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  1. Which do you prefer: Palm Treo Pro or HTC Touch Pro?
  2. handheld portable video?
  3. I rly into pda but my bf isn't? [[advise?]]?
  4. pda and touch screen phones?
  5. How do I download apps to my HTC Touch Pro?
  6. Need a personal review for Xperia vs HTC Touch Pro?
  7. htc p3400i storage card problem.....!!!!!!!!plzzzz guys help me out?
  8. Best sprint smartphone?
  9. when will the htc touch pro 2 be available in australia?
  10. Verizon Wireless Data Plan Needed for PDA?
  11. Iphone app Htc 6800 Please help me?
  12. What are some useful cell phone applications for my HTC Touch Pro?
  13. my htc diamond will turn on but the screen wont?
  14. Ringtone Help htc 6800?
  15. detention because of PDA....was this fair?
  16. Can the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8130 smartphone access a wireless internet connection?
  17. Does Anyone Know where i Can find the HTC TOUCH HD on contract?
  18. Looking for a owners manual for a Royal dm3070 PDA. Does anyone know where I...
  19. how to show cute PDA with boyfriend?
  20. Best mp3/PDA player which isn't an iPod?
  21. *HELP ME DECIDE* HTC Touch Pro 2, Touch Diamond 2?
  22. is there any free program i can use to sync my contacts from phone into pc, and...
  23. Where can I download a decent and good emulator for HTC T-Mobile Dash?
  24. have you ever had problems with pda?
  25. watchtower library 2008 pda windows mobile 6.1?
  26. htc touch from verizon wireless help!?
  27. HTC Fuze: Is there a port for both a corded headset and a charger?
  28. I need pda or organizer to track birthdays, projects, homework assignments, ETC.?
  29. Can anyone give me a review on what the WaveSense Jazz handheld diabetic monitor
  30. Best handheld GPS for geocaching?
  31. AT&T PDA Data Plan question.?
  32. What is the best handheld VHF marine radio brand?
  33. When is the HTC Touch Pro 2 coming to the US (and another question)?
  34. I need HELP with my new Sprint HTC Touch Pro!?
  35. What are the system hardware & software requirement for a PDA, ‘IPhone’ that allow...
  36. i want to purchase a touchscreen smartphone for usd $350. or less. what phone is...
  37. PDA's, Why won't he let me show him how much I miss him?
  38. Is there a way to use HTC Touch Pro (Windows Mobile 6.1) custom ringtones
  39. Is there anywhere in Australia that I can buy a Nite Stalker 220mm Handheld
  40. what is the best smartphone to buy for $300. and under?
  41. Why can I not recieve and send pictures on my HTC cell on WI_FI?
  42. How many people out there are not afraid to give "PDA's" (public displays of
  43. What is the name of this handheld game?
  44. Should i get the pantech matrix pro or the HTC fuze.?
  45. How long do you think it will be before Nintendo makes a new handheld console that
  46. Should i buy the HTC Fuze?
  47. which handheld got the best fps?
  48. Mobile/Smartphone...?
  49. Google Earth PDA output to controller: Programming?
  50. Why is the JAVA on my smartphone not working?1?
  51. How can I password protect my sd card on my phone. I have a HTC Touch Pro running...
  52. can i use my t-mobile sidekick unlimited plan with my unlocked HTC Touch HD and...
  53. Do the Lightforce handheld spotlights have HID lights in them?
  54. Iphone Apps On ATT/HTC Tilt?
  55. Samsung Omnia w/out Verizon PDA plan?
  56. Will Verizon's VCAST "mobile web 2.0" plan work on PDA/Smartphones?
  57. Do I need Drivers For HTC 6900?
  58. What are some problems with housewares that need to be fixed? For example, when
  59. How can I get Super Mario Bros for my Mogul from sprint or The Wing from HTC?
  60. What would be a practical PDA/pocket pc/palmtop to buy if your need is to...
  61. How much does internet service cost for BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Smartphone ?
  62. is there going to be new handheld game systems coming out soon?
  63. I am looking for a wifi capable smartphone, preferably from AT&T, and not too...
  64. Which is a better PDA? Easy 10?
  65. how do you save messages on the htc touch?
  66. Help with HTC Touch HD or Windows mobile devices?
  67. which one is best buy? n79, e71, 5800 ex music or htc touch diamond?
  68. what PDA has skype capability, has a GPS, uses windows and has a usb...
  69. I'm looking for a PDA that's comparable to the iPod, but PC and Windows...
  70. who else doesn't like PDA?
  71. what is the best smartphone for instant messaging?
  72. What is a good handheld/portable system for emulation?
  73. Why does my HTC Tilt not recognize my Micro SD memory card?
  74. I would like to buy a htc touch where can I buy a pay as you go one?
  75. Can I download data on my smartphone's internet?
  76. SEX & PDA in UAE for unmarried couples?
  77. Can you use a smartphone like a Palm Treo 700WX with a regular wireless plan?
  78. htc fuze texts not sending?
  79. Does Sprint still sell the HTC Mogul?
  80. Are there any NDS roms that will work on HTC Touch HD?
  81. can you block someone from calling you? i have a smartphone maybe that will help?
  82. How can i increase wifi speeds on my pocket pc PDA?
  83. Is the nokia 5220 a smartphone or cellular?
  84. texting htc verizon (xv6900)?
  85. In about what month will the htc touch pro2 come to sprint?
  86. Need help with my Palm PDA. Won't recognize my memory card?
  87. Can I use a smartphone with AT&T prepaid?
  88. In my glofiish x610 (pda phone) how can I change it to english setting?
  89. Can you use a scanner antenna for a handheld CB?
  90. Do you think Microsoft should make a handheld game system?
  91. Palm Tx handheld PC, or asus Eee 900 pc netbook?
  92. Can an HTC Touch Pro take a SIM card?
  93. how long does it take to download apps on the HTC G1?
  94. Connecting official bluetooth headset for ps3 onto HTC Touch Pro?
  95. is the lg versa (coming in March 1) a smartphone?
  96. is there any way I can get a new Verizon smartphone without buying the
  97. I urgently need someones help, I purchased SPY001 Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile
  98. I urgently need someones help, I purchased SPY001 Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile
  99. I have the HTC Smart Phone and it keeps calling people?
  100. HTC Touch P3450............?
  101. AT&T HTC FUZE? How do I set a TEXT ringtone?
  102. which phone should i get. I am 14 and can choose between the LG Voyager
  103. should i get the palm centro smartphone, or the samsung glyde?
  104. SEX & PDA in UAE for unmarried couples?
  105. What is the current price of HTC touch pro in mumbai and in which...
  106. how do i get my watchtower library to open on my pda?
  107. Should I get the HTC Fuze?
  108. PDA under $200 suggestions?
  109. i have an htc diamond and i need help to install apps& games?
  110. Questions about HTC Touch Diamond phone?
  111. Where in my Smartphone(pantech Duo) do i put the hack files i get from smartfone.com?
  112. LEAPSTER 2 childrens handheld game. HOW DO I RESTART IT?
  113. (For at&t) is it possible to get MEdia net without getting the PDA bundle?
  114. Question About the HTC Touch Cell Phone?
  115. Questions about HTC Touch Diamond phone?
  116. Pda/ Organizer questions?
  117. how to make a variable speed motor from 20-20,000 rpm - small, handheld?
  118. Can some one help me with My HTC DIAMOND Touch ?
  119. Two Negative HTC's but 5 days late... Could i be Pregnant?
  120. BEST handheld Game System?
  121. For those who know about PDA's?
  122. I have HTC Touch P3450?
  123. Does the HTC Fuze from at&t have a spot for a lanyard?
  124. What is a Handheld modem and do i have to have a router for it to work? or...
  125. Do you HAVE to buy the added bundle if you buy a smartphone such as the iPhone...
  126. Best feature-rich and texting-savvy smartphone?
  127. how to prevent the others from seeing my messages in my htc diamond?
  128. Is there a handheld game of mine sweeper?
  129. How to go to ABS-CBN compound(where you can find PDA Concert Hall) from Antipolo
  130. What kind of adapter do I need to plug a mobile CB antenna into a handheld?
  131. Is there any way to connect my smartphone to the internet through wifi without a sim
  132. old casio handheld kids instant messenger thing?
  133. how do i put my micro sd card in my htc touch pro?
  134. my smartphone web browser keeps saying out of memory?
  135. Which would you want more, the HTC Fuze or the iPhone 3g?
  136. Best PDA (not smartphone) per required specs?
  137. Casio late 90's handheld thing?
  138. Does HTC Touch have conversation texting?
  139. HTC Dream (Android Phone), Where can I get it and how much?
  140. My girlfriend hates any form of PDA. Help?
  141. Which would you rather prefer the HTC Fuze or the iPhone3g?
  142. Which Verizon PDA's can I buy without adding a Data Package?
  143. what is PDA personal on the palm centro?
  144. Blackberry 8110 handheld unlock?
  145. GPS google maps calibration for HTC?
  146. iPhone 3g vs xda pda?
  147. sprint htc use only for web?
  148. Can I buy a CB antenna without a mount and plug it straight into a handheld?
  149. Is apple coming out w a handheld, touch screen macbook?
  150. What is a celebrity PDA?
  151. I performed a Clear Storage operation in my HTC,can i retreive my data
  152. I wish to design my own handheld game!?
  153. htc max 4g with english os?
  154. The new HTC Touch Pro 2 VS HTC Touch Diamond 2?
  155. Is there a way to use a HTC Touch diamond or pro to power XBOX live?
  156. PDA:Does is bother you?
  157. I need copies of text messages from a different phone. Not extract, and its...
  158. Yahoo isn't displaying all my mail on PC, but is on PDA?
  159. UNLOCKED HTC FUZE (T-mobile)?
  160. What do you think of pda.?
  161. Is there a way to type sideways on the HTC Touch Diamond!?
  162. I'm looking for a good handheld device to use for reading ebooks. Any suggestions?
  163. Sprint Htc Touch Pro On Ebay?
  164. HTC Touch texting? im looking for a new phone?
  165. htc s620 mobile phone?
  166. What is the relationship between Palm Treo PDA and Weblogic suit?
  167. pda....whats appropriate and whats not?
  168. How to get pictures off of palm PDA?
  169. What do you think of PDA (Public Display of Affection)?
  170. can i use a tv out cable on htc touch?
  171. Can anyone help me upgrading my htc 8125 to windows 6 or possibly
  172. If i were to buy a nintendo handheld which one to choose?
  173. What alltel plan do I need to use the Htc touch pro as a modem for my computer.?
  174. HTC FUZE questions? 10 points?
  175. To purchase The Blackjack II from AT&T will I need to purchase a smartphone service.?
  176. I need to sell my used htc sprint mogul phone?
  177. What is the best PDA that verizon has to offer I really liked the Omina
  178. UK Police Handheld Speed Guns?
  179. does anyone know what format ebooks have to be for a pda.?
  180. Differences from HTC diamond and the HTC pro?
  181. Can I upgrade the Windows on HTC Magician Qtek S100?
  182. is pda a big deal in your middle school?
  183. HTC P4550 or P4551 (AKA TyTN II). That is the question.?
  184. Do you think PDA's will die out as phones are becoming more advanced in terms of
  185. htc touch diamand problems?! please help :(?
  186. hack a at&t htc touch diamond.?
  187. Is there anyway i could play a ps2 game handheld?
  188. Experienced WM software users. Verizon htc touch xv6900 enabling GPS. flashing rom
  189. about htc touch phone?
  190. N97, xperia or HTC Touch pro?
  191. HTC TyTn ii phone, slow to change screen orientation, about 5-8 seconds?
  192. HTC G1 users! can you Call people on your "gtalk" buddy list on the phone?
  193. Transfer a SIM card from an old unlocked PDA to a new one?
  194. I am selling my used Sprint HTC Touch aka Vogue what seems like a fair price for it.?
  195. HTC Fuze vs. Samsung Epix?
  196. is there anything handheld that would shatter my window without having it fall apart?
  197. Hey...I"m switching from a regular phone to a PDA which happen to be the...
  198. Do you think PDA is gross?
  199. HTC Mogul will not charge....?
  200. should i get the HTC Pro?
  201. Can a PDA stylus pen work on a laptop?
  202. HTC Touch Dual Phone Help PLEASE?
  203. I have a pda tungsten t3 need help with something?
  204. Smartphones or PDA with inbuild maps?
  205. How do i get the HTC Touch?
  206. Carriers for HTC Touch Pro 2?
  207. I have a Mac book and HTC Fuze. I am thinking of returning the Fuze and getting...
  208. HTC fuze questions?!?
  209. Price drop for Verizon's HTC Touch Pro?
  210. Alltel smartphone plans?
  211. I cannot install .Net Frameworks Compact 3.5 for my HTC touch PRO?
  212. how do i uninstall wizard_retouched_dialer2.cab of my htc fuze.?
  213. What is the name of this handheld device, and can I find it online? 10 pts...
  214. Besides being shy of PDA, Why wont my girlfriend kiss me in front of our friends?
  215. Is There A HTC TyTN 2 Screen Replacment Guide?
  216. sprint htc mogul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  217. Why is he avoiding PDA?
  218. Should I get the rumor, rant, instinct, lotus, or HTC Touch Pro?
  219. Handheld GPS units similar to google maps?
  220. HTC Diamond 2 Question?
  221. What should I get? HTC Touch Pro or Palm Pre (when released)?
  222. IS the handheld camera bad in Slumdog Millionaire?
  223. Can you use HTC diamond sprint in other country which was bought from US w/o
  224. Please suggest a cell phone with PDA/Organizer features.?
  225. Japanese Invention: What is the name for this handheld illuminating...
  226. What is the best Smart phone/pda on the market?
  227. Should I get The HTC FUZE or ATT QUICKFIRE?
  228. Does the HTC Fuze have Haptic Feedback?
  229. World's smallest portable computer that's not a laptop, notebook, or PDA. plz
  230. Any sites for good free download to smartphone?!?
  231. Which PDA runs on Windows Mobile OS with QWERTY keyboard & must have CTRL...
  232. How can I put 3rd party apps on my Sprint HTC Touch Pro?
  233. If I am an existing Verizon customer, and I want to buy a used smartphone, can i...
  234. which smartphone is good and cheaper and have all the app. for business,...
  235. I have a htc tilt 8525?
  236. Htc touch hd vs samsung pixon ?
  237. If I lose my Sprint Mogul phone, with insurance. Will they replace with...
  238. Who can service my HTC Touch Shift?
  239. HTC Touch Pro Applications?
  241. If your girlfriend tells you that she doesn't like PDA, does this mean...
  242. POLL: What is the Best Handheld System?
  243. HTC 5800 Problems! (cell phone)?
  244. HTC Google Android G1 - MS OFFICE ACCESS?
  245. Looking for a pda, organizer.. help?
  246. HTC DIAMOND- 10 points for best answer-?
  247. which phone is better? the htc touch pro or the htc diamond? and why?
  248. can you put a windows mobile program on a palm pda?
  249. Where do you go to flash a sprint smartphone to metroPCS in Atlanta,GA?
  250. Which Palm Pilot (PDA) for my 12 yr. old son?