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  1. Chinese Cresteds?
  2. why dont people really care about animals that are in the pound and shetlers?
  3. would pets mart be a good place to buy a gerbil?
  4. What kinds of dogs dont shed alot?
  5. Should I get a st bernard or newfoundland or bernese mountian dog?
  6. Anyone else's cat vomiting on the new version of MaxCat kibble? What
  7. our dog is infested by maggots and little holes in his paw what can we do.
  8. Trying to figure out what breed my dog is?
  9. What do you consider the annoying animal on Earth?
  10. Question about the nitrogen cycle for aquariums.?
  11. i just got a new pet rat and it keeps on licking me...?
  12. I have a miniature dachshunds, who is one. One of his testicles hasn't dropped.?
  13. I have a white female paraket & yelow male what color wil babies be?
  14. i noticed that my hamster ..... ? please read?
  15. Seizures... advice?
  16. Can you answer these Cat questions?
  17. Is constant itching a sign of dog worms?
  18. Turtle attacked by fire ants?
  19. Puppy Problems?
  20. How can you tell if a dog is happy other than basing it off a wagging tail?
  21. My Dog is fixed, but is bleeding?
  22. when to change my 6months old border collie frm puppy chow to some other brand?
  23. whats wrong with my horse?
  24. How can I better my barrel racing skills? any tips at all?
  25. my dog 4 months old dose not listen to my hubby why?
  26. My shih tzu licked the flea killer!! Help!?
  27. Southern Platy help?
  28. Do all pet shelters have to do a home inspection?
  29. Trying to potty train my puppy?
  30. Friendly Red Cardnial bird, has anyone else been thru this?
  31. can hens protect themselves from cats, if there are 3 or more?
  32. i have 3 questions about rats?
  33. has anyone ever had a puppy flown to them?
  34. Litter Box Training?
  35. My dog is a year old and just started to...?
  36. Our 4 month old boxer pup isn't potty trained yet.?
  37. eating rabbits?
  38. Where can I buy Doctor fish?
  39. Old dogs getting used to new puppy?
  40. Girl names for a baby Great Pyrenees?
  41. i want thes 2 cats soooooooooo much???
  42. Is it possible for something to get stuck under my horses horseshoe pad?
  43. why is a dog year different from a human year?
  44. Dogs Birthday?
  45. What Breed dog is Bolt on Disney's New Movie "Bolt" ?
  46. where can u buy angora rabbits in the uk?
  47. New kitty?
  48. Does anyone know or if a Vet is reading this. My little Maltese was limping a few...
  49. when do i put the nest box in my lovebirds cage?
  50. Fancy Hamster, and breeding?
  51. How can I make this puppy well adjusted and secure?
  52. do cats chew on stuff?
  53. what should i put in my tortoise table?
  54. am i wronggg?
  55. Looking for a dog Deterrent?
  56. How many goldfish can go in a 40 gallon or a 48 gallon tank?
  57. How to get my dog to sleep in my room?
  58. Please help!! My dog (Fifi) tends to lick her "private" parts?
  59. platy and molly promblem?
  60. How much would you say this horse is worth?
  61. what kind of snakes to watch out for in idaho by a lake?
  62. When I ask my horse to canter, he just moves into a faster trot.?
  63. what happens if water touches fluorescent bulb?
  64. Vacation; leaving my dog?
  65. How to get cat & dog to like eachother?
  66. bringing home a messed up dachshund?
  67. do you have to cover your rabbits cage before you go to sleep?
  68. what should i do with my kitty?
  69. Can you guess her breed?
  70. I have two 4 month old kitten both male,they moew and start 2 nurse on my
  71. dog training?
  72. Do fireworks scare your dog?
  73. Help! My dog's eye is blood red!?
  74. Rehoming Staffie tomorrow?
  75. Uggggg. Is there any way to get rid of fleas other than frontline??
  76. Help With Baby Bird?
  77. Right now I have my DWARF PUFFERS in a 2.5 gallon tank, I will be moving...
  78. internal filter?
  79. How many animals do you think run away?
  80. Giving my cat "Pounce" treats?
  81. What should I do to convince my sister to not bring the dog back?
  82. shitzu/bichon frise?
  83. How long would it take you to paper train your dog?
  84. I just got a kitten today and this is my first time with a cat, any tips on...
  85. How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Digging?
  86. can I buy Frontline from any vet or does it have to be from MY vet?
  87. hamster tray?
  88. if i get my female cat fixed will it cut down on the time shes in heat. cause shes...
  89. Holding Little Hamster?
  90. KITTEN: cat tree/scratcher & stool questions.?
  91. Australian Stock Horse Websites?
  92. Can birds feel through their feathers?
  93. why does my dog have a fawl body smell?????????
  94. Do you have to be 16 to start competing on horses???
  95. my male cat Leo has a heart murmur?
  96. I have a Breeding net. How does it work? Where do i put the mother in the...
  97. my dog is drooling alot?
  98. were can i get a dog?
  99. Can a Rottweiler beat a Pitbull in a fight?
  100. My red-tail shark suddenly after 2 weeks floats upside down near the heater,...
  101. Is it ok to leave my dog outside?
  102. Could a guinea pig die of shock because of a bath?
  103. Does my kitty look like a certain breed?
  104. my hamsters water bottle busted ????
  105. my kitten has worms?
  106. Has anyone had trouble getting a response from the bcspca????
  107. What is the best kind of puppy to get for the cheapest price?
  108. leopard gecko question?
  109. What type of food do i feed my baby betta fish and what tempurater?
  110. Our Pekin ducks won't swim?
  111. What exactly is PETA?
  112. My 16 year old cat now going potty on the carpet.?
  113. Have you ever been turned on by staring at 2 squirrels at the park?
  114. what is so bad about white/albino boxers?
  115. what should my ph level be with my mollies?
  116. Is diluted machine dish soap much less toxic to birds than carpet cleaning fumes?
  117. My dog has bumps/ legshions on her pee pee? I am not sure what they are. She...
  118. He's too handsome & good of a dog not to breed at least once?
  119. What name do you like better for my new dog?
  120. help! My cat is a brat?
  121. my bunny has diarrhea what do i do?
  122. I fell in love with English Bulldogs, can you tell me something about...
  123. ok some help here. i used this sight to test a dog my brother got for my kids. can...
  124. advice on puppy car sickness?
  125. Kaytee guinea pig based pellets?
  126. Bottom of my cat's paw is swollen...?
  127. my husband is reall upset about pit bull story,,,?
  128. I need a GOOD dog walker in Cherry Hill, NJ.?
  129. i have a staffy who is 7 months old. Looks like he is losing hair.?
  130. What should i do to be my dogs leader?
  131. Guppy fry: when can they be let out of the breeding net? How many days
  132. What should I do with my aggressive tankmates?
  133. Until I get a bed , what can my 7 week old kitten sleep in?
  134. I have a few health questions about my 3 1/2 week pup.?
  135. how do i train my cat to stop biting and scratching me?
  136. My filter for my aquarium is too noisy! Please help?
  137. Is my dog dominant!?
  138. Puppy & Flees?
  139. gold fish were should i keep them?
  140. Funniest horse story ^.^?
  141. My horse has stripes when it gets wet!?
  142. how can i stop my staffy from biting?
  143. My Betta fish just jumped out her tank while I was feeding her, is she going to live?
  144. is it normal for my cat to stop having contractions with babbies still in her?
  145. what kinds of fish can i put in this tank (pic included)?
  146. Can a betta fish get hole-in-head disease?
  147. What is ammonia burn?
  148. Can someone please give me info about chihuahuas? Should I get 2 of them?
  149. Cat with extra toes!?
  150. Where can i find stud service for yorkies?
  151. i really need help with my sick clownfishes!!!!!!?
  152. Ground Manners?
  153. How long does it take to have a dog shipped to you?
  154. Dog ate all of cat food!?
  155. Dog behavior experts and dog lovers only, Mini Aussie rescue?
  156. My dwarf hamster?
  157. are all pit bulls vicious or are some trained to be vicious?
  158. A Cat peed in the back seat of my car?
  159. Does my cat know I'm angry?
  160. Dog Choice?
  161. more info on German shepherds and golden retriever dogs?
  162. Dermodex Mange??? Help!?
  163. Can my dog develop significant problems from this?
  164. Please help my horse is hurt!!?
  165. Do you own a Newfoundland?
  166. training cats?
  167. why does my puppy act like this?
  168. My dog's acten weird. . .LOL!!!?
  169. quick! there are 5 baby birds in a awning outside my room, i haven't seen the...
  170. My breeder named my rats?
  171. uterine abscesses?
  172. is this fin rot?
  173. Are close relationships with pets good?
  174. My rat just ate a cough drop! What do i do?
  175. Names for a blue nose pitbull anyone?
  176. My kitten's acting really hyper..?
  177. Dog food for pit bull (again...)?
  178. How long would an oscar be able to live in a 30gal?
  179. Kitty diet..?
  180. i caught a baby green anole out of a bush?
  181. Dog won't stop crying and scratching...?
  182. I think of my dog as much more than a pet, does anyone else?
  183. what can i put in with a saddle puffer?
  184. AHHHH i need help please loose monkey!!!?
  185. California companion animals?
  186. My Ferret Is Missing! HELP?
  187. Kitten AIDS/Leukemia Question.?
  188. Unidentified Anemone...Can you tell?
  189. What type of fish can i put in my turtle tank that can......?
  190. hamster problem?
  191. My cat pants sometimes, is this normal?
  192. If you find a baby bird on the ground, can anything be done to save it?
  193. pro. choice boots and jumping..?
  194. I have a teacup maltese (7 yrs.) Seems deppressed, help?
  195. Should I get Two Kittens?
  196. If your dog just had cataract surgery and is supposed to wear the halo,...
  197. what kind of mice should i get?
  198. Will you think about my dog?
  199. Need Help !! cats in labor?
  200. Are there any foods for dogs that can stop moles? what foods should not...
  201. Goldfish loosing color?
  202. What's the difference between a TOY and a TEACUP chihuahua?
  203. what type of dog do you have ?
  204. if you had a dog?
  205. My cat is drinking a lot and drooling.?
  206. pet snakes?
  207. Have there ever been cases of humans being killed and/or eaten by birds?
  208. How can I be sure my glazed pottery is aquarium safe?
  209. How to housebreak a 7 month old puppy?!?
  210. Best Hiking Trails near Redlands, CA where I can take my dog along?
  211. Are Oscar fish expensive to take care of?
  212. Four year old Miniature Pinscher having accidents in the house...?
  213. Is there a fish store in calgary where i can buy good quality bettas?
  214. Help with a baby kitten?!!!!!!!!!!!!??!! EMERGENCY!?
  215. your opinions on yorkies?
  216. Is something wrong with my kitten?
  217. help me with my bunny!!!?
  218. POLL: Which pet from these small animal choices do you prefer most?
  219. reptile breeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? ????????
  220. For those who ride the "trail less traveled" have you ever found
  221. Please help me. Awnser as many question as you can. Thankyou so much.?
  222. Best medication for dropsy and swim bladder?
  223. why are cats so fascinated with string?
  224. Dog Question?
  225. why dont we have dog loo paper?
  226. horsemanship and equitation patterns.?
  227. Does this cage fit two rats ?
  228. Pet Passport?
  229. Albino pet rabbit HELP?
  230. Siberian Husky Won't Eat?
  231. Have you ever noticed this about Cats & Dogs.....?!?!?!?
  232. Massage for dog?
  233. What's wrong with my dog? (Hiccups/Indigestion)?
  234. how many cichlids can go in my 55 gallon tank?
  235. bunny is 7-8 months, got her spayed 2 months ago and she is still acting
  236. question about fish?
  237. dog keeps biting his leash?
  238. Can i use rain water for my Apple snails?
  239. This may be a delicate subject, but is there a way to uncrop a dog's ear?
  240. What kind of cat should I adopt that will make a good companion for my kitten?
  241. is my dog in labor?
  242. I have a horse with epm the medicine is so expensive is there any other
  243. Can I take a hamster on a train with me?
  244. Leopard Gecko Growth?
  245. BIRDSEED PROBLEM: Now what do I do, I washed the seeds and tried to dry
  246. rat breeding?
  247. Russian Dwarf Hamster plz help !!!!!?
  248. which fish filter to use?
  249. Another possible hoof issue~~what can I do to fix this without a farrier??
  250. Help with Pregnancy?