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  1. In which file New Entires are Stored in htc phone?
  2. How do I make a handheld launcher capable of firing a water bottle rocket?
  3. Hello kitty pda 318 help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  4. HTC 8100 Smartphone PDA Problem!?
  5. My htc touch "live search" wont work need help?
  6. In dynast mode on NBA live 09 can you still use the PDA system.?
  7. how to find memory card on htc touch pro?
  8. I have a HTC Mogul and when I use windows media player and close it my music...
  9. PDA phone/smartphone with world wide GPS?
  10. ATT user using HTC G1 phone questions..Please help!?
  11. I was using my PDA to log into msn and facebook. Now I can't log into either one.?
  12. Is the HTC touch dimond and the HTC Touch pro the same thing?
  13. Can I use yahoo go 3.0 via my wifi instead of my mobile 3G connection? can it be
  14. Can i update my HTC 8125 to Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1?
  15. How can I get free movies & downloads on my phone? HTC PPC6800?
  16. Is the HTC Touch Pro good for a Teenager?
  17. I want a good PDA to use as a digital organizer. ?
  18. HTC Touch Pro Vs Verizon Voyager?
  19. Handheld GPS for use in Zambia? ?
  20. HTC touch diamond for Verizon?
  21. Where can i buy the new Sprint HTC Touch Pro?
  22. "My Location" Problems with Google Maps - Bell HTC Touch?
  23. Setting up my email on my HTC Diamond 3g?
  24. Can you sync Quickbooks with your smartphone?
  25. girls and guys answer this pda question.?
  26. can i buy an att pda phone on ebay without having to upgrade?
  27. What phone is better, HTC Fuze or Quickfire? And why?
  28. What phone is better, HTC Fuze or Quickfire? And why?
  29. does anyone know how to get that big clock of the today screen on the htc touch
  30. Did the HTC Fuze come out for AT&T yet?
  31. My PDA was stolen. What PDA should I get to replace it?
  32. how do i use the video call feature on my htc tilt?
  33. HTC Fuze vs. AT&T Quickfire ?
  34. Actual battery life from the HTC Touch Diamond?
  35. Actual battery life from the HTC Touch Diamond?
  36. Should I get HTC Touch, Touch Diamond, Instinct, or iPhone?
  37. does htc touch lag ? ?
  38. what are those things that are like an oversize PDA and you read it like a book?
  39. Can I use the T-mobile G1 like a laptop or pda for internet?
  40. what pda is the best for storing files, videos and music? does it have...
  41. Will AT&T have the HTC Touch Diamond? The Touch Pro?
  42. Poll: Bluetooth or Handheld?
  43. When does the HTC Touch HD Come Out In Australia?
  44. Stuff for my htc wing?
  45. htc touch diamond, how can i run google maps...it keeps telling me i have...
  46. Which is better HTC touch Diamond,N96 or iPhone 3G?
  47. Which will be cheaper...the HTC Raphael or the Samsung Omnia?
  48. what is the best smartphone with att for a reasonable price?
  49. HTC Touch Diamond Alltel ?
  50. Does anyone know if Howard High has a pda policy?
  51. i have a handheld two-way radio with this specifications 29.675 mhz 4 watt of power
  52. what is maximum range of this Handheld two-way radio 4 watts of output power?
  53. Does anyone have the HTC PPC6800 cell phone?
  54. About how many hours will the HTC Diamond last from one charge when used on
  55. HTC Touch Diamond on the 3 network (Australia)?
  56. Touch by HTC(sprint cell phone)?
  57. htc touch pro/raphael cell phone?
  58. Best handheld vacuum for dog hair?
  59. Limits to media with HTC Dream G1 Android unlocked for ATT?
  60. Blackberry Cellphone/PDA?
  61. what's the best At&t PDA phone for a student, including the plan and everything?
  62. Where can i buy new cell phones online without contracts? (pda)?
  63. I have a sprint htc titan phone and i want to know how to put ringtones in the
  64. i want to apply ringtones using my computer to my htc titan phone how do i do that?
  65. What's the most explicit PDA you have done?
  66. Help with Tmobiles HTC Shadow phone.?
  67. Which phone is better the Samsung Instinct or the Touch by HTC for those who have...
  68. Do you have/own a PDA?
  69. Which Mapping program do You Use on Your Blackberry/PDA/Smartphone?
  70. Can anyone recommend a good PDA?
  71. T-mobile HTC G1 or T-mobile 2008 Sidekick?
  72. Has anyone ever owned or tried the HTC HD cellphone?
  73. should i get the pantech duo or the htc s710 vox?
  74. What is a good brand of a handheld belt sander?
  75. Best Handheld Pc ?
  76. PDA/Smart phone suggestion!?
  77. htc wing with a broken screen?
  78. MOTOROLA Q BLACK SMARTPHONE .simple Qus for those with this phone 10pts?
  79. Are there any cool PDA-phones that come in clamshell form?
  80. is HTC the company GREEN?
  81. What is the largest Micro SD card compatible with HTC HERMES?
  82. HTC G1 or 2008 Sidekick?
  83. What are some great programs for your smartphone?
  84. Can a Htc 8925(tilt) be activated with tmobille?
  85. Should I get a smartphone or PDA?
  86. are handheld blenders a waste of money?
  87. PDA, PSP... any other handheld web browsers?
  88. HTC Touch vs Apple Iphone?
  89. Want an i9 pda/touch screen phone?
  90. sprint htc touch diamond phone how to change the today menu?
  91. Why is my background image tiled on my HTC Touch phone?
  92. Why is the HTC Diamond phone different from the one online with the diamond
  93. htc touch cell phone?
  94. Best Gsm Pda Cell Phone That Takes A Sim Card..?
  95. What is the cheapest data plan for a smartphone. With or without voice...
  96. How can I change the action of my music button on my HTC Touch?
  97. PDA with an USB inputs?
  98. is there a myspace mobile for the htc kaiser? ?
  99. Is there any GPS handheld that I can add my own maps?
  100. Will there be a new Sidekick from danger, which is owned by microsoft. A
  101. Two Electronic Questions (Laptop n PDA) ?
  102. blackberry smartphone????
  103. Which handheld system should I get?
  104. Is the new HTC G1 phone unlocked?
  105. is there any camera that is handheld and download ichat effects for imacs?
  106. How do i send pictures to people threw regular text on my HTC touch?
  107. How do I get my Girlfriend to do PDA?
  108. A good pda? ?
  109. What is the monthly rate of a blackberry pearl smartphone from alltel?
  110. what is the easiest way to download the vista application on to my sprint htc mogul?
  111. what's the difference Between htc touch diamond and sprint's htc touch diamond?
  112. how do i get vista on my mogul htc sprint phone?
  113. how to install mig33 on my nktel 2800 mobile PDA?
  114. what is the difference between Palmtop and PDA?
  115. Internet on the HTC diamond ?
  116. I can't send picture messages on my Siemens T830 PDA - can anyone help?
  117. Can any1 help me with the HTC TOUCH CDMA?
  118. Whats a good cheap PDA that has wifi, a regular USB port, and the
  119. Htc Touch Cdma? Can Any1 Help Me..?
  120. getting music into the 'my music' folder on my palm treo 750 smartphone?
  121. HTC 8525 wont turn on PLEASE HELP.?
  122. What phone is better, HTC Touch or Samsung Highnote?
  123. HTC Diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  124. LifeDrive PDA buying used on amazon question?
  125. rockr e6 or htc p3400i?
  126. can u put a normal memory card in a pda...?
  127. when is the htc touch pro coming to at&t?
  128. Does the HTC Touch Diamond need a special plan for AT&T?
  129. Poll- Do you have a regular cell phone, a pay-as-you-go cell phone, or a PDA?
  130. What can I do about the HTC Touch HD?
  131. is there anyway i can contact htc touch and ask a question about restoration ?
  132. How can I activate the GPRS on my HTC Juno or the T-Mobile Shadow.?
  133. i have a htc touch and my tasks got deleted is there anyway to get them back ?
  134. When is the blackberry flip phone coming to canada? Is it a smartphone?
  135. T-Mobile HTC Shadow Question About Mobile Web?
  136. Have problems with my new htc touch diamond ?
  137. article's on the smartphone palm centro?
  138. where can i download the nkjv of the bible for palm tungsten t3 pda for free?
  139. HTC touch pro/at&t fuze?
  140. im looking to buy a new phone.. the htc touch diamond but i ran across two phones..?
  141. My pda phone has suddenly stopped playing video?
  142. i have the BT HTC 680 PHONE ?
  143. what should i do about a friend and a pda situation?
  144. Will an RF detector (handheld) detect a cell phone that is on and being
  145. Does anyone remember that Handheld scanner game?
  146. My htc touch has water damage. Can I fix it?
  147. Palm PDA? I need help with applications!?
  148. Anybody have a HTC Touch Pro?
  149. Can anyone tell how can I get my HTC G1 phone unlocked?is there any free videos
  150. My Htc Touch Keeps On Playing My Mp3 Message Alert Even After I Finished...
  151. What was name of data pda used in Star Trek Voyager to carry around
  152. Which handheld device is right for me?
  153. Installing setup.xml files onto Mobile Device/ PDA?
  154. can i use HTC touch pro's front/second camera to take pictures?
  155. what is difference between htc touch and htc touch viva?
  156. what is difference between htc touch and htc touch viva?
  157. What all is allowed in a public place? (PDA)?
  158. What are your views on PDA's(Public Displays of Affection)?
  159. Help with my new Touch by HTC phone (from sprint)?
  160. How much is the Htc Touch Pro?
  161. Yahoo Go 3.0 and PDA?
  162. HTC Touch Diamond for alltel?
  163. HTC Touch Diamond for alltel?
  164. i need a large amount of handheld gps units?
  165. PDA only for word processing?
  166. What kind of smartphone would be useful for me?
  167. Is there no way to save straight to the internal 4gig media on the HTC Touch?
  168. solar universal pda charger that works?
  169. Suggestions for a good quality PDA?
  170. Which PDA would be best for me and what kind of service plan would be the cheapest?
  171. Does an HP ipaq handheld have internet just like a ipaq pc?
  172. Is an HP ipaq handheld the same thing as an ipaq PC?
  173. What would be the better product, the Alltel HTC PPC6800, or the Moto Q? ?
  174. PDA only for word processing?
  175. pc suite soft ware china pda mobile mt6227 ?
  176. Do you like it when a couple shows PDA(public display of affection).?
  177. hey guys does htc touch viva have windows live messenger or not.?
  178. I have a HTC 3400, my sms option is not working, please help me with your
  179. I am thinking about getting a new handset and i am confused between Nokia N81--- HTC
  180. Is the GSen application a safe application for the HTC Touch Diamond?
  181. Questions about Samsung Instinct and HTC Touch Diamond?
  182. what can some one tell me about the PDA phone : CECT i9?
  183. What top 5 behaviors or skills do you want from a Cellular/PDA/Handheld Tech...
  184. Internet on HTC Touch?
  185. Where can i get the HTC S740?
  186. whats so special about the HTC diamond?
  187. Replace phone with smartphone on Alltel?
  188. ROM update for the htc touch diamond ?
  189. How much will the HTC Fuze for AT&T cost?
  190. Htc pro and htc diamond?
  191. What are your opinions on PDA? (mostly boys, please)?
  192. PDA Handheld Quran Download?
  193. Does anyone know about the HTC (Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp) stock?
  194. About how many applicants are there a year to Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School
  195. When will the htc touch Diamond come to verizon?
  196. For ATT wireless, what is the best PDA/smartphone?
  197. Is intense PDA Affection ok?
  198. Where can i find a copy of PDA Technical report no. 40 (Pharmaceutical) ?
  199. how do i take a picture with my Touch Diamond by HTC from sprint ?
  200. htc touch diamond or blackberry storm?
  201. tungsten t3 palm pda need help..?
  202. is anyone getting the htc touch pro?
  203. I have a HTC touch p3450 mobile which i bought 2 weeks ago.What memory is...
  204. What OS this PDA use? (from picture)?
  205. updated my HTC S620 smartphone now google maps doesn't work?
  206. Does anyone know if the HTC Touch Pro or Xperia X1 will be supported by t-mobile...
  207. iphone theme for htc touch??
  208. Where can i buy PDA lan card CF 802.11b WIFI in the Philippines?
  209. Adding Things To My HTC PPC6800?
  210. is the htc diamond available in america ?
  211. I have a palm Vx PDA, and i can hook it up to my computer, but how can i
  212. Cool Programs for HTC 621?
  213. does the HTC tilt force a data plan?
  214. what type of handheld camcorder does ty pennington use on extreme
  215. Calendar/Tasks program that will sync between Vista and Windows Mobile 6.1 PDA?
  216. Htc Touch vrs. Nokia E71?
  217. How can you sync Sprint HTC Touch phone to MAC?
  218. Download older version of windows media player for sprint HTC touch?
  219. Why is my HTC 8525 Slow?
  220. What is the PDA phone Lauren Conrad is using where the middle part swivels open to...
  221. whats the first thing people think when they see the HTC Diamond?
  222. where are the HTC phones marketed most which parts of the world and why?
  223. i need over ten reasons why i should get the HTC diamond over the I phone?
  224. What are great devices (smartphones, PDA's, etc) that have wifi, EDGE and/or 3G
  225. Calendar and Tasks for laptop AND smartphone?
  226. pictures from htc 8125 to computer can anyone help ?
  227. Ringer volume in HTC touch is very low, even though there is full volume in mobile. ?
  228. I need help with my HTC touch......!!!!?
  229. is there a way to transfer footage from a sony handheld to my computer?
  230. problems with PDA in school?
  231. How do I use my pda on my network through my modem?
  232. Hi!yesterday My Friend Have Bought A Chinese Pda Model:- Wsk399.can...
  233. Does anyone know how to make the demo on the Me2 Handheld to stop playing?
  234. How do you put songs in the HTC touch phone audio player?
  235. How can I open a HTC S710 phone?
  236. which is better htc 3400i or nokia 5610?
  237. Which is a better phone?.... LG KS20, HTC Touch or HTC Touch Diamond?
  238. Games for htc touch diamond ? ?
  239. Htc 6800!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  240. how do i unlock my Pantech Duo Smartphone?
  241. htc touch iphone theme slide 2 unlock?
  242. How do i install applications on HTC 5800?
  243. Themes/wallpapers for HTC Touch phone?
  244. How come in movies, when using handheld cameras, you never hear the
  245. MyLife handheld video game? Should I get it?
  246. HTC Touch Pro Release Date?
  247. Mind mapping software for PDA/Pockect PC/smart phone?
  248. Which handheld device is worth getting?
  249. I need help in buying a PDA.........?
  250. Hello Kitty 318 PDA mobile phone?