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  1. Hamster giving birth at 1 year old?
  2. Spinone Italiano?
  3. My turtle claws at the edges of the tank?
  4. can you have a sexual relationship with your cat?
  5. do cats get addicted to wheat gluten?
  6. 1 Blue Acara or 2 Kribensis for my 30 gallon?
  7. fish tank gallons?
  8. My POnY!!!??
  9. Were do some of you get your hamster facts from?
  10. My Papillon dog has been pacing w/his tail down and acting restless for 5
  11. Is it safe for dogs to drink gatorade or powerade?
  12. How mant of my triops will hatch?
  13. what type of milk should i give my puppy?
  14. How do i get my dad to buy me a horse?
  15. are my guinea pigs having sex?
  16. getting more muscle?
  17. Where is the nearest dog pound to zip code 85014?
  18. Do wolverines purr?
  19. Joke: Whats the best way to steal someones dog?
  20. My horse is brushing on his hind legs, at the bit where the hoof joins
  21. name for my puppy?
  22. If a full grown 8 ft. 1200 lb male grizzly bear lied on top of me with all its
  23. halti for dogs?
  24. my royal and gold rams wont stop fighting?
  25. funny joke!?
  26. Guinea Pig isn't eating or drinking. Urgent.?
  27. Has anyone tried the Furminator dog hair deshedding brush comb?
  28. flamingo or cow?
  29. my dog and cat don't get along?
  30. Brittany Spaniels ? :)?
  31. feeding once or twice a day?
  32. Quiet Submersible Filter for 29 gal tank? How much will electricity...
  33. How to Care for an Iguana?
  34. How to care for a cat?
  35. DOG AGILITY QUESTION! Can someone help explain how they determine the...
  36. pet hedgehog?
  37. My two lovebirds? Help?
  38. Is there a breed of cat called "nebelung?"?
  39. my dog is too tiny for her bowl. where can i find a tiny bowl?
  40. How much would it cost to start a guppy (fish) store ??
  41. Best Place to Buy a Betta Fish in the UK??
  42. Chinese Crested Show Dog?
  43. How do you know the difference between a male and female turtle?
  44. Where can you buy a jellyfish in the south of England?
  45. If you are a dog lover as I am (and other animals also) I AM doing this, will you?
  46. Wanting a reptile?
  47. Whats the difference between.....?
  49. which animal are considered as biggest lizard?
  50. How can you tell the difference between a girl senegal and a boy senegal?
  51. stick insect help?
  52. why wont my parakeet move?
  54. My New Dog Keeps Following Me and is scared of heights.?
  55. Green Mandarin Dragonet ?
  56. please!!! for the love of god read if you like animals!!!!?
  57. Would it be better in the long run to make your own hamster food?
  58. My cat (warning, not a very nice story)?
  59. Will male & female mini lop eared rabbit siblings mate?
  60. Are Pembroke welsh Corgi's Vicious?
  61. Our 12 yr old cat's has dropped from 14 to 8 lbs due to hyper-t and finicky
  62. so my dog sits really weird...?
  63. What Kind of Dog is this?
  64. how many meal worms should my leopard gecko have?
  65. HELP! My Roborovski hamster a.k.a. Dwarf Hamster??!!?
  66. Do head lice mate?
  67. which job is only about horses?
  68. I just got a puppy from my parents, which I always wanted, but now I freaked
  69. How can i train my miniature pony out of biting??
  70. what is the habitat of cat? as like a dog lives in a kennel where does the cat lives?
  71. ok if a dog as pulled a muscle.. and you massage it, is that hurting the dog, or?
  72. What are some good foods to feed dogs? I am currently feeding Blue to my dog. what...
  73. HELP!!! potty training my 1 year old puppy.?
  74. Are there any good fairly cheap online tack stores?
  75. How can I get my 1 year old dog to stop barking at people and other animals?
  76. can i clean 3 week old puppies?
  77. My two cats always share their litterbox, so do I still need two boxes?
  78. We have recently adopted a small dog. He keeps licking us what is he wanting?
  79. kitten bit me?
  80. What should I call my dog???
  81. CHEAP vets in Long Island *IMPORTANT*?
  82. Establishing a relationship with my new kitten and 4 year old dog.?
  83. my puppy poo'd blood.... blueberries?
  84. I am getting a green amazon parrot and would appreciate some tips and
  85. i love my cat but i dont think i can take care of her what should i do ?
  86. My cat Hisses at all my visitors, why and how can i train him?
  87. cat or dog?
  88. hedgehogs?
  89. What is your take on animal slaughter?
  90. Does anyone know when a shar pei male reaches full sexual maturity?
  91. having trouble sexing my goldfish any answers?
  92. 10 POints Best Direct Answer:I Have A 7 Month Old Guinea Pig?
  93. Can i give my snake Gatorade?
  94. has anyone ever used comfortis to protect their dog from fleas??
  95. What fish can I keep in a coldwater freshwater setup?
  96. toys and food for kittens,, please help!?
  97. I have a nine week old yorkie baby that has had slight runny bowels for...
  98. I am looking at adopting a puppy who has one small eye. they say it may...
  99. I have an 11 month old female lab?
  100. how to stop my dog from biting?
  101. Questions about foxes?
  102. I think we have a gerbil - How can I tell ?
  103. My puppies birthday.?
  104. What breed is my rabbit?
  105. how long does it take for a puppy to adapt to new home because I cannot...
  106. Hey guys, does anyone know what this color is...?
  107. how should I set up my gecko's tank?
  108. marine tank questions?
  109. why does my cocker spaniel bark at birds??
  110. Mice??????
  111. can u have more then 2 cats?
  112. Which cage, which accessory?
  113. yer favorite animal(s) ?
  114. Rabbit Names?
  115. what size of collars and leashes do i need?
  116. Why are my fish doing this???
  117. What animals are illegal in NB to own as pets?
  118. how to make a girl cat and a new boy kitten friends?
  119. pet chickens??
  120. My dogs are are driving my crazy !! they are fighting almost all the time how...
  121. Problem with my tall boots?
  122. Ive been feeding my puppy dry food and he is preferring wet food?
  123. i think there is an owl in my neighbors yard, it keeps hooting.?
  124. please can someone answer this question for me?!!!!?
  125. How can I weigh my dog? He's like 90 pounds but I need to know for sure and...
  126. Will a cavalier king charles spaniel be easy to train and good with a...
  127. Why does my cat think she's Bette Davis?
  128. Buying a dog?
  129. could i get an email address for someone to answer a question about care of
  130. How to Trim Hair on Face?
  131. My dog is super stubborn!!!?
  132. what would a cute name for a miniature dachshund be??
  133. How would i connect my 6FT run to a rabbit hutch?
  134. What do you think about no-kill vs non-no kill shelters?
  135. Which is easier?
  136. How hard are they...?
  137. I have a black milk snake was was wondering when to move him into his adult
  138. thought o f the day?
  139. How do i get my fat lazy cat to loose weight?
  140. What type of snake did I find???
  141. My cat is overweight..Switched to canned food.. Veterinarians would be helpful..?
  142. Will my cat give birth soon?
  143. What is your take on walking a cat using a lease?
  144. How much will vaccinations cost for my dog!?1?
  145. What is a small animal that is cuddly and isn't a rodent?
  146. How do I get my kitten to eat?
  147. How much would I expect to pay a breeder for an AKC Chihuahua in Connecticut?
  148. Fur Changing Colours?!?!?
  149. My Bourkes lifts her tail up high.?
  150. 14 week old Aussie doesn't tell me when he wants out-suggestions?
  151. what are some tricks I can teach my birds?
  152. Why is my cat biting me?
  153. Great Danes......??????
  154. my dog ate my bird?
  155. can i cage a conure, cockatiel, and a senegal together?
  156. My dog ate a 5 oz. Hershey's Dark Chocolate bar and some dark chocolate Raisinettes?
  157. Looking for pets in oxford ny?
  158. BNPH with hydrocortisone not working????
  159. White patches of hair on our Terrier's left upper hind leg?
  160. Axolotles I got given one what is it what do you feed it?
  161. Did you ever try to type with one hand? For all the people who told me I was rude...
  162. Sea Monkeys?
  163. we have 2 kittys and 1 hurt hes leg 2day for no reason and now the other kitten
  164. Is it legal to have more than 4 dogs in Montana?
  165. i am interested in rats and was wondering?
  166. what is the perfect temperature that i should keep my turtles? (in degree...
  167. how long should i walk my like 9 year old jack russell terrier?
  168. Wing Clipping?
  169. 2 year old poodle. scared of fireworks..?
  170. i have a cocker spaniel dog that is only 2 and has gray hairs already?
  171. My horse wont walk on the track if he wants to, what do i do?
  172. Guinea pig names?
  173. How to Choose A Toy Rat Terrier?
  174. how do you toilet train a dog??
  175. which animal related career...?
  176. How do you make a honey rat treat?
  177. What's wrong with my dog?
  178. I found a stray puppy can you tell me what breed he is(pics included)?
  179. stimsons python or spotted python?
  180. My kitten died, how do I cope with this??
  181. I need some advice?
  182. Gerbil care?
  183. Cat Names? For my kitten!?
  184. who do you contact about dogs put outside and fighting constantly? I
  185. Can I still have my 2 yr old dogs dew claws removed?
  186. trotter horse?
  187. can cats hold a grudge??
  188. Roof of a dog's or cat's mouth. Please.?
  189. Miniature Dachshund keeps puking?
  190. My dog has a scabby rash on her back...?
  191. so today i checked on my fish and!!?
  192. URGET PLEASE HELP!! it will die if not?
  193. Dog Died - Cause ?
  194. Cat is in heat is there anything else except spaiding her to reduce or...
  195. Is icing bad for your dog?
  196. Is there any breed of dog where its normal for their ribs to show?
  197. Is it OK for my friend to put herbal garlic chips and conditioning oil and
  198. Leonberger or Newfoundland?
  199. green tree python?
  200. Wart-like growth?
  201. What do you feed your dog and more importantly WHY do you feed it?
  202. What do u think of my hamster??
  203. Know your dog info?
  204. do parakeets food (seeds) expire?
  205. Is the keeshond a good breed?
  206. HELP ME! Whats the matter with my puppy?
  207. Traveling With A bearded Dragon.?
  208. If I think my horse has a skin disease should I treat it myself or take her to the...
  209. My dog has eaten some rib bones. HELP!?
  210. what do i do i have a 40 day old kitty?
  211. Parakeet tricks?
  212. my dog cage?
  213. I'm babysitting my mom's lab?
  214. i found a little baby kitten and its acting weird?
  215. honey gourami and female betta?
  216. My 14 yr old Tsu has alheizmer's-otherwise healthy. My VET is going to try
  217. PuppyMill Legislation?
  218. Can my cat scare my goldfish?
  219. leopard geckos??
  220. what to do with stray cat?
  221. A question about buying a pedigree cat (British shorthair)?
  222. new fish tank. how long should i let it sit?
  223. how many times a day should i feed my yorkie?????
  224. Another quick cat question?
  225. righto, i have just had an interesting session with my horse.?
  226. What do you look for when you are looking for a nice playful family dog?
  227. Is 8 too old for a beagle to have pups?
  228. question is her temp was 100.8 then last night it dropped to 99.4 but back up
  229. need help with cockatiel care. -cleaning with eggs in cage?
  230. when should i switch my pupps from eating from their mom to drinking regular
  231. Experience with special dogs?
  232. My cat will eat my rat?
  233. My fish's belly has been very big for more than a year. Is it pregnant?
  234. How to groom a ShihTzu's tail?
  235. 4 Month Old Puppy, throw's up after eating?
  236. Matted dog hair question?
  237. Please Help Microchip vs. Shelter papers?
  238. Are my guppies old enough to mate?
  239. Puppy throwing up part 2?
  240. what breed do you think my horse is??
  241. Are rams as aggressive as billy goats?
  242. Info on cockapoos : their likes dislikes are they water oriented ?
  243. every night when we are in bed our 2 cats fight, like not playing!?
  244. Budgie Bird owners and Experts, How old is my budgie???
  245. Is it ok to have mom and pups in a fenced in kennel (outside) w/ welping
  246. Table Top Fountain/Fish Bowl?
  248. showmanship?-horses?
  249. how do i get my kitty to eat cat food?
  250. How can I get my chinchilla to stop picking at his scab?