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  1. Rogers vs Bell vs Telus vs Wind vs Vrigin? - Markham?
  2. Telus Samsung note work on wind after unlocked?
  3. How do I port forward with telus?
  4. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  5. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  6. Telus Galaxy S4 gets really hot and drains battery on android 4.3?
  7. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  8. Can you buy Moto G outright through Koodo & Telus?
  9. How long does Telus keep internet browsing history?
  10. Telus cancelled my account?
  11. If I'm using telus, but I connect to Roger or bell towers will I be charger extra.?
  12. Telus Internet Help, Super Laggy?
  13. I am canadian and was wondering if the lenovo a850 cell phone would work with telus/
  14. does a unlocked samsung s4 work with Telus?
  15. Survivor season finale for telus?
  16. I want to Unlock a Nokia Lumia 620 Cell Phone from Telus. What is the best...
  17. I cant send pictures on a telus prepaid phone?
  18. Email address for Telus?
  19. are telus call center jobs a scam?
  20. How to go on an @telus.net email account not on the original computer?
  21. Can I cancel my Telus contract plan within the first 30 days from the day I
  22. how do telus family phone plans work ?
  23. No coverage in my home, can I cancel my phone contract? (Telus)?
  24. What are the local numbers for bell & telus when you activate a cell?
  25. Canadian Telus Piracy notice?
  26. Legality question regarding telus phone bill/termination?
  27. Telus Prepaid Plans & Add-On Problems?
  28. Will a Telus SIM card work in a Koodo phone?
  29. Cancelling Telus Optik TV...?
  30. how to change my guide to only my subscribed channels on optik tv (telus)?
  31. How can I get a customer service job with Telus?
  32. Ok, so i went and bought this LG Breeze (Telus) from someone and its
  33. Can you get a month-to-month plan with bad credit with Telus?
  34. Telus 10 Favourite Numbers?
  35. Question about Telus prepad?
  36. Would a koodo sim card work in a telus cellphone?
  37. What if I sold the free telus tv and the buyer said there was problems with it?
  38. Shouldn't Telus Phones Work With Koodo?
  39. Will Telus let me sign a contract with bad credit?
  40. Will Telus let me sign a contract with bad credit?
  41. Can you get a month-to-month plan with Telus (Canada) if you have bad credit?
  42. If I owe Telus money, will other phone carriers like Bell, virgin, or Rogers...
  43. Is anyone having trouble with unlocking your telus phone?
  44. Unlocked Rogers iPhone for telus?
  45. when does your cellular phone arrive after you buy it online from telus?
  46. Will the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus work with FIDO's prepaid SIM cards if i...
  47. Can I update my 3 Year Telus Cell phone contract to the new 2 Year contracts?
  48. Can you buy a phone on Telus.ca with debit?
  49. Iphone 5 unlock from telus to rogers?
  50. How much is NBA TV Canada for telus?
  51. Pvr won't record, using Telus Optik?
  52. Are There Any Factory Unlocks For a Telus Canada iPhone 4S?
  53. Which is better - Fido, Telus or Rogers?
  54. Is There Any Trustworthy Sites to Factory Unlock a Telus Canada iPhone 4S?
  55. Telus Coverage? Do they use bell/rogers towers?
  56. Is There Any Way To Factory Unlock An iPhone Locked to Telus Canada?
  57. if i brought my blackberry z10 white to telus would they exchange it for black one?
  58. Telus Server Problem?
  59. My telus optik tv keeps freezing?
  60. I reset my router and i cant find the name of the connection, im with telus and
  61. I reset my router and i cant find the name of the connection, im with
  62. Are at&t galaxy s4's compatible with telus in canada (data)?
  63. How should I handle this situation with Telus?
  64. does the Iphone 4 for telus have a slot card? -Canada?
  65. Problem with Rogers and Telus?
  66. How to bypass Telus installation process?
  67. How can I unlock my iphone 5 from Telus for cheap or free?
  68. Telus iMessage to the US from Canada problems?
  69. how to change wifi password on telus?
  70. Where can I watch the new Fox Sports Live show with Jay and Dan on Telus Optik TV...
  71. What channel is Up! on Telus Optik TV?
  72. Will a telus iPhone 5 work on t mobile?
  73. Will a telus iPhone 5 work on t mobile?
  74. I'm trying to flash an RUU.zip file on my HTC One but I'm not sure which one to go...
  75. Is there any good telus phone plans?
  76. If someone calls you long distance do you have to pay?? Telus?
  77. Is it possible to change from 3g to 4g in the same contract for telus
  78. Telus plan help please? Unlimited texting?
  79. Will an AT&T iphone 4s case fit my Telus iphone 4s?
  80. What channel is Pretty Little Liars on TELUS?
  81. My Telus Optik TV Wireless cable boxes are not working?
  82. Can I switch my iPhone 4th generation to a Samsung S4. On a three year telus...
  83. How do i record PS3 with an Telus Optik TV?
  84. how to change telus mac address?
  85. How much does NBA TV Canada cost on Telus?
  86. Should I complain to Microsoft/Telus?
  87. How much is telus unlimited texting?
  88. how much is telus unlimited texting?
  89. Telus Warranty, Iphone 5?
  90. Will the HTC Thunderbolt work on Telus?
  91. Help with TELUS HD pvr?
  92. help with a prepaid phone with telus!?
  93. help with a prepaid phone with telus!?
  94. My Telus prepaid account seems to say I have unlimited data, do I?
  95. Telus Optik TV question?
  96. How can I watch Netflix on Telus Optik TV?
  97. can i unlock a telus blackberry torch and use a wind sim card?
  98. How do I get Telus Optik TV to only show channels I have.?
  99. Can I use my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Canadian cell phone company like...
  100. How does this Telus contract work?
  101. Are there any providers that can take over a Telus plan to get my business?
  102. telus security won't oipen?
  103. Will Telus Charge Me For Moving My Sim Card?
  104. Need information on telus mobility plans?
  105. telus security won't open?
  106. Telus PVR Recordinghelp?
  107. My telus cellphone isn't sending SMS am i the only one?
  108. Unlimited texting plan, telus?
  109. Phone replacement options with Telus?
  110. If I buy a used telus iphone 4, can I use it for pay as you go?
  111. how to sync telus universal remote and sanyo dvd player?
  112. rogers sim card with a telus phone?
  113. can I use an iphone pay as you go with telus?
  114. How do you save things to the sd on a telus pink pearl blackberry?
  115. What 4G LTE band does Telus operates?
  116. Why is the yahoo mail android app not compatible with my telus samsung phone?
  117. If I go on the Virgin Mobile SuperTab would the minimum plan I can take be the
  118. How long do you have to back out of a Telus contract?
  119. Yahoo Second Sign In not working with Koodo Mobile (TELUS network)?
  120. What's the cost to unlock a cellphone through Telus?
  121. Cost to unlock a phone through telus?
  122. What's the cost to unlock a cellphone through Telus?
  123. Telus Samsung Galaxy S2 won't turn on?
  124. I purchased an iphone 3gs unlocked from Rogers. Not sure who did it. I am using it
  125. Me and my friends are making a independent film to be aired by telus is it illegal...
  126. Telus contract was suppose to expire yesterday..we still have a connection toda?
  127. Telus contract was suppose to expire 3 days ago but still working?
  128. How much does Rogers and Telus employees make?
  129. Telus Internet plan expired 3 days ago but still has connection?
  130. Can I use my Telus Prepaid balance to purchase games on Windows Phone?
  131. Can I use my Telus Prepaid balance to purchase games on Windows Phone?
  132. anyone in cold lake alberta having problems with telus?
  133. How do Telus Family Data Share Plans Work?
  134. How to set up an iphone? also can they be on pay and talk?(telus)?
  135. Blockless account for Netflix stopped working after switching to a telus router.?
  136. If I buy a Koodo cell phone, will it work with my Telus SIM card?
  137. Telus internet lag with the only 1000mbps connection on the list?
  138. Confused about my first bill with telus?
  139. Will a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (i535) work on the Telus Mobility Network (Canada)?
  140. Confused about first bill with telus?
  141. Confused about first bill with telus?
  142. Confused about first bill with telus?
  143. First bill with Telus confusing?
  144. First bill for Telus help?
  145. How Do I Port Forward 2 Ports On My Telus Router?
  146. can you use a visa debit for getting a phone with a company such as fido telus koodo?
  147. why is the 'new' Telus symbol not updated on stock lookup?
  148. how can I avoid the telus charges to 712 area code? I live in Alberta?
  149. How to get unlimited minutes and texts on a telus prepaid samsung galaxy ace q?
  150. Quitting my telus contract on my Iphone 3gs?
  151. Telus Optik Digital Box problems.?
  152. I have 17 months left on my telus contract how much to buy out?
  153. Has Telus discontinued the prepaid Samsung Galaxy S2 X?
  154. If I buy a Lg Keybo Will the telus prepaid card work?
  155. Telus long distance texting plan?
  156. What happens if I press the reset button on my telus router?
  157. Need help applying for job at Telus!?
  158. why cant i sms my telus contact?
  159. Are the text messages from telus real?
  160. Does anyone have/had any issues with Telus?
  161. Are the text messages from telus free?
  163. How to set up DLink Router with Telus Actiontech?
  164. IPhone 4 locked onto telus?
  165. What's a good telus pay & talk phone to buy?
  166. if i have a telus iphone, that came from the TELUS STORE, would i still
  167. Is Telus/Virgin mobile good phone carriers?
  168. how much is it to terminate my 3 year contract with telus?
  169. If Koodo has a phone cheaper than Telus, will they price match?
  170. Telus free wifi on my suddenly?
  171. I want to switch to telus but people say they are horrible?
  172. can you play subway surfers on a telus Samsung galaxy s fascinate 4g and if u cant
  173. How to enable USB port on back of telus's Actiontec v1000h router?
  174. can you play subway surfers on a telus Samsung galaxy s fascinate 4g and if u cant
  175. I need an address that cannot get service by telus?
  176. Why isn't my telus box recording anything?
  177. If i am with telus can i text anywhere in canada?
  178. Telus iphone 3G with a Fido Simcard?
  179. buy out a Telus contract?
  180. How old do you have to be to work at a bell or telus mobility store?
  181. is an iphone still in the box from telus unlocked?
  182. can u put in rogers sim card in telus phone?
  183. Why is my telus internet speed so slow?
  184. Is there such a thing as a jumbo remote control that will work with a
  185. How much money will it cost to switch phones on a 3yr telus plan?
  186. iPhone with Telus, 150 MB?
  187. Internet connection keeps dropping (Telus)?
  188. My Iphone is connected to my WiFi but Telus sent me a text saying ive...
  189. Can I put my telus prepaid SIM card in any phone I want?
  190. How to change a device with Telus?
  191. how can i root a Samsung Galaxy S3 from telus?
  192. Help with my telus phone? 10 points best answer?
  193. Telus Mobility, can i buy a phone somewhere else then activate it to Telus ?
  194. will my rogers sim card work with telus?
  195. On the Telus website, how can I see which numbers I sent the most text messages to?
  196. Is texting from canada to the U.S. free with Telus?
  197. Unlock telus iPhone 5?
  198. Huge telus phone bill?
  199. Huge telus phone bill?
  200. Is Telus or Roger better?
  201. How to connect PS3 with Telus phone?
  202. Is Telus or Roger better?
  203. Is Telus or Rogers better in Hamilton Ontario?
  204. Is Telus or Rogers better in Hamilton Ontario?
  205. Is Telus or Rogers better in Hamilton Ontario?
  206. How long will I get until telus cuts me off due to unpayed bill?
  207. How to unlock Blackberry Curve 8530 from Telus?
  208. Huge telus phone bill?
  209. How to put music on Telus Blackberry 7520?
  210. Cost of unlimited web browsing with telus?
  211. Is it possible to have TELUS switch the phone numbers on two different plans?
  212. Where is 12 digit activation Code for telus prepaid?
  213. Unlock iPhone 5 Canada Telus on iOS 6.0.2 Baseband 01.01.00?
  214. How do I set up my DS Lite to my Telus Wi-Fi?
  215. Telus or Koodo for a phone?
  216. Telus or Koodo for a phone?
  217. Can I get a Telus SIM card put into my Samsung Galaxy S?
  218. Can you change a Telus phone to Sasktel?
  219. How to bypass screen lock on samsung galaxy discover from telus?
  220. What is a good company to go on a 3 year contract with other then telus?
  221. Telus Iphone family plans?
  222. Bell, Telus, or Rogers on Samsung Galaxy S3 in Ontario?
  223. Is TELUS experiencing technical difficulties in Central Alberta?
  224. what phone should i get from telus ?
  225. what phone should i get from telus ?
  226. What do i do if my telus modem connection between access piont internet is brocken?
  227. GSM Sim Card Slots on Telus or Bell or other providers?
  228. How do you put the network to telus on iphone 4s?
  229. Is Virgin Mobile or Telus better?
  230. Telus PVR doesnt hav recording.?
  231. Is there a install manager for adding a wireless MX432 Canon printer to Telus
  232. Where can I get codes to unlock my htc one x+ from telus(canada)?
  233. Can I change my plan on a phone contract? Telus?
  234. Will Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 work with Telus Sim Card?
  235. Telus phone upgrading?
  236. I'm on Telus network and I recently bought a Samsung rugby Smartphone,?
  237. Can telus go into my bank account for an un paid phone bill and take money ?
  238. iphone activation fee from telus?
  239. How long does it take Telus to ship an iPhone 4S?
  240. Help with TELUS Optik TV digital box!?
  241. Telus - Cell repair HTC Amaze 4G?
  242. How do I access my Telus account on the iPhone 4S?
  243. How do I get a better phone out of Telus, for free?
  244. Telus incorrect phone bill?
  245. Who is better Rogers or Telus?
  246. How do i put a password on telus?
  247. Who is better Rogers or Telus?
  248. Can you buy the motorola droid a855 at bell,telus or rogers?
  249. Does the telus international texting package include over water areas?
  250. Telus My Fave and long distance?