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  1. cane corso and akita?
  2. parvo in humans or just dogs?
  3. how many hamster breeds are there that you can buy
  4. bully breed club question
  5. Ferret Proofing Home
  6. Have you ever used an animal psychic for your pet?
  7. when do firemouth cichlids reach sexual maturity?
  8. What breed of dog is this?
  9. This is for everybody that has had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!!!
  10. getting a new puppy jack russel?
  11. how to train a kitten?
  12. Does anyone feed A BARF/AN diet to their dogs?
  13. Hamster names please!
  14. My dog is very emotional???
  15. Why Does My 15 Week Old Kittens...
  16. How much would you charge to walk a dog for 30 minutes
  17. can someone find me a good puppy adoption website...
  18. What do I look for when sick leopard gecko's tail pops off??
  19. What Kind Of Bird Is For Me?
  20. Just recently noticed blood spots on the floor.
  21. Why does my dog bark at wall sockets?
  22. Our dempsey 9" hasn't eaten in 45 days...I'm getting desperate...???
  23. Dog hair loss (please help right away)?
  24. Did I make a mistake by getting another cat?
  25. how can i tame my female syrian
  26. Ok it hurts to take her temp(dog)
  27. my dog won't move and all his body feel sore after the rabies, DHLP & parvo shot.
  28. Hamster Help Please!
  29. ariat riding boots are getting too small !
  30. pllzz need help on this and be sure
  31. My niece has a Sphinx cat less than a year old and just recently has started peeing
  32. My golden retriever is losing so much hair I can see the skin
  33. how do i know if she is having problems
  34. Is this bit too harsh?
  35. Ball Python Eats More than ONCE a WEEK?!
  36. my rat has an absess or puss?
  37. I really need some help with breaking my horse...
  38. What kind or breed of eagle is this?
  39. how much should i charge to walk these dogs?
  40. For cat people ONLY!
  41. what wrong with my puppy???????????
  42. The difference between a Female and Male cat? (10 points)
  43. How can I teach my dog to walk on a leash and she gets car sick what can I do?
  44. a new born chihuahua
  45. Should I get a Male or a Female Corn Snake?
  46. HEY pple please i need your help specially if you are a vet ok is about my
  47. Found Turtle Need Help ...fast!
  48. Is there such a thing as a cat that cant meow, ever?
  49. Hamster is Frightened of Everything
  50. Pet food bank on the news?
  51. what shoukd i name my 4 baby birds....one probably isn't going to make it tho!!
  52. I found a great Pet Site. Has anyone heard of it?
  53. Exotic Pet Store, Reptiles and Fish
  54. Budgie with an abscess
  55. My Cat's Ear Looks like it was Clipped (not in a fight)
  56. My dog tries to eat cat nip, is this going to hurt her?
  57. Questions about a rescued Maltese puppy
  58. how do i tell that my 10 month old rotty is comeing into season
  59. Carpet python bites.
  60. does anyone know where i can fins a toy poodle in az
  61. English Bull Terrier owners..
  62. Bio cube or nano cube?
  63. I have a sunset platy that had 28 fry survive as of 2 days now?
  64. how can i become a cane corso breeder
  65. adult leo or baby leo
  66. i just bought a puppy at 5 weeks old...
  67. can you really get a job at the animal shelter?
  68. My king snake just ate pinkie size piece of bedding: shredded fluffy paper. Should...
  69. What is a good bird to get?
  70. My two rottweilers are fighting and I don't know how to stop it!?
  71. What kind of hamster should i get
  72. 1 syrian or 2 russian dwarf hammies
  73. where to get a dog house cheap??
  74. I Need help or advise house breaking a male miniature Daschund, who is 7 months...
  75. Should i go for time, distance or number of times i take my huskies out?
  76. any idea on how much this might cost me?
  77. national dog food brand dog food vs niche brand vs raw?
  78. Pug puppy..sounds like he has a cold?
  79. a trip, that you can bring your dog..
  80. Is there a downside to using 2 off billets instead of a tie strap to...
  81. Feeding a pregnant dog puppy food?
  82. pregnant african chiclid?
  83. aggression help?! puppy??
  84. Whats wrong with my cat?
  85. bedding? bunnie? help?
  86. I don't know what 2 because i went to vet and he recommended that i put my...
  87. anyone know what the PETA van will be around?
  88. Buy aquariums online?
  89. My dog is sick I need help!?
  90. when do male dogs retire from mating(breeding)?
  91. A question about my dog.?
  92. what is the best way to socialize a really nervous dog?
  93. pregnant cat and a new dog?
  94. Fish!!?? Help!! first fishhieee.!!
  95. How Do I Train my 1 year old male Chihuahua to be House Broken?
  96. mmmm what dog is cuter a dalmation or a miniature pinscher!!!!!
  97. Is this a purebred Pomeranian?
  98. My dog is depressed
  99. Baby Hedgehogs colors?
  100. How to tame 4 pekin ducks?
  101. *~Vets!~ Would I?!?~*
  102. German Shepard hair on back stands up
  103. Young Savannah Monitor healthy?
  104. Dog Names? 10 points!!!
  105. whats wrong with my Pomeranian?
  106. My Boston is only laying around & wont eat/drink. He was outside for
  107. What happened with my dog?
  108. What are some good realistic fake anenomes?
  109. Anyone in PA with a pet that had rabies vaccine this year?
  110. hamster acting strange!
  111. Where to find a small trimming grooming tool for small dogs?
  112. Female cat pee issue?
  113. Quaker Parrot or Congo African Grey?
  114. Show names for my mare?
  115. Do you have a Chinchilla?
  116. how often should i clean out my fish tank and how ??
  117. why does my dog not come near me unless somebody else is home : (?
  118. Are hamsters a dangerous pet?
  119. What kind of saddle should I get?
  120. Follow-up question: Cant figure out my puppy's mix?
  121. How can I stop my dog licking our glass door??
  122. does my bird have feather mites??
  123. are ther fainting goats in australia
  124. What age gap should i leave between dogs?
  125. euthanasia?
  126. will my pit bull have trouble adjusting to climate moving to another country
  127. Homemade Kitten Playpen? Any Advice?
  128. does anyone have a cat that likes the rain ?
  129. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pros and cons?
  130. please someone should help me i need to train my dog,she often eats her pooh
  131. Can you find me a picture of the dog with a prosthetic limb
  132. Is drying the puppy in the microwave faster?
  133. How long should I wait before letting my cat rome around the neighboorhood on...
  134. I really want a dog. What should i get?
  135. whats the best pet to get?Not including dog or cat...best detailed...best answer
  136. How do I teach my puppy to pee outside instead of inside the house?
  137. what is the dog limit in Springfield Missouri?
  138. reptile enclosure sizes?
  139. hermit crab?
  140. How can i make dingle berry soup?
  141. my puppy is getting worst and worst!
  142. I NEED HELP!!!!!!! On finding people who sell birds around my area!!!!!!!!
  143. which one do u prefer the most...male or female persian cats...and say why
  144. what name should i name my shih tzu girl!?
  145. Dog help please answer!?
  146. My first cockatiel and I need help!!?
  147. How to train two female toy shih tzu's to pee in the right place????
  148. How can I keep my crickets alive?
  149. My parakeets are mating BUT>>>
  150. why does my indian ringneck make all sorts of different noises?
  151. Bad Cat Roommate Help?
  152. My goldfish has a rock in it's mouth and it's been there for a few days...how...
  153. Can i take my puppy to a cottage with us if she hasnt had all her
  154. Hammy House ?
  155. Too late to train my 13 week old Papillion puppy? ...?
  156. i am looking for a cheaper horse saddle?
  157. How can I help this brand new kitten? I'm worried about him.
  158. I think i have a sick hamster.?
  159. Dogs under twenty pounds?
  160. how long does it take for coccidia to show up in a kitten??
  161. Can anyone help Find a dog
  162. how do you make a new kitten feel welcome?
  163. how can i get my cat to "normal" after the earthquake?
  164. Help! My 10 month old lab is driving me nuts!!?
  165. looking for a chiuahuah from IL?
  166. What Kind of dog looks like a fox?
  167. Is Hamster Wet tail contagious to humans?
  168. Okay all you experienced,responsible dog breeders,answer please..?
  169. How is my cat taking litter out of her litter box and making a pile then...
  170. Cocker Spaniel Puppies!?
  171. i have lots of little white bits floating in my fish tank i want to get rid of
  172. how do i register my dog w/the ckc?
  173. what happens if i dont get a male dog fixed?
  174. cuttlebone and/or grit?
  175. can anyone help me with names for my bearded dragon??
  176. My friend will give me a cat soon. I do not have any background on how to raise...
  177. dogs that dont shed a lot....?
  178. whats your choice in big dog and lil dog? rott,boxer,pittbull or chihuahua,pckt...
  179. Should i foster a dog?
  180. Is it normal for a rabbit's back paw to have a nail that sticks out the side?
  181. i need good kitten names for a gray female cat ?
  182. Can anyone tell me what kind of dog this is?
  183. Me and my !5 hand Tb...?
  184. shiba inu and akita inu?
  185. My Puppy snaps at me, what?
  186. is it true?
  187. PLEASE HELP I have a 1 year old dog?
  188. My grandmothers cat is missing?
  189. What sized tank kit are at Wal*Mart stores?
  190. Does your cat like music ?
  191. my dog just mated with my other dog today and shes 13 and i dont know what to...
  192. Possible problem with feeder crickets.?
  193. Sore hoof after trimming?
  194. What is the best way to get to level 7 really fast? Like by Sunday?
  195. tatu stil together?
  196. Whats the best dog for me?
  197. Can someone please give me simple instructions on how to build a rabbit cage...
  198. paws sore from me cleaning his paws everyday?
  199. Cant connect my syphon to my pull out faucet.?
  200. My Male Betta seems to be trying to make a bubble nest but...?
  201. Sugar Glider information?
  202. horse shows?
  203. my rat's trip to the vet?
  204. what type of mix is my dog German shepherd/? how big will it grow approx?
  205. goat milk?
  206. goldfish please help?
  207. can my cat get pregnant 2 months after her first litter?
  208. Bichon Frise, Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Pom or Pekingese(sp)?
  209. Why does my bird do this?
  210. Any fresh water is tougher than a jaguar cichlid? 10 points?
  211. Can fish tank dechlorinator liquid be used to eliminate the chlorine from my bath?
  212. Kong and puppy?
  213. kitten from the pound?
  214. What can I Do?
  215. swollen kitten eyes?
  216. I can't get my dog to stop chewing on my fingers.?
  217. I'm looking at buying something to calm a stressed dog?
  218. where can I find a figure 8 puffer and can it live well with green spotted puffers?
  219. my dog breeding business?
  220. Do i really need a air pump for a fish tank..?
  221. We recently adopted a chocolate lab from a shelter. Great with people,...
  222. If a budgie nibbles on my finger is that similar to biting it just not as hard?
  223. Nerves when showjumping... Any ideas how to over come them ?
  224. Bunny respiratory infection?
  225. how do i get rid of dandruff on my rabbit?
  226. HoW to Make a kiTty Litter box? 10-15mins?
  227. My cat's eyes - one bigger?
  228. Eukanuba & Royal Canin Dachshund Specific Formula?
  229. tarantula leaking water like fluid, uninjured, noticed while handling, can
  230. Can cats use both flea collar and flea spots?
  231. Has anyone heard of the Continental Kenel Club?
  232. Manes Rubbing?
  233. Bichon Frise With Occasional Sores On Eyelid That Bleed?
  234. How do you think I could persuade my parents to let me have a pet bird?
  235. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  236. cat has fleas?
  237. Why is this?
  238. how do we get our puppy to stop tearing apart our bathroom?
  239. Animal cages?
  240. What should be done for a dog that gets stung by a bee?
  241. my pet lizard?
  242. help my dog wont eat her food no more?
  243. Is my kitty pregnant.. ? help me please..?
  244. I recently had someone from work give me a female boxer, she told me it was possible
  245. My cat sort of dances when she's happy?
  246. where would i go to find out about depitting a ferret?
  247. How many guppie at one time in a breeding net?
  248. I am moving to the UK from Canada with a cat...help?
  249. saddle's seat shapes?
  250. I lost my water conditioner for my goldfish and had to put him in tap water how long