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  1. My neighbor keeps giving my dog water!?
  2. how much do i feed my rabbit?
  3. How long should my dog stay on the treadmill?
  4. Please,help,,,?I am so sad tonight,I love thes animals?
  5. my dogs pads are to soft wot could a use 2 harden them?
  6. My dog just ate a pair of my shorts, is it likely he will get a bowel obstruction?
  7. Can it be free to put a dog to sleep? ?
  8. my pomerian pup is 3 months old its eyes are watering ?
  9. Dog training........?
  10. Found a box turtle - best ideas for an outdoor living area?
  11. can you cross breed amazon parrots?
  12. Why is my cat hissing at her sister?
  13. Hey Guys - don't need advise on what to do about the dogs..just How do their
  14. Is something wrong with my cat?
  15. Will my cat hurt a kitten?
  16. What kind of crabs do I have? They are as big as a dime and tannish brown. ?
  17. Help! Bat got into the house tonight, my cat was chasing it...rabies?
  18. Similar experience with a Rat Terrier?
  19. Liver spotted dalmatian name- Pluto or domino?
  20. how can i tell when my cat ate my hamster?
  21. Muntjac Deer question.?
  22. My African Sideneck turtle is getting white puffiness around her eyes...is that
  23. Do we have a good skink lizard?
  24. Any advice on getting a cat?
  25. hey im gettin turtles!!?
  26. why is my rat shaking her ears everytime i try to play with her?help?10points!!!!!!!?
  27. What do i get if a heavy pied cockatiel with a pearl cockatiel?
  28. Looking to buy Sugar Glider in NC...?
  29. What food should I feed my Coton De Tulear?
  30. Just found out i have mice at home !?
  31. Is there a no-kill shelter in the Baltimore/Washington area? ?
  32. Any Yorkie breeders in Southeastern OK that have a female pup available...
  33. puppy pads??????????????????????????????????
  34. is my sea anemone sick? ?
  35. My Hamsters....!!!???
  36. my skinny pig(hairless guinea pig) WONT eat his kibble what should i do?!?
  37. does petsmart or petco, do good haircuts?
  38. How to convince my parents to let me get a hamster?
  39. Is a boxer a good dog to get?
  40. marine tank? 10 points to answer?
  41. my cat has a sore throat - how long will this last?
  42. what kind of pet should i get???
  43. How much is a good price to pay for a 5 month old shiba inu purebred puppy ?
  44. HELP!! I have a cocktail bird that just hatched!?
  45. My new hamsters water bottle?
  46. where can i find a dog?
  47. I want a ferret but?
  48. My dog won't stop barking!?
  49. could you tell me what does the girl say in this spot?
  50. Would this cage be suitable for my two rats?
  51. Tiny eggs clustered on window screen?
  52. is it true about shaving down rabbit teeth? ?
  53. What kinda dog does this look like?
  54. wat can my cat have?
  55. Does your dog do strange things while asleep?
  56. bearded dragon eat cat food?
  57. Dog pregnancy detection question?
  58. Could this have caused my cats kidney failure??
  59. I don't want to get rid of Cody, PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
  60. My mom got me 2 guinea pigs!!!?
  61. Do petco and petsmart have good parakeets? ?
  62. my cat is being a wierdo...he is lickikng the floor and then rubbing himself on
  63. What Are The PROS Of Feeding A Strange Dog ...?
  64. What breed does my cat look like?
  65. Lost guinea pigs???????
  66. At a loss for what to do with my dog and cat...?
  67. I just had my 1 year old female chihuahua fixed. She has never been with a male dog.?
  68. um my rats wont stop eating?
  69. Help! My new miniature horse has a horrible haircut!!?
  70. Ive gotten bit by a black beetle ?
  71. what is a good female name for a red car?
  72. strange koi behavior?
  73. "Cats Vs Dogs" Which is better!?
  74. Are Draft horses good horses to own for children?
  75. Why is my cat peeing in the bathtub?
  76. Who believes it's a good idea to buy children ponies just because they asked for one?
  77. Any site that will give me Rx pet drugs without proof? Local vet *lost* proof the...
  78. What do you feed baby rabbits?
  79. When I'm not running the waterfall in my Koi pond, the rocks are bleached...
  80. what do you think is normal?
  81. Our dog just got fixed and his stitches are very itchy , can we give anything?
  82. gerbil equipment? help?
  83. My dog has a really itchy ear...could it be an infection? Or what? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  84. Why is my dog scared of feathers ?
  85. is my puppy getting fat?
  86. Question to all ferret having people.?
  87. What are some ethoxyquin-free hamster food?
  88. Ball python or Red-tailed boa??
  89. Can anyone see THIS picture of my dog??
  90. WOAH, this is really weird. Everybody, look at this! How did Y!A people end up
  91. help with pregnant dog??
  92. Guinea Pigs!!!??????
  93. Does anyone know where I could find a saint Bernard in Gulf coast area?
  94. 40 gallon tank stuck with four 4inch oscars...?
  95. help my sick dog won't eat at all!!!!!!!!!?
  96. how do you get rid of hotspots on dogs?
  97. i want my angelfish to look after there babies though i don't have another tank?
  98. What algae eater would be good for my 6 gal. tank?
  99. Some Conure questions??
  100. When should i feed my dog ?
  101. My dog ate my shirt what do i do?
  102. what can bunnies eat?
  103. what is a good pet to have in a small apartment?
  104. What's a good name for my new kitten?
  105. Help ! Dog Walks ???
  106. Is it safe to give my puppy a bath?
  107. Anyone understand what's up with cat?
  108. can you buy a hedgehog & keep it as a pet?
  109. another ? for you horse experts?
  110. Pulling my Huskys Teeth?
  111. Me and my fiancee had done lots or research on getting a monkey for a pet,...
  112. could my bitch st bernerd be pregnant?
  113. At what age can I start walking my baby pup around outside?
  114. what is a good pet to have in a small apartment?
  115. I have an 8 mnths old Cavalier with episodic falling syndrome?
  116. Help with some Danios?
  117. How do i train my horse to ride better?
  118. is this normal pound for beagle pup?
  119. How do I get my kitten from sucking on my skin?
  120. Is it OK to put my male rats in with the females?
  121. kitten wiping butt across the floor/carpet???
  122. What do I do about a stray cat that I dont have any room for?
  123. My cat has little white bugs attached to her fur, any ideas?
  124. Teacup Pigs as Pets?
  125. My dog has a bump on two of his feet what is it?
  126. Stages of changing eye color in kittens...?
  127. getting rid of rhodesian ridgeback mix?
  128. Does anyone know what is wrong with my hen?
  129. I need help with this, please...?
  130. What animal is best to eat algae i na water trough and tank???
  131. how can I make it? please help me?
  132. Mama rabbit and pinkies need help!!?
  133. BOXER vs ROTTWEILER which is a better pet?
  134. Big Momma Guppy, Pregnancy Help?!!!?
  135. I just had my male cat neutered, and now his sister won't have anything to do...
  136. Trying to find out what is wrong with my puppy?
  137. help! how can i keep my kitten from getting litter all over the bathroom?
  138. could a dog be takent to walmart?
  139. Is there anything cool for me to do with my birds???
  140. pup in season update.?
  141. will our cat ever get on with the 2 new kittens??
  142. She won't stop eating the carpet?
  143. has anyone bought the new pedi paws?
  144. how do you care for a baby mouse?
  145. My 9 month old pup still doesn't know his name?
  146. cat/bee sting ? What do i do ?
  147. bitting question and training for a finished bit?
  148. how do you make a dog calm down ?
  149. what kind of dog is the right for me?
  150. My cat follows me around with his toy and cries - I play with him...
  151. Awwww - Isn't she cute?
  152. Does a newt have a strong odor?
  153. My cat won't stop???
  154. Tank problems need help, should I cut my losses?
  155. how can u tell a male oscar from a female ???
  156. help, what should i do with my rabbit:(!?
  157. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yogurt???
  158. temperature for a pet bass?
  159. Dog help please .. ..?
  160. Is my ball python DEATH?
  161. What kind of defomities are there to look for in puppies that are inbreeding?
  162. how can i put my moms mind at ease?
  163. I need heelp with the doggy name?
  164. Can Malawi Cichlids live with angelfishes?
  165. how long after a puppy is born?
  166. how much does it cost to feed a pair of cornsnakes and a pair of bearded...
  167. Does anyone have goats to sell or give away?
  168. rat live in gerbilarium?
  169. What should I name my Lil'Kinz Chihuahua?
  170. poorly fishwhich isnt balanceing very well and keeps rubbing itself on
  171. My dog is kennel trained and is kenneled whenever we leave the house. I
  172. getting my cat spayed?
  173. How can I stop my Yorkie from chewing through wires?!?
  174. Which petstore is better?
  175. Why Isn't My Fish Tank Getting Dirty?
  176. OMG my bunny! whats wrong???? help please!?
  177. My kitten jumped out of a second-floor window. He seems all right, but should I
  178. my dog is having some weird symptoms.. what could be causing this?
  179. i have a 3 yearold lovebird and she doesnt like to play. what should i do?
  180. Will I have enough time for a dog if I'm going to be commissioned as a LT in the US
  181. What is the average width of a ball python is? please?
  182. My dog has punctured his pad. It's been a week, he's still limping.
  183. What does it mean when your chihuahua's nipples turn a real dark pink?
  184. Is newspaper bad for hamsters?
  185. If you could convince everyone of one thing...?
  186. can i put these fish together?
  187. Would i get sick from eating cat poo??
  188. HELP please- I have a 7 month Dashchund puppy who will not housebreak?
  189. My cat doesnt eat anything?
  190. looking for info on cayman?
  191. what do i need to do to get rid of cats urine smell from u house??
  192. Help! One more time... my dog bit a PREGNANT LADY!!?
  193. Hhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllpppp?
  194. My cat went Missing, Psychics a little help.?
  195. whats are your best rabbit care tips?
  196. can someone tell me why?
  197. Can a Guinea Pig have a bath???
  198. Cute dog halloween costumes?
  199. New fish in an aquarium?
  200. Can Rabbits Sense Other Rabbits?
  201. should i feed my leo pinkies?
  202. dose any one have a picture of a adult Euro Mountain sheparnese dog?
  203. WHEN SPIDERS ARE BORN.. do they eat their mother.. after she explodes????
  204. what kind of fish is this?
  205. The 1 week old kitten are sticky, because their mother keeps caring them around?
  206. strange dark brown flat worms in my aquarium?
  207. You all seem to agree that Dobermans & Rotties are great ?
  208. where can i get the list of countries banned in Importing and exporting Exotic Birds?
  209. how much does a 50gallon?
  210. When is it okay to touch baby guinea pigs?
  211. Saddle fit on a young horse?
  212. What do you think happened to my betta (pics)?
  213. Cost of deworming kitten?
  214. Hi! I have a Netherland Dwarf and it drinks more than 2 ounces a day, but the
  215. Neighbors dogs! Help!?
  216. Please help..I want to kill my dog!..?
  217. All about Rabbits please?!?
  218. Why is there a pet section ?
  219. how to make my dad to buy me a 10 gallon fish tank?
  220. When I Fly South Should I take My Dogs?
  221. witch do you like better cats or dogs?
  222. Help With My Chihuahua?
  223. Why has my dog completely stopped barking?
  224. i have a sprocker spaniel and want to know how to let him off his lead.?
  225. piranhas how do I make my piranhas aggresive?
  226. How do I stop my kitten from attacking my other cat?
  227. Where did you get your dog(s) from?
  228. Can anyone give me a care sheet on a leopard gecko?
  229. Housetraining help needed?
  230. What do you do if your dog is acting weird.?
  231. Is my chameleon getting enough water? I never see him drinking..?
  232. how bad is it to live with a dog ?
  233. Where can I get a turtle?
  234. help with oddball fish tank?
  235. OMG Damn i can't catch this kitten?
  236. guinea pigs; would this be okay?
  237. I have the money for it but still?
  238. what was wrong with my horse?
  239. Praying Mantis and winter ????
  240. what is the height and pounds of a fully grown teacup yorkie?
  241. OMG my dog ate gum!!?
  242. Stupid question...why keep newly spayed female away from intact males?
  243. What would i be expected to pay and do if I loan a Horse?
  244. What can I give my dog for inflimation or pain?
  245. Dealing with co-worker's aggressive dog?
  246. I need help house training my dog!?
  247. I would love to get a cavalier king charles puppy because i love dogs ! but...
  248. is it illegal to kill a pryamantis?
  249. help??with guppy breeding?!?!??!?
  250. Is it ok if my dog eats goldfish? ?