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  1. Want King Series western saddle comments? And are they American made or ?
  2. Does Anyone know where to find these fish?
  3. borax soap for fleas and maybe more?
  4. How could someone consider...?
  5. From where do ferrets originate?
  6. Kennel attendant position- questions they may ask?
  7. snake question!!!!!!!!?
  8. whats another website like craigs list that sell kittens?
  9. I'm afraid my hamster doesn't clean her self properly,because she smells like
  10. Sucker like marks on cat?
  11. Is my Chihuahua the actual size of a pure chihuahua?
  12. Pet Death?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Expert?
  13. Help! I can't potty train my dogs and we are moving into a new home with all carpet!?
  14. Does my cat need to get yearly shots...even though she is a inside kitty?
  15. Question about agility?
  16. How many pets have you had in your lifetime?
  17. Bird aviaries? Getting a new bird?
  18. What are the nicknames you call your pets? ?
  19. How much bedding you you usually put in your stall?
  20. Molly fish prgenant? help!!!!!!!!?
  21. My dog is sick, what's wrong with him?
  22. I Live in Louisiana and ike might hit us i have a HUGE lab/retriever were do we
  23. Aquarium Begginer, i need to know what im doing?
  24. hi need some advice about keeping discus fish?
  25. Squeeky rat sniffing?
  26. Luxating patellas on poms?
  27. What all can cause this in dogs? Is it curable? ?
  28. what does it mean when my iguanas body feels cold?
  29. My green anole just died. I had him for a little over a year. What went wrong?
  30. Has anyone else ever had depression AFTER adopting a dog and wished they
  31. How to license a rescued dog in New York?
  32. how to train a destructive dog?
  33. This is going to hurt!?
  34. Turtles: What Was That Coming Out Of My Turtles Behind?
  35. What questions to ask?
  36. Difference between kitten and grown cat behaviour?
  37. Why do dogs twitch when they sleep?
  38. For how long would a 3'' and 4'' pair of Festae (red terrors) be ok in a 90 gallon
  39. Help Mee; Puppy Names Baby(:?
  40. help my fish is turning black?
  41. Did i get a pair angelfish ?
  42. For multiple cat owners- can you tell the difference between your cat's meows?
  43. My Dog developed bumps and is now limping.....?
  44. Can you take cats to a shelter for free?
  45. How much would you pay someone if they were walking your dog every week?
  46. My fish is sick :( what abt heating ?
  47. How do you treat a cat with allergies?
  48. what kind of dog is this?
  49. Does the Runt of the litter always stay smaller then the rest?
  50. A question about toxoplasmosis. Is it true that...?
  51. My beagle puppy has a cits right on the spot she got her 1st and 2nd
  52. what bit should i use on my 13.2hh new forest pony? ?
  53. Will neutering change my cat's behaviour?
  54. What is this cat, Traditional Siamese or Tonkinese?
  55. What is the best natural remedy for Ear Mites in Cats and Kittens?
  56. Is anyone going to the NBHA open world horse show?
  57. How many people here actually have a vet? Why/why not?
  58. Veterinary School? Can some one please help?
  59. I need advice on Breeding?
  60. can some one send me a few pics of there EWD i want to see the difference...
  61. South Korea's Dirty Secret ?
  62. when can a sugar glider be away from its mother?
  63. what is the right kind of dog?
  64. Thinking of getting a donkey?
  65. Names for puppy after the Olympics?
  66. Glowlight tetras in a 29 gallon tank? ?
  67. What to feed a dying cat?
  68. why does my betta has a pop eye?
  69. My Birdie Is Sick...What should I do?
  70. Is is possible that this animal is being abused?
  71. My Dog developed bumps and is now limping, any ideas?
  72. How big does a miniature pinscher get?
  73. is it the right time to get my dog a partner?
  74. could the dog be over weight?
  75. My angelfish is not growing. PLEASE HELP?
  76. My horse wont let me touch his ears which is a first since he always
  77. Puppy won't stop yipping?
  78. Can Whole Wheat Flour Cause Allergies?
  79. i wanna buy this horse - should i buy it sight-unseen?
  80. My rabbit eats all wood made things in my home?
  81. my cat is afraid of kissing noises.... why?!?! ten points best answer?
  82. Is it ok that my new kitten was neutered early?
  83. i need help finch web site?
  84. How many tetras can I fit....?
  85. Do Bull Mastiffs and Rhodesian Ridgebacks usually get along?
  86. Have you successfully treated Neon Tetra Disease (Pleistophora
  87. What are your thoughts on a sloping croup?
  88. the new soft cat food with the strips of meat and vegetables in it?
  89. tempermental bearded dragon?
  90. how much does it cost for a guinea pig to be sexed?
  91. Training 2, almost 3 year old Maltese to do business outside?
  92. There is a layer in my beta fishbowl of a white, milky, mucous type of...
  93. How to check the gender of Indian parrot?
  94. What do you think about this?
  95. My cat killed my dog!!?
  96. Dalmatian vs. skunk. How much longer will she stink?
  97. Betta Fish-Tap Water Okay?
  98. About Sugar Gliders Please Help..?
  99. How can I get two brother puppies to get along?
  100. What kind of cheese is ok for a hamster to have?
  101. my dog doesn't like or eat dog food. what should i do?
  102. I just found out my 5yr old beagle has bone cancer....?
  103. how do you control a westie?
  104. where can i buy XXXL tropical fish online?
  105. how often do i clean my betta's bowl?
  106. How do I get my cat to poop outside?
  107. Where is the bloodhound placed in the order of acceptance?
  108. Neutered male cat peeing on laundry?
  109. If you had to chose your cat or a childs life which would you pick?
  110. Tiger oscar question!!10 points to best answer!?
  111. How to plump up my Pacman Frog..?
  112. Giardia-How Contagious?
  113. is it possible to get a baby budgie and take care of it yourself?
  114. Loving Care Companion Animal Loving Care Companion Animal?
  115. mystery snails questions?
  116. how much is it gonna cost to remove cherry eye?
  117. What do donkeys eat???
  118. my future inlaws and my cat?
  119. my dog has fluid in one boob...what is it from?
  120. Would this be a good idea?
  121. I have two Zebra Finch couples with eggs laid..?
  122. why does my dog have a white pus like discharge from its genitals?
  123. dressage beginner help?
  124. How long do dogs morn? How do we help them?
  125. Unbalanced horse............................................. ...............?
  126. Im going to get a puppy. What should I name it.?
  127. What is wrong with my hamster?
  128. How do I get my cat and a dog to get along?
  129. my puppy might have more fleas, please help us?
  130. Cats & Their Eye Color?
  131. I have a Puppy and he will not walk with me?
  132. have any good horse treat recipes? ?
  133. chickens for eggs farm?
  134. Name for my chestnut filly??? ?
  135. Cockatiel stays down problem.?
  136. How can I get air into my gumball machine fishtank if the top is closed?
  137. rats?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  138. what happens to puppies that dont get bought from pet shops?
  139. help. my fish's eyes are covered with a white foggy bubble, how do i treat?
  140. Since Burma is now Myanmar should we be calling Burmese Pythons, Myanmarian Pythons?
  141. Name some websites that have gerbil breeders plz!!?
  142. what age does a horse get his ...testi's?
  143. I don't know what to do with my mouse because i don't have anything to put it in?
  144. Building Confidence in a very shy dog..?
  145. Can someone post the feeding instructions for Kirkland Super Premium Chicken and
  146. Where can you hold/feed red pandas at zoos?
  147. how badly does your injury have to be from a dog bite for the humane society to put
  148. How long does a can of cat food stay "good"?
  149. I need help identifying a snake i find around my house. ?
  150. Home made BIRD TREAT recipes?
  151. Do you have any good dog names?
  152. What kind of dogs are hypoallergetic?
  153. Before buying a horse, which do you do first - prepurchase exam or trial period?
  154. I am moving to Germany and REALLY need help about moving my pets with me!!!?
  155. Re can i bath my cat?
  156. My horse isn't pooing.?
  157. How do you safely move adult discus fish?
  158. have a cat that loses balance and acts like he is starving and doesn't use the
  159. whats grows smaller a tiger shovel nose or the normal ones?? i beleive
  160. i have a 25litre - 30litre tank and was wandering how many goldfish i can put in
  161. What would you like to ask?
  162. to tell if a horse needs shoes?
  163. I am going to put my horse in the suppliment UlcerGuard.How often to I give it
  164. Please advise on dog breed?See Pics?
  165. Last question ever in this blasted dog category?
  166. Do cats get fat after being spayed?
  167. Basic Cichlid sexing question...?
  168. Argentine Black and White tegu?
  169. Problem with 5 week old Kitten?
  170. which procedure is to be followed to bring a dog from a Eu country to UK'?
  171. Show Name for Fancy Grey Pony -- Serious Names Only Please?
  172. Can hamsters have peanut butter?
  173. Help! My dog keeps eating my cat's poop!?
  174. I want to get my bird a pet of her own?
  175. wild baby bird help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  176. what is the best way to tell this person?
  177. Fighting dogs.....old topic I am sure?
  178. Nasty Horse Owner not sure what to do..?
  179. need to find name and place in southern ireland i can buy pond fish food with
  180. Please, pet rat help needed?
  181. how can you tell the sex of rabbits?
  182. Any reason dog will foam at the mouth other than rabies?
  183. My dog may have ringworm - taking her to the vet tomorrow. How can I treat areas in
  184. Yorkie puppy eats my plants I don't know what to do?
  185. Kitten Names? Any Ideas? Pic Included?
  186. how do i avoid getting period blood everywhere?
  187. How can I find a good dog to mate with mine in my area?
  188. What could wrong with my puppy?
  189. my bloodhounds ears itch and constantly bother him? why? what can i do?
  190. Anyone Know Where I could Get An African Grey Congo Parrot ?
  191. Dry Cat Food - But Which one?
  192. 10 week old picky eater toy poodle ?
  193. omg please help me!!! (kittens on the line)?
  194. I have a 1 year old male cat that has been declawed and neutered. We recently...
  195. I have two cats that don't get along?
  196. how do you treat a swollen knee?
  197. Help with chinchilla information?
  198. I have some questions about my American Bulldog.?
  199. my cat is always bored?
  200. Why does my 4 month kitten keep trying to get under the covers?
  201. What kind of dog do u think this is?
  202. About my ball python.?
  203. How do i get my 5 year old brother to stop hurting my beautiful lab puppy?
  204. My dog has suddenly started to start a choking sound what could it be?
  205. New pet group how do I advertise it?
  206. Parrotlet question regurgitating on wing?
  207. should i clean a filter during the nitrogen cycle?
  208. Are my fish pregnant?
  209. What is the website called when you can fill out things to find the best breed for
  210. How do i tell my parents im responsible for a rabbit?
  211. help with riding level ten howrse?
  212. My dog ate my brother's marijunana?
  213. Female Leopard Gecko?
  214. Re-homing a 9 month old pup?
  215. I want to get another emperor scorpion but i don't know my current scorpions sex?
  216. How long does it take for a common boa constrictor to digest it's food?
  217. My male dog hikes in the house...will getting him neutered help to prevent this?
  218. Little puppy problem, please help me!?
  219. Caring for pet rouen ducks in the winter?
  220. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!?
  221. I have a 350 liter fish tank with malawi fish in it, are there any "marine
  222. how long do female dogs stay in heat?
  223. what are rottweillers like as a pet? I dont have small children and have plenty of
  224. Giving hotdogs to your dog EVERYday??!?
  225. Is there any hope for a OTTB turned hunter?
  226. is it normal for guinea pigs to run away from you when you try to get them...
  227. My dog is really old and she got sprayed by a skunk a few days ago. Now she's...
  228. I'm having difficulty feeding my fish...?
  229. What is a good way to housebreak my 4-month-old puppy?
  230. Owning A Rat Please Help Me!!!?
  231. Bulldog puppies of your dreams.AKC registered,
  232. Can turtles eat just regular lettuce that you buy at a store?
  233. Should i get a puppy?
  234. How long are dogs pregnant for?
  235. is it sore for a snake to give birth ?
  236. What nick name will best suit me?
  237. Has Havoc Angel sent you a nasty e-mail?
  238. i brought a pet rat yesturday and its a girl and i dunno what to name...
  239. Fluval Filter Media HELP!!!!!!!!?
  240. My husky mix may have wolf in her.... how do know?...JUST ADDED PICS?
  241. Help with long airplane ride for1 year old Golden retriever internationally?
  242. My beagle has suddenly become fearful and scared when we go for walks
  243. Urination and Defication Confirmation?
  244. Help with crate training a puppy!?
  245. help please read kitten problems?
  246. is this bad for my dog?
  247. Question about my cat?
  248. Help! Is my Beta about to die?
  249. Is the Boglen Terrier as mean as i'v heard?
  250. How do i know if my mouse is PREGNANT?