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  1. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: July 9, 2012
  2. Discovery Of Epigenetic Links In Cell-Fate Decisions Of Adult Stem Cells Could Pave W
  3. More Accurate Way To Estimate Kidney Function
  4. For Production Of Early T-Cell Progenitors, Transcription Factor Lyl-1 Is Critical
  5. Promising Mechanism For Healing Spinal Cord Injury
  6. Good Cholesterol Levels Increased By Algae Extract
  7. Doctors Trusted But Internet Consulted By Patients For Added Information
  8. Cardiac Repair Promoted By Economical, Effective And Biocompatible Gene Therapy Strat
  9. Study Finds That Physical Education Mandates Not Enough In Most States
  10. Pathogenic Mosquito Abundance In Catch Basins Affected By Heat, Rainfall
  11. Treatment Diminishes Overall Size Of A Scar And Improves The Quality Of Skin Within T
  12. Epigenetic Cause Of Osteoarthritis Discovered
  13. New Vaccine Candidate For Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, The Cause Of Many Hospital-Acquired
  14. New Strategy Discovered To Prevent Hearing Loss
  15. Why Do Cancer Rates Increase As We Age?
  16. Metformin Makes Brain Cells Grow
  17. Clot-Busting Drugs Delivered Directly To Obstructed Blood Vessels By Novel Nanotherap
  18. How A Protein Meal Lets Your Brain Know You're Full
  19. Type 1 Diabetes Reversed By Antibodies In Mouse Model
  20. A Single Cancer Cell Can Produce Up To 5 Daughter Cells
  21. China Has Child Diabetes Levels Higher Than The US
  22. Maligant Transformation In Chronic Leukemia May Be Powered By MiR Loss
  23. The Key (Proteins) To Self-Renewing Skin
  24. Vitamin D Supplementation Effective In Fracture Risk Reduction In Older Adults
  25. Multiple CPR Rescuers Better Than One For Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  26. Following Bone Surgery Or A Fracture, Ibuprofen Improves Bone Repair
  27. Hookworm Infections Cured In Hamster Model
  28. Study Examines How Cells Exploit Gene Sequences To Cope With Toxic Stress
  29. Amniotic Fluid Yields Alternatives To Embryonic Stem Cells
  30. Researchers Closer To Understanding How Proteins Regulate Immune System
  31. Laws In Brazil That Protect Against "Big Food" And "Big Snack"
  32. Children In Foster Care Do Much Better Under Approach Developed By CU School Of Medic
  33. Adult Stem Cells From Bone Marrow
  34. Furthering The Development Of Cancer Research: The Genomics Symposium
  35. HIV Home Test Kit Wins FDA Approval
  36. The UK's Potential Food Crisis
  37. Organ Regeneration Steps Closer With "3D Sugar Printing"
  38. A Surprising Culprit Behind Chemotherapy Resistance In Rare Cancer
  39. The Surprising Answer To Why Cancer Rate Increases With Age
  40. Coverage Of Terrorist Attacks On TV: Viewing Increases Pain Intensity
  41. 3 Genes Identified As Possible Markers For Academic Success
  42. Why Heart Attacks Cause So Much More Damage In Late Pregnancy
  43. The Secret To Longevity? High Levels Of Brain-Protecting Protein Are Unique In The Na
  44. Blocking Pathway To T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Initiating Cell Regeneration
  45. Enlarged Brain Size, Autism, Epilepsy And Cancer Linked To Newly Found Gene Mutations
  46. Stopping Diabetes In Mice - Researchers Make Major Breakthrough
  47. Methadone Causes 30% Of Painkiller Overdose Deaths
  48. Gestational Diabetes Risk Associated With Antipsychotic Drugs During Pregnancy
  49. New Treatment For Breast Cancer Patients Cuts Radiotherapy Time In Half
  50. Sexual Behaviors In Teens Linked To "Sexting"
  51. Effects Of Refusing Blood Transfusions After Cardiac Surgery
  52. Importance Of Exercise In Health Plans Upheld By Supreme Court Decision
  53. Discovery Of Hormone That Preserves Insulin Production And Beta Cell Function In Diab
  54. Honey Bees Reveal Link Between Sugar Sensitivity And Metabolic Disorders
  55. Porn-Induced Headaches Suffered By Young Man
  56. Affordable Care Act Supreme Court Decision Welcomed By American Medical Association
  57. Seeing Fatty Food Pictures Encourages Impulse Eating
  58. The Most Successful Strategy For Diabetes Is Early, Intensive Treatment
  59. Researchers Generate Immature Nerve Cells
  60. Drug Trial Participants Not Fully Informed About Placebos
  61. Subjects With Visual Impairment Use 'Blindsight' - They Turn Their Eyes Towards Motio
  62. 'Huntington's Disease In A Dish' Created To Enable Search For Treatment
  63. Watching Lipid Metabolism In Live Zebrafish To Learn About Fat
  64. Muscle Power Boosted By Caffeine In The Elderly
  65. BUSM Study Finds Gout And Hyperuricemia On The Rise In The U.S.
  66. Early Drug Development Summit, 3-4 December 2012, Berlin, Germany
  67. Weight Loss Pill Belviq Gets FDA Approval
  68. Sheffield Scientists To Study The Cause Of Medulloblastomas - A Childhood Brain Tumou
  69. New Smoking Vaccine Using Gene Therapy Being Developed
  70. Neuronal Stress And Brain Insulin Resistance Linked To Worsening Alzheimer's Disease
  71. Public Ignorance About The Impact Of Lung Disease
  72. Residency Programs Not Consistent In Interpretation Of National Residency Matching Pr
  73. Safely Treating Prostate Cancer And Lowering The Risk Of Recurrence
  74. Epigenetic Memory May Pass RNA Silencing From 1 Generation To The Next
  75. Malaria Transmission Studied In Computer Model
  76. Stem Cell Treatment Of Heart Attacks May Be Improved By 'Master Molecule'
  77. The Complex Relationship Between Muscle And Bone: Findings Could Identify People At H
  78. Nutritional Supplements And The Current State Of Scientific Research
  79. Functional Links Between Autism And Genes Explained
  80. Faulty Cancer Science With Misidentified And Contaminated Cell Lines
  81. Study Uncovers New Tools For Targeting Genes Linked To Autism
  82. Study Explains How Stress Can Boost Immune System
  83. Potential New Therapeutic Target For Cancer Drugs
  84. For Psoriasis And Wound Care, Protein May Be Key
  85. Virus Kills Cancer By Hitching Ride On Blood Cells
  86. Policy Changes For 'Underprepared' Prison System Essential For Increase In Elderly Pr
  87. How Stomach Bacterium Avoids Acid Revealed By Atomic-Resolution View Of A Receptor
  88. The "Ethical Odyssey" Of An HIV Trial
  89. Quirky Fruit Fly Gene Could Point Way To New Cancer Drugs
  90. JILA Frequency Comb Helps Evaluate Novel Biomedical Decontamination Method
  91. Broader Health Risk Suggested By Fragile X Gene's Prevalence
  92. Drug Used For Centuries Activates The Body's Own Protective Mechanisms In Blood Vesse
  93. Pollution Levels In Some Kitchens Are Higher Than City-Center Hotspots
  94. Clinical Tool For Dementia Which Is Free And User-Friendly Is Reliable And Valid
  95. Harmful Bacteria Live In Healthy Bodies Without Causing Disease
  96. Nevirapine Based Treatment For HIV Is Effective In African Women
  97. Embryo Selection For IVF: The First Day Of Development
  98. Birth At 37 Weeks May Be Best For Twins
  99. Effective Prevention Of Rheumatic Heart Disease Via Echocardiogram Screening
  100. Intervention To Improve Foster Families' Trust, Connectedness
  101. Contaminated Alcohol Pads Responsible For Illnesses In Colorado Children's Hospital
  102. New York City Sees A Rise In Community-Acquired MRSA
  103. Creation Of Mosquitoes Incapable Of Transmitting Malaria Provides Genetic Options For
  104. Researchers Create Powerful New Method To Analyze Genetic Data
  105. Long Term Insulin Not Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer
  106. New Drug Treatment Extends Life In Advanced Prostate Cancer That Has Spread To Bone
  107. Beta Amyloid May Be The Key To Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's In Healthy Patients
  108. SMART Tracking Of Influenza
  109. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: June 11, 2012
  110. Scientists Determine 1,000 Protein Structures Of Deadly Diseases
  111. Stem Cells In The Embryonic Kidney
  112. Side Effects Of Statins
  113. Pancreatic Cancer Can Run But Not Always Hide From The Immune System
  114. It Is Now Deemed Safe To Give Pre-Dental Antibiotics Only To High Risk Heart Patients
  115. Innovative Technique Lays Groundwork For Novel Stem Cell Therapies
  116. Comparison Study Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Abatacept And Adalimumab
  117. Genetic Mutations And Colon Cancer Development
  118. Discovery Of Protein Function That Protects Cells During Injury
  119. Report Addresses Challenges In Implementing New Diagnostic Tests Where They Are Neede
  120. Database Of More Than 1 Million Diverse Diabetes Patients Used To Find Better Treatme
  121. Researchers Find A Chink In The Molecular Armor Of Killer Hospital Bacteria
  122. Survival Increased In Systemic Sclerosis Patients By Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transpl
  123. Fish Oil Prevents Age-Related Loss Of Vision
  124. Scientists Discover A Stem Cell That Causes Heart Disease
  125. Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Patients Benefit From Drug Combination
  126. Structure Of A Retrovirus At A Potentially Vulnerable Stage
  127. Computer-Designed Proteins Programmed To Disarm Variety Of Flu Viruses
  128. Novel Way To Treat Drug-Resistant Brain Tumor Cells
  129. Immune Therapy For Cancer Ready For Wider Testing
  130. Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients Benefit From New Drug Zytiga
  131. Guilt In Depression Has Different Brain Response, Suggesting Freud Was Right
  132. Blood Test In Early Stage Breast Cancer May Predict Recurrence And Survival
  133. Improper Disinfection Of Reusable Medical Device Identified As Cause Of Sepsis Outbre
  134. Geriatric Facility Bathes Patients Daily With Antiseptic Cloths, Reducing MRSA Incide
  135. Differences In Breast Cancer May Be Indicated By A Newly Discovered DNA Marker
  136. New Research Shows Foggers Are Ineffective Against Bed Bugs
  137. Prostate Cancer Patients Fare Better On Continuous Hormone Therapy When Compared With
  138. Cancer Patients On Lower Incomes Less Likely To Be Involved In Clinical Trials
  139. Duloxetine Helps Relieve Pain From Chemotherapy
  140. New Insights Into The Health Implications Of Different Types Of Trans Fat
  141. Lapatinib And Pazopanib Combo Not Found To Improve Outcomes For Patients With Inflamm
  142. Not All Patients Will Pay For Genetic Testing
  143. New Therapy On The Horizon For ALK+ Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  144. Disparities In Cancer Care Associated With A Patient's Socioeconomic Status
  145. Scientists Have Discovered A "Switch" In The Hepatitis C Virus Which Could Be Used As
  146. New Process Gives Antibacterial Coating To Stainless Steel
  147. Green Goals For Drug Companies
  148. Nanoscale Protein Containers Could Aid Drug, Vaccine Delivery
  149. Follow-Up Care Needed For Side Effects Of Head And Neck Cancer Treatments To Be Repor
  150. More Male Befriender Volunteers Needed For UK Children
  151. Retinoid Pathways In The Developing Fetal Lung Disrupted By Maternal Smoking
  152. Study Compares Use Of Baby Wipes Against Use Of Water
  153. Injection Offers Hope For Treating Autoimmune Disease
  154. Improved Health And Performance With Less Training
  155. Study Finds TV Can Decrease Self-Esteem In Children, Except White Boys
  156. Agent Identified That Can Block Fibrosis Of Skin, Lungs
  157. In Juvenile Arthritis Treatment, Injection Of Methotrexate No Better Than Oral Therap
  158. Age-Related Vision Loss Prevented By Fish Oil
  159. National Primate Research Center Develops New, Safer Method For Making Vaccines
  160. New Federal Disclosure Law Aims To Increase Transparency Between Physicians, Drug Mak
  161. The Same Gene That Makes Kids Grow Too Fast Can Also Cause Stunted Growth
  162. Life Expectancy Lower For The Scots
  163. 25 Years On, World No Tobacco Day Is Making An Impact
  164. Exercise May Be Bad For Some
  165. Cryptococcus Protected By Titan Cells During Infection
  166. New Biological Role Identified For Compound In Turmeric, Popular In Curries, Used In
  167. NSAIDs May Offer Protection Against Skin Cancer
  168. Kidney Failure In Type 2 Diabetes May Not Be Reduced By Aggressive Glucose Control
  169. Health, Behavior And Identity Are The Focus Of Bisexuality Studies
  170. 3-D Test Bed For Human Diseases Provided By Engineered Microvessels
  171. Managing Partnerships With CROs 2012, 3-4 October
  172. Bone Loss May Be Detectable Earlier, NASA
  173. Aspirin May Guard Against Skin Cancer
  174. Free World Neuroscience Online Conference To Be Held On June 14-16, 2012
  175. London Researcher Calls For New Approach To Regulating Probiotics
  176. Exercise Does Not Improve Lipoprotein Levels In Obese Patients With Fatty Liver Disea
  177. Key Gene Found Responsible For Chronic Inflammation, Accelerated Aging And Cancer
  178. Knowing Genetic Makeup May Not Significantly Improve Disease Risk Prediction
  179. Pivotal Role For Proteins - From Helping Turn Carbs Into Energy To Causing Devastatin
  180. Discarded Data May Hold The Key To A Sharper View Of Molecules
  181. No New Neurons In The Human Olfactory Bulb Created After Birth
  182. Why People Can Develop Life-Threatening Allergies After Receiving Treatment For Condi
  183. Feeling Strong Emotions Makes Peoples' Brains 'Tick Together'
  184. Healing The Voice: New American Chemical Society Video On Synthetic Vocal Cords
  185. Researchers Regenerate Optic Nerve In Mice
  186. Emotions In Humans May Be Associated With Brain Cells Found In Monkeys
  187. New Drug For Destroying Human Cancer Stem Cells
  188. Rheumatoid Arthritis Battle - New Target Identified
  189. 4 Mushroom Poisonings In 2 Weeks - Doctors Test Milk Thistle As Treatment
  190. Jet Device Injects Drugs Without Needles
  191. New Treatment For Tinnitus In The Making
  192. Sperm Gene Discovery May Lead To Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptive
  193. Link Between A Child's Body Fat And Vitamin D Insufficiency In The Mother
  194. Study Finds IUDs, Implants Most Effective Birth Control
  195. The Dirtiest Places In The Office
  196. DNA Methylomes And Obesity
  197. H1N1 Vaccination During Pregnancy Shows Unexpected Benefits In Large Study
  198. Prednisolone's Considerable Effect On Bells Palsy Symptoms
  199. The Anti Epilepsy 'Miracle' Diet
  200. Two-Step Tooth Implantation And Built-Up Bone Can Be Longer Lasting
  201. Research Links Abacavir Hypersensitivity Reactions In HIV To Attacks By Body's Own Im
  202. Communication Between Couples Is Key To Improving Men's Diets
  203. Potential To Diagnose Radiation Exposure Using Novel Biomarkers
  204. New Assay To Help In The Diagnosis Of Mastocytosis Approved By FDA
  205. Premature Babies Encouraged And Soothed By New Musical Pacifier
  206. Neurogenesis Spurred By A High Fat Diet Encourages More Eating And Fat Storage
  207. Discovery Suggests New Combination Therapy Strategy For Basal-Like Breast Cancers
  208. Preventing Childhood Obesity: A Systems Approach
  209. Non-Invasive Test Promises Rapid, Pain-Free Diagnoses Without The Use Of Fluorescent
  210. Behind The Scenes Tour Of An Electronic Nose Lab
  211. Link Between Heart Damage After Chemo And Stress In Cardiac Cells
  212. New Heart Muscle Cells Grow From Patients' Skin
  213. Fake, Poor Quality Malaria Drugs Threaten Progress
  214. Fat Removal Procedures May Decrease Cancer Risk
  215. Exposure To Pollution In The Womb Especially Dangerous For Children With Asthma
  216. How MRSA Nasal Colonization Impacts Surgical Site Infections After Gastrointestinal S
  217. Patients Treated In Early Stages Of Prostate Cancer Relieved Of Urinary Symptoms
  218. In Rat Model Of Diabetes, Experimental Bariatric Surgery Controls Blood Sugar
  219. Heart Damage Already Present In Obese Adolescents
  220. Heart Failure Patients Benefit From Nordic Walking
  221. Association Between Sleep Disordered Breathing And Increased Risk Of Cancer Mortality
  222. Children With OSA Require Treatment To Reverse Brain Abnormalities
  223. Long-Term Respiratory Problems Likely In Children Exposed To Tobacco Smoke
  224. Dysentery May Be Treatable With Cheap Arthritis Drug
  225. Trial Of ALK Inhibitor In Neuroblastoma, Lymphoma
  226. Potential New Drugs For Fox Tapeworm Infection In Humans
  227. Molecule That Prevents Heart Damage is Also Proving Its Worth In Diabetic Patients
  228. Older People With Chronic Leukemia May Benefit From Experimental Agent
  229. Glioblastoma Classification Revision Should Improve Patient Care
  230. Surgical Vs. Nonsurgical Treatment For Cervical Spine Fracture
  231. Animal Sampling For Ebola Should Focus On Carcasses
  232. Gene Therapy Helps Children With Rare, Incurable Brain Disease
  233. Women At Risk Of Post Natal Depression May Be Identified By Blood Test
  234. The Influence Of Genes On Psychological Well-Being
  235. Teaching Hospitals With Fellowship Programs Have Less Radical Prostatectomy Complicat
  236. Study Shows High-Fructose Diet Sabotages Learning, Memory
  237. Some Dietary Supplements May Increase Cancer Risk
  238. Off-Label Use Of Antipsychotic Medications
  239. Groundbreaking Advance In Medical Diagnostics
  240. An Estimated 53 Million Americans May Have Diabetes By 2025
  241. Fatal Falls Increase For Older Adults
  242. Less Inflammation Seen In Patients With NAFLD, A Common Liver Disease, Who Consume Mo
  243. Study Shows Delays In Siblings Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
  244. Common Antibiotic Found To Carry Heart Risk
  245. Different Mechanisms Of Pain Discovered Which Suggest New Strategies For Drug Develop
  246. Hospitals In Large Cities May Act As Breeding Grounds For The Superbug MRSA Prior To
  247. Groundbreaking Discovery Of Mutation Causing Genetic Disorder In Humans, Birth Defect
  248. Nearly 1 In 5 Lower-Income Parents Report Costs Forced Their Children To Cut Back On
  249. Biomarkers Discovered For Prostate Cancer Detection, Recurrence
  250. Any And All Toxic Materials Identified By "Dip Chip" Technology On-The-Go