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  1. Industrial Chemicals Found In Food Samples
  2. New Framework For Brain Communications Offers Insight Into Brain Disease
  3. Assisted Suicide Supported By Majority Of Albertans
  4. Up To Half Of Gestational Diabetes Patients Will Go On To Develop Type 2 Diabetes
  5. Most Work-Related Amputations Missing From Federal Figures
  6. First Dystonia Gene Found In African-Americans
  7. Combining Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology And Genetic Correction To Treat Mu
  8. Focal Laser Ablation Offers Another Option For Some Prostate Cancer Patients
  9. Biochemists Gain New Insight Into Double-Protected Dance Of Cell Division
  10. Series Of Community Efforts Boosted HIV Testing, Helped Reduce New Infections
  11. Neurons' Inability To Dispose Of Unwanted Proteins Likely Leads To Age-Related Dement
  12. Keeping Millions Of American Women And Their Families Healthy
  13. Education About Car Seat Safety Needed In Emergency Departments
  14. Fear Extinction Training Increased REM Sleep In Anxiety Disorders
  15. Physicists Probe Stress-Induced Changes In Clot-Forming Protein
  16. Patients With Chronic Pain Benefit From Pain Training For Primary Care Providers
  17. Global Burden Of Disease And Injury Attributable To Alcohol Is Large And Growing
  18. Study By Kennedy Krieger's Center For Autism And Related Disorders Reveals Key Predic
  19. Advancing Knowledge Of HIV Impact On Hepatitis C Infection And Genes That May Thwart
  20. Patients Benefit From Quality Of Care Measures
  21. Despite Improvement, Distribution Of Free Samples To Patients And Office Calls To Phy
  22. Maternal Diet Important Predictor Of Severity For Infant RSV
  23. Why Cats Lack A Sweet Tooth: New American Chemical Society Video
  24. Enzyme's Double Life Revealed - Critical Role In Cancer Blood Supply
  25. Tracking Human Brain Activity Shows How The Brain Loses And Regains Consciousness
  26. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps To Treat Diabetic Neuropathies
  27. Investigators Identify Genetic Risk Factors For Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  28. Common Cancer Vaccine Ingredient Diverts T Cells From Tumors
  29. Research Offers Patients Hope For New Treatments For An Aggressive And Common Lymphom
  30. 'Clean-Up' Snafu That Kills Brain Cells In Parkinson's Disease Identified
  31. Proteins With Mutations In 'Prion-Like' Segments Considered Candidates For Inherited
  32. Children With ADHD Require Long-Term Treatment Well Into Adulthood
  33. 60 Percent Of Patients With Fire Ant Allergy Don't Adhere To Life Saving Treatment
  34. Concerns Raised That The 'Shelf Life' Of Blood May Be Shorter Than We Think
  35. First Ever Great British Bedtime Report Launched
  36. ZALTRAP® (Aflibercept) Is Now Available In The UK For The Treatment Of Advanced Metas
  37. Proper Eating Improves Dementia Patients' Physical And Mental Health
  38. Childhood Asthma Linked To BPA Exposure
  39. Some Diabetes Drugs Linked To Pancreatitis Risk
  40. High Sugar Consumption Linked To Diabetes
  41. Blocked Heart Arteries May Presage Stroke
  42. Pregnancy Nausea Drug Harmless for Fetuses
  43. Side-Effects Cause A Quarter Of Heart Patients To Stop Treatment In The HPS2-THRIVE T
  44. Grp170 Shows Potential As A "Cancer Vaccine"
  45. 'Service To Others In Sobriety (SOS)' Questionnaire Validated By Researchers
  46. New Cause Identified For Organ Rejection
  47. Breast Cancer Stem Cells Express HER2, Even In 'Negative' Tumors, Study Finds
  48. Pregnant Women Infected With Syphilis Estimated At Over A Million World-Wide
  49. Development Of Life-Saving Tools Against Major Killers Could Be Jeopardized By US Bud
  50. New Super-Nutritious Puffed Rice For Breakfast Cereals, Snacks: American Chemical Soc
  51. Physicist Takes Nature As His Model For An Artificial Brain
  52. Medical Students And Residents Have Frequent Interactions With Pharmaceutical Compani
  53. Stool Transplants Highly Efficient For Clostridium difficile Infections And Other Gas
  54. New Lens-Free Imaging System Enables Firefighters To See Previously Hidden Details, H
  55. Targeting Lung And Colon Cancers And Glioblastoma Using New Photon-Counting Technique
  56. Discovery Could Hold Key To Cause Of Rare Muscle Disease And Other Inherited Diseases
  57. 'NanoVelcro' Device Enables 'Liquid Biopsies' For Metastatic Melanoma
  58. New Strategies Needed To Promote CPR Education In High-Risk Neighborhoods
  59. The Developing Brain May Be Affected By Bisphenol A
  60. Potential Diagnostic Test For River Blindness Infection
  61. Bone-Marrow Environment Identified That Helps Fight Infection
  62. Donated Liver Survival Rate Greatly Improved By Antioxidant
  63. Addressing Stuttering In Down Syndrome
  64. Identifying Autism Risk In Newborns
  65. Metabolic Model May Predict Parasite Metabolism, Disease Ranges Under Climate Change
  66. External Qigong Therapy May Reduce Cocaine Cravings In Early Addiction Recovery
  67. In Future It May Be Possible To Sniff Out The Side Effects Of Radiotherapy
  68. Accidental Inhalation Of Betadine During Surgery Leads To Rare Complication
  69. Breast Cancer Tumour Growth Inhibited By OMEGA-3s
  70. New Research Using Information Technology To Improve Quality Of Health Care
  71. Gene Mutation Discovered That Causes Schnyder Corneal Dystrophy
  72. The Effects Of Early Life Stress On Heart Function In Later Life
  73. Mouse Model Developed To Aid In Stem Cell Research
  74. New Tests To Gage A Young Child's Motor Skills
  75. Advances In IPSC Technology Lead To Improved Modeling Of Alzheimer's Disease
  76. Researchers Believew Clot-Busting Drug Is Worth The Risk For Embolism Patients
  77. Scaling Up HIV Treatments Worth The Price, South Africa
  78. Calcium Supplements Lead To Heart Disease
  79. Stress Early In Life Can Affect Heart Function Early
  80. Kadcyla For Late-Stage Breast Cancer Approved By FDA
  81. Should The NHS Operate Seven Day Healthcare?
  82. Antioxidant Improves Donated Liver Survival Rate To More Than 90%
  83. Astronomy Algorithms Help Diagnose Aggressive Tumors
  84. Bendamustine (Levact®) Plus Rituximab More Effective Than CHOP-R In Treating Patients
  85. Two New Documents To Guide Researchers In Carrying Out Dual Use Research Of Concern R
  86. Damage From Heart Attack May Soon Be Treated With New Injectable Hydrogel Which Encou
  87. Neurim Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Phase 2 Clinical Trial Results Of Piromelat
  88. Results From Cogane™ In Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trial
  89. Defibrillator Survey Raises Workplace Cardiac Arrest Concerns
  90. Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Seem To Have Higher Risk Of Heart Attack And Str
  91. Using GM Plants To 'Grow' Medicines
  92. Healthy Sleep, Healthy Diet: Sleep Pattern Linked To Variety Of Food Intake
  93. News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine: Feb. 19, 2013
  94. Pioneering Stem Cell-Based Transplant Technology Is Being Developed And Tested On New
  95. Innovative Infectious Disease Research On The International Space Station
  96. Hope For New Ways To Treat Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease Following Discoveries
  97. More Americans Meeting Diabetes Goals
  98. Opening The Door For Nanoscale MRI
  99. HIV-Infected Russians Show Increased Sex And Drug Risk Behaviors Following Recent Mar
  100. Light-Emitting Bioprobe Fits In A Single Cell
  101. Rewiring The Serotonin System
  102. Clues To Childhood Respiratory Virus Revealed By Study
  103. Study Of Tiny Roundworms Provides Clue To Observed Human Health Benefits From Omega F
  104. Fighting Necrotizing Enterocolitis With Probiotic-Derived Treatment In Premature Babi
  105. Sexual Reproduction And Clues To Chromosome Crossovers
  106. Regulation Of Hospitals Supported By Study
  107. FDA Approval And Launch Announced Of Advisa DR MRI™ SureScan® Pacing System
  108. Clinicians Are Likely Missing Alcohol Problems By Not Asking The Right Questions
  109. Researchers Need To Target The Unique Biology Of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  110. Pathway That Stimulates Bone Growth Revealed By Veterinary Team
  111. Safety Regulations Should Include 'Masked' Mold Toxins In Food
  112. Lasting Improvement In Neuropathic Pain Offered By Deep Brain Stimulation
  113. Neurophysiological Review Shows Benefits Of Meditation
  114. Advance In Mouse Model Of Angelman Syndrome
  115. How The Brain Unconsciously Processes Decision Information In Ways That Lead To Impro
  116. Phase II Trial Shows Selumetinib Reverses Radioiodine Resistance In Some Advanced Thy
  117. Sugar May Help With Wound Healing, Trial Underway
  118. Natural Antiviral Protein Stops HIV, Deadly Viruses Entering Cells
  119. Hunt For New Antibiotics Turns To Deep Sea Trenches
  120. Clasado Announces Positive Results Of Clinical Study Of Bimuno® For Metabolic Syndrom
  121. Copper Depletion Therapy Keeps High-Risk Triple-Negative Breast Cancer At Bay
  122. Methamphetamine Withdrawal May Lead To Brain-Related Concerns For Recovering Addicts
  123. Novel Designed Molecules Could Stop Colon Cancer Metastasis
  124. How To Get A Great Night's Sleep: Could Less Mean More?
  125. Identifying When Smokers Attempting Cessation Are At A Higher Risk Of Relapse
  126. Targets For Treatment Revealed By Study Of Cocaine Addiction
  127. Firstborns Have Higher Risk Of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
  128. In Gulf Region More Than One-Third Are Obese And One-Quarter Have Diabetes
  129. Contrary To Popular Belief, Private Foreign Patients Are A Lucrative Source Of NHS In
  130. Risk Of Cardiovascular Death Doubled In Women With High Calcium Intake - High Risk On
  131. Cell Circuits Remember Their History - MIT Engineers Design New Synthetic Biology Cir
  132. Pregnant Mothers Benefit From Preemptive Treatment Of Severe Morning Sickness
  133. Recovering From Severe Addiction Is Possible - New Book
  134. Acute Heart Failure Phase III Clinical Trial Designed To Assess Early Treatment On Ca
  135. Patients At Risk From Inaccurate Antibiotic Test Kits, Warns BMJ Investigation
  136. 2013 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium: New Insights Into High-Risk Prostate Cancer; Ma
  137. Study Examines Medicaid Drug Selection Committees, Potential Conflicts Of Interest
  138. Trial Compares Ways To Elicit Patient Values About Prostate-Specific Antigen Screenin
  139. Emergency Department Crowding May Be Associated With Acute Coronary Syndrome-Induced
  140. Study Examines Vascular Injury, Beta-Amyloid Deposition And Cognition
  141. Broken Bones Mended With Stem Cells And Plastic
  142. Stem Cell Discovery Gives Insight Into Motor Neurone Disease
  143. SARS-like Virus Infects Human, UK
  144. 24 Genes Responsible For Short-Sightedness Identified
  145. Canker Sore Drug Lowers Weight In Mice Without Diet, Exercise
  146. Infant Gut Microbiota Influenced By Caesarean Section And Breastfeeding Practices
  147. As Global Economic Troubles Continue, Cuts In Global Health Funding May Signal Conclu
  148. PhD Thesis: Study Of Some Of The Mechanisms Involved In Resistance To The Bacteria Sa
  149. Lancelets Offer Insight Into Human Biological Clocks
  150. In Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants, Breast Milk Reduces Intensive Care Costs And Risk
  151. Binge Drinking Increases With Lower Drinking Ages
  152. Drugs Can Turn Repulsive Feelings Into Desires
  153. Growth Of Toxic Algae Caused By Nitrogen From Pollution, Natural Sources Harmful To M
  154. Dialysis Patients May Be Protected From Sudden Cardiac Death By Fish Oil
  155. Tumor-Fighting Protein Stimulated By Compound Aids Cancer Therapy
  156. Revolutionizing 21st Century Medicine Via Personalized Health Care
  157. Alzheimer's - Let's Focus On Early Stages, FDA Proposes
  158. Stem Cell Differentiation Is Triggered By A Key Protein
  159. A Mammogram Every Two Years Is Best For Older Women
  160. Raising Alcohol Prices Saves Lives
  161. Obesity Causes Vitamin D Deficiency
  162. Non-Familial Parkinson's Cause And Treatment Clue Found In Three Genes
  163. I Will If You Will: What Motivates Spouses To Get Fit, Manage Illness
  164. FDA Clears Sculptor Robotic Guidance Arm™ For Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Surge
  165. Landmark Study Shows Low-Quality TB Drugs Widely Used In 17 Countries
  166. Researchers Gather To Discuss Therapy Alternative For Breast Cancer
  167. New Study Highlights Impact Of Environmental Change On Older People
  168. A Possible Answer For Protection Against Chemical / Biological Agents, Fuel Leaks, An
  169. Research Analyses Effects Of Gender Violence In The Psychological Development Of Wome
  170. Disulfiram: New Support For An Old Addiction Drug
  171. The Humble 'Virtual Chimney' Fences That Could Reduce The Impact Of Airport Pollution
  172. Rehabilitation Therapies Can Lead To Recovery From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  173. Biologistics: How Fast Do Chemical Trains Move In Living Cells?
  174. Study Finds Hormones Can Change The Breast's Genetic Material
  175. How Cancer Cells Rewire Their Metabolism To Survive
  176. Diabetes Distresses Bone Marrow Stem Cells By Damaging Their Microenvironment
  177. Metabolite Damage-Control: How Our Cells Cope With Toxic Small Molecules
  178. Damage To The Pelvic Floor During Vaginal Delivery
  179. Growing Evidence For The Lasting Impact Of Alcohol On The Brain
  180. Vietnamese Mothers Whistle Away The Need For Diapers
  181. Once Punishment Is Removed, Rats, Like Humans, Return To Drinking
  182. Link Between TV Viewing, Sedentary Lifestyle In Teens And Disease Risk In Adulthood
  183. Findings Offer A Better Understanding Of The Development And Progression Of Multiple
  184. More West Nile Virus In Orchards And Vineyards
  185. Alternate Walking And Running Recommended To Save Energy, Maintain Endurance
  186. Previously Unknown Mechanism Of Memory Formation Discovered
  187. Association Between Perfectionism And Burnout In Young Soccer Players
  188. 'Master' Proto-Oncogene Identified That Regulates Ovarian Cancer Metastasis
  189. Potential Health Risk To Mothers' And Babies' - High Levels Of Stress Experienced By
  190. Protection Against Dangers Of Oxygen Offered By "Super" Enzyme
  191. Older Adults Often Deterred From HIV Testing Due To Mistrust Of Government
  192. Study Shows How Brain Cells Shape Temperature Preferences
  193. The Evolution Of Complexity
  194. Memory Network Revealed By In-Brain Monitoring
  195. 'Brewing' New Medicines?
  196. Medications To Combat Infection And Pain Inspired By Ocean-Dwelling Shipworms And Con
  197. Melanoma Genes Found In "Junk" DNA
  198. Limits Urged On Painkillers By FDA Advisory Panel
  199. Mental Illness Clues Revealed Via Facebook Activity
  200. Poor Sleep Causes Memory Loss And Forgetfulness
  201. Asia Medical Tourism & Healthcare Conference, 9-10 April 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  202. The Eco-Dentistry Association Will Hold Industry's First Green Dentistry Conference,
  203. In Preventing Diabetes-Related Heart Disease, Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Targets
  204. Breast Cancer Survival Better After Lumpectomy Than Mastectomy
  205. Boosting 'Slow Wave' Sleep Could Restore Memory As We Age
  206. Stroke Recovery Aided By Stem Cells
  207. Consistent Personal Epigenetic 'Signatures' Discovered In Prostate Cancer Patients' M
  208. Emergency Department Visits Reduced By Free Clinics
  209. Fighting Deadly Infection In Cystic Fibrosis
  210. Association Between Blood Calcium And Ovarian Cancer Could Lead To Diagnostic Test
  211. In Obese Patients With Type 2 Diabetes, Results Of Fitness Program Show Gender Differ
  212. With Or Without Knowledge Of Price, Hospital Imaging Test Ordering By Doctors Remain
  213. Mice With Reduced Caloric Intake Accumulate Longer Telomeres, Reduce Their Incidence
  214. Efficient, Innovative And Environmentally Friendly Method For Producing Schizophrenia
  215. Resistance To Anti-HER2 Therapy In Breast Cancer Patients May Be Delayed By Treatment
  216. T Cell-Based Immune Response To Therapeutic Vaccines Boosted By Novel Aptamer
  217. It Takes More Than Protein-Coding DNA To Make A Heart
  218. Abraxane Improves Survival Among Pancreatic Cancer Patients
  219. Reproductive Coercion Common In Abusive Relationships
  220. Migraine Triggers Not As Powerful As We Think
  221. Quitting Smoking By 40 Restores Life Expectancy To Near Normal
  222. Synthon Biopharmaceuticals Reports Positive Early Results With Its Second Generation
  223. Sugar And Calories Cut In Soft Drinks, UK
  224. Self-Reported BMI Bias Estimates Increasing Due To Weight Bias, Not Weight Loss
  225. Effect Of Taking Smaller Bites Outweighs Tendency To Eat More When Distracted
  226. Follow-Up To REDUCE Study Shows Low Rate Of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
  227. Quadruple Helix DNA Exists In Human Genome
  228. Rising Meat Consumption, Calorie Intake Complicate Efforts To Conserve Essential Phos
  229. Unique Insight Into The Often Misunderstood World Of Addiction
  230. Patterns Of Brain Activity Reveal Implicit Race Bias
  231. New Insights Into The Mechanics Of Muscle Fatigue
  232. Revising The Technology Of The Post-Genomic Age And Its Contributions To The Advance
  233. Better Quality Of Care For Chronically Ill Older Adults, Less Use Of Home Care Servic
  234. Method For More Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors Could Open Up A New Class Of Techno
  235. Burnout In Middle-Aged Women
  236. Even After Rehabilitation, Drug Abuse Impairs Sexual Performance In Men
  237. New Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes Gene Identified
  238. Schmallenberg Virus Pathogenesis, Tropism And Interaction With The Innate Immune Syst
  239. FDA Reduces Dosage Recommendations Of Sleeping Pills Containing Zolpidem
  240. Growing Hearing Hairs May Reverse Deafness In Mice
  241. City Of Boston In A State Of Public Health Emergency
  242. Why Is America The Sick Man Of Rich Nations?
  243. Regeneration Of Sensory Hair Cells In The Cochlea May Lead To Restoration Of Hearing
  244. Deadly Thyroid Cancer May Be Slowed By Two-Drug Combination
  245. Decline In Weight Counseling Despite Rise In Obesity
  246. Changes To WIC Nutrition Program Likely Had A Positive Impact On Weight And Healthy D
  247. Breast Cancer Screening Costs High And May Not Predict Better Results
  248. Ovuline Raises $1.4M For Fertility Tracking
  249. Votubia® (everolimus) Provides A Non-invasive Alternative To Surgery In Patients With
  250. Stem Cell Transplant Studies Raise Hopes Of Treatment For ALS