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  1. Is there a way to edit the data on Football Manager Handheld 2012 on ipod/ iphone?
  2. Which handheld-device do I need to read all the Q-codes that are everywhere,
  3. I want to buy a smartphone and have no idea which way to go?
  4. I want to buy a smartphone and have no idea which way to go?
  5. Will a handheld hoover get rid of cat hair on carpets/sofas/beds?
  6. AT&T SmartPhone Return Policy and 2-year contract?
  7. AT&T SmartPhone Return Policy and 2-year contract?
  8. Cultures and Groups: Does PDA annoy you?
  9. Are PDA's allowed in middle schools?
  10. where can you buy a handheld 420 microscope in Ontario, Canada?
  11. where can you buy a handheld 420 microscope in Ontario, Canada?
  12. Unlocking smartphone?
  13. Mental issue people that can't stand pda have..?
  14. how could i practice cinematography in my basement with a handheld camera?
  15. Sprint PDA phones..........?
  16. Nintendo DS emulator or Real Nintendo DS handheld?
  17. Nintendo DS emulator or Real Nintendo DS handheld?
  18. What's the best AT&T smartphone ?
  19. What's the best AT&T smartphone ?
  20. I really hate PDA, help? :s?
  21. My girlfriend doesnt like PDA... what do i do?
  22. I'm looking for a brand new PDA?
  23. Verizon Smartphone Data Plan?
  24. I'm looking for a brand new PDA?
  25. PDA problem?! Please help. ?
  26. handheld gaming or console gaming?
  27. Is there a website or a downloadable program that emulates Blackberry
  28. Good AT&T phone (not smartphone)?
  29. features of flashing a ROM to android smartphone?
  30. Is there anyway for a Smartphone to communicate with a two way radio?
  31. Is there a app to tell me how much Im using my smartphone?
  32. Which handheld are the Kingdom Hearts games for?
  33. What is the best android based smartphone?
  34. Send Video from HTC EVO smartphone to personal email?
  35. Send Video from HTC EVO smartphone to personal email?
  36. What is the best android based smartphone?
  37. Do you know if or when their gonna come out with a new handheld game console?
  38. PDA, Tablet, laptop or desktop?
  40. "Camera Failed" on Android Smartphone. Anyone else?
  41. Which handheld GPS for the A.T.?
  42. Which handheld GPS for the A.T.?
  43. Remote computer-powered cell phone/PDA?
  44. is it illegal to have a larger then 3/8s drill bit on a corded handheld drill?
  45. My boyfriend HATES PDA. He won't even hold my hand?
  46. I need a small vacuum cleaner / handheld for student life?
  47. ASAP smartphone app "imsy messenger" why need phone number to register?
  48. What is the better smartphone?
  49. What are the best non-smartphone phones?
  50. Samsung Continuum™ i400 Android Smartphone RESET?
  51. i want to change my wlan pessword on my smartphone?
  52. Is it always possible to convert a non-deterministic PDA to a deterministic one?
  53. I texted Data# on my att smartphone and need help understanding it?
  54. Are there any laptops that let you access applications like a smartphone or...
  55. I downloaded pda Net on my ipod touch (jailbroken) and got the full
  56. What is a cheap handheld GPS logger?
  57. What is a cheap handheld GPS logger?
  58. Should I put more boundaries on my PDA?
  59. Are there any laptops that let you access applications like a smartphone or
  60. Switch sim cards from cheap phone to smartphone to save money?
  61. Virgin, found blood after pda, HELP?
  62. Using wifi does or doesn't count against my smartphone data plan?
  63. Using wifi does or doesn't count against my smartphone data plan?
  64. Using wifi does or doesn't count against my smartphone data plan?
  65. Why is PDA at school such a big deal?
  66. Which Smartphone should i get?
  67. Smartphone with Skype VideoCall and front camera (cheapest)?
  68. Do you vacuum your stairs with an upright vacuum, or handheld?
  69. I have a limited data plan on my droid and have a ? about PDA NET APP?
  70. Does tethering laptop to a smartphone provide the same type of service as dsl?
  71. What handheld plays plays wav files?
  72. Should I get a smartphone?
  73. VZ Navigator on Android Smartphone?
  74. what handheld electronic would i need for internet and games?
  75. What is the name of this old handheld game?
  76. Blackberry Curve 9360 for my first smartphone?
  77. Is there any nintendo handheld device that plays old gameboy games w/ a light?
  78. Can I ask cricket to remove the data plan from my smartphone bill?
  79. How do I tell my bf less PDA?
  80. Which smartphone do I choose, Really Need Help!?
  81. Is facebook free with a smartphone?
  82. How to install emulators and roms on sd card for gp2x wiz handheld.?
  83. Smartphone 3G and WIFI access?
  84. how do handheld fireballs work chemically?
  85. Smartphone wifi/data?
  86. Girlfriend shows too much PDA?
  87. What is the best handheld camera for a beginner filmmaker?
  88. My sisters boyfriend thinks i'm jealous of their relationship but I am...
  89. At&t smartphone insurance?
  90. what exactly is sprint and unlocked version of smartphone?
  91. im planning to get a new psp should i and why did sony stop making games for...
  92. What is a "safe for kids" handheld? All the kids are wanting expensive IPADS.?
  93. What temperature should your smartphone stay below?
  94. what would be considered acceptable PDA?
  95. Which pda should i buy?
  96. cheapest handheld scuba tanks including refiller?
  97. Smartphone upgrade suggestions? ?
  98. where do I start in making a handheld computer?
  99. A couple of questions about the Pandora Gaming Handheld?
  100. Guys: how do you feel about PDA?
  101. Indestructable sprint smartphone?
  102. Got an Action Replay V 5.4 for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. Any...
  103. Free internet tether app for android smartphone?
  104. Friend troubles...:/ PDA!!?
  105. Change IP on smartphone? help?
  106. Which is the better handheld learning pad for a three year old?
  107. Do you think handheld gaming is slowly dying?
  108. My PC disconnects and is unable to find networks when I connect my smartphone
  109. Blackberry Smartphone.?
  110. Should I buy a smartphone for my new girl friend whom I have knew for only 4
  111. handheld electronic pet game?
  112. what is the best brand of handheld digital camcorder? (possibly with a built in
  113. The rules about PDA at my school are retarded as heck?
  114. I found a smartphone that someone must have dropped, how can I return it to...
  115. Smallest handheld camcorder?
  116. Did you agree that Super Mario 3D Land won the Best Handheld Game at...
  117. what's your opinion about PDA at school ?
  118. Best non-smartphone for AT&T?
  119. ipod touch or smartphone?
  120. i have a 20 questions television handheld game and i was wondering if it could...
  121. Which handheld console should I get?
  122. How can I connect my hdd panasonic digital handheld camcorder to the ac
  123. Do think there will ever be a handheld Xbox system?
  124. Help!There is PDA and i am sick of it!?
  125. how do i find a pda that has ben gone for a long time?
  126. How do you get your boyfriend to do PDA?
  127. My net 10 Motorola smartphone's screen is jacked up and wont let me type in my full
  128. What happens if you don't put a sim card in a smartphone or android phone?
  129. Is it more healthy to play handheld games and use a laptop in a chair than on...
  130. Football Manager Handheld 2011 for PSP Editor!!!!!!?
  131. Can You Verizon Prepaid Plan On A Smartphone?
  132. POLL: Are you on your computer, laptop, or smartphone?
  133. Which handheld game for 5 year old boy?
  134. I'm looking for a PDA/Palm Pilot/Pocket PC type thing... Help?
  135. Which is the best smartphone?
  136. Why do Guys Like PDA? (Public Display of Affection)?
  137. A good handheld tripod for filming snowboarding?
  138. What smartphone is better?
  139. Why should PDA(Public Displays of Affection) be allowed in school?
  140. Pokemon lovers-would you be willing to pay for a handheld system with every...
  141. Which smartphone should i get?
  142. should i buy a DS? or any handheld?
  143. What is your thought on PDA in schools?
  145. Well, me and this guy TOTALLY liked eachother but he doesnt like PDA and now im...
  146. I just got my first smartphone(Motorola Razr) and I need a website guide?
  147. What Verizon smartphone?
  148. What Verizon smartphone should I buy?
  149. Can people automatically see that android icon on my chat status, if i am online
  150. PDA-Public Display Of Affection: What's the big deal?
  151. Whats the best handheld game console I can get for my 6 yr old?
  152. is there any decorative lamp shades that are handheld and unpluggable?
  153. Will there ever be a Xbox handheld console?
  154. Buying my first smartphone? need advice please.?
  155. What is the best smartphone, cost not an issue.?
  156. Best Verizon smartphone out there under $200?
  157. 3 questions about pokemon and nintendo ds: 1) what is the best ds handheld to
  158. Why does it seem that people have an issue with PDA?
  159. Can you run certain apps on a smartphone without a data plan?
  160. Would a kindle fire be a good gift if the person receiving it isn't used to any
  161. What PDA stylus ,with a pointed tip, is the best for tablets?
  162. what are the cheapest smartphone plans?
  163. What is your opinion on High school & Sex, "Waiting until marriage" and PDA?
  164. If a guy-friend gives you his jacket because you are cold, does it count as pda?
  165. Should I get a smartphone or tablet for Christmas?
  166. Does anybody have a handheld ham radio transceiver for sale?
  167. best smartphone web browser of all time?
  168. what handheld monopod can i use for my gopro hero camera?
  169. Any reason we can't have a handheld shower head in our apt?
  170. Best Android smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard and running Froyo or
  171. my house doesnt support central heating or handheld accessories why?
  172. whats the best smartphone browser?
  174. Choosing a New Handheld Game Station/console?
  175. Poll: How much does PDA (Public display of affection) bother you?
  176. I bought a unlocked international smartphone on eBay, how do I put it on AT&T?
  177. why is the uniden bc95xlt handheld scanner cable connection square?
  178. My newly-ex boyfriend was never into PDA and that didn't bug me because I am...
  179. Handheld gps for android?
  180. Cor blimey! I sat on my smartphone just now. What do you think is going to happen?
  181. What smartphone is good for gaming?
  182. Will my football manager handheld 2011 on iPod touch update to 2012 edition?
  183. What kind of smartphone do you have?
  184. How is my smartphone providing internet service without a Wi-fi or any
  185. What would you do if a toddler broke your gaming console or handheld?
  186. can I use my smartphone as a modem for an iPad 2?
  187. What is Verizon's best Smartphone?
  188. Do you use "armor" or screen protectors on your PDA?
  189. i sell legit cc dumps banklogin wutransfer paypal
  190. idk bout my guy and pda he shows it with one friend and when its just us..
  191. Does it hurt the smartphone battery to keep it plugged in after the
  192. I've been trying to download flash player for android to my handheld device?
  193. How do I make my handheld scanner pick up locked out radio frequencies?
  194. How Much Is A Smartphone Plan For Verizon?
  195. Cost For Verizon Smartphone Plan?
  196. Do you agree that ps vita/3ds will be last gen dedicated gaming handheld?
  197. Is hugging considered too much PDA?
  198. How come I can suddenly check-in using my PDA?
  199. Is it considered nerdy to play handheld games?
  200. Cheapest way to have decent smartphone, unlimited data and low monthly costs?
  201. Android smartphone recommendations (unlocked and entry-level)?
  202. What is the best handheld console and game?
  203. Why do people gross out at PDA and then freak out when the TV couple they want to
  204. Good qwerty cellphone (not smartphone)?
  205. can i use my smartphone's SIM card in an iphone without chaning the bill?
  206. Can i put my Sim card into an unlocked smartphone and have a regular data plan
  207. smartphone wars why is nokia(symbian) losing?
  208. I recently got a Samsung T528G Smartphone for Straight Talk & I have never been...
  209. What is your opinion of PDA (Public Display of Affection)?
  210. problem to connect my smartphone to wifi?
  211. What's the best handheld video game console for playing all the old retro games?
  212. I am in the US. Can my tmobile smartphone send a text to my cousin in Hong
  213. If you're using Wifi on a smartphone with no data will it cost?
  214. is it worth having or getting a handheld games console?
  215. Do you suppose this smartphone-mountable credit card reader is safe?
  216. Anybody knows some good apps for Android on a smartphone?
  217. On Call of Duty Elite can you actually watch your recently played games on a
  218. Is it possible to buy a deactivated smartphone for using free wifi only?
  219. got in trouble for pda? (public display of affection)?
  220. What is the most powerful smartphone?
  221. what was the name of the handheld vtech toy from 2000 that had the carrot game?
  222. Question about smartphone GB?
  223. Smartphone or android tablet, what should i get?
  224. Can you use a sim on a non smartphone plan in a smartphone? ?
  225. Need advice on what handheld GPS to get?
  226. Are there any current games on handheld consoles similar to a vintage Mickey Mouse...
  227. Smartphone Application Patent Help?
  228. How to read a handheld light meter?
  229. If I purposely brick my smartphone will TMobile replace it?
  230. How do you think high school kids would react to a no PDA sign in the halls?
  231. What handheld device can I use to create a camera flash?
  232. DAS, what wireless systems can operate on the same DAS antenna? Can cell phones,
  233. What's a good smartphone for a teen?
  234. Handheld QR Code scanner device?
  235. a specific budget smartphone question?
  236. a specific budget smartphone question?
  237. what's a good smartphone to buy?
  238. How To Convince My Parents To Let Me Get A Smartphone?
  239. How can i unlock a smartphone without knowing the passcode?
  240. How do you charge the palm zire m150 8mB PDA?
  241. how much will a bendy smartphone cost?
  242. Hey gay couples: why don't you show PDA when you're in public?
  243. What is the best handheld camcorder?
  244. I need a bluetooth advertising system that can be installed on a mobile...
  245. What is the best handheld gps for finding a straight line back to a way point?
  246. I am a large smartphone company, drink a glass of water and find out my name.?
  247. What's a good console or handheld system for a 6 year old?
  248. Should I get an iPod and a Smartphone or just an iPhone?
  249. Is the Palm Pilot Tungsten E2 a PDA or phone?
  250. Att data plan help - using upgrade to get smartphone then drop data plan.?