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  5. Should President Barry Soetoro resign?
  6. Have the French forgotten the battle of Waterloo?
  7. Is Obama the weakest president ever?
  8. What other presidents have cherry-picked about the law as Obama has done?
  9. is this legal for a landlord to do?
  10. Did Kim Il Sung have the best intentions?
  11. Whos the foxy big policewoman on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh?
  12. Why are liberals against castle laws?
  13. LOL did you hear republicans are considering government shut down?
  14. If you didn't agree with the Zimmerman verdict what are some things you can do about
  15. Is going to court for a ticket a one-time thing?
  16. Mexican French Intervantion?
  17. Conservatives, how is it that everyone else is evil except you?
  18. Why are Trayvon Martin supporters slapping people who are trying to get to a...
  19. i want to know if joey myers is in the army?
  20. Did the Japanese have their own atomic bomb program during World War 2, and were
  21. Life in england?? 10 points?
  22. My uncle stole my money....what should I do?
  23. Now that the IRS scandal has been proven false since liberal groups got
  24. why do court judges and auctioneers use mallets?
  25. Been doing pushups for 2-3 months now, no results?
  26. How to move from UK to USA permanently? PLEASE HELP!?
  27. Military's Hydrocele Factors?
  28. legal advice needed what can i do about this girl she is mad?
  29. Theft at walmart Louisiana?
  30. how does Obama plan to tax solar and wind energy?
  31. Be 100% honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  32. Why dont we just eliminate the army and allocate the money on education,
  33. I really need help/advice on this..please read it.?
  34. can one join Indian navy , army , air force with having very minor squint...
  35. Can you get fined by CCTV?
  36. Help! From South Africa need info on my visa?
  37. Why do Liberals leaders in Boston don't want the Public to know how much...
  38. Why were retards and the mentally ill granted Cosntitutional rights?
  39. Does the US Senate need reform?
  40. Call from DOTCOM courier company ... Fishy?
  41. I would rather go to jail then work minimum wage,?
  42. I would rather go to jail then work minimum wage,?
  43. Why are racist white officers always racially profiling the Three Legged Horseman?
  44. How do I get emancipated in Colorado and is it possible for me to do so at 16/17?
  45. can i have another attoeney?
  46. When fiscal cons are proven to be right, will libs still swallow big government lies?
  47. can this be bad or what?
  48. If I had a misdeamener as a juvenile can I still be a cop?
  49. How will a separation or divorce affect my Permanent Residency & Citizenship...
  50. Do you think Americans have developed an immunity towards Gang violence and
  51. Why do Iibs act as if the 'lilly ledbetter act' did much more than Civil Rights Act
  52. Are the Boy Scouts of America a public or private institution?
  53. Why would U.S. allow clerical regime to despot Shah of Iran?
  54. is this a crime????????
  55. What should this man do?
  56. Traffic Violation 32:123B Ignoring A Stop Sign.?
  57. New neighbours are out of control, landlord turns a blind eye?
  58. How to get a trademark?
  59. If I sold addroall in highschool would it affect me being hired on by a police force?
  60. Without knowing the politics (or history) behind it, does this make sense to you?
  61. Why do some right leaners people compare gays to?
  62. UK :Help with anti social neighbour please ?
  63. From where I can find best and free online legal documents?
  64. Why shouldn't homosexuals "broadcast" who their partners are?
  65. If we bring the troops back now, will the risk of PTSD decrease?
  66. When can a police report be used as evidence? Is this example hearsay?
  67. What is going on with Fire fighting personnel?
  68. Why do homophobic Americans tell us the LGBT community demand "special rights" when
  69. Im being kicked out of the british army?
  70. How can you get an Australian Protection Visa?
  71. Can registered sex offenders serve on a jury in California?
  72. Is it wrong to Idolize Hitler?
  73. If Someones on probation for criminal trespass a felony a deffered sentence and
  74. Doesn't the existence of spies between two nations mean they're in a state of war?
  75. british army selection question?
  76. What can you do to a person who is here in north Carolina on immigrant visa?
  77. Are the Jews winning in their war against Christianity?
  78. Can police prosecute for a year old video?
  79. will there be racism on mars?
  80. If you open your door to a person and point a replica handgun at them- are you...
  81. Can I apply for a UK visitor visa before I book the plane ticket?
  82. Can I apply for a UK visitor visa before I book the plane ticket?
  83. Do Americans get that logically speaking the Supreme Court says you can own people?
  84. Why are Conservatives upset that the Ohio abductions and Jodi Arias have
  85. Model United Nations cost?
  86. Can CS n law b done together!!!???????????????????
  87. Do I need to take two different visa to visit singapore and Malaysia ? Please reply?
  88. What human rights do we have in Australia?
  89. How many years is India ahead of China when everything is considered? 30 years maybe?
  90. Why do republican blame their lose in the election on demographic shift?
  91. i want to get job in Europ contries in free reqruitment. So where i can find out it.?
  92. Are you familiarizing yourself more during Int'l Clitoris Awareness week, next week?
  93. I want to join the UK navy. What is a good career for a woman in the navy?
  94. Why not use a fingerprint scanner for everything (Retinal too for extra security)?
  95. why hasnt the police turned up yet?!?
  96. i dont have my 10th certificate or marksheet nw i want to make passport ... what...
  97. How does one apply for SSI?
  98. If all r3publicans are christian rednecks from the south does that mean...?
  99. Republicans demanded Obamare be private companies not public option, and that...
  100. What do Permanent Residence under the Parent category in New Zealand qualify for?
  101. Which of these conducts are online harassment?
  102. Why is the Taliban so violent?
  103. Can you list for me some SPECIFIC POSITIONS that prove That the Republicans in
  104. Never officially fired..?
  105. Are Wide Noses Attractive?
  106. Joining the army right out of high school?
  107. I am an American woman and I am proud?
  108. Will Iibs ever realize they will continually be perplexed so long as they BOX their
  109. Why does mass immigration only occur into Western (White) nations?
  110. When serving a warrant can cops take something they were not looking for nor illegal?
  111. Labor laws against minors?
  112. How to get Vietnam visa in Pakistani passport holder?
  113. has north korea really approved same sex marriage?
  114. How can we say the rich don't pay their fair share?
  115. Isn't being a straight, white American man the greatest thing?
  116. Could the Boston bombing have been a false flag?
  117. Attention:Yahoo Marissa Mayer....?
  118. Will I Be Able To Drop Charges I Filed In The State Of Tennessee?
  119. What are the laws on roundabouts.?
  120. Does Obama make you feel safe?
  121. Should we tax online pronography?
  122. can i legally have a subletting roommate leave the apartment?
  123. Catholics, can the church heal from the child molestation scandal by first
  124. do you have to be pulled over for a speeding ticket?
  125. Why is affirmative action fair/unfair?
  126. What rights to the citizens of the UK have? Anything similar to our bill or rights?
  127. How many of you know that?
  128. Politics: Why exactly is Barack Obama a "thug," as some like to call him?
  129. Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech to the Virginia convention to?
  130. I can speak a little English but i do not have passport and my age is 25...
  131. Why are liberals so obsessed with class warfare?
  132. I want to apply for handgun permit but will cops threaten me and keep eye on me more?
  133. A question for the Libertines.?
  134. E6 pay while in college?
  135. I am a real-life mage. Im serious. Are my powers impressive?
  136. why are conservatives so sure that they their ideas are right? and joes who dont...
  137. I got caught stealing,16,will this be on my background check for work?
  138. i'm under processing for a green card. how does my husband file the tax get the
  139. Amending the constitution, what was the last attempt that almost made it, but just
  140. What will happen to my provisional license?
  141. My boyfriend is going to the air force.?
  142. Penalty for sending tobacco over the mail?
  143. I noticed something strange about a yahoo user: How did this person lose so many
  144. If a car catches on fire....?
  145. Can you really be a patriotic american and yet...?
  146. Is my bf going to go to jail?
  147. Getting charged with "Aggravated harassment in the second degree."?
  148. Was Mitt Romney really a better candidate than Herman Cain? Why wouldn't
  149. Do you need to be buried under your legal name?
  150. Why don't cons just leave the country, high-five the illegals coming the other way?
  151. Why is the N Judah line ALWAYS crowded?
  152. what do would you do in the next civil war?
  153. Will my arrest show up on my background check?
  154. Why is the N Judah line ALWAYS crowded?
  155. I don't understand,is assault and battery a felony or misdemeanor?
  156. Should I join the military?
  157. "The first thing I will do in office is close Guantanamo?"?
  158. Reasons why there was so much controversy on British nuclear defence weapons?
  159. What is the power of UN?
  160. End of my rope. Should I report my roommate?
  161. In the united states, civil rights:?
  162. Now that the Chinese got our manufacturing jobs shouldn't they pay US income tax...
  163. beta blockers during the police academy?
  164. Is North Korea what happens when a country becomes Athiest?
  165. Americans you need to change!?
  166. How to offer help without seeming like a weirdo?
  167. Is America the only country that collects income taxes?
  168. what are my rights to my birth certificate?
  169. Define President Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066. Analyze...?
  170. Can I still enlist into the NAVY? I have a speeding ticket. First one....
  171. What is the Social Security act?
  172. Where can I marry my 1st cousin?
  173. Where can I marry my 1st cousin?
  174. What are your thoughts on the President's speech last night?
  175. Why do conservatives want to decrease our Debt, but vehemently oppose tax increases?
  176. Is It Murder To Intentionally Not Help Someone During a Crisis?
  177. If ingredient X plus Y is patented for a Use, can you patent ingredent X
  178. Did you like the President's speech?
  179. Should the major media get an Oscar for Best Spinner of the News?
  180. Since most Obama supporters are toothless, let's tax those with teeth to
  181. bangladesh country can send in philippines?
  182. How many times did Obama mention raising taxes last night?
  183. Can I Get Macedonian or Bosnian Citizenship?
  184. Can I Get Macedonian or Bosnian Citizenship?
  185. Can I use my driver permit as an I.D at the Social Security Office?
  186. Can eny one tell me easy way to enter colmbiana?
  187. Can I Get Macedonian or Bosnian Citizenship?
  188. Can eny one tell me easy way to enter colmbiana?
  189. Can I Get Macedonian or Bosnian Citizenship?
  190. If a person has evidence of a crime which is still an open case and hasn't come
  191. Can anyone find me a video where Obama President Obama blames Bush?
  192. can I sue him or his insurance?
  193. How Loud can your exhaust be in NY state before it is illegal?
  194. Last year I went through a now settled estate where by the PR/AiF had
  195. Tattoos in the air force ?
  196. Would a cop track you down for selling illegal software online?
  197. Who needs neocons when you've got Obama running US foreign policy?
  198. Why do people care about chris christie's weight?
  199. Does a parolee violate parole if someone presses charges against them?
  200. Someone told me that they have to pay parents when recieved SSI?
  201. No statute of limitations?
  202. The Armenian Genocide by Turks started with GUN REGISTRATION; all...
  203. why are the conservatives bad for the environment?
  204. I have a son in law who is an industrial engineer (5yr degree) and he makes 170K?
  205. Is this Travel agency Accredited to Process Working Visa? ---->>PREMIER TRAVELS
  206. Seatbelt ticket question?
  207. What are identification codes which citizens have in Australia?
  208. is afghanistan the perfect strategical country to occupy in the region, is...
  209. What do i do when cps comes to my door?
  210. allied power? central power? world war 1?
  211. is child abuse illegal in Australia?
  212. Are lie detector tests accurate? My fiance wants to take one.............
  213. what do NRA people think of the News Attack 1nd and 2nd Amendment of Constitution?
  214. what do NRA people think of the News Attack 1nd and 2nd Amendment of Constitution?
  215. Can you sue someone for theft of cash?
  216. Do you think joining the TA is a good idea?
  217. Are you willing to pay more taxes or borrow money from China to pay for ....?
  218. about joining indian military?
  219. men, if a guy at work asked to buy your used "skivies" for $100 dollars,
  220. about joining indian military?
  221. If i have a degree in Criminal Justice will the airforce most likely place
  222. Is anybody else furious that the GOP is redistricting all over to give them the edge?
  223. What are the three main sources of International Law and the subsidiary sources?
  224. Did you vote for Obama or Romney?
  225. I'm paying for social ser the gov says it won't be around when I retire what
  226. record incident report?
  227. I really wonder if there can ever be a two state solution in Israel/Palestine?
  228. Why sex without consent with Spouse / Partner and Sex worker is not
  229. three reason for the existence of non-legal unions in the caribbean?
  230. Is the NRA saying that the incompetent mother of the psycho child murderer had a
  231. Conversion law: fake or not fake?
  232. Conversion law: fake or not fake?
  233. When did the Government buy all the land?
  234. What should I talk about on THE PHONE with MY CRUSH? I?
  235. Got a poll-type question about politics, take two seconds to answer?
  236. Explain again the difference between "Pro-Choice" & "Freedom to Choose"?
  237. Can someone explain this new bill with the "fiscal cliff" im confused?
  238. If payroll taxes are STILL going up, how exactly did this congress help the...
  239. Would bang on my drum all day by Todd Rundgren make a good theme song for Liberals?
  240. I'm an international student and I got married to a US citizen?
  241. Concealed carrying of a knife in Canada?
  242. Do you remember that study that just recently came out about us humans getting...
  243. Legal questions about divorce?
  244. What made my mom do this? She called the Police on my brother just for protecting...
  245. does shoplifting conviction become "spent"?
  246. More Naturalized Pakistanis charged with engaging in terrorist activities in the USA?
  247. Why should anyone work harder than the other guy if the Government plans to
  248. What happens to your rank?
  249. Concerning the American General Election?
  250. During the 1940's, would Police Officers be drafted for the war effort?