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  1. Advice on kittens from experienced sources please?
  2. Dwarf hairgrass advantage/disadvantage?
  3. Is it safe to leave my cats alone together after two months?
  4. Is the market for horses horrible right now?
  5. MY DOG NEEDS HELp!!!!?
  6. I Caught A Lil Frog..?
  7. Do you really feed more of Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken Meal and Rice than
  8. Are those Purina Beneful individually sealed entrees safe for humans?
  9. Help with a skittish dog i'm fostering?
  10. i have a mare i just bred!?
  11. What is it called when a rooster makes noice?
  12. Kitten Names?
  13. What is the best Kitten Gender?
  14. my cats head tilts?
  15. Can I put A Leopard Gecko and a House Gecko in the same house?
  16. what do you think of these poems?
  17. Question about miniature turtle (purchased from "surf shop")?
  18. Unsociable ANGRY Parakeets PLEASE HELP!?
  19. Teeny Tiny bright red blood suckers?
  20. budgie help please help?
  21. Make money online for a 14 year old?
  22. Custom Built Reptile Enclosures?
  23. Make money online for a 14 year old?
  24. What the heck is a Puppy Mill??
  25. My 2 month old puppy has pneumonia. Help please.?
  26. is it normal for my year old shih tzu to bleed a day after her stud session?
  27. toilet training a puppy?
  28. De-worming schedule question... help?
  29. Daschunds Rescue League and Convince Parents IF YOU CONVINCED YOUR PARENTS 2HAVE
  30. my baby parakeets are trying to climb out of the nesting box, what do i do now?
  31. PUPPY HElP??
  32. any good doggy websites?
  33. It Seems Like My Bull Terrier Puppy Tries To Start Fights With Other Dogs?
  34. My cat brings in live animals, but either lets them go inside or eats them inside?
  35. I have a white pekin duck almost 3 months old and his left leg is all messed up?
  36. betta fish exercise?
  37. How do i get my hamster out of my couch???
  38. Swollen Lymph Nodes in a 3 yr old German Shepherd?
  39. how do i get my new puppy to stop jumping on me?
  40. Why is my cat behaving this way?
  41. Top Contributors and dog lovers! I need YOUR help!?
  42. My 1 yr. old "Pit Bull" has started to nipple away at his crate...any
  43. anyone know where to post dog walking/pet sitting ads?
  44. What do you think of this puppy behaviour?
  45. Bathing Puppy: How many times is too much?
  46. is it true that dog food is made of euthanized domestic pets?
  47. Do you think Bam-Bam is a good or bad name for my male AmStaff puppy?
  48. What can I do to stop my dog feeling very cold when swimming?
  49. My sister is the funniest girl ever..? I need help with her birthday?
  50. Whats your biggest pet peeve?
  51. Is it normal for cats to lick you all the time?
  52. pls ne one out there wanting baby kiitens?
  53. i bought a puppy today?
  54. Divorce:wife with infant refuses to vaccinate dogs or get worm/flea treatment?
  55. Puppy agressive to children and family...?
  56. animal shelters?
  57. How to train my Lab to walk/stay w/ me off leash?
  58. why doesnt my 11 month old male puppy lift his leg to pee?
  59. OMG, Im really scared! Is this normal?!?
  60. why does my dog is always trying to run off when the door opens??? HELP!!!?
  61. im looking for a puppy...?
  62. Guinea piig?
  63. Why are English Springer Spaniels so shy?
  64. How to calm my dog down while a stray dog is in my garage?
  65. PLEASE HELP......cat just had KITTENS....?
  66. TO ALL WHO JUST ANSWERED "has my dog gone MAD"?
  67. My baby ball python regurgitated!?
  68. What do you think of this name for my kitten?
  69. Suitable for 2 or 3 male rats?
  70. My friend accidently ate DOG BLOOD!.....what do we do?
  71. Name the breed (pics)?
  72. Please help! My hamster is dying and I think he's overheating!?
  73. My puppy's fur is being stained gray by newspapers?
  74. which one needs more grooming?
  75. If you could answer this question really quick about my cat thnx!!?
  76. how much do small puppies cost?
  77. Probable rottie pregnancy...anyway to tell if 2 weeks pregnant?
  78. My dog ate a pack of smoke bombs. Is he going to be okay?
  79. should i get a Pomeranian?
  80. Hamster Treats?
  81. Why does this guy keep posting ?
  82. Itchy cat foot?
  83. Freddie Kruegar babies in cats!!?
  84. DOG PEOPLE COME HERE am i pretty??? <<<<<<<<<PICS>>>>>>>>> DOG PEOPLE COME HERE
  85. Is there a pet barrier I can buy that will block my fence gate so dogs can't get...
  86. Cat Help!!!?
  87. Why was my question about the Sheffield's Box deleted?!?
  88. parakeet bleeding under wing and above what r some soultions help asap bird may...
  89. My dog may of had a stroke?
  90. Names for my Mallard Duck?
  91. Geckos...maybe?
  92. Has anyone ever owned a Basenji?
  93. Can someone please explain to me what and why are the birds acting this way?
  94. Why does the blaze/panda ferrets have a more different looking face then
  95. Help! my rabbit is hurt!?
  96. Kennel for the holiday?
  97. What do I feed a baby rabbit and how do I take care of it?
  98. my cats dont get along?
  99. guinea pig help needed can you help !!!!?
  100. I am planning on buying a pet rat?
  101. Guess what breed I have?
  102. How do I gain my pet rats trust?
  103. why does my dog lick my other dogs eyes and ears?
  104. my cat has a bald butt?
  105. Question about kittens and the litterbox?
  106. Fake friend for a lonely budgie?
  107. Hi everyone i have a 2 year old rat terrier female and i also have a 8...
  108. What should I name my new adopted dog? I want something that goes well with
  109. Where in N.S.W can i get a red eared slider turtle and also pygmy bearded dragons?
  110. Help! Daemon kitten!?
  111. My hamsters 's legs are paralyzed?
  112. Turtles????
  113. Where are a cat's lymph nodes?
  115. how do you introduce a dog to a cat?
  116. should i take my dog back?
  117. dog riding?
  118. How do I feed my puppy with BARF diet?
  119. Braid or Not To Braid?
  120. is this a good idea to keep fish tank cool?
  121. can you freeze kaale?
  122. his temperature is 10 degrees below normal...?
  123. cat problems.....?
  124. what is the youngest a male kitten can begin spraying?
  125. vaccinations and diabetic dogs????
  126. My female shepherd is not getting pregnant, it has been a year, she has...
  127. Does this look okay? (Pictures)?
  128. My dog has a rash on her belly between her legs. What can I do as a quick home
  129. what would happen if i bred a pure bred chinese crested and a pure pred great dane?
  130. canidae is now diamond?
  131. i found a flea on my pillow i don't own any animals how do i get rid of it?
  132. Which dog food for my dog???
  133. Selling former racing land hermit crabs?
  134. Registration name for a Blenheim Cavalier named Oliver?
  135. siberian husky growth?
  136. My fish is sick. I know what to treat her with but I don't know how.?
  137. whats your favorite place online to buy dog toys?
  138. How to stop dog from biting/snapping at people?
  139. What kind of owl is this???
  140. Barking help!?
  141. Betta fish - bloated belly?
  142. dog origins?
  143. Does my beagle look like he could be a showdog(pics included)?
  144. Pigeon?????
  145. Morkie Breeders or Puppy available in Columbus, Ohio?
  146. How much does it cost to spay/neuter hamsters? Do they even need to be
  147. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  148. my kids clam released red things what are they?
  149. Do you think that putting animal clothes on animals is silly?
  150. What do these terms mean?
  151. How can I get my Weimaraner to stop shaking his ears?
  152. Fledgling/Baby Bird Q, need answers to Q???
  153. How do i convince my parents to buy/adopt a puppy?
  154. what dog should i get?
  155. help please!!!?
  156. baby turtles from Sunsations?
  157. What are some names for my dog?
  158. Help my dog is super skinny!!?
  159. This is probably useless, but you never know. PLEASE HELP!!!?
  160. why does my chihuahua choke when excited???
  161. my hamster?
  162. My Syrian Hamsters ears are stuck up....?
  163. Has anyone experienced a local tom fathering kittens and then maintaining
  164. Show name for my friends appy.?
  165. My dog is afraid to pee on the stone outside when its wet or damp?
  166. What kind of fish should i get with a 35 gallon tank?
  167. kitten question??
  168. i have a mixed breed mid size dog. will any breed male dog breed her?
  169. Rabbit!+6 opps?
  170. I have a question about a 3yr with a filly and still isn't halter broke.?
  171. My puppy IS NOT POOPING...?!?
  172. I have a 17" saddle currently ,and I want a new saddle?
  173. Halter Breaking My Filly?
  174. My 8 yr old dog is acting strange. She didn't eat her food yesterday, but at most...
  175. if you could only have ONE animal for the rest of your life but it lived until
  176. my girlfriend wants a cat?
  177. what do animal lovers think about this?
  178. Yorke's Who else has one?
  179. How long Can Cats Live To Be?
  180. Is the plant species sedum toxic to horses?
  181. Is there such thing as...?
  182. when geese travel, how often does the lead goose change & how long does...
  183. Where can I get stylish annd pretty Chihuahua clothes?
  184. Why won't my dog sleep through the night?
  185. Im looking for a bird!?
  186. PotBelly Pigglet?
  187. is it a good idea to have two male hedgehogs in the same cage?
  188. want to get a dog that will get along with my 2 cats?
  189. Is it ok to put a ph down solution meant for gardens or pools in an aquarium for
  190. clownfish?
  191. My cat needs help?
  192. Name for Female Cat found on 4th of July?
  193. I stepped on my step sis' dog's foot?
  194. Guinea Pig Owners...?
  195. Is it good to put the zebra finches eggs in the sun??
  196. How many guppies can i keep in a 28 Litre tank? And many should i add at a time to
  197. Would it be weird for me to contact my old dog's new owner?
  198. Parakeets??????
  199. Free Puppies in Indianapolis?
  200. how do i stop my dog from eating me alive and being an extreme mental case when he...
  201. Boston terrier movies????
  202. why is my black oscar bitting my white oscar in the side?
  203. My male ferret breaths loudly when he plays, is this okay?
  204. How do i stop my pit bull from pooping everywhere in the house?
  205. I have an AKita that knocks down wooden fence/gate. How do I get her to stop?
  206. is it too late to get another cat?
  207. Own a dog? Would you buy pet items online? Would you buy a pet giftbakset?...
  208. I need good answers?
  209. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  210. I had a mom and dad society finch. The mom escaped leaving 4 babies. The dad...
  211. Wat do i do?
  212. We just got a hermit crab yesterday, what is the best way to care for it and,
  213. is my rotti pure rotti? Any ideas?
  214. Do I look ok riding for hunters?
  215. Please help. What kind of dog is this?
  216. What's wrong with my goldfish?
  217. Wherehow can I buy or go about buying a purebread female Chihuahua?
  218. Is it normal for an african dwarf frog to burrow?
  219. what kind of dog is this?
  220. why is this?
  221. I just brought a Blue Roan Mustang Phillie. I want to fatten her up?
  222. Im really worried someone help me please?
  223. Can a female beta be in the same tank as a male?
  224. Petland Hamsters?
  225. Baby 9 day old mini rex head is tilted and can barely walk what do you...
  226. What are some reasons why cats pee on the carpet a lot??
  227. Who's thinking about buying a puppy?
  228. Why are me betta fry (2 1/2 weeks old) dying?
  229. Help! My two male cats are not bonding!!!?
  230. what's danger about having bunny rabbit at home?
  231. yah same blck cat crosses your path 3 times in one day?
  232. .*~aquarium filters*~.?
  233. Do budgies eat apples?
  234. Intact male dog does not want to mate female in heat?
  235. New cat, but worried about viscious neighborhood cats.?
  236. whoever can guess her breed wins.....something really cool!?
  237. Okay, so I have a question?
  238. Is my iguana sick? What Should I Do?
  239. How do i convince my mom to let me get a dog??
  240. Does anyone have a squeaking noise from the attic?
  241. am i the only one who shows my cat videos of cats on youtube?
  242. Undergravel filtration system for dirty fish good or bad things to use?
  243. What level of rider am I?
  244. anole help?
  245. Well I decided to be smart and put the cats litter in the toilet...?
  246. Nitrates in my fish tank?
  247. Would running with a Husky in 80-90 degree temperature effect them at all?
  248. Dog shaking?
  249. Are bonsai kittens some kind of sick joke? I certainly hope so.?
  250. Dog mixes...Do you think it's wrong to breed two different breeds together?