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  1. HTC Touch Text Messaging Vibration?
  2. htc touch arabizer?
  3. HTC Mogul?????
  4. How do u turn off my backlight on a htc touch phone?
  5. how do u sync a playlist from windows media player to pda?
  6. PDA: Hot or not?
  7. i have a HTC,TYTN11 and i want to add my city (George SA) to it weather...
  8. what does htc mean when buying a phone???
  9. Im trying to buy a HTC Touch phone need help!?
  10. can the HTC S720, or the HTC s710 cell phone work on qwest services?
  11. Availability of HTC in Delhi?
  12. I need a PDA for to use with a portrable scanner,also windows
  13. I have two computer and a Winodws pocket pc 6 on my pda and free data and wifi....
  14. opinions or experiences with PDA?
  15. I'm looking for a specific PDA game.?
  16. Can I load Excel to PDA?
  17. USB camera and PDA can they work together ?
  18. which is the best to buy- P1i or HTC P 3300 OR PALM T|X handheld?
  19. Connect my PDA with router?
  20. What PDA to buy?
  21. How can i install LINUX on a PDA or Smart Phone running WINDOWS Mobile?
  22. what to do about PDA?
  23. what would be an ideal portable handheld gaming or entertainment device for myself?
  24. Which pda/smartphone should i get?
  25. What are your thoughts on PDA in school?
  26. How do you load a sim card into a smartphone?
  27. VOIP on a smartphone?
  28. For a college student what is the best PDA phone with AT&T to get?
  29. which pda should i get from at&t?
  30. I received a Blackberry Curve 8300 smartphone but I was wondering if the
  31. I received a Blackberry Curve 8300 smartphone but I was wondering if the...
  32. Is the Palm Centro smartphone worth purchasing?
  33. pda ztc zt303.. pls..?
  34. pda ztc zt303.. pls..?
  35. What do you think of PDA's?
  36. PDA t665c battery?
  37. PDA t665c battery?
  38. What is the best cell phone /pda and service provider for the metro detroit
  39. How do I transfer files from my PDA to a computer that I can't install activesync on?
  40. Whats the best PDA for me to get?
  41. PDA phone for easy straight transfer mp3 & video files from computer to phone?
  42. PDA -sony cliƩ personal entertainment organize - cool software for it?
  43. How to play videos from my PDA in iPod classic?
  44. how do i get mobile yahoo to stop appearing when i want i want regular yahoo
  45. Is iphone a PDA?? Being able to make a 'To Do List', Calender, agenda are...
  46. does any one know the phone number of the pda mobile company.?
  47. "my XDA exec PDA running low memory?
  48. Pantech Duo Smartphone?
  49. Can you cancel your PDA data plan with AT&T after buying a PDA?
  50. Can a cracked PDA screen be replaced?
  51. My phone acts weird sometimes. i want a PDA?
  52. smartphone widget?
  53. Help!!! Anyone here knows about the TX Handheld??? Callibration's wrong?
  54. Is there a PDA-phone with windows mobile 6?
  55. how do i wirelessly connect my pda to my laptops intenet connection?
  56. Do you use the PSP as a video game device or more of a movie/music handheld?
  57. Do you use the PSP as a video game device or more of a movie/music handheld?
  58. My PDA isn't recognized by my Vista desktop. What do I do?
  59. What is the Best Smartphone in Australia??
  60. Is it abnormal to hold pda screens almost a foot away to readtext clearry?
  61. Is it possible to put pictures from my PDA phone onto a computer?
  62. how much extra per month is the internet on a verizon smartphone?
  63. best PDA out there ...?
  64. Do u need a seperate plan for a PDA?
  65. Do u need a seperate plan for a PDA?
  66. Which is better a smart phone or a PDA?
  67. Where can I find ...Batteries...for PDA?
  68. palm/pda/ppc games....?
  69. where is a forum for web site design for accessibility and handheld devices?
  70. PDA Help. I'm NEW!!!!!! What should I get?
  71. is there a dell repair center for PDA, dell x50v?
  72. Can I use a PDA to send text messages from my cell phone and dial my
  73. Smartphone/PDA/Blackberry?
  74. Does anyone know if Nintendo or Sony is going to come out with a new handheld device?
  75. Is it time to chuck my PDA?
  76. PDA and intimacy?
  77. Handheld solitaire?
  78. has anyone ever bought a spring handheld paintball gun are they decent?
  79. Guys Girls and PDA with friends...?
  80. Has anyone heard of prescription glasses with bluetooth,earpieces AND a...
  81. What's a good (free) alarm program I can use for Windows Mobile 6 on my smartphone?
  82. AT&T internet phone (not pda)?
  83. What can I do with my handheld TV in the future because of the switch from
  84. What is the best handheld game for my 3 1/2 year old?
  85. Which smartphone should I choose???
  86. Would you be lost without your PDA?
  87. Is the HTC Touch a smartphone or pocket PC?
  88. Where can I buy a Nokia N95 8GB Black smartphone? (not ebay)?
  89. what handheld or smartphone would be best for me to organize myself?
  90. How do i format a WM5 pda?
  91. Which PDA should I get?
  92. Want to know which is the Best PDA to buy?
  93. What smartphone and calendar/address book/task manager desktop software is a...
  94. How much is this handheld system worth...???
  95. What is an AT&T Voice Plan? Is a DataRate Plan and a PDA Personal Plan the same
  96. I have a ASUS pda and it picks up my but comes up with an error message.
  97. Can I load a full program onto my pda/ xda?
  98. Can I load a fill program onto my pda/ xda?
  99. what is the largest sudoku handheld?
  100. Can I cut a piece of glass 1/2" thick the same way I cut 1/8" window...
  101. How can I use the internet on my tungsten E2 pda by Palm?
  102. Where is the best place to trade in handheld devices like psp's or ds lites?
  103. What do a greater number of channels in a GPS handheld unit signify?
  104. handheld what?
  105. Cell phone/pda purchasing advise?
  106. Where can I find a cheap handheld typing device?
  107. Can i connect a usb device to a PDA Phone?
  108. PDA or Mini-Computer?
  109. where can i get a good pda that will work with alltel and not from alltel cause i...
  110. How to lock files/calendar/to-do lists in PDA's and Smartphones?
  111. I am looking for the right smartphone for extensive travel?
  112. Is it possible to synchronize Franklin Covey's Plan Plus with the Palm Desktop
  113. Whats the difference between a pda and a sidekick??
  114. i am wondering if there is a handheld internet browser.that uses wifi.on
  115. cell phone/pda purchasing advise?
  116. what PDA do u reccomend?
  117. Windows Mobile PDA?
  118. Are electronic games and handheld games the same thing?
  119. How do I make my European cell pda phone, a SONG A768, connect to the
  120. Have problems with the camera on the Blackberry Pearl 8100 Smartphone.?
  121. New nintendo handheld??
  122. What do you think about this PDA?
  123. Anybody know or have owned this vintage handheld game from the 80s?
  124. does anyone know how to use the plucker software for pda?
  125. I am looking for a hand held (PDA) that supports full version of windows not...
  126. For Sale: Apple iPhone 8GB......250USD(Discount price)
  127. Handheld computers and health hazards.?
  128. How's the PDA function on the new Blackjack II?
  129. Muslim PDA, (public displays of affection), within marriage??
  130. How can I transfer .mpg (video files) to my Windows smartphone through USB?
  131. Can windows's application run under Pocket PC, PDA , Palm OS, Windows Mobile ?
  132. Which SmartPhone is the best out of these. if you have one or reccomend?
  133. How to shut click/tap sound on SE P910i smartphone ?
  134. How can i watch youtube videos on my smartphone running WM6?
  135. help me choose a handheld. thannks?
  137. What's the most powerful cordless handheld vacuum?
  138. suggestions on a PDA fit for me...?
  139. What is the best smartphone service plan in your opinion for someone who lives in...
  140. pda mobile phone zt 303?
  141. Can normal Windows Program run on PDA ? (example IM messenger, microsoft office,
  142. I have a Compaq IPAQ 3135 PDA with no manual and I do not know how to...
  143. What are some applications to put on my pda?
  144. If a PDA has "built in Wi-Fi" do you need an additional router?
  145. which handheld gps is the best model for the price. Where can I find and compare
  146. What's the most recent YuGiOh handheld game....?
  147. Help with PDA?
  148. Help With PDA Video/Audio?
  149. I want to download a rented movie and put it ,y PDA..how do i do so?
  150. Messenger on PDA with WLAN?
  151. Free PDA Converter?
  152. Trouble converting DVD to PDA?
  153. Is there any handheld gaming systems coming out in the future?
  154. is the asus pda work as a phone?
  155. How can I unlock At&t Tilt smartphone?
  156. how to use pda as gps?
  157. Taking a Laptop, DVDs and Handheld Game Console on a B.A Flight to America?
  158. Does Nintendo plan on creating a new handheld system, a step better than the ds lite?
  159. I currently have Verizon so which SmartPhone should i get? can you tell me where is
  160. Is there a homemade way to remove scratches on your pda's casing? if not, any good
  161. How can I make recording handheld console gameplay clearer on my digital camera?
  162. what are some good sites to watch video on my smartphone/pda?
  163. Small HD handheld camcorder compatible with my mac computer?
  164. has anyone got any info on the next major handheld gaming console?
  165. What are the top 10 handheld organisers, which may or may not be smartphones?
  166. Females: What's this I hear about handheld shower faucets? Is it true? ;)?
  167. My PDA is being stupid?
  168. I want to use my Ipod Touch solely as a PDA... how do I prevent Itunes from...
  169. School PDA good or bad?
  170. Handheld Navigational Devices: Recommendations Needed :)?
  171. Electronic handheld game I saw on TV. Improves your knowledge of difficult and...
  172. Smartphone or PDA plans?
  173. what does pda mean not the handheld device the sexual meaning?????
  174. I'm looking for a new smartphone any suggestions?
  175. how to transfer PDA books to t mobile wing? are those PDA books for Palm or
  176. Smartphone = Pocket pc?
  177. Will nintendo release a new handheld like the nintendo ds lite anytime soon?
  178. smartphone with wifi between $200-$300?
  179. Is there going to be a new handheld gaming system coming out anytime soon?
  180. free ringtone for a smartphone?
  181. Handheld help?
  182. Can Use Any Sim card For Treo 750 SmartPhone ??
  183. What smartphone can I use with my old, existing AT&T plan (blue plan)...
  184. Palm - T/X Handheld or HP iPAQ 111 Classic Pocket PC?
  185. Is there a handheld WORDO game?
  186. Software compatibility for 'windows mobile pocket pc" and "windows mobile...
  187. what is the max ammouunt of storedge for a PDA?
  188. Is there going to be a new handheld gaming system coming out anytime soon?
  189. Best handheld for geocaching?
  190. Do i have to have a specific SDIO to work with the Palm - Tungsten E2 Handheld?
  191. I need a good "smartphone" to replace hubbie's current one? Has to run on
  192. Prefer the PDA or paper planner to organize, and why?
  193. What is the best smartphone on the market?
  194. PDA issue?
  195. Pda vs ebook reader!!?
  196. What kind of cell phones do Paramedics carry? Do you absolutely need a pda cell...
  197. whats best for pda cum gps devices?
  198. What is the best handheld shower head to buy?
  199. What PDA/smartphone do you recommend?
  200. Will my handheld TV be useless after the switch from analog to digital next year?
  201. Where can I buy new, functional PDA?
  202. Smartphone or Pocket PC?
  203. Why in the world might a girl need a pda? A treo or blackberry. Isn't it ridiculous?
  204. Suggestions for a PDA, not Smartphone?
  205. How do you use a handheld canopener?
  206. Where to download Pac-man for smartphone?
  207. How do i connect a pda to the internet?
  208. Copying mobile phone data to windows based PDA?
  209. What PDA friendly drug guide is good for nurses on the run?
  210. I have the first DS but want the DS lite for Chirstmas but I heard of a new
  211. Why doesn't Active Sync 4.2 operate well between my iPAQ handheld and Windows XP ?
  212. what handheld console should i get & why?
  213. How do i get game files from my computer to my PDA?
  214. funny thing the handheld 20 q's game will guess?
  215. clue electronic handheld game?
  216. a girl im dating..PDA???
  217. Which PDA has the best online experience?
  218. How do I clear forgotten password on palm pda without wiping out all my information?
  219. Has anyone had problems with the Baby's Quiet Sounds Day and Night...
  220. Can you take still pictures of fireworks with a handheld camera?
  221. what is a good handheld system to buy a PSP or a Nintendo DS???
  222. Please recommend a handheld PDF reader.?
  223. Did yahoo disable mobile messenger for PDA's?
  224. Can you use an external harddrive with a PDA?
  225. Vacuum... detachable hose-thing, wet/dry, handheld...?
  226. Does anybody have the Moto Q Smartphone from Sprint. I have noidea how to...
  227. What is the best smartphone to buy?
  228. Which smartphone should I get (sprint)?
  229. smartphone?
  230. I'm about to get a smartphone, what is the best available option? I'll...
  231. PDA Browser?
  232. How can I get live surveillance feed on my computer with a handheld camcorder?
  233. What PDA platforms are compatible with the Intel Macs?
  234. Which Nokia "all-in-one" smartphone to buy?
  235. Handheld PDA's for School?
  236. how to watch youtube on windows mobile 5 smartphone?
  237. which PDA is better? Plam Treo or Blackberry 8800/8300/8310/8700c ??
  238. I want a compact, handheld CB transceiver, like the VHF marine radios, but HF SSB.?
  239. What is the best and easiest way to communicate via handheld radios?
  240. can i connect my PDA to internet by using wifi?
  241. Football Manager Handheld 2007 - PSP?
  242. Pda in school.?
  243. Are you uncomfortable with your parent's PDA's?
  244. Connect my Smartphone to Internet with my USB Cable ?
  245. My vista computer doesn't recognize my xda exec PDA. no connectivity at all. pl help?
  246. If I can't afford to buy more batteries for my son's handheld Leap Frog
  247. Best Smartphone To Use w/ T-Mobile ToGo?
  248. What can a PDA do?
  249. Flash player on windows mobile smartphone devices?
  250. My usb port overloads when I connect my PDA, will it still be a problem if I get...