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  1. Is there a way to buy a real Handheld GE M134 Minigun ?
  2. Do pda's have the ability to search google and hence yahoo answers/internet?
  3. i need help buying this smartphone?
  4. Internet on smartphone?
  5. Does the Manacla give come in an app for a smartphone?
  6. what is a better smartphone?
  7. Does the Manacla give come in an app for a smartphone?
  8. Handheld Gaming Console?
  9. Should I get a smartphone ?
  10. .flv player for android smartphone?
  11. What garmin handheld gps is suggested?
  12. Can you use android smartphone even if you dont pay?
  13. what kind of handheld radio would be best during a zombie invasion?
  14. Is the xbox handheld or 180 real?
  15. Can you name one good pda for a good price with internet for me to buy?
  16. What is the device called that people with no vocal cords/hole in throat use to
  17. ? about PDA's and other things of the sort.?
  18. Where can I purchase a handheld hair weaving sewing machine?
  19. What is a good Verizon phone that isn't a smartphone?
  20. what smartphone should i get?
  21. verizon contract question..smartphone..?
  22. where can i download pda apps?
  23. Poll: Are there any phones without a service contract that I can get...
  24. Should I get an ipod touch and a trackphone, or a smartphone all together?
  25. What SMARTPHONE from AT&T can do this?
  26. My parents show wayy to much PDA?
  27. Is there a cell phone that doesn't require a carrier service any other compact pda...
  28. How to download files (music and video) directly to sd card on Sanyo Zio...
  29. What is the best Verizon smartphone with QWERTY keyboard?
  30. Whats the best smartphone ?
  31. Do games/apps from iTunes work on a smartphone?
  32. I'm looking for a certain Handheld Device for Emailing, can you help me?
  33. Should I PDA with this church guy?
  34. Best Smartphone - Needed Experts Opinion?
  35. Do you have to pay Internet for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone?
  36. Should I PDA with my church guy or not?
  37. Looking for feedback on Nokia N8 smartphone?
  38. Which VerizonWireless smartphone should I get?
  39. can you use a smartphone with out a data plan?
  40. How can I change the batteries of a Homedics PM-35 Atom Handheld Massager?
  41. Does T-Mobile detect if you are using a smartphone?
  42. Is it possible to use a prepaid SIM in a smartphone?
  43. I want to upgrade1 phone to a smartphone on a Verizon family plan?
  44. What is the best smartphone (smart phone) available for Verizon right now?
  45. If a have a smartphone can I use Internet on laptop?
  46. Is the samsung intercept a good phone as a smartphone?
  47. What's your opinion on PDA?
  48. What is the best smartphone on the market?
  49. Is the samsung intercept a good phone as a smartphone?
  50. Lyrics to PDA by Interpol?
  51. If a have a smartphone can I use Internet on laptop?
  52. Handheld Book Scanner and reader?
  53. Help! Smashed finger between two handheld weights, concerned!?
  54. Pre-ordering a handheld from Amazon?
  55. My blackberry 9700 sent me a text saying my handheld has been registered...
  56. Help! Smashed finger between two handheld weights, concerned!?
  57. Pre-ordering a handheld from Amazon?
  58. How do you remove data from old PDA's before selling or giving them away?
  59. why do people have problems with PDA?
  60. how to tell your boyfriend your not cool with pda?
  61. Which PDA or Pocket PC should I get?
  62. Pre-ordering a handheld from Amazon?
  63. Which PDA or Pocket PC should I get?
  64. My blackberry 9700 sent me a text saying my handheld has been registered with
  65. how to tell your boyfriend your not cool with pda?
  66. For AT&T, can i have unlimited internet on a smartphone?
  67. why do people have problems with PDA?
  68. I have a white screen on my handheld digital camcorder?
  70. Which smartphone is the best?
  71. What is the best smartphone out on the market at the moment?
  72. does anyone have a pda net serial number and email they could share for me
  73. What the hell is up with PDA?
  74. What's the best Verizon smartphone out right now?
  75. Blackberry or Smartphone (t-mobile)?
  76. Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone?
  77. PDA ????????????? Electronics :? HELP WANTED ! PLEASEEE?
  78. Which Handheld should I get?
  79. Which Nintendo Handheld should I get?
  80. How do I fix my PDA? Plllleeeeaaaaasssseeeee HELLPPP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  81. What is the best smartphone?
  82. Is a smartphone worth it?
  83. I don't know which smartphone to buy?? ?
  84. Which smart phone/handheld should I buy?
  85. Pink Handheld Game? What is it called?
  86. What can you do with a non-contract smartphone?
  87. thinking of getting a new smartphone and was wouundering what is the differents
  88. Is there a way to watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
  89. Will a 9" handheld grinder hold any saw/disc blade of a lesser radius? Must I be...
  90. Is there a way to watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
  91. Do you think PDA is annoying?
  92. What smartphone should i buy?
  93. Which one would sell my SmartPhone faster, a headphone or a bluetooth adapter?
  94. Can I use a smartphone to access wifi if I don't have a data plan?
  95. Boyfriend is afraid of PDA?
  96. What os does the nokia x3 smartphone have on it?
  97. How do you turn pandora off on smartphone lg ally?
  98. had i to insert DC jack first in smartphone then put charger in outlet ?
  99. Can I watch digital tv on smartphone?
  100. What is the best AT&T smartphone to get?
  101. Handheld GPS Question?
  102. Has anyone's baby's PDA closed on its own?
  103. what is the best smartphone out?
  104. way to plug a sirius radio into another device for more handheld use?
  105. Is there a way to watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
  106. Is there a way to watch live tv shows or movies on smartphone?
  107. PDA or Cell phone that can read spreadsheets or html?
  108. Water Agar VS PDA......?
  109. MEA and PDA............?
  110. I want to start programming Java smartphone apps on a mac, where should I start?
  111. Why do handheld devices offer internet when it eats up the battery?
  112. What handheld scanner would you recommend?
  113. Best budget smartphone?
  114. Finding a good PDA for myself?
  115. Any alternative to Timex Datalink watches (a PDA watch)?
  116. Can I watch digital tv on smartphone?
  117. Looking for a good smartphone choice?
  118. Whats the best smartphone so far?
  119. My boyfriend tells me he hates PDA, & assures me it's not because he doesn't love...
  120. What is the best pda in your opinion?
  121. Can someone tell me what is the name of the handheld blender at the end and
  122. Anybody have a Haan handheld steamer?
  123. Am I always connected to internet with a smartphone?
  124. PDA What's your opinion?
  125. why dont my parents let me have a smartphone?
  126. Please tell me the equivalent VHF handheld set to VERTEX 110?
  127. Can you get a Smartphone with the AT&T family data unlimited?
  128. Good cheap(ish) smartphone?
  129. How do i set my favorite website as an app on my lg optimus(touchscreen smartphone)?
  130. PDA What's your opinion?
  131. Can the Shure super 55 deluxe be handheld?
  132. how to get internet connection on my windows laptop with my smartphone?Read Details?
  133. if i buy a smartphone not from the at&t website will i have to get a data plan?
  134. What is the best smartphone/tablet/netbook for my needs?
  135. This premium smartphone requires a Web service?
  136. Which smartphone should I get?
  137. I am looking to get a smartphone. I have been swinging between the iphone 4 and an
  138. how do i unlock my huawei android smartphone if i cant remember my gmail info?
  139. How do yo sharpen the blade of a handheld pencil sharpener?
  140. Would pdanet work with a nokia 5230 smartphone?
  141. What is the video game console or handheld game player that is more pointless than...
  142. Any alternative to Timex Datalink watches (a PDA watch)?
  143. Recommended PDA or Handphone?
  144. HTC Wildfire or LG Optimus One for 1st smartphone?
  145. which is the best smartphone?
  146. Using Skype Mobile on your verizon smartphone?
  147. How do I syncronize a Z22 Palm PDA with a Windows 7 operating at 64-bits?
  148. If I am to buy a new unlocked Blackberry smartphone from Ebay, can I take...
  149. How do I stop PDA with my girlfriend at school, when it is one of the few...
  150. Can anyone recommend me a smartphone?
  151. Can I switch from a smartphone to a feature phone and cancel my 30 dollar data plan?
  152. How do I turn off the welcome tune on the metropcs android smartphone?
  153. Which Smartphone Would Be the Better Choice for a First-Time Smartphone Buyer?
  154. Best smartphone for AT&T?
  155. why won't my computer recognize the iXL handheld?
  156. Where can I find an instructional manual for a Royal Extreme4 PDA?
  157. Looking for the name of a handheld game. there was a canon in the bottom center of
  158. Is the extra money you spend on a smartphone data plan worth it?
  159. Teens: What are your feelings over PDA?
  160. smartphone data plan?
  161. How to free up phone storage space on htc smartphone?
  162. Block cell phone/ smartphone internet except email?
  163. What handheld should I get for my 3 yr olds birthday?
  164. How to record using a handheld mic on my laptop?
  165. I'm looking for a cheap PDA type device that i can store data in...?
  166. My daughter has a Leapster handheld game with a a voltage setting of 9 volts 700 mA.?
  167. I have a choice of two smartphone which one is the best?
  168. What is the cheapest smartphone available?
  169. Is the Radio Shack Pro-97 handheld scanner rebandable for the 800Mhz band?
  170. If a smartphone is purchased what are the other charges?
  171. Can someone recommend a good smartphone and data plan in Toronto?
  172. My dad has an infinite budget to buy a smartphone but What do should he buy?
  173. Football Manager Handheld 2010 Wage?
  174. Smartphone question??!?
  175. What are some good handheld electronics companies?
  176. How to hang a handheld shower?
  177. How to hang a handheld shower?
  178. My friend logged into facebook on my smartphone, will this change my info on
  179. Will a Uniden AC adapter/charger Model AD-830 work for charging a Radio Shack
  180. how can i stop receiving opened emails to my smartphone?
  181. What is the best PDA Smart phone for accessing internet and managing contacts?
  182. Best smartphone currently apart from iphone 4 ?
  183. What are the perks of a smartphone?
  184. which new verizon smartphone should i purchase?!?
  185. `======pda==============?
  186. I'm buying a handheld wireless microphone system it tells me to choose a...
  187. Can you tell me about the kids handheld game the Leapster 2?
  188. which smartphone should i buy?
  189. Which nokia smartphone classic (not touch , not slide , no do anything) has the
  190. Whats Better, A Standard Smartphone ,OR , a Premium smartphone ?
  191. Where's a good place for semi-PDA?
  192. How do I get my boyfriend to tone down the PDA when we're with friends?
  193. Anyone know of a handheld microphone for the Sony Handycam?
  194. what are the influences of handheld devices globally and economically?
  195. What AT&T smartphone can do this?
  196. best straighttalk smartphone?
  197. Best smartphone 2010 ?
  198. With vonage are you able to hook a handheld computer to phone jack and transmit...
  199. The best smartphone contract to suit my needs?
  200. Handheld GPS devices for geocaching?
  201. how do i restore my pda to factory settings?
  202. Aim Handheld- Texting?
  203. Can someone help with my smartphone.?
  204. How do you use the smartphone in Goldeneye for the wii?
  205. Can I use a 9v 100mA plug for 9v 700mA handheld game?
  206. Does the smartphone from cricket have video chat?
  207. GPS navigation handheld?
  208. I'm a Mac user, which smartphone, besides the iPhone, has the most
  209. need help with a pda?
  210. what is a good site to download free music into a handheld game system?
  211. Smartphone questions ? Please help I'm begging you!?
  212. What smartphone should I get?
  213. What are Smartphone Gloves?
  214. What are Smartphone Gloves?
  215. the screen of my i-mate PDA has locked itself, how can i unlock it?
  216. Smartphone help with vibration?
  217. If you want a Verizon smartphone do you have to pay for all the amenities?
  218. Handheld OBD2 scanners worth it or not? limits?
  219. What is a good handheld GPS under $100?
  220. how to reinstall handheld showerhead that fell off?
  221. Can the Smartphone Gloves work for any touch screen phone/ device?
  222. Whats the best verizon smartphone for ME?
  223. Parent PDA problems? Need suggestions ?
  224. Smartphone Comparison and Feedback?
  225. is the LG GM360 VIEWTY SNAP a smartphone?
  226. Is the samung impact touch a Smartphone?
  227. What phone should I get from verizon wireless that is touch and has a...
  228. What`s a good pda for college?
  229. Will AT&T be able to tell if I buy a used smartphone?
  230. Football Manager 2010 Handheld, 'A place on the board' issue, please help!!!!?
  231. Is the HTC Desire a good smartphone?
  232. Verizon Users: Buying old Smartphone off of Ebay? Will I be required for a new plan?
  233. Smartphone without Data Plan?
  234. Does anyone remember the old-school handheld "gear" game, where you would move the
  235. is the samsung rogue a smartphone?
  236. Will a US Cellular Smartphone work?
  237. Websites to watch movies (and or) tv shows on your smartphone?
  238. Football Manager 2010 Handheld, 'A place on the board' issue, please help!!!!?
  239. in order to have a smartphone, do you have to have mobile web ?
  240. Websites to watch movies (and or) tv shows on your smartphone?
  241. What smartphone should i buy?
  242. I need help with a smartphone mb511?
  243. What smartphone should i buy?
  244. What do you think of PDA?
  245. What is a good basic smartphone that has a keypad?
  246. Good smartphone/droid?
  247. how can i persuade my parents into getting me a smartphone?
  248. Does the Blackberry wipe handheld delete phone pictures?
  249. Console vs handheld gaming?
  250. SmartPhone Apps programming or Computer game programming?