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  1. Anxious Fathers May Pass Psychological Disorders Onto Their Female Offspring
  2. Breakthrough Technology Will Decrease Patients' Loss Of Blood During Surgery
  3. Heart Attack Spouses Also Need Care
  4. Pancreatitis Risk May Be Lowered By Statin Therapy
  5. Spirituality Is Linked To Better Mental Health
  6. Cognitive Rehab Takes A Promising New Direction For The Elderly
  7. Berry Wine Acts As Tasty Drug For Diabetics
  8. Drug Used For Preventing Life-Threatening Bleeding During Labor May Not Be Effective
  9. Shedding Light On Multiple Sclerosis Using MRI
  10. Mothers Who Smoke While Pregnant Increase Their Baby's Risk Of Asthma
  11. Computer Exercises Can Help Reduce Alzheimer's Symptoms
  12. Malignant Brain Cancer Antigens Targeted By Vaccine Which Significantly Lengthens Sur
  13. Study Underscores Need To Improve Communication With Moms Of Critically Ill Infants
  14. Children's Self-Control Is Associated With Their Body Mass Index As Adults
  15. Molecular Signature Used To Predict Radiation Therapy Benefit Validated By Moffitt Ca
  16. Added Benefit Of Eribulin In Breast Cancer Is Not Proven
  17. RI Hospital: Use Of PMP May Increase Demand For Drug Treatment, Reduce Painkiller Abu
  18. Enzalutamide Adds 5 Months Survival In Late-Stage Prostate Cancer
  19. Non-Invasive Treatment For Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Suggested By Ben-Gur
  20. Pan-Fried Meat Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer, New Study Finds
  21. Walnuts May Boost Sperm Quality
  22. Chemotherapy During Pregnancy Does Not Affect Birth Outcomes
  23. Male Contraception Research Goes In New Direction
  24. Baby Boomers Should Take Hep C Test Urge CDC
  25. Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Studied Through To 9 Years Of Age
  26. Focusing On Children Instead Of Relationship Problems Helps Separated Couples Parent
  27. Relief From Menstrual Cramps From Continuous Oral Contraceptive Pills
  28. Fluorescent Molecules That Can Be Turned On And Off In Aqueous Environments To Visual
  29. Hormone Levels Linked To Risk For Metabolic Disease
  30. Two Approaches To Understanding The Basic Mechanics Of Cancer
  31. Landslide Fatalities Are Greater Than Previously Thought
  32. Interactions Between Malaria Parasite And HIV Demonstrated By Novel Technique
  33. Blood Type May Affect Heart Disease Risk
  34. Oral Drug Shows Clinical Response And Remission In Some Patients With Ulcerative Coli
  35. Eating 2.5 Ounces Of Walnuts Per Day Improves Semen Quality In Healthy Young Men
  36. For Adults With Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, One Treatment Stands Above Others
  37. Don't Let A History Of Unsuccessful Weight Loss Deter You From Future Attempts To Los
  38. Groundbreaking Technology Looks Deep Inside The Body
  39. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Reduces Loneliness, Benefits Immune System
  40. Exploiting The Creative Brain Through Crowdsourcing
  41. Precise Calculation Of The Increase In The Prevalence Of Overweight Children In Germa
  42. Home Testing Kits Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
  43. Nurses As Effective As Doctors In Treatment Of HIV Patients
  44. Bowel Cancer Caused By Faulty Gene And High Iron Levels
  45. Microwave Butter Flavoring Ingredient Is A Respiratory Hazard
  46. Should Young Men Be Vaccinated Against Human Papilloma Virus?
  47. What Is Calcium? Why Do I Need Calcium?
  48. Artificial Retina Restores Sight In Blind Mice
  49. Autism Defective Gene Link
  50. Cannabis Enhances Bipolar Patients' Neurocognitive Performance
  51. Very Common Diabetes Drug Raises Risk Of Bladder Cancer
  52. Lifespans For Type 1 Diabetes Patients Getting Longer
  53. Epilepsy Drug Can Reverse Memory Loss In Alzheimer's Patients
  54. Child's Allergy Risk Higher If Parent Of Same Sex Has It
  55. To Support Lab On A Chip Commercialization, NIST Focuses On Testing Standards
  56. Metabolism Of Certain Drugs Varies Between Genders And May Be Reflected In Anti-HIV D
  57. Using Targeted Inhibition Of Sphingosine Kinase To Treat Drug Resistant Breast Cancer
  58. The Journal Of The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Probes First Antibiotic Stew
  59. Medicare Woes Mostly Rooted In Myth: Retirement Expert
  60. Sugar And High Fructose Corn Syrup Found To Perform Equally On A Reduced Calorie Diet
  61. Bariatric Patients With OSA Fail To Show Symptoms, Have Greater Risk For Heart Diseas
  62. Health Insurance In The US: 89 Million People Uninsured During 2004 To 2007
  63. Protein That Slows Aging May Protect Against Diabetes
  64. Treatment Target For Diabetes, Wolfram Syndrome
  65. The Feasibility Of Integration Of Active Tuberculosis Case Finding In A Mobile HIV-Te
  66. Conflict-Of-Interest Declarations And Off-Label Drug Use
  67. Enrollment Of Kids In Health-Care Programs Boosted By Increasing Federal Match Funds
  68. Recent Progress In Alzheimer's Research
  69. In Animal Model Of Liver Disease, New Drug Successfully Halts Fibrosis
  70. Nanoparticle Discovery Opens Door For Pharmaceuticals
  71. Cell Evolution Employed In The Fight Against Cancer
  72. Tele-Medicine Helps Stroke Patients With Medications, Rehabilitation
  73. Very Low Incidence Of Stroke From Cardiac Catheterizations
  74. Concern For The Poorest Americans If States Opt Out Of Medicaid Expansion
  75. Despite Law, Critically Ill Uninsured Americans Still At Risk Of Being Turned Away Fr
  76. In Early Childhood, The Ability To Listen, Pay Attention, And Complete Important Task
  77. Healthy Food Choices Improve With Color-Coded System
  78. High Quality Care Provided By Safety-Net Hospitals, Despite Financial Challenges
  79. Photosensitizing Antihypertensive Drugs May Increase Risk Of Lip Cancer
  80. Life Expectancy Greater With More Education, Socioeconomic Benefits
  81. Fracture Risk Not Found To Increase Following Bariatric Surgery
  82. Greater Incidence Of Babies With Retinoblastoma In US-Born Latinas
  83. Poor Mental Health Linked To Premature Death
  84. Hip Fracture Risk Lower After Cataract Surgery
  85. Hypothermia In Trauma Victims Increases Mortality Risk
  86. Celiac Disease Often Undiagnosed, Many Go Gluten-Free Without Diagnosis
  87. Study Suggests That Latrepirdine May Be Successful If Tested On Patients With Earlier
  88. An Important Factor In The Development Of Alzheimer's And Dementia Is Damage To Blood
  89. Anxiety And Depression Increase Risk Of Sick Leave
  90. High-Risk Human Papilloma Virus Found With Epstein Barr Virus In Prostate Cancer
  91. Vigilance Needed Against Evolution Of More-Virulent Malaria: Vaccine Research
  92. Studying How Antimelanoma Immune Responses Develop During Disease Progression
  93. Researcher Finds The Use Of Traditional, Natural Medicines Offers Economic Benefits
  94. Increase In Diagnostic Imaging Among Stage IV Cancer Patients On Medicare
  95. Study Suggests Health Coaches Could Be Key To Successful Weight Loss
  96. National Marfan Foundation's Annual Conference
  97. Liver Cancer Cells Stop Making Glucose As They Become Cancerous; Findings May Lead To
  98. 'Obese' Or 'Overweight' Are Hurtful Labels, Whereas Terms Like 'Large' Considered By
  99. Discovery Of New Genetic Target For Diuretic Therapy
  100. The PCMH Model Aligns With Principles Of Medical Ethics And Professionalism, ACP And
  101. News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine For July 31, 2012 Online Issue
  102. A Combined Approach Reduces Surgical Site Infection Rates In A High-Risk Patient Popu
  103. Studying Genetic Basis Of Normal Variable Traits In Humans And Human Disease Risk Rev
  104. Stroke Survivors' Balance May Improve With Yoga
  105. Discovery Of A Genetic Cause Of Glioblastoma May Lead To New Treatment
  106. Therapies For Cocaine Abuse Likely Following The Modeling Of New Enzymes
  107. Additional Benefits Of Early HIV Treatment Revealed By New HPTN 052 Study
  108. The Likelihood Of Being Assessed For Kidney Transplantation May Depend On Race, Insur
  109. New Drug May Promote Weight Loss, But Also Help Maintain It
  110. With Your Eyes Only... Eye Writer Communication Technology
  111. Preventive Antibiotic May Benefit COPD Sufferers
  112. Signs Of HIV Infection Eliminated By Bone Marrow Transplant
  113. Decoding The Secrets Of Balance
  114. Researchers Reveal That One Act Of Remembering Can Influence Future Acts
  115. Pakistani Women Disabled In Earthquake Later Abandoned, Ignored
  116. Excess Iodine Supplementation During Pregnancy Associated With Congenital Hypothyroid
  117. Brain Control In Monkeys Via Optogenetics Has Implications For Human Therapies
  118. Protein Discovery Links To Cancer Research
  119. Intervention After A First Osteoporosis Fracture Reduces Repeat Occurrences
  120. Physical Activity Curriculum Not Being Taught To Medical Students
  121. Scientists Use Waste-Water Analysis To Determine Drug Use In 19 European Cities
  122. Wakeful Resting Fights Memory Loss
  123. Adolescent Girls More Likely To Be Depressed Than Boys
  124. Severe Flu Increases Risk Of Parkinson's
  125. Sexual Dissatisfaction Is Common Among Female Diabetes Patients
  126. 85 Children In UK Die Every Year From Maltreatment
  127. Rheumatoid Arthritis New Major Clinical Target After Mesoblast Obtains Positive Resul
  128. Alzheimer's BACE Inhibitor E2609 Receives Positive Clinical Results
  129. Antibiotic That Works In Low-Oxygen Setting Prevents Reactivation Of TB Infection, Sa
  130. Why Do Anti-Hunger And Anti-Obesity Initiatives Always Fall Short?
  131. Malignant Melanoma Drug Trabedersen Receives Orphan Designation From FDA
  132. Shift Work Tied To Higher Risk For Heart Attack, Stroke
  133. Obesity Theories Challenged By Hunter-Gatherer Study
  134. Cyberbullying: One In Two Victims Suffer From The Distribution Of Embarrassing Photos
  135. Alcohol Could Intensify The Effects Of Some Drugs In The Body
  136. Replacing Diseased Immune System With A Healthy One To Cure Chrohn's Disease
  137. Impact Of Wearable Monitoring Systems On Parkinson's Patients
  138. What Are The Best Methods For Treating Esophageal Cancer?
  139. Summer Sports Injuries Are Easy To Avoid
  140. Urgent Need For HIV Treatments Suitable For Young Children
  141. Researchers Link Kawasaki Disease In Childhood With Increased Risk Of Adult Heart Dis
  142. Dengue Vaccine Shows Promise in Thailand Trial
  143. Laser Maps And Zaps Cancer Tumors
  144. Fluoride May Lower Your IQ
  145. Second-Line Defense Needed For Patients With NSCLC
  146. Molecular Link Between Arsenic Exposure And Lung Cancer
  147. Increase In Suicide Rates Attributable To 'The Troubles' Experienced By Children In N
  148. New Algorithm Will Change How Scientists Build Networks From Data To Help Predict Gen
  149. New Contagion Model Examines Role Of Airports In Spreading Disease
  150. Area Of The Brain Responsible For Link Between Vision And Emotion
  151. Cognitive Function Improved By Ginseng-Fortified Milk
  152. Drug Use And Antisocial Behavior Strongly Linked With Adolescent Pregnancy
  153. Diabetes Drug Linagliptin Effective And Safe For Long-Term Use
  154. Improving Lives Of ICU Patients And Their Families
  155. Intentions Of Infants Communicated Through Speech
  156. Eggstra Special! New Analysis Shows More Vitamin D And Fewer Calories In Today's Eggs
  157. Liver Cancer Could Be Due To Absence Of Tiny Molecule
  158. Drug For Alzheimer's, Parkinson's And MS Shows Promise
  159. Higher Incidence Of Diabetes In Native-Americans Linked To Fat-Hoarding Genes Likely
  160. Undiagnosed Heart Problems Threatening The Health And Quality Of Life Of The Very Eld
  161. BPA Ban A 'Hollow Victory'
  162. 'Bath Salts' Act In The Brain Like Cocaine
  163. Bloodstream Scavenger Inhibits Clotting Without Increased Bleeding
  164. WHO Endorses Use Of Antiretrovirals To Prevent HIV Infections
  165. City Street Pollution Reduced By Up To 8 Times More Than Previously Believed By Green
  166. One Quarter Of Admissions To Scottish Intensive Care Units Were Alcohol Related
  167. Asking Your Children What Their Superheroes Would Eat Primes Them To Make Healthier F
  168. Patients With Spinal Cord Injury And Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis May Benefit From C
  169. In Pediatric Kidney Transplant, Blood Condition Found To Be Highly Predictive Of Graf
  170. Hundreds Of Random Mutations In Leukemia Linked To Aging, Not Cancer
  171. Drugmaker Begins Phase I Clinical Trial To Test Microtubule Stabilizing-Drug In Mild
  172. Blocking IL-6 Improved Response To Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin
  173. The Presence Of Oxidants Early In Life May Help Determine Life Span
  174. Researchers Determine Entire Genetic Sequence Of Individual Human Sperm
  175. Focusing On Sustainability Of Infectious Disease Surveillance
  176. $6.1 Million 'Innovation Grant' Awarded To Test Comprehensive Care Physician Model
  177. Animal Model That Replicates Human Immune Response Against HIV Could Simplify Vaccine
  178. Report Highlights Alarming Data Showing Disproportionately High Rates Of HIV Infectio
  179. The Ancients Knew A Thing Or Two About Plants' Healing Qualities
  180. Maternal Mortality From Malaria Dramatically Reduced By Frequent Antenatal Screening
  181. Father-Infant Interactions Linked To Child's Behavior
  182. Brain Development Not Affected By Long-Term ADHD Drug
  183. Work-Related Stress Associated With Increased Cardiovascular Risk For Women
  184. New Measure For Obesity: A Body Shape Index Strongly Correlated To Premature Death
  185. Sensation, Mobility Improved For People With Spinal Cord Injury Using Musical Glove
  186. The Risk Of Cognitive Decline In Older Adults Increased By Binge Drinking
  187. Milk Consumption By Children Declining But Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Not The Cause
  188. Pain Levels And Joint Swelling In Rheumatoid Arthritis Lead Doctors And Patients To D
  189. Restitution Vs. Apology In Forgiveness
  190. News From The Journals Of The American Society For Microbiology
  191. Therapeutic Window For Stroke May Be Extended By Experimental Drug: Clinical Safety T
  192. Analysis Of Interventions In 5 Diseases Offers Guidelines To Help Close The Gap
  193. Analysis Of Interventions In 5 Diseases Offers Guidelines To Help Close The Gap
  194. "Bryologs" Activate Hidden Reservoirs Of HIV That Currently Make The Disease Nearly I
  195. New Method For Identifying Lung Nodules
  196. How The Intrauterine Environment Molds The Human Epigenome Could Provide Critical Inf
  197. Brain Maps Created During Study Of Aging Reveal That Alzheimer's Patients Drive Diffe
  198. Mosquitoes Prevented From Transmitting Malaria Through Genetic Modification Of Their
  199. Pre-Injury Cartilage Biomarkers Associated With Subsequent Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  200. Matching Cancer Drugs With Gene Targets
  201. Racial Disparities In Voice Box Preserving Cancer Treatment
  202. Prostate Tumors Reduced By 80 Percent Using Gold Nanoparticles
  203. Newest Blood-Thinning Drug Recommended For Unstable Angina In Updated AHA/ACCF Guidel
  204. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: July 16, 2012
  205. Study Reveals Optimal Interval For Stomach Cancer Screening
  206. Autograft Hip Reconstruction Provides Good Outcomes For Athletes
  207. For Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Mutation In Gene IDH A Possible Target For
  208. Lab Solutions Needed To Protect American Agriculture And Public Health
  209. 1-Year-olds At Risk For Autism May Be Identified By Questionnaire Completed By Parent
  210. A New Way Of Clearing The Air For People With Cystic Fibrosis And COPD
  211. Counseling Program Found To Reduce Youth Violence, Improve School Engagement
  212. Giving Time Can Give You Time
  213. The Affordable Care Act Should Decrease The Amount Of Women Who Are Uninsured
  214. Risk Of Diabetes In Women May Be Increased By Chemicals In Personal Care Products
  215. Nut Allergy Linked To Breast Milk
  216. Children Suffering Anxiety And Depression Benefit From Emotion Detectives Treatment P
  217. Lab-Based Tests Using Biomarkers To Identify And Treat Schizophrenia
  218. Scientists First To See Trafficking Of Immune Cells In Beating Heart
  219. Molecule Discovered That May Prevent Atherosclerosis
  220. A 'Clearer' Way To Treat Huntington's Disease
  221. Anxiety Linked To Accelerated Aging
  222. Clinical Development Leaders Forum
  223. Skinny Jeans Cause Health Problems For Men
  224. Smoking Results In Lower Immune System Responses After Transplants
  225. Girls Who Suffered Abuse At Greater Risk For Heart Disease, Diabetes Later In Life
  226. Babies In The Womb Affected By Pesticides In The Home
  227. For HIV Prevention, Identifying Risky Behaviors Could Be Key
  228. The Protein LRP4 Is Essential For Strong Communication Between Brain And Muscle
  229. Exposure To Chemical In Drinking Water In The Womb And Early Childhood May Affect Vis
  230. New Strategy Developed To Overcome Drug-Resistant Childhood Cancer
  231. Suicides Under Home Treatment In England Are Almost Double Ward Cases
  232. Researchers Disprove Surmise That Eye Movement Direction Correlates To Lying
  233. Guidance For Pediatric Electronic Health Records Issued By NIST
  234. Improving Fire Department Tactics With Live Fire Tests
  235. Native American Ancestors Came From Asia In Three Migrations
  236. BPA In Rivers May Encourage Fish Species To Interbreed
  237. Lifestyle Behavior In Adolescents May Adversely Affect Blood Pressure And Cardiovascu
  238. Chronic Health Problems And The Need For Lifestyle Changes
  239. Measuring Liver Stiffness Can Predict Liver Failure, Cancer And Mortality In Cirrhoti
  240. Hepatitis C Virus More Frequent Among African-Americans And Males
  241. Do People Want To Know If They Are At Risk For Alzheimer's Disease?
  242. Microbiologists Unravel Secrets Of Parasites' Replication
  243. Robots Aid Patient Care In The ICU
  244. Postmenopause Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Help Prevent Bone Loss
  245. HIV Programs Not Found To Displace Life-Saving Maternal Health Services In Sub-Sahara
  246. Using Bare Metal Stents For Many Low-Risk Patients Could Save More Than $200 Million
  247. Incidence Of Urinary Tract Infections Greater In Uncircumcised Boys
  248. Generic Drugs Key To US Overseas HIV Relief
  249. No Refrigeration? Single Silk Device Can Store And Deliver Vaccine Or Antibiotic With
  250. Colorectal Cancer Risk Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease