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  1. Is the Sprint Mogul a smartphone or a pocket pc?
  2. HTC Touch by Sprint.. Backlight goes out I get no in coming calls.. HELP?
  3. Handheld blackjack games?
  4. iMate Vs HTC?
  5. Need Alltel employee or ex-employee to answer smartphone data plan questions.?
  6. HTC touch (2nd generation) vs ASUS P527 ??
  7. Why's it so hard for men to show PDA in public??
  8. i hve china pda mobile mt6227 but when i connect to pc it search for driver i
  9. Can I use my Ipaq PDA as a satellite Navigation system?
  10. Triple Threat Iphone vs Sidekick LX vs HTC Shadow?
  11. NEW CECT QuadBand P168 GSM CellPhone PDA where are the ring tones located?
  12. Hotsync problems for my pda?
  13. use wifi without being charged on smartphone?
  14. Sprint HTC Touch ... UPS grrrrrrrrr?
  15. Can I install Safari web browser (the same one on the iphone) on a HTC Touch?
  16. smartphone pay per kb?
  17. How can i send messages through HTC-p3300 without using- {stylus/hand held tools}
  18. How do I let my boy friend know boyfriend that I'm okay with PDA?
  19. View cameras from a PDA phone. Which phones work?
  20. wat is the to do list on a pda called??
  21. Does HTC S730 QWERTY keyboard have a backlit?
  22. Does anyone Know what the universal code is for Locked TILTS, or PDA...
  23. how does a pda read downloaded programs?!?!? and what was the first portable
  24. can i use skype video on my mobile phone or pda (kaiser , tytn 2)?
  25. does anyone know how to get the iphone theme on the htc touch?
  26. Does anyone know how i can use flashlite files on my windows mobile
  27. down loading ring tones onto a pda phone?
  28. WHen a couple shows PDA (public desplay of affection) is it real? Or just a show?
  29. Hi, I use a PDA phone and my touch screen is not working, my phone is locked, so...
  30. Who hates pda?
  31. I Recently noticed a problem with my sony ux-50 PDA.?
  32. Where can I find an unlocked smartphone for under $150, aside from eBay?
  33. Hello can you help me I want to sync my windows pda with windows calendar and
  34. How do I install TomTom on PDA?
  35. How do I install TomTom on PDA?
  36. How do I install TomTom on PDA?
  37. How do I install TomTom on PDA?
  38. Whats a good PDA or smartphone?
  39. about HTC Advantage X7510 ?
  40. Is there a PDA or smartphone to attend calls as well browse internet and check mail?
  41. Anyone with long nails owns a smartphone or pda?
  42. HTC Touch jumping screens while on a phone call?
  43. If anyone wants a handheld Tv...?
  44. I heard you can rewire handheld CB radios that have broader frequency response
  45. Hotsync problems for pda?
  46. my phone doesnt recieve calls (htc touch) HELP!?
  47. I have a HTC s710 recently its telling me I don't have alot of storage space left?
  48. i'm haveing keyboard problems with my pda?
  49. How do I get my unlocked T-Mobile HTC Touch to work on Orange?
  50. Smartphone...BlackBerry Pearl 8100??
  51. How to enable wifi on Sprint HTc touch?
  52. GPS Midlands PDA Repair Birmingham - Do you know them? Good or Bad?
  53. pda recommendations plz!!!?
  54. How to download the messenger on a HTC Touch?
  55. Pl advise on buying the best PDA phone!!?
  57. Confused.. N95, viewty, or a laptop, or PDA??
  58. how is XHTML easier than HTML when getting info to a handheld device?
  59. i have a radioshack handheld cb radio and.....?
  60. Which is a better handheld console PSP or Nintendo DS?
  61. for my pda xda IIs, why he screen become white when i don;t use that keypad
  62. do u think it is possible to hack a handheld trough its wi-fi?
  63. Pantech Duo Smartphone questions?
  64. When is Verizon going to start selling the HTC Touch?
  65. here is one more debate topic, Why do you think schools should be less strict on pda?
  66. What kind of smartphone should I buy?
  67. What form of video is recorded on a handheld video camera?
  68. could the Touch by HTC phone go on youtube?
  69. could the Touch by HTC phone go on youtube?
  70. i have a radioshack handheld cb radio and......?
  71. Have there been electronic handheld gaming systems with clear screens available in...
  72. which blackberry mobile pda is best and why & how do u use it?
  73. Free instant messaging programs for Window mobile 6 and or HTC phones?
  74. Are the Handheld electronic calling devices all that they are crakced up to be?
  75. garmin pda + internet?
  76. PDA? Program? Personal Trainer, Appointments, etc.. Need advise on what to buy?
  77. is there any other way that MICROSOFT OUTLOOK can have 2 or more users when it
  78. Can I sync Yahoo calendar, Address book and note pad with PDA "Sharp Wizard...
  79. What cell phone/pda should i get?
  80. Questions about Palm® Treo™ 755p Smartphone?
  81. Should I buy LCD screen protector for my handheld PDA?
  82. Can Moto Q smartphone sync with outlook 2007 and how would I do it ?
  83. Help with PDA purchase.?
  84. Orange SPV E650 / HTC S710 / Vox Cracked screen?
  85. I just ran out of memory for my PDA calendar. Does this mean the world is
  86. My Y! Mail Font size on my smartphone is suddenly too big?
  87. Which is better for my PDA - Copilot or TomTom?
  88. Is the HTC Touch a good phone...which is better the htc touch or the shine by
  89. Which is better for my PDA - Copilot or TomTom?
  90. How do i change my bluetooth name on my htc touch?
  91. Which phone will work as PDA with pre-paid plan. Need phone only for voice calls &...
  92. hey guys can anyone help me in setting gprs settings in my htc phone?
  93. does anyone know the HTC/MDA touch plus settings that allows you to send...
  94. Which PDA/Smartphone is the best one out today?
  95. smartphone?
  96. PDA broken screen?
  97. I am into PDA but my boyfriend isn't. How can I get him to be, too?
  98. downloading music tones on HTC, mogul or pda phones?
  99. Does anybody know how much the HTC TOUCH costs at Pacific Mall?
  100. I have recently bought an HTC S720 smartphone, and am wondering if anyone...
  101. How do handheld speedguns work?
  102. Is hugging considered PDA?
  103. Is there a way to download pictures on a Smartphone without media net?
  104. Which Smartphone should i buy?
  105. Nintendo console/handheld collection?
  106. which phone is a better texting phone, blackberry pearl or HTC S720?
  107. Where can I purchase a magnifying glass or a handheld magnifier?
  108. HTC TOUCH in pink? Where can I get that in Canada? And what is your opinion on
  109. Can you help me pick the pest PDA for my purposes?
  110. What's the best cell-phone/ PDA for communicating with deaf?
  111. is the Htc Mogul a good sprint fone??
  112. i have MT6227 Chinese PDA. i have a problem that it gets stack once it...
  113. I am trying to remember the name of a handheld game from the 80's.?
  114. are there any pda/palmos type devices that are apple or mac compatible?
  115. Which PDA is the best to buy with tmobile? What would your choice's data
  116. how do i take the sticky screen protector off of a Palm pda ?
  117. Whats PDA?(Public Display of Affection)?
  118. What is a PDA? (NOT public display of affection)?
  119. How do you put programes on a pda?
  120. Poll: PDA??
  121. Sync dairy records to pda?
  122. PDA vs personal computer?
  123. HTC PPC6800 for alltel?
  124. What rom Should i put on my Wing to be able to run the HTC theme?
  125. Handheld instant messaging system?
  126. Why do people feel awkward around gay PDA?
  127. So its okay to display PDA with your loved one in public. What can you not do then?
  128. Does the HTC touch have wi-fi and/or AD2P bluetooth?
  129. Can the htc s730 smartphone play music like any other phone?
  130. Wifi on HTC Mogul?
  131. Whats the best PDA for around $200 or less out there?
  132. How much would the cheapest industrial PDA with RFID scanner cost in $ and where...
  133. PDA QuESTION?
  134. HTC Sprint Touch?
  135. how do i install java 2.0 on my pda?
  136. .htc hover fix for IE6 - its not working at all.. please help!?
  137. best smartphone regardless of company?
  138. i need a pda?
  139. Best pda/mobile?
  140. How can I turn my Sony Ericsson Smartphone P1 made in China from english...
  141. How do I access the data on the memory card for HTC S710?
  142. what do you like most about the sprint touch cellphone by HTC?
  143. Which PDA is better ? Black Jack2 or Blackberry Pearl?
  144. PDA powerpoint question. Can I modify a powerpoint on my PDA with Windows mobile 6...
  145. I need a PDA or similar hand held device that can view a large Excel...
  146. PDA question. Need one for nursing school. Advise needed from nurses and
  147. Is Public Displays of Affection (PDA) ever ok?
  148. Does anyone know where I can buy some handheld mirrors used in primary schools...
  149. what is necessary to get my emails on my PDA?
  150. what phone is better htc s730 or the sony ericsson p1i?
  151. Has anyone had an problems with the HTC S720?
  152. What is the best PDA available for web-browsing (WI -FI)and...
  153. does anyone have an HTC touch?
  154. how do i get my pda to connect?
  155. PDA as a dictaphone - how to?
  156. has any one ever heard of HTC co?
  157. What PDA? Ipaq 3835, Dell Axim X5, ViewSonic V36?
  158. pda cell phones?
  159. Which smartphone should i get?
  160. Where can I find a Windows Mobile 6 download for my smartphone?
  161. Best smartphone/PDA that plays games.?
  162. My IBM c3 pda wont charge?!?!?
  163. Push email to windows mobile smartphone or pda?
  164. Which phone do you choose, the HTC Touch or the HTC 6800?
  165. free online sync for PDA such as palm ?
  166. What mobile phone/PDA should I get when my contract runs out in March?
  167. How do you explain PDA?
  168. Need ideas for a hand-held pda?
  169. HTC TOUCH CRUISE for alltel? I really want to get that phone but I don't...
  170. can u get the htc s710 or the htc s730 on pay as u go?
  171. i am planning to buy a smartphone. can you help me decide which brand and unit to...
  172. Help with a safe that I can store money, jewlery, handheld electronics, and...
  173. i need recomendation for PDA?
  174. sprint blackberry smartphone commercal song?
  175. Whats that Handheld IM thing called?
  176. PDA's? What do I need to do to connect?
  177. I am looking for a pda or smartphone that can sync up with my outlook organizer.?
  178. what is the song in the commercial for the new sprint smartphone blackberry pearl?
  179. what is the best handheld gps to use for hiking and mountain biking?
  180. i'm using htc p3400 right now........i like da phone but wenever a call...
  181. I need a PDA or similar hand held device that can view a large Excel database.?
  182. OK for the at&t tilt i have downloaded a HTC touch look and how do i put it on????
  183. Does anyone have a copy of the users manual for a ULTRONIC TS-220 PDA?
  184. HTC Touch users?
  185. Htc Touch Keyboard Help?
  186. Help with HTC touch?
  187. Can i use my alltel htc PPC 6800 as a gps device? if so do i need to buy hardware...
  188. Htc touch users?
  189. what's a good portable, handheld video camera?
  190. If I have a data block on my pda phone, can I still upload pics to pix place?
  191. HI! Can anyone tell me if the HTC TOUCH phone has the sofware called...
  192. I need help selecting PDA. (pocket pc)?
  193. need a PDA with windos XP word excel power point office out look and a good
  194. I need a PDA that can view a large Excel database.?
  195. 96 ford taurus in car obd2 not communicating with obd2 computer (handheld )?
  196. O2 PDA emergency backup contacts?
  197. when will verizon have IM for pda's/smartphones?!?
  198. why cant we change operating system on PDA'S like we do on PC?
  199. can I rent a handheld gps in Orlando?
  200. how do i put video on my tungsten e2 pda?
  201. how do I clear missed calls from my Palm Treo 650 smartphone?
  202. Installing a software to my HTC Mogul??? Help!!!?
  203. Smartphone opinon! Experience only PLEASE!?
  204. I want to buy a blackjack 2 (PDA) do I need a data plan? (first of all
  205. Is there any handheld video game software coming out soon????
  206. VHF handheld radio?
  207. Is there a Current PDA that has Large capacity storage and PIM capability?
  208. Help with my Htc Touch please!?
  209. Is there a way to unlock my palm E32 handheld that i have forgotten the password to?
  210. which pda brand and spec is great for calendar/outlook and mword?
  211. I'm looking for a GUITAR GAME or APPLICATION for a PDA or Tablet PC like Jam...
  212. What does a company use to get, say, a calculator program they created on a PC,...
  213. If I create a program on my PC, how do I get it into a handheld device to stand
  214. Handheld recorders? What's your experience or recommendation?
  215. can i calll from any smart mobile, pda or hand held via yahoo messenger?
  216. How to add menu items in the Sony Ericsson P990i smartphone in standy-by
  217. What PDA should i get? I cant choose between these 3 PDA's?
  218. Is there Wifi on Htc Touch?
  219. What GPS/Wifi/BT PDA should I get?
  220. Smartphone w/o data plan?
  221. How is this PDA?
  222. How do you feel about PDA(public displays of affection)?
  223. Should I get the new Pink Palm Centro, get a HTC touch,or a white Rumor by LG?
  224. Help with Htc touch by sprint!?
  225. Help with HTC Touch by Sprint!?
  226. Can someone help me match my bluetooth device to my Pam Treo 650 Smartphone?
  227. HTC Touch Picture Mail?
  228. What are the differences between the HTC Mogul and HTC Kaiser cell phones?
  229. Can I use my HTC at&t tilt with any prepaid plan?
  230. Would like a Camera Phone (above 2.0mp) with PDA.?
  231. how to transfer mp3 to palm tungsten handheld without using sd card?
  232. Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone icons change???
  233. Cellphone or smartphone?
  234. How do I update the .net framework for my smartphone (wm5)?
  235. what type of 2-way handheld radio do u recommend that would have the best distance
  236. From which shop i can buy a PDA?
  237. will it hurt a Lithium ion battery if i dont charge it the full 3 hours or...
  238. is it worth having a PDA?
  239. When I sync yahoo calendar with my handheld, the yahoo calendar is off by 6 hours.?
  240. Handheld guitar game commercial?
  241. Is accessing the internet on a PDA via Bluetooth free?
  242. Which PDA has fastest page-load WIFI? IPAQ H4350/tungsten C/ x51/x30/palm TX. Plse
  243. I own a htc mogul smart device and on the 1st day had problems?
  244. How to make a call with HTC Dual Touch?
  245. is a 2g smartphone ok to use for a 3g internet service that i have?
  246. is a 2g smartphone ok to use for a 3g internet service that i have?
  247. Are there any apps that will allow me to wirelessly sync my Yahoo Calendar
  248. I'm having some problems with my sprint mogul smartphone? can someone help?????
  249. vodafone live! on my HTC touch?
  250. Best handheld PDA device for doctors?