Performing Expensive Heart Procedures Are More Costly For All Patients
  10. The Brain's Neuronal Circuit Excitability May Be Altered By Mild Traumatic Brain Inju
  11. New Genetic Findings: Gifts Of The MAGI In Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder
  12. Study Identifies Key Cellular Mechanisms Behind The Onset Of Tinnitus
  13. Protein Identified That Stimulates Brown Fat To Burn Calories
  14. Cardiac Surgery To Repair Mitral Valve Sees Improved Survival Rates
  15. Gene Discovered That Causes Joubert Syndrome
  16. Inflammation Related To GERD May Contribute To Esophageal Cancer Risk
  17. Gene Expression By Ultraviolet
  18. Can Social Media Solve The US Healthcare Crisis?
  19. Blood Pressure Control Improved With Home Telemonitoring By Pharmacists
  20. Stroke Patients On Warfarin Can Be Safely Treated With Clot-Busting Drug
  21. A New Target For Cancer Therapy Could Be An RNA Regulator Of Melanoma
  22. Focusing on PARP-1 Reveals Potential New Drug Targets
  23. Working To Understand A Rare Genetic Disease, Scientists Uncover The Most Common Faul
  24. How To Overcome Poor Response To Radiotherapy Caused By Low Haemoglobin Levels
  25. Predicting Breast Cancer Response To Chemotherapy
  26. Predicting The Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Using Novel Imaging Could Better Identif
  27. Gut Bacteria Help Fend Off Invaders, Suggesting Ways To Prevent Or Treat The Effects
  28. Rituximab Ineffective For Children With Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome
  29. Kidney Donation Hindered By Obesity
  30. Hazardous To Health - Social Jet Lag
  31. Faster Treatment For Heart Attack Patients Taken Directly To PCI Hospitals
  32. Research With Infant Twins Shows That Environmental Conditions Determine Testosterone
  33. MiR-TRAP Allows Scientists To Better Understand The Roles MicroRNAs Play In Human Dev
  34. Genes And Vascular Risk Modify Effects Of Aging On Brain And Cognition
  35. New Lyrica Oral Formulation For Patients With Dysphagia Available In UK
  36. Patients With Multiple Health Problems Overwhelm UK Health System
  37. FDA Issues Warning On Unproven MS Treatment
  38. High Volume Stroke Centers Provide Faster Treatment And Have Superior Outcomes
  39. Reaching Millennium Development Goal Requires Coordinated Efforts
  40. Infections Cause Many Cancers Globally
  41. Study Of Marine Worm Community Improves Understanding Of Symbiosis In Human Gut
  42. Neurotranmitters Identified That Lead To Forgetting
  43. Study Of Indoor Air Quality Risks In United Arab Emirates Is Culturally Sensitive
  44. CDC Looks At Sunburn In Young Adults
  45. The New Pharmacovigilance Legislation Will Impact US And European Drug Manufacturers
  46. HIV Prevention Pill Receives FDA Panel Support
  47. Children's Emergency Department Treatment Varies According To Insurance Status
  48. Speed Drawing Ability May Predict Subsequent Stroke Death Risk
  49. Obesity Drug Lorcaserin Gets Positive Vote From FDA Panel
  50. Using Stem Cell Therapy For Neck And Head Cancers Avoids Salivary Gland Damage Caused
  51. Seeking Molecular Markers To Identify Breast Cancer Patients Who Would Benefit Most F
  52. Presentation At Breast Cancer Conference Reveals Breast Cancer In Young Women Is A Di
  53. Damaged Stem Cells Commit Suicide For The Good Of The Embryo
  54. US Health Care Spending Linked To Higher Prices And Greater Use Of Medical Technology
  55. Choline Consumption During Pregnancy May 'Program' Healthier Babies
  56. "Spaghetti Models" Of Cancer Progression Built To Fight Cancer
  57. Troubled Romantic Relationships May Stem From Childhood Emotional Maltreatment
  58. Alcohol Consumption Decreased In Heavy-Drinking Smokers By Anti-Smoking Drug Varenicl
  59. Identification Of Genetic Mutations That Cause Intestinal Obstruction
  60. Sports & Energy Drinks Damage Teeth
  61. Myopia, Short-sightedness Rates Very High In East Asia
  62. Physician Interpretation Time Dramatically Reduced By Automated Breast Ultrasound
  63. JAM-A Protein Keeps Blood Clots In Check
  64. Cancer-Causing Food Additives A Major Concern For Consumers
  65. Black Pepper's Secrets As A Fat Fighter Revealed
  66. International Project To Write A Landmark Sequel To 'The Book Of Life'
  67. Brain Damage And Shortened Lifespan Caused By Glycogen Accumulation In Neurons Of Fli
  68. Why The Immune System Fails To Kill Breast Tumors In Mice
  69. Finding That Emotion Is Reversed In Left-Handers' Brains Could Lead To New Treatment
  70. A Small Cut With A Big Impact
  71. Graft Patency For Hemodialysis - Fish Oil Supplements Show Mixed Results
  72. Where Touch And Hearing Meet
  73. EndoBarrier Re-Implantation Feasible
  74. Thrombus Aspiration And Stents In PCI - Long-term Outcome Similar
  75. Fatigue May Impact Surgeons' Ability To Deal With The Unexpected
  76. Growth Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Halted By Combining Two MTOR Inhibitors
  77. Advanced Brain Imaging Technology Reveals Early Diagnostic Clues For Alzheimer's Dise
  78. Novel Gene Important For Craniofacial Development Implicated In Facial Cleft Birth De
  79. In Emergency Departments, Some Stroke Victims Not Receiving Timely Diagnosis, Care
  80. 'Born Too Soon' Global Report Says US Lags Behind 130 Other Nations In Preterm Birth
  81. Drug Safety Monitoring Should Be Expanded After Approval
  82. New DNA-Based Chemical Sensor A Step Closer To An All-Electronic Nose
  83. Memantine Improves Some Alzheimer's Symptoms But Has No Effect On Agitation
  84. For Patients With Multiple Myeloma, Low-Dose Whole-Body CT Finds Disease Missed On St
  85. Alzheimer's Disease And The Mechanism Behind Tau Spreading In The Brain
  86. Infant Size, Birth Weight Not Affected By Anti-HIV Drug Use During Pregnancy
  87. Weekend Home Repair Warriors And Construction Workers Travel Long Distances For Commo
  88. Clean Drinking Water For Everyone
  89. Natural Does Not Equal Safe: The Risks Of Mixing Drugs And Herbal Supplements
  90. Irreversible Damage To Teeth Caused By Sports And Energy Drinks
  91. Youth Exposure To Alcohol Marketing Needs To Be Addressed
  92. Keeping Teens Substance Free
  93. Detecting Some Causes Of Hearing Loss, Dizziness, With Cone Beam CT
  94. Comparison Of Avastin And Lucentis In Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  95. Cyclists Without Helmets At Significant Risk For Head Injury
  96. Finding Of An Amplification Defense Mechanism May Help Research On Brain Infections,
  97. Five Fold Increase In Antimicrobial Resistance For Common UTI Drug Seen Since 2000
  98. Scientists Use Fruit Flies To Reveal Unknown Function Of A Transcriptional Regulator
  99. Low Cost, Lifesaving Services Missing From Most Older Patients' Health Care: National
  100. Family-Based Treatment For Childhood Obesity
  101. PTSD Symptoms May Be Relieved By Some Blood Pressure Drugs
  102. Interferon For Hepatitis C Can Cause Depression
  103. Interpreting The Avastin-Lucentis Study For Persons With Macular Degeneration
  104. Prototype Microphone Could Make Cochlear Implants More Convenient
  105. Association Between Breastfeeding And A Healthy Infant Gut
  106. Teenagers With Type 2 Diabetes Benefit From Metformin And Rosiglitazone Combo
  107. Drug Abuse In Adolescence Linked To Brain Networks
  108. Emphasis On Making Psychosocial Care Part Of Routine Cancer Care Pays Off For Patient
  109. Mismatch Between Global Disease Burden In Youths And Research Devoted To Pediatric Pa
  110. Racial Differences Found In Care Of Children With Abdominal Pain In ED
  111. Parental Example May Be Responsible For Some Violent Teen Behavior
  112. Smoke Incursion Can Be A Problem For Apartment Dwellers: Second-Hand Smoke Exposure P
  113. Youths With Special Needs At Risk For Depression When Ostracized By Peers
  114. Skin Problems Plague Athletes
  115. Happy People Have A 'Balanced Time Perspective'
  116. New Scale Developed To Help Measure Levels Of Homophobic Bullying
  117. HPV-Infected Cancer Cells Killed By Small Molecular Bodyguards
  118. In Ethiopia, Water Treatments Alone Are Not Enough To Combat Fluorosis
  119. Clues To Reversing Cognitive Deficits In Humans Offered By Mouse Study
  120. Pulling The Plug On Pacifiers Questioned By Researchers
  121. Anxiety Or Depression Common Among Aging Adult Americans With Arthritis
  122. Healthy Eating Not Top Of The List For New Parents
  123. Major Breakthrough In Macular Degeneration Research
  124. Strong Support Uncovered For Once-Marginalized Theory On Parkinson's Disease
  125. Anti-Viral Agents For Consumer Products Could Soon Contain Pig Stomach Mucins
  126. Prime Target Discovered For Developing Better Anti-Dandruff Medicines
  127. The Top 10 Toxic Chemicals Suspected Of Causing Autism And Learning Disabilities
  128. Researchers Have A Natural Sidekick That May Resolve The Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteri
  129. In Zebrafish, Just A Few Cell Clones Can Make Heart Muscle
  130. Substance Use More Likely In Older Children And Those Receiving Free School Meals
  131. Designing New Generation Anti-Cancer Drugs
  132. Beware Of Dietary Supplements For Cancer Prevention
  133. Insufficient Sleep Affects 30% Of US Workers
  134. Home Treatment For Vertigo: 2 Exercises Assessed
  135. Animal Model For Xenotransplantation As A Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes
  136. Bartonella Infection Associated With Rheumatoid Illnesses In Humans
  137. Treatment With Human Umbilical Cord-Derived Mensenchymal Cells For Colitis In Mouse M
  138. Risk For Rare Tumor May Be Reduced By Smoking, But Not Nicotine
  139. 'Western Diet' Detrimental To Fetal Hippocampal Tissue Transplants
  140. Makeover For Laser Scalpels - Now Ultrafast, Ultra-Accurate, And Ultra-Compact
  141. New Treatment For Degenerative Vision Disorder Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
  142. 3 Common Myths About Child Vaccine Safety Refuted
  143. Breast Cancer Survivors Need To Let Go To Boost Quality Of Life
  144. Technology May Help Keep Older Drivers On The Road
  145. Quickly Spreading Gene Linked To Asian MRSA Epidemic
  146. Research Team Ups The Ante With Development Of Woven Blood Vessels
  147. In Animal Model, Obstructive Sleep Apnea's Damage Evident After 1 Month
  148. Additional Evidence That Eating Together As A Family Improves Health
  149. Reduction Of Malaria-Control Programs Lined To Malaria Resurgence
  150. In The Fight Against Osteoporosis, Is Vitamin D A Double-Edged Sword ?
  151. Discovery Of 'Housekeeping' Mechanism For Brain Stem Cells
  152. African Infants At Risk Of Endemic Fever To Benefit From Praziquantel Treatment
  153. 'Brain Freeze' Headaches May Be Caused By Changes In Brain's Blood Flow
  154. Severely Damaged Nerves May Be Regrown And Function Restored Using New Technique
  155. Protection Provided By Estrogen Hormone After Traumatic Brain Injury
  156. It Is Possible To Get Key Nutrients From Canned Foods And Save Money At The Same Time
  157. Maxonidine, A Second-Generation Drug Used For Hypertension Aids Heart Function Indepe
  158. In Rare, Often Undiagnosed Form Of Encephalitis, Early Treatment Improves Outcomes
  159. Frida Kahlo's Infertility - A New Diagnosis
  160. Range Of Diagnostic Spinal Fluid Tests Needed To Differentiate Concurrent Brain Disea
  161. Preterm Babies Benefit From Early Milk Feeds
  162. Scoliosis Effectively Treated With Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods - No Repeat I
  163. Ultra-Long-Acting Insulin Degludec, Two Phase 3 Studies Published
  164. Defence Against Bioterrorism
  165. Childhood Trauma Linked To Schizophrenia
  166. Depression Time Halved By Payment Innovation
  167. Molecules Designed By Computer Point To New Therapy For Cystic Fibrosis
  168. Consuming Low-Fat Dairy Food May Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke
  169. New Genes Discovered That Contribute To Autism: Links To Psychiatric Disorders
  170. New Evidence Is Helping Explain Additional Health Benefits Of Aspirin
  171. Current Views On Cancer Stem Cells Contradicted By New Findings In Breast Cancer
  172. Exercising Daily Lowers Alzheimer's Risk, Even If You Start Later In Life
  173. People With High Blood Pressure Can Reduce Their Mortality Risk By Exercising
  174. Osteoporosis: New Ways To Treat Debilitating Brittle Bone Disease
  175. Newly Recognized Feature Of Athlete's Heart Found To Be More Prevalent In Black Male
  176. How The Epigenetics Revolution Is Fostering New Medicines
  177. Non-Surgical Test For Brain Cancer In The Pipeline
  178. Scientists Develop Antidote For Cocaine Overdose
  179. Window Of Opportunity Discovered In Which To Prevent Cerebral Palsy
  180. Diabetic Amputations Reduced By Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Trans
  181. Lime Juice, Sunlight Help Make Water Safer
  182. Bioengineered Follicles Grow Hair On Bald Mice
  183. Coronary Stents Safe For Those Allergic To Metals
  184. Despite Encouragement Some Patients Do Not Walk After Surgery
  185. Swallowing Exercises Help Head And Neck Cancer Patients, Short-Term
  186. Cancer Pain Frequently Undertreated, Especially Among Minorities
  187. Brain Injury Cell Death Prevention - Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation Shows Promise
  188. Brain Cancer Vaccine Looks Good
  189. Grandparents Commonly Don't Hide Their Drugs From Kids Properly
  190. Testosterone Supplements Help Heart Failure Patients Exercise More And Breathe Better
  191. New Zealand Earthquake Medical Response Reduced Injuries And Deaths
  192. New Blood Marker May Detect COPD Earlier
  193. Genetic Modifications Associated With Aging Of The Brain
  194. Alcohol Consumption, Tattoos And Piercings Associated With Risky Behavior
  195. The Harmful Short-Term Effects Of Alcoholism On Memory Functioning
  196. Truvada As A Preventive Drug For Men At High Risk For HIV May Be Cost-Effective
  197. O-GlcNAc Regulatory System Adds Complexity In Cell Regulation, Could Eventually Provi
  198. Biodegradable Stent Safe For Long-Term Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease
  199. In The Fight Against HIV In Africa, Rectal Microbicides Are Becoming A High Priority
  200. Altering Tumor Microenvironment Shown To Boost Response To Cancer Drugs During Live I
  201. The Risk Of Parkinson's Disease In Diabetes Can Be Substantially Reduced By Metformin
  202. Neurologists Need To Assess Whether A Person With Dementia Can Make Decisions
  203. Debate On Human Cell Shut-Down Process Resolved By Study
  204. Obesity Creates Unhealthful Conditions In The Womb
  205. 'Overuse' Responsible For Nearly 30% Of All College Athlete Injuries
  206. Method To Detect Stealthy, 'Hypervirulent' Salmonella Strains
  207. Strains Of Common Parasite Linked To Severe Illness In US Newborns
  208. Worrying Excessively, Usually Seen As Pathology, May Aid Survival Of The Species
  209. Improved Understanding Of Cancer Progression
  210. Tree Nut Consumption Associated With Better Diet Quality In Children And Adults
  211. Spreading Fungal Diseases Threaten Food Security, Biodiversity
  212. Biomarkers May Predict Chemo-Resistant Breast Cancers
  213. Potential For Treating Diabetes Via Glucagon Pathway
  214. Discovery Of Biomarker Family For Chemo Resistant Breast Cancers
  215. Diverting Passengers To Elevators Could Help Reduce Falls At Logan Airport
  216. Response By Families To Environmental Disasters: Conflict, Denial, Silence
  217. Consumers Of Tree Nuts Likely To Have Lower Body Weight And Lower Prevalence Of Healt
  218. Traditional Chinese Medicines: Deep Sequencing Reveals Undeclared, Potentially Toxic,
  219. Genetically Engineered Stem Cells Seek Out And Kill HIV In Mouse Model
  220. Engineered Cells Suppress HIV In Living Tissue
  221. Cellular System For Detecting And Responding To Poisons And Pathogens Discovered By R
  222. Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives And Is Cost-Effective
  223. Improving Primary Care Initiative By Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Innovation
  224. Blood Tests Might Miss Rare Circulating Tumor Cells
  225. Anti-Superbug Clues In Deep, Isolated Cave
  226. Heart Failure Patients On Hypertensive Drugs Have No Higher Mortality Risk
  227. Does Vitamin D Enhance Academic Performance? Probably Not
  228. 27% Of All Births To Unmarried Couples, USA
  229. US Cancer Patients Live 2 Years Longer Than Their European Counterparts
  230. In Childhood Back Surgery, Risk Of Blood Loss Varies With Cause Of Spine Deformity
  231. Chest Pain Patients Educated About Risk More Likely To Opt Out Of Stress Test
  232. Next Generation Vaccines May "Trick" Immune Cells
  233. Study Debunks Common Myth That Urine Is Sterile
  234. Student Research To Be Discussed At A National Conference Dedicated To The Advancemen
  235. New Evidence Could Tip The Balance In Aspirin Cancer Prevention Care
  236. Psychiatrists' Labeling Practices May Be Desensitizing The Public
  237. Survivors Of Breast Cancer Suffer Treatment-Related Side Effects Long After Completin
  238. Corneal Thickness Linked To Early Stage Fuchs' Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy
  239. Dozens Of Youths Killed Each Year In The US, Thousands Injured In Job Related Acciden
  240. Lung Cancer Screening As An Insurance Benefit Would Save Lives At A Relatively Low Co
  241. More Exercise, Eating Less Fat And Weight Loss Programs Are In, Popular Diets Are Out
  242. Fractionated Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin Dosing Regimen Improves Outcomes For Some Leukemia
  243. Tiny Wireless Device Powers Itself Through Bloodstream
  244. Dental X Rays Tied To Brain Tumors
  245. Rehospitalization Among Post-Acute Stroke Patients: Findings Pave Way To Reduce Readm
  246. In Alzheimer's Patients, Pulse Pressure Elevation Could Presage Cerebrovascular Disea
  247. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: April 9, 2012
  248. Compound Found In Red Wine, Fruit Could Help Block Fat Cell Formation
  249. False-Positive Mammography Results And Breast Cancer Risk
  250. Sexual Dysfunction Reported By 4 Out Of 5 Female Dialysis Patients