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  1. A second take on choosing the best microwave popcorn
  2. Recall recap: Leaking Mercedes-Benz models and more food safety issues
  3. Halloween-themed apps mix preparation with spooky fun
  4. Black Friday predictions: Our guesses for hottest holiday shopping deals
  5. Recall recap: Autos and flat-panel TVs that may catch fire, and strollers that pose a
  6. Pink in the grocery aisle: The dollars and cents of breast cancer awareness products
  7. Halloween fright: How to avoid scaring up allergies and asthma
  8. Pretty in pink: The dollars and cents of breast cancer awareness beauty products
  9. Find your perfect pet during Shelter Dog Month
  10. Aw, nuts: Peanut butter prices soaring
  11. Netflix to customers: Never mind, we will be one company again
  12. Your first toolkit: the essentials
  13. Well blended: Easy tricks for making the most of your blender
  14. Cars Now Offering Wake-Up Calls
  15. Apple accurately predicted its own future... in the eighties
  16. Can a vacuum cleaner help you be greener?
  17. Recall recap: Exploding gel fuel, wire bristle in Velveeta Shells, collapsing cribs,
  18. Allowance and financial success: Teaching kids about money
  19. Ditching Shampoo: The no-poo alternative
  20. Sports Authority has a new warranty plan: Can the consumer benefit?
  21. Not a DIY Project: Eradicating bed bugs can make you sick
  22. Hiking: How to pack a backpack
  23. What's for dinner? Fabulous fall meals made with seasonal produce
  24. Clothes dryers, cheap computers and TV antennas on readers' minds
  25. Recall recap: Bad brakes on bikes, wire in bags of pretzels
  26. General Motors' large crossovers get front center airbag for 2013
  27. Killer headphones with a $1,700 price tag: the Grado PS1000
  28. Skip the boredom: Three fun Pilates DVDs
  29. The scoop on e-decorating services
  30. The new Mac mini: Better for some, worse for others
  31. The most ridiculous product ever?
  32. What's cooking on QVC
  33. Buns of steel from toning shoes? Studies are dubious
  34. Recall recap: Birth control pill mix up, dangerous dehumidifiers and more
  35. Fine or formaldehyde? Brazilian Blowout gets FDA warning
  36. Sippy cup struggles: A toddler with a broken arm offers a unique perspective
  37. Netflix apologizes, makes things worse
  38. Why cellulite creams don't make those dimples disappear
  39. Better battery-powered leaf blowing?
  40. Recall recap: John Deere lawn tractors, blinding fitness equipment and more
  41. Consumer alert: Cantaloupe recalled after two deaths and 22 sick
  42. Dangers of Teflon
  43. Earphones maintenance: Five ways to protect your investment
  44. Cold cup of joe: The cold brew coffee method explained
  45. Take action: Have a say in "gluten-free" labeling
  46. The low-down on speaker wires for your home theater system
  47. Can dogs be hypoallergenic?
  48. Five questions: Teflon
  49. Wait a minute, Doc: Nike sells "Back to the Future" shoes for charity
  50. Recall recap: Quaker Oats Smashbar, LED night lights, and wooden rattles
  51. Tips for healthy kid lunches for back-to-school
  52. Hiring a babysitter: Tips to find the right one
  53. Picking -- or painting -- the perfect screen for your home theater
  54. Dear ConsumerSearch... Readers sound off about content concerns
  55. Washing machines: Play it cool or crank up the heat?
  56. Recall recap: Unsafe swing sets, loads of mislabeled chicken Caesar salad and more
  57. Back-to-school clothing: where to shop, plus tips and tricks
  58. AT&T's merger with T-Mobile blocked by U.S. Justice Department
  59. HP TouchPad fire sale turns into a barn burner
  60. Find the right dorm room fridge
  61. Replacing a cracked LCD on your smartphone? Yes, you CAN do it yourself
  62. The jarring truth about peanut butter
  63. Makeup Tips: Foundation that looks natural
  64. Colon cleansing: All risk, no reward warn experts
  65. Russian space hotel promises a vacation that's out of this world
  66. Recall recap: Office Depot chairs, Doubletree cookies, dangerous string trimmers
  67. First Drive: 2012 Toyota Camry
  68. Kitchen comeback: induction cooking
  69. Portable air cleaners lower asthma symptoms in kids in smoking households
  70. Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles recalled
  71. Men's sex-driven spending yields low long-term ROI
  72. 2013 Infiniti JX, 2013 Lexus GS 350, and Cadillac Ciel debut at Pebble Beach
  73. Concealer: Hide your flaws like a pro
  74. Recall recap: Radio Flyer, unsafe pistols, and more contaminated food
  75. Paperless receipts: coming to a store near you
  76. Cadillac ELR coupe with Chevy Volt tech will be produced
  77. Laptop reliability and support: How do the major brands stack up?
  78. Back-to-school backpack trends
  79. Consumer Reports now recommends extended warranties? Well, no.
  80. Recall recap: Undeclared food allergens, Hondas, Target step stools and more
  81. Money-saving tips for buying back-to-school supplies
  82. Beat the Heat: Stay-cool running shoes
  83. Choosing the right sheets for your dorm room
  84. Should I eat that? The ins and outs of food product dating
  85. Recall recap: Fords, Goodyear tires, Britax car seats and more
  86. Study: Consumers skeptical of fast talk disclaimers
  87. Five mobile apps to help you master your kitchen
  88. Don't make those turkey burgers yet: Massive turkey recall affects millions
  89. Do female cyclists really need a women's road bike?
  90. Consumer Alert: Purina voluntarily recalls some dry cat food
  91. Barbecue: The secret is in the sauce
  92. The many ways to find ConsumerSearch
  93. Toys for pampered dogs and cats
  94. Bentley Continental GT V8 will debut at 2012 Detroit Auto Show
  95. High tech or hard cash: Hand held video game systems force you to choose
  96. Is P90X the right workout for you?
  97. 2012 Honda CR-V unveiled... as a concept
  98. Offbeat travel advice: 10 tips from road warriors
  99. Car Seats: Know your LATCH system weight limits
  100. How safe is your sunscreen?
  101. Cut your electricity bill with an energy monitor
  102. The Shady Side of "As Seen on TV Land"
  103. Beating the heat with a portable air conditioner
  104. Tips for a great road trip with kids in the car
  105. Blu-ray players deliver performance, features and value
  106. Warning! Stroller sites ahead; prepare to be irritated.
  107. Does your home feel water-logged? Buying a dehumidifier could help
  108. Consumer beware: Free bottles may not be a good deal
  109. Netflix raises rates: What are the alternatives?
  110. Four ways to save on beauty products
  111. The games smartphones play
  112. Readers sound off about wimpy string trimmers, rugged cameras and broken steam vacs
  113. Should you buy a budget Android phone?
  114. Clothing that keeps biting bugs at bay
  115. Home pregnancy tests: the claims, your body and the ER
  116. 3DTV for 2011: Cheaper and better, but does it matter?
  117. Blast away with 2011 water guns
  118. A hydration basic: Which water bottles are the best
  119. Checklist: Choose the best insect repellent for you
  120. Alternative medicine shows promise for chronic pain
  121. Sunscreen clothing: Does it actually work?
  122. Video Games Help Strengthen Stroke Survivors
  123. FBI takes down scareware scammers
  124. How much will an Energy Star air conditioner save me?
  125. Suncare for Fido? You Bet
  126. How green is your home insulation?
  127. Citing survey, trade group pushes for an end to free TV
  128. Tips to keep cool in the summertime
  129. 2012 Toyota Prius V: First Drive
  130. Air purifiers: What they could, can, and can't accomplish
  131. 2012 Toyota Prius PHV to get selectable EV mode, full battery regeneration
  132. Five questions: The new sunscreen regulations
  133. Greener grilling with charcoal?
  134. Simple steps to dazzling eyes
  135. Cut to the chase: Which electric shaver is best for Dad?
  136. A garage sale survival guide -- part 3
  137. Five money-saving smartphone apps for your next shopping trip
  138. If it ain't broke...fix it anyway? Weber overhauls Genesis gas grill line
  139. Want to mow your lawn faster? The tractor you choose makes a difference
  140. Google Wallet aims to get rid of plastic, but not so fast
  141. What are we grilling? Survey reveals summer faves
  142. Weighing In: Bathroom scales don't tell the whole story
  143. Solar charging at GE with a Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid
  144. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! Talkin' 2011 roller coasters
  145. Whole Foods paves the way to greener beauty products
  146. Scandal, bribes and high-dollar intrigue... about olive oil?
  147. As food prices rise, healthy eating deteriorates
  148. A garage sale survival guide -- part 2
  149. Green for a day: 2011 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
  150. Spotting and stopping fake doctors
  151. Can you get away with a cheap laptop?
  152. A garage sale survival guide -- part 1
  153. Cash for phones: T-Mobile will buy back your old cell phone
  154. Our Mystery Gadget is the Flexicado: Does this gizmo really work?
  155. If you bought a Nissan Juke with AWD, you might find a surprise in the mail
  156. Google's Chromebook: Great idea or head in the clouds?
  157. Skin Care 101: How many potions and lotions do you need?
  158. Study shows toddlers escape car seat restraints
  159. Your office job could be killing you!
  160. What is this? Guess this month's mystery gadget
  161. Wee price on the Wii is tempting, but is it a good deal?
  162. Stylish, efficient, feature-rich economy cars set new standard
  163. How do I stop a retailer from charging my bank account? (and other reader questions)
  164. Pregnancy and pesticide: An intelligence exterminator
  165. Best of the worst from our Worst Mother's Day Gift Contest
  166. Go to the gym...for free?
  167. Our Mystery Gadget “Blue Things” are revealed: Dripstiks!
  168. Strollers: Would you pay more for superior customer service?
  169. Whole Foods: Can there be TMI at the meat counter?
  170. PlayStation Network hack exposes user information
  171. Happy Mother's Day? Steer clear of these duds
  172. Food labeling: Do we know what’s good-for-us or do we only think we know?
  173. What’s in your water? Possibly hexavalent chromium
  174. FDA issues warnings to 4 hand sanitizer companies
  175. Spend wisely, and you can still afford to clean green
  176. HGTV’s Sabrina Soto’s 7 tips to allergy-proof your home
  177. Earth Day seeks to inspire A Billion Acts of Green
  178. Practicing yoga at home: Avoid these rookie mistakes
  179. Labels a la carte
  180. The Flip is dead, but pocket camcorders live on
  181. Misguided Mother's Day gifts: Worst story wins!
  182. Multi-tools put a tool box in your pocket
  183. Cold versus allergies: 6 clues to help you buy the right medicine
  184. Trendspotting at NYC's Green Products Expo
  185. The ergonomic cubicle
  186. Why do you buy?
  187. Mystery gadget time: What are these blue things?
  188. Senior Dog Food: Marketing at its best?
  189. Energy Drink Ingredients Explained
  190. Security breach could give rise to fresh phishing expeditions
  191. Important economy car debuts scheduled for New York Auto Show
  192. Finding the perfect stud finder
  193. Want a smartphone, but scared of commitment? Check out prepaid.
  194. Avoid the "group" mentality of daily deals
  195. Just what IS in that dog food? (and other reader questions)
  196. Nintendo's 3D 3DS launches: Should you buy one?
  197. Radiation and Potassium Iodide: Should you have a bottle handy?
  198. Fitness: What’s New, Cool and Will Kick Your Butt
  199. Is Apple's top-of-the line MacBook Pro the fastest laptop ever?
  200. Blood glucose meters: How accurate are they?
  201. What's your yoga mat made of?
  202. Love my strollers. Hate their wheels
  203. What does the impending AT&T and T-Mobile merger mean for you?
  204. Robotic vacuums: Are we there yet?
  205. Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar is a go. Bring money.
  206. Riding the Craftsman Turn Tight lawn tractor (on astroturf, inside, in NYC)
  207. Are you hot or cold on Groupon and other daily deals?
  208. Read this if you know what a serger is
  209. Do something useful with your spring break
  210. Choosing and using a fire extinguisher
  211. Dear ConsumerSearch: Readers ask about self-tanning, golf clubs, tax software
  212. Get your game on and help Japan's earthquake victims
  213. Mystery gadget is back in action; Guess the gizmo and win it!
  214. New light bulb options emerge as technology evolves
  215. A simple solution for decluttering your paperwork
  216. Hands-on test: Is the Bodum Travel Press worth it or not?
  217. What papers to keep, and what to throw away
  218. Facebook to start video streaming service
  219. The good, the bad, the ugly: New infomercial gadgets
  220. Intl. Housewares Show: Will any of this stuff end up in your home?
  221. Wellness recalls canned cat foods
  222. Wellness recalls some canned cat foods
  223. Bulli for you! New VW concept taps Microbus mystique
  224. Exercise bike 101: Workouts, fit, form and motivation
  225. Pressure washers, Celebrity Sexy Teeth and other reader gripes
  226. Prepare your taxes for free
  227. Cutting the cord: Is getting rid of cable TV a good idea?
  228. B.O.B. jogging strollers recalled due to strangulation hazard
  229. Cribs, playpens & bassinets cause 9,500 ER visits yearly
  230. Get more from your mattress
  231. At Toy Fair 2011, your inner child comes out
  232. Online stores most likely to leave their customers satisfied
  233. The Summer Infant video monitor recall: What it can teach us
  234. Sinking our teeth into the best bacon reviews
  235. Surviving a house fire and its aftermath
  236. Due diligence: How to perform a background check
  237. Is Best Buy's "Buy Back" program a good deal?
  238. FDA rejects yet another weight-loss drug: Contrave
  239. Salty snack-off: Wasting company time munching chips 'n' dips
  240. Recipes for a winning Super Bowl party
  241. Choosing the right pressure cooker
  242. New 2010 Dietary Guidelines encourage better eating, more activity
  243. Brand loyalty: The new reason your kid is a picky eater
  244. Users lukewarm about Keurig's My K-Cup coffee filter
  245. Keeping computer pests at bay
  246. 261 mpg! Volkswagen XL1 prototype hints at hyper-efficient future car
  247. Where's my Consumer Reports subscription? and other queries
  248. IBM's Watson takes down Jeopardy! champs
  249. Hello, Honeysuckle: 2011 Pantone color of the year
  250. The Snazzy Napper: Would you risk humiliation for sleep?