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  1. Study Shows Governmental Anti-Obesity Initiatives Are Not Working
  2. Pain Reduction And Physiotherapy Patient Interaction Go Hand-In-Hand
  3. Treatment Clues For Schizophrenia Suggested By Neurochemical Traffic Signals
  4. Compound Killed Melanoma Cells And Stopped Them From Metastasizing In Mouse Model
  5. Attacking Permethrin-Resistant Anopheles Gambiae, The Principal Vector Of Malaria
  6. Manhy Children With Autism Also Have ADHD
  7. Study Finds Little Evidence Supporting Use Of Bariatric Surgical Procedures For Non-M
  8. Musculoskeletal Conditions, Injuries May Be Associated With Statin Use
  9. Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Risk Of Death
  10. Study Examines Relationship Of Early Life Risk Factors And Racial/Ethnic Disparities
  11. Dietary Flaxseed Supplementation Does Not Appear Effective In Management Of High Chol
  12. Interleukin 17F Level And Interferon Beta Response In Patients With Multiple Sclerosi
  13. Osteoporosis Drug Aids Young People With Cystic Fibrosis Not Helped By Standard Treat
  14. Emergency C-Section Rates Are Climbing, As Is The Need For Accompanying Emergency Ana
  15. Blowfly Protein Key To Terror Poison Antidote
  16. New Analysis Confirms Government Target Missed As A&E Waiting Times Hit Nine-Year Hig
  17. Baby's Ability To Roll Unaffected By Sleeping On Back
  18. Study Supports Role For Skin Sodium In Blood Pressure Regulation
  19. Researchers Studying Cocaine Craving Focus On A Brain Protein And An Antibiotic
  20. Canine Companionship Helps Improve Moods Among Teens In Treatment
  21. Decoding Food Purchasing Behaviours
  22. New Strategy For Defeating Neuroblastoma
  23. New Research Reveals Terminally Ill Willing To Talk About Where They Want To Die
  24. Bariatric Surgery For Moderate Obesity With Diabetes: More Evidence Needed
  25. New Method Of Mass-Producing High-Quality DNA Molecules
  26. Enzyme That Finds Unwanted DNA In Cells Revealed
  27. HIV-Treated Drug Users' Deaths Linked To Food Insecurity
  28. MarginProbe System Makes Breast Cancer Surgery More Precise
  29. Progression Of Glioblastoma May Be Accelerated By Cytomegalovirus
  30. In Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease, Enhanced White Blood Cells Heal Mice
  31. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: June 3, 2013
  32. Kidney Expert Warns People Are 'In Denial' About Dehydration
  33. Researchers Identify Novel Approach To Create Red Blood Cells, Platelets In Vitro
  34. Researchers Discover New Weapon In Fight Against Cervical Cancer
  35. Computer-Based ADHD Assessment Being Trialled In UK Prisons For The First Time
  36. Inostics' Blood-Based Mutation Testing Receives CLIA Certification
  37. HER2 Abnormalities Found In Many Advanced Cancers
  38. Sorafenib (Nexavar) Delays Rare Thyroid Cancer By 5 Months
  39. Gender Differences Revealed For Health-Care-Associated Infections
  40. Mastectomy Often The First Choice For Young Breast Cancer Patients
  41. Approval Of The Gene Therapy Drug Glybera: The Inside Story
  42. Medication Compliance In Rheumatoid Arthritis
  43. 'Hybrid' Surveillance Strategy Aided Response To Contaminated Steroid Outbreak In Vir
  44. Three-Year Results Show Nerve Stimulation Helps With Overactive Bladder
  45. Proximity Of Fast-Food Restaurants To Schools Affects Black And Hispanic Students Mor
  46. Extremely Low Doses Of Marijuana's Psychoactive Component Protect Brain Before And Af
  47. First Detailed Clinical Study Of Novel Coronavirus Cases In France Suggests That Incu
  48. 12 Minutes Of Exercise A Week Could Be Enough To Stay Fit
  49. Father And Son To Present Their Respective Cancer Research At ASCO
  50. Bloodstream Infections Cut By More Than 40 Percent In Study Of Over 74,000 Hospital P
  51. Mortality Among US White Women: Study Helps Explain Growing Education Gap
  52. Human Evolution Affected By Culture: Big Feet Preference In Rural Indonesia Women
  53. Association Between Poor Sleep And PTSD After Heart Attack
  54. Crime Statistics Reveal 93 Percent Of US Law Enforcement Officer Homicides Result F
  55. Five Epigenetic Biomarkers Associated With Better Weight Loss Response
  56. Exposure To Dry-Cleaning Solvent And Degreaser TCE Linked To Increased Risk Of Some C
  57. Guilt Detection Tests Can Be Beaten By Suppression Of Incriminating Memories
  58. Longer Treatment For Children With Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis Improves Survival Ra
  59. Mosquitoes' Sense Of Smell Genetically Altered
  60. Passengers Play Valuable Role Assisting Crew In Common Medical Emergencies On Flights
  61. Potential For Blood Test To Diagnose Alzheimer's In Earliest Stage
  62. Patients With Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Identified Who May Benefit From Adjuvant P
  63. "Cytophilic" Wound Dressing Inspired By Scabs
  64. Best Treatment For High-Risk Low-Grade Glioma Is Still Radiotherapy
  65. Cholesterol-Lowering Nordic Diet
  66. Researchers Tie Brain Injury To Tau
  67. Scientists Link Brain Cell Types To Behavior
  68. Giant Synapses Discovered In The Brain That Allow Us To Efficiently Process Auditory
  69. Exome Sequencing Technique Reveals Genetic Suspects In Sporadic Lou Gehrig's Disease
  70. Developing Good Habits Is More Important Than Self-Control In Meeting Goals
  71. Patients With Traumatic Spinal Injuries Benefit From Cell Replacement Therapy With Fe
  72. Anti-Obesity Studies Find Sea Anemone Venom-Derived Compound To Be Effective
  73. Strong Support For The Ongoing Development And Implementation Of Regional Systems Of
  74. News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine: May 28, 2013
  75. Novel Target For Developing Drugs That Block The Induction Of Tinnitus
  76. Valuable Alternative To Animal Models Predicts Reactions To Novel Drugs And Cosmetics
  77. Food Supplement CoQ10 Cuts Death Rates Among Heart Failure Patients
  78. Doubts Regarding Alzheimer's Study
  79. DNA Damage - The Dark Side Of Respiration
  80. Discovery Of Mechanism That Helps Legionella To Camouflage Itself In An Organism
  81. Study Shows That The Brain Can Be Trained In Compassion
  82. Reducing The Number Of Food-Insecure Households
  83. Most Medical Residents Dissatisfied With The Quality Of Substance-Abuse Training
  84. Genes That Control Whether Tumors Adapt Or Die When Faced With P53 Activating Drugs
  85. New Understanding Of The Neurological Side Effects Of Sulfonamide Antibiotics
  86. Potential Alternative Drug Therapies For Neuroblastoma Revealed By New Genomic Screen
  87. Schizophrenia-Like Abnormalities Reversed In Mice By Taming Suspect Gene
  88. Groundbreaking 3D Bioresorbable Device Saved Baby's Life By Restoring His Breathing
  89. Algorithm Developed Offering New Guidelines On Blood-Ordering For Surgical Patients
  90. Potential New Inhaled Treatment For Lung Cancer
  91. 1-Step Genetic Engineering Technology
  92. Targeting Cell 'Powerhouses' To Overcome Resistance To Anti-Cancer Drugs
  93. Immune Response May Be Responsible For Mosquito Behavior, Not Parasite Manipulation
  94. Insomnia May Cause Dysfunction In Emotional Brain Circuitry
  95. Fish Oil May Help The Heart Beat Mental Stress
  96. Teens Protected From Sleep Problems And Depression By Parent And Teacher Support
  97. The Genetic Basis Of Six Autoimmune Diseases Investigated By Researchers
  98. Swine Flu, Bird Flu And Pandemic Vaccination
  99. Link Between Calcium Supplements And Longer Lifespans In Women
  100. Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes With The Help Of Fish Oil Supplements
  101. Mortality Risk Among Heart Failure Patients Increased By Mild Hypothyroidism
  102. Homes With Dogs Found To Have More Types Of Bacteria
  103. Stroke Costs Predicted To More Than Double In The Next 20 Years
  104. 40 Percent Of 9-18 Year Olds Use Calorie Information In Fast Food Restaurants When Ma
  105. In The Most Severe Form Of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Enzyme-Activating Antibodies Identif
  106. How The Immune System Peacefully Co-Exists With 'Good' Bacteria
  107. Many Mexican Young Adults Have A Genetic Predisposition To Obesity
  108. Class Of Drugs Discovered That Could Lead To The Development Of A Silver Bullet For C
  109. New Mouse Model Helping To Keep Stem Cells Strong
  110. Promising Early Results For Use Of Poliovirus Vaccine In Recurrent Glioblastoma
  111. Children With Autism Benefit From Enrichment Therapy
  112. Radioactive Nanoparticles Developed That Target Cancer Cells
  113. Dietary Exposure To Certain Plastics May Play A Hidden Role In Epidemic Increases In
  114. In Moral Decision-Making Empathy Plays A Key Role
  115. A "Genetic Thermometer" May In The Future Reveal How Healthy You Are You For Your Age
  116. Addictive Behaviour - A Choice Or A Brain Disease?
  117. Antidepressant Escitalopram Helps Heart Problem Caused By Stress
  118. New Drug May Decrease Asthma Attacks By 87%
  119. Radioactive Bacteria Dramatically Reduce Spread Of Pancreatic Cancer In Mice
  120. Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB Bacteria
  121. Small Cancer Risk Following CT Scans In Childhood And Adolescence Confirmed
  122. Life Expectancy Gap Widens Between Those With Mental Illness And General Population
  123. Dietary Advice On Added Sugar Is Damaging Our Health, Warns Heart Expert
  124. Failure To Use Linked Health Records May Lead To Biased Disease Estimates
  125. Should We Sequence Everyone's Genome?
  126. Blood Thinners Cause 7 Percent Of Medication Errors
  127. Identifying Risk Factors For Depression Among COPD Patients
  128. Hospital Mortality In Septic Shock Patients In The ICU Affected By Source Of Infectio
  129. Both Air And Noise Pollution Increase Cardiovascular Risk
  130. Gender Differences In Access To Trauma Centers
  131. Increased Asthma Severity In Pregnant Women Exposed To Traffic Pollution
  132. Hope For Emphysema Patients Offered By Tiny, Implantable Coil
  133. Constipation And Other Bowel Problems Afflict 72 Percent Of Pregnant Women
  134. Patients With Low Back Pain Can Be Accurately Assessed Via Telerehabilitation
  135. Parents Think 1 In 100 Teens Using "Study Drugs" But Actual Figure Is More Like 1 In
  136. Why Toothpaste Makes Orange Juice Bitter
  137. Coffee Drinking Tied To Lower Risk For Rare Liver Disease PSC
  138. Researchers Identify Target To Prevent Hardening Of Arteries
  139. Physicist's Tool Has Potential For Brain Mapping
  140. Our Emotions Match Music To Colors
  141. Proximity Of Fast Food Restaurants Has Impact On Body Mass Index Of Low Income Africa
  142. Health Care Professionals Should Prepare For Increased Numbers Of Pregnant Women With
  143. Shocking New Statistics On Head Injuries Among Men Who Are Homeless Or In Danger Of L
  144. Injectable Nanogel Can Monitor Blood-Sugar Levels And Secrete Insulin When Needed
  145. Spanish Smoking Relapse Prevention
  146. Using Active Videogaming ('Exergaming') To Improve Children's Health
  147. Yoga Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
  148. A Vicious Cycle That Helps Obesity Perpetuate Itself
  149. Heart Health Monitored Using Paper-Thin Flexible 'Skin'
  150. Scheduled Imaging Studies Provide Little Help Detecting Relapse Of Aggressive Lymphom
  151. Hospital Use, Costs Not Increased By Massachusetts' Health Care Reform
  152. In Patients With Kidney Disease, LDL Cholesterol Is A Poor Marker Of Heart Health
  153. Brain Stimulation - A Fast And Painless Way To Improve Math Ability And More
  154. Non-Surgical Treatments For Multiple Tumors Move One Step Closer
  155. Job Stress, How Fatty Acids Are Metabolised In The Body And Associated Heart Disease
  156. To Increase Bicycle Use, Improve Public Health, A Change In Cycle Track Policy Needed
  157. UK Food Advertising Regulations Have Done Little To Address Exposure Of Children To U
  158. The Story Of Fat Alfie: Very Young Children Appear To Reject Story Characters Who Are
  159. Ten-Year Study Shows 2 Different Genetic Polymorphisms Predict Weight Gain In Men And
  160. Stopping Phentermine After Long-Term Treatment Does Not Result In Amphetamine-Like Wi
  161. Researchers Discover Master Regulator That Drives Majority Of Lymphoma
  162. Following CDC Protocols Cuts Dialysis Bloodstream Infections In Half
  163. Study Of Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide Risk In Deployed Military Personnel
  164. Research Letter Suggests Twitter May Serve As A Good Forum For Communicating Informat
  165. Study Suggests Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Carries Risk Of Metastasis And Death
  166. Surgical Residents Disapprove Of 2011 ACGME Duty Hour Regulations, Survey Finds
  167. More Effective Treatment Of Complex Infections Likely With Cutting-Edge Bacteria Rese
  168. Androgen Deprivation Therapy For Prostate Cancer Can Cause Osteoporosis
  169. ADHD Incidence May Be Reduced In Breastfed Children
  170. Sad Music Might Help You Cope With Relationship Troubles
  171. Survey Of Nurses Regarding End-Of-Life Preferences
  172. Preterm Infants Benefit From Massage Therapy
  173. Study Findings May Offer New Way To Kill Cancer Cells By Forcing Them Into An Alterna
  174. Critical Need For Intervention For Brazil's Crack Users
  175. Half Of All Adult Female Deaths In Rural Bangladesh Due To Non-Communicable Diseases
  176. New Algorithm Cluster To Data Mine Health Records Published By NJIT Computer Scientis
  177. Egg Genome Is Reprogrammed To Match Sperm's With Or Without A Paternal Genome
  178. New Tool Can Identify Powerful HIV Antibodies, Could Speed HIV Vaccine Research
  179. Pet Owners May Have Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease
  180. New Study Examines How Individuality Develops: How Experience Leads To The Growth Of
  181. Tuberous Sclerosis Brain Science
  182. The Interaction Of Social Amoeba And Bacteria Defined By Genes
  183. Identifying The Social Needs Of Young People With Cancer
  184. A Strain Of The Bacteria Wolbachia May Stop Malaria
  185. A Woman's Risk Of Heart Disease May Be Increased By Insomnia And Disrupted Sleep Duri
  186. How Precise Chemical Modifications Turn Genes On And Off During Early Development --
  187. Sexual Harassment Linked To Eating Disorder In Men
  188. Opportunity In Health Care System To Reach Out To Boys Contemplating Suicide
  189. Clinical Guide On Endometrial Assessment In Postmenopausal Women Published In Maturit
  190. Engineers Develop More Sensitive Electronic Nose
  191. Prostate Cancer Tool Tested By UC San Francisco Helps Identify Those Best Suited For
  192. Widespread PCB Pollution
  193. Children At Greatest Risk Of Cerebral Malaria Identified By New Malaria Tool
  194. Dietary Nicotine In Peppers May Reduce Risk Of Developing Parkinson's Disease
  195. Scalds An Increased Risk For Toddlers From Socially-Deprived Homes
  196. Brain System For Emotional Self-Control Could Offer A Potential Target For Therapies
  197. Clues To New Treatments For A Harmful Blood Clotting Disorder
  198. An Underlying Cause Of Autism Could Be Indicated By Enhanced Motion Perception
  199. Children With Heart Defects May Benefit From Carnitine Supplement
  200. Antifungal Therapy Could Benefit Nearly 5 Million Asthmatics Worldwide
  201. Coumarin In Cinnamon Linked To Liver Damage
  202. "Stitch-Free" Surgical 'Laser Welding' Of Tissue In Intestinal Surgery Improved
  203. Bacteriophages Eradicate Bacteria On Medical Implant Materials
  204. New Mathematical Modeling Approach To Analyzing Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trial Data
  205. The Pancreas Is The Focus Of Gastroenterology's Special Issue
  206. Missing Link Discovered In Signals Contributing To Neurodegeneration
  207. Malaria Hope In Bacteria That Stop Mosquitoes Infecting Humans
  208. Day Care Snacks Lacking In Nutritional Value
  209. Carnitine Supplement May Improve Survival Rates Of Children With Heart Defects
  210. Novel Coronavirus Spreads To France
  211. Results Improved For Those With Persistent Anorexia By Rethinking Treatment Goals
  212. Is There A Healthy Fast Food Option?
  213. Analysis Shows Cancer Biorepository Speeds Clinical Trials, Drug Development
  214. Quality Of Life Better For Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Fun And Friends
  215. During Formation Of Treatment-Resistant Colonies, 'Lucky' Bacteria Strike It Rich
  216. For Children With Common Conditions, Hospital Readmissions Affected By Nurse Staffing
  217. A "FAST" Response To Stroke Can Reduce Long-Term Damage
  218. Bladder Cancer Deserves Urgent Attention
  219. Parents Help Detect Sleep Problems In Children With Down Syndrome
  220. EU Proposals On Medical Device Regulation Do Not Go Far Enough, Say Experts
  221. Pitt's Serendipitous Scientific Discovery Holds Potential In Destroying Drug-Resistan
  222. Study Suggests Only Half Of Americans With Hepatitis C Receive Complete Testing For T
  223. Fibromyalgia Treatment: New Canadian Guidelines
  224. Children With Refractory Ventricular Arrhythmias Benefit From Minimally Invasive VATS
  225. The Many Benefits Of Robot-Assisted Kidney Cancer Surgery Do Not Include Cost
  226. Rethinking Therapeutic Strategies That Target APOE To Slow Amyloid Plaque Accumulatio
  227. Laser Spine Institute Research Published By Accredited Medical Journals
  228. Promising Strategies To Reduce Use Of Indoor Tanning Devices And Prevent Skin Cancer
  229. Adult Cells Transformed Into Early-Stage Nerve Cells, Bypassing The Pluripotent Stem
  230. Major International TEDDY Study Finds No Link Between Virus Infection And Rapidly Dev
  231. Gene Test Estimates 5yr Risk Of Recurrence For Breast Cancer Patients, Says Studies
  232. Short-Term Food Deprivation Appears Linked To High-Calorie Food Options
  233. Study Examines Spiritual Support For Patients With Advanced Cancer
  234. Study Examines Cognitive Impairment In Families With Exceptional Longevity
  235. Risk Of Death Has Decreased Substantially For Children Initially Treated With Dialysi
  236. Study Examines Effect Of Different Oxygen Saturation Levels On Death Or Disability In
  237. Possible Neurobiological Basis For Persistent Pain After Stressful Events
  238. In People With Fibromyalgia, Pain Is Not Worsened By Regular, Moderate Exercise
  239. More Frequent Monitoring Of Coronary Artery Calcium Buildup Could Save Lives
  240. Bioengineer Reveals That Heart Cells Change Stem Cell Behavior
  241. Researchers Reveal How Ebola Short-Circuits The Immune System
  242. Muscle Adaptation Of Transition To Minimalist Running
  243. Gene Thought To Make Heart Tissues Turns Out To Make Blood And Muscles As Well
  244. Researchers Discover New Target For Personalized Cancer Therapy
  245. New Approach To Gene Sequencing Enables Rapid Identification Of Tick-Borne Lone Star
  246. How Environmental Stimuli And Brain Rhythms Generate Our Neuronal Maps Of The World
  247. DNA Housekeeping Proteins May Also Prevent Cancer
  248. Everolimus Can Overcome Trastuzumab Resistance In HER-2 Positive Early Breast Cancer
  249. Blocking A Single Gene Renders Tumors Less Aggressive
  250. Grapes Activate Genes Responsible For Antioxidant Defense In The Heart