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  1. My ball python won't shed. She has all she needs, but won't come out of her hide....
  2. what is a round raised sore on my dog?
  3. Kitten eating own poop?
  4. Breeding dogs for "modern" activities?
  5. Will my cat be okay if I leave him home, but take my other cat to parents with me?
  6. why has my kitten only used the litter box 1 time?
  7. Early neuter? Or wait a little while?
  8. What to do for possible Praziquantel overdose in cats?
  9. i have two robo hamsters (roborovski hamsters real hamsters) and they jump out
  10. How old do you have to be to work at Petsmart in New Jersey?
  11. how many neon tetras can i put?
  12. My Dog has very long hair, and mats in it. What can i do?
  13. Trainer suggested biking with my dog which bike leash is best?
  14. How to make love birds mate? ?
  15. I'll ask this again: How are cats micro chipped?
  16. What Kind of Dog is This???
  17. my dog got bit by some un known bug!!! need help!!!?
  18. documentary about dogs?
  19. Can any Yorkie(or Morkie) owners or previous owners help me!?
  20. Can you paper train an English Bulldog?
  21. Should I get a dog or a ferret?
  22. Will my cat be okay if I leave him home, but take my other cat to parents with me?
  23. What is she in your opinion? (having to put in 2 primary breeds on her dogster page)?
  24. What is the lowest water temp you can keep a GloFish (fluorescent zebrafish) in??
  25. Is any one in the same situation as me?
  26. My small yorkie is very ill-tempered towards other dogs. ?
  27. I have a sick Schnauzer. I?
  28. what should we name our Macaw?
  29. does anybody know ?????????????????
  30. Can someone please help me!?
  31. What do chinchilla seizures look like?
  32. How much catnip to give a cat?
  33. Akita unwell. Need fresh ideas.?
  34. what would be the best bird.?
  35. A career helping animals that's right for me?
  36. my rabbit may have broken his left hind leg we rescued him how do i put him
  37. How does the vet deworm a puppy?
  38. Diagnosed with a probable brain tumor... now what?
  39. brand new dog to be owners? any advice? ?
  40. Whats the best group of fish for a 20 gallon tank?
  41. What should i name my dog?
  42. Dog Eye Problem! Help!?
  43. Can someone identified this Pleco (Picture included)?
  44. What do I feed a frog?
  45. male cat and strong smelling urine?
  46. is there any way to make my puppy listen better?
  47. Update on my horse rearing up?
  48. How can I tell how short my dogs nails should be trimed?
  49. How much and how often should I feed my 8 week old MinPin's?
  50. I need some help with my hermit crab?
  51. Eclectus Parrot is a Screamer.......help!!!!?
  52. what do you have to have done at the vets to female rabbits??starts with a "s" is
  53. I need help with my puppy`s How old do they need to be before they can be...
  54. what should I do with my serpae tetra? ?
  55. Why breed is this pit bull puppy?
  56. 8 week old puppy has itchy ears what should i do?
  57. bloated orange-spot bristlenose?
  58. Can I please give update on my Yorkie?
  59. Can someone help me with my Cockatiels?
  60. i just brought a male teddy bear hamster can i put him in the cage to mate?
  61. Could a doggy choke ???
  62. what can i do for my bunny?
  63. Name for new puppy???
  64. What are the subtle dangers I should look out for in order to keep my rabbit?
  65. Should I get a teacup yorkie?
  66. what are causes of a dog shedding?
  67. Is my kitten okay? She sleeps all the time.?
  68. Sun conures = good pets?
  69. 2 platy and one ghost shrimp .?
  70. What is wrong with my snakes eye? pictures! please help?
  71. how do i get my dog to not be afraid of me?
  72. could my dog be pregnant?
  73. Minefalls Labradors?
  74. what happens if there is blood in the dogs poo ??
  75. can cats get parvo?????
  76. quest. for dog lovers?
  77. Is it too late for me to crate train my dog?
  78. Back from the fair - just checking in...?
  79. I know that it is good for rabbits to have a companion, so Ive decided to
  80. Where can I find this book? (pic included)?
  81. Is a 17 Year old Horse to old for Jumping?
  82. Animal lovers,, Does it make you happy that,,?
  83. how do i get a breeders license?
  84. Would it be possible to train my dog to chase my guinea pig on command?
  85. I need special help with a blue and gold macaw. Please read and answer if U can?
  86. anybody have a free adult dog close to mishawaka, indiana?
  87. why are my guinea pigs being like this?
  88. I think my kitten has asthma,but I have no money to take him to the vet?
  89. What's this cat's breed??
  90. So it's ok that he is not basking yet? Should water be so deep that he can't
  91. Is there a holistic vet out there who can help me? ?
  92. my goldfish stays at bottom sometimes?
  93. For those with Border Terriers... ?
  94. Using Ice Cubes to bring down my Tank's temperature....is it correct?
  95. Hamster Help please answer. ?
  96. Why is my dog like that?
  97. Why is my betta fish building a bubble thing on top of its fish bowl?
  98. Puppy injections...?!?
  99. english saddle fitting question??? what size?
  100. Does anyone want to sell there Maltese puppies?
  101. oh a dog question? yhaa a puppy oky just read it?
  102. What do you do when you have an AKC and a CKC doberman? Who do you register them...
  103. My 8month old puppy got her period, is that normal? ?
  104. Pet Food Suggestions/Life Expectancy?
  105. what do you think of my horse?
  106. How do I stop my hamster biting her bars?
  107. is my dwarf hamster pregnant?
  108. If my puppy keeps throwing up from car rides, will her health suffer?
  109. Does anyone know any one who is giving away yorkshires?
  110. my dog has red bumps over his body?
  111. Should a dog eat potatoes?
  112. My dog barely drinks water? ?
  113. How much does it cost to feed a corn snake?
  114. sunk at bottom dead fish?
  115. I need preventive ways to keep fleas away from my 8 week old puppy?
  116. my boxer got pregnant on june 28. ?
  117. Puppy Question (pictures)?
  118. AP Saddle For Sale! bargain!?
  119. Show Jumping Career?
  120. Fire Bellied Toad Help!! Life Or Death!!!?
  121. how to deal with a cat whose brother got ran over?
  122. where's a place you can get cheap healthy dogs?
  123. i really want these dogs?
  124. Is this food okay to feed to my cats? ?
  125. how do i tell if my turtles are a boy or a girl (get lots of points)?
  126. is this strange budgie behavior ?
  127. Did you regret getting a third cat?
  128. Breeder of Affenpinscher & or Shih Tzu & or English Bulldog, prices under...
  129. could a dog have more puppies?
  130. 1 gallon fish tank ? What fish is good ?
  131. purebred husky preg need answers..? help?
  132. so now petfinder has puppymills, BYBs and other people who just want money at
  133. How do you teach a fox trotter to trot?
  134. How do I hibernate my Corn Snakes.?
  135. how much water can a dog lap up in one lick?
  136. what kind of flies bite the blood out of horses?
  137. how do i know if my bearded dragon is ?
  138. Can redclaw crabs breath underwater?
  139. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is my dog being protective or aggressive??? Really...
  140. does a rabbit have an epiglottis?
  141. Ferret personality Preference??
  142. How should I advertise my dog walking business?
  143. do all pitbulls attack?
  144. Why does my puppy walk better off leash?
  145. dog won't stop digging?
  146. How would you respond to this do you think I was right??
  147. how long are guppies pregnant?
  148. Help my rabbit!!!!!!?
  149. How do I get rid of my stress and pain of the death of my dog.?
  150. what size tank do red ear slider turtles need?
  151. crayfish and cichlids together??
  152. Why is my betta fish building a bubble thing on top of its fish bowl?
  153. Hows my seat??????????
  154. Cat Litter Everywhere, what to do?
  155. How Can My Dog Play With Toys?
  156. Is the de-wormer working?
  157. black ghost knife fish compatibilty?
  158. My baby leopard gecko has sand in its eye...is it harmful?
  159. how to clear cloudy water - another filter or chemicals?
  160. Have you experienced the Glo?
  161. 75 gallon aquarium - suggestions needed!?
  162. in this month apart from giving food to the poor people can i also give it to...
  163. i need puppy food help!!?
  164. does anybody know any good horse collages?
  165. What happens when you bring your dog to the vet to be fixed?
  166. Can a dog get pregnant without the two getting stuck together?
  167. kittens Vaccinations?
  168. What are the pros and cons of a German Shepherd cross Collie?
  169. my 7 month puppy gets really excited to see people?
  170. Why won't my 11 year old lab eat?
  171. My female dog is in her first heat.?
  172. My cat won't eat and mught have a temperature?
  173. help with rescued one-eyed oranda please!!!?
  174. My male betta is not eating any food it has been a weekd a half what do I do?
  175. How long do I need to segregate my ring worm infected kittens?
  176. is meadow mix hay brand ok for rabbits?
  177. What do I do , My cat is sick?
  178. My son play kids football and he was kicked off the team for strangling the
  179. What breed is this dog?
  180. Chinchilla cage kit- any help?
  181. As much information as you can write about this fish:?
  182. my dog is weezing what should i do?
  183. How old are white tailed deer when they leave their mom?
  184. What should I name this teacup chi? (pics)?
  185. Could i mix betta fish breeds?
  186. I'm getting a lab and I need a name for him.?
  187. How to get ride of fleas?
  189. what to do if hamster's eye getting red and cannot see?
  190. My dog ate a toad?? help?
  191. Would it be safe for a leopard gecko to eat a...?
  192. 150 gallon masterpiece?
  193. How do I keep my dog from jumping on the sliding glass door?
  194. i have a ball pything snake but does it affect it if the tank its in is on top
  195. My chihuahua is sick, throwing up a LOT, help?!?
  196. Dennis Reis/Parelli/ Backing up on Lead Line?
  197. House Training a Mini Daschaund?
  198. Why do you find spiders in the weirdest places?
  199. I have never had a pet before besides a few fish. and i really want a ferret....
  200. Angelfish fighting or mating?
  201. What is there to know about Lovebirds??
  202. I was walking my dog and a unleashed dog came charging and attacked her?? am i...
  203. Australians! Did you know we have puppy farms like in China, RIGHT HERE!???
  204. Ferrets in the winter?
  205. My cats eating habits have changed. Is my cat sick?
  206. Is cat neutering expensive?
  207. How do you know if a female dog has been spayed???
  208. My rat has mites; what do i do?
  209. How do I get an albino fish?
  210. i need help finding out if i have male or female fish?
  211. Country people watch this....?
  212. my chihuahua hit her head.!!?
  213. The KC's bull terrier and miniature bull terrier interbreeding program?
  214. Kitten is leaking mucus from vaginal area?
  215. looking to buy myself staffordshire bull terrier was wondering how much do they
  216. How to get rid of the male cat smell in the flat?
  217. Is walmart sand ok to use for my Hermit Crabs?
  218. how do i get my puppy to walk on one side of me?
  219. a few quick questions!?????
  220. chihuahua pups 4 sale/richomond/VA?
  221. How can i train my dog to hunt without a already trained dog ?
  222. Plz Plz Plz Help Me!?
  223. Do hamsters like to chew?
  224. Do you think you have the most spoiled dog?
  225. I have a 9 month old Golden Retriever/German Shepperd.....?
  226. My Chiweene is 7 weeks old the runt of a litter of 3 and is "hacking" up....
  227. Why does my cat have no front teeth?
  228. Do you cut your cat's back claws? And, hell, how do you do it?
  229. Favourite Colour/s - Guinea Pig?
  230. Sugar glider or ferret?
  231. My hamster is very fast and shy!?
  232. one of my gerbils is acting weird !?!?
  233. why is my jack russell growing so tall?
  234. Is it legal, permissible to buy and raise a lynx or bobcat?
  235. how long can i hold my corn snake for?
  236. My 6 month old pitbull is kneeding....?
  237. my live rock came with brought friends? ?
  238. Is this animal abuse?
  239. Please help with bugs in feed?
  240. Does holding your untamed parakeet help tame him?
  241. what does a cat really enjoy?
  242. why doesnt my breaded dragon go pooh?
  243. does any one know where i can buy this dog!? picture included!! help?
  244. I've just started horse riding and...?
  245. horse that doesnt like a whip.. and bucks..?
  246. Why does my cat keep vomiting?
  247. My sons hamster keeps trying to chop its head off on the running wheel?
  248. why do my dogs do this?
  249. Asking for love, or being aggressive? Idk?
  250. Feeding my snake frozen mice?