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  1. how do i stop my 17 week old pupy from nipping?
  2. Can a male cat get urinary blockage after getting (sorta) hit by a car?
  3. Dog targeting behavior...?
  4. My cat got spayed & the stitches came out but 1 plastic stitch is in her & hanging
  5. Do you think I deserve a puppy?
  6. how much large breed puppy food do i give my 8month old bull-mastiff puppy,have
  7. horse of the year show 2008?
  8. What can/can't you feed a small dog(at home)?
  9. Whats up with my kitten?
  10. pigs ear for 10 week old pup?
  11. Why are my male and female kittens fighting?
  12. can pet rats eat juniper berries?
  13. Is it hard to frag coral?
  14. why is my new cat hissing at me?
  15. my cats been missing for 3 nights, is this normal for cats to do this?
  16. i want a pet any ideassss?
  17. Halloween themed Puppy names...all ideas welcome plz?!?
  18. Is it ok to use natural branches in a budgie cage instead of dowel for perches ..?
  19. How do you stop your dog from digging holes and escaping?
  20. How should I have my turt's tank?
  21. HELP! Guinea Pig is Breathing Different Than Normal!?
  22. Who else hates little dogs?
  23. hi i am having a pet day at my school and i need some other class i dears ?
  24. is dog poo really poisonous?
  25. Is it possible to buy a Sugar Glider here in alberta canada?
  26. To Anyone with a German Shepherd?
  27. Please Help My Rat!!?
  28. My Fish Died Today and i have no idea why?
  29. Rabbit Cage Question Please?
  30. aquarium substrate. can i use CARIBSEA ARAGAMAX SUGAR SAND in a freshwater tank.
  31. how big will my 4month amstaff X pitbull get roughly, he is 4 months old,...
  32. my cat stares at me at night?
  33. cockatiel wont leave me alone, gets stressed and plucks feathers when im
  34. Teaching My Pomeranian Puppy?
  35. I need a horse expert to answer these questions, : plese tell identify
  36. what is my cat's breed ? ?
  37. How can I get my puppy to stop biting?
  38. Is this all I need for a Hedgehog?
  39. Will getting a cat help me?
  40. My 4-year-old cat, a female white Turkish Angora, has been vomiting almost
  41. Why is my betta so lazy? Is he sick?
  42. Pregnant black molly?
  43. My puppy is limping, what can I do?
  44. Help! My puppy had poop stuck on his hiney, and I don't know what to do!?
  45. To anyone with a Cane Corso? (italian mastiff)?
  46. how can i tell if my rabbit is blind?
  47. Progressing grades in dog agility?
  48. Which breed to choose?
  49. I am seeking some advice on dental work for my Maltese.?
  50. I have a German Shepperd puppy, 6 mths old. He has really bad diarrhea with every...
  51. Platy not moving ?
  52. stupid stupid boxer dog?
  53. Bird Emergencies/Med-Kits?
  54. Ive never owned a bird before and ive been looking around but i still
  55. How do I stop my 4 year old cat from being scared of my 3 month puppy?
  56. gelding or mare? when 2 tell?
  57. Help with puppy names...?
  58. My bunny is going through shock.. please help...?
  59. for anyone in st. louis mo?
  60. How do i train my dog to recognize the tone of a dog whistle? ?
  61. How to explain this dream about the lost dog?
  62. Rabbit runt dying? PLEASE answer?
  63. Normal Betta behavior?
  64. GUINEA PIG QUESTION second ?
  65. what breed of dog is this?
  66. I'm getting a teddy bear hamster, but I have a few questions first?
  67. my dogs stomach looks dirty all the time. ?
  68. my basset hound keeps shaking?
  69. Cat Vanished w/out a Trace?
  70. My dog has been randomly falling?
  71. My betta.... ?
  72. Can you give me some breeds of small dogs?
  73. My Cob x cuts corners?! ?
  74. my dog loves naps?? what does this mean? ?
  75. what breed of dog is this ?
  76. To anyone with a Doberman Pinchser?
  77. i was wondering if i should get a pig but i don't know if they have good
  78. Taking a 14-week old puppy outside of Canada?
  79. HELP! Betta just swallowed pea whole?
  80. How do livebearer fish get pregnant?
  81. Prayer for a dog who has died?
  82. what is good for my new rabbits?
  83. Getting a horse possibly soon?
  84. Can you tell me about a specific type of dog?
  85. What to do with goats milk??? how to make soap with it?
  86. Where can you find a hedgehog in the Albany area?
  87. Why is my cat going to the bathroom everywhere?
  88. My Son Found A Small Snake & It Is About 1/4 Inch Around & Brown With Black
  89. POLL: Dogs Or Cats?????
  90. My dog has horrible scars on her head!?
  91. Are flies okay for hamsters to eat??!?
  92. Fat miniature shetland pony foal?
  93. can i put crabs with fish?
  94. Lovebirds, at what age do they?
  95. Ferret Facts Need Help?
  96. What are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever's like as pets?
  97. How long does it take a horse to adjust to new shoes?
  98. How old is too old to breed a pit bull or any female dog?
  99. how many gallon tank for one angelfish?
  100. why did my boas body make a popping noise?
  101. Is it ok to use a "people" thermometer on a dog?
  102. Answer deletion......?
  103. Is my dog very sick?!?
  104. Is it possible that my puppy is experiencing an allergic reaction to...
  105. My corn snake hasnt eaten for 2 weeks, and he isnt eating now! WHAT TO DO!? Crisis
  106. How do i get my dog to stop peeing in his food bowl?
  107. How to fatten a Siberien Husky?
  108. can i register my mare PHA breeding stock?
  109. what is a good cheap dog food brand that i can get in Australia in cans ?
  110. Do you know the name of breed of my cat?
  111. Boston terrier spine issues!?
  112. what treatment are there for fin rot?
  113. what is wrong with my dogs ears he is a chow?
  114. Which dog breed should I get?
  115. I Need Dog Trick Ideas?
  116. Where to find an Agility Trainer?
  117. why does my rat bite me?
  118. i want to feed my ferrets meat?
  119. How old are toy poodles when they start mating other dogs?
  120. Eclipse System 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit ?
  121. What do frods eat?Im really scared.I gave my frog ants and a hard worm (not
  122. I want to breed bearded dragons?
  123. Is he a cute puppy? (Pictures)?
  124. Will I ever get gerbils?
  125. Is there some other food I can feed my 11 year old cat other than Hill's...
  126. My 11wk old male kitten slings cat litter everywhere!! How do I stop him from doing
  127. New kitten - please advise?
  128. my dog is constantly chewing her legs, feet and the base of her tail. she
  129. My rats sick, how can I make her better?
  130. Riding with seat/legs?
  131. I found a kitten and....?
  132. How to get my Cob x into an outline?
  133. Introducing a dog & cat?
  134. Spaying my Dachshund?
  135. It keeps following me why :[ ?
  136. Can I keep a balloon blue ram and a balloon gold ram together?
  137. What's a good name for a turtle?
  138. why do birds do an airborn line dance this time of year?
  139. in southend (u.k) are you aloud dogs on the beaches ?
  140. I need to know. Do cats get lice? ?
  141. I bought a new budgie and it's been one day but it's still staying in one spot?
  142. If a mature parakeets cere is blue does that always mean it's a male?
  143. What would you vote my cat?
  144. im getting a budgie, is it ok to get one which is a bit older ?
  145. Great Dane/Rottweiler Mix?
  146. what can we do about the neighbors continuous false complaints of dog
  147. Cats hissing at brothers?
  148. Jack Russell Terrier Pregant by a Welsh Corgie?
  149. Do You Have Any Pets?
  150. Need help feeding rescued dogs?
  151. How do i prevent my two dogs from fornicating (intercoursation) during my
  152. Kitten eating carbohydrates?
  153. Rabbits - Mini Lops and Dwarf Lops?
  154. how much will it cost to have a rat cremated?
  155. I just brought home a new beta fish from the pet store. Is it okay to feed...
  156. Why does my female rabbits urine smell fishy?
  157. My 10 wk old german shepherd puppy just growled at my 4 year old. What should I do?
  158. Hi, I just got a AGA-40B and I want to use it as an aquarium, is it possible?.?
  159. Help My Chick is Acting Strange.?
  160. Whats Wrong With My CAT?
  161. Does anyone know what i can do with my animals?
  162. I found a mouse, can i keep it?
  163. what is better a land or water(only) frog?
  164. my pregnant guppies.i need help?
  165. Can a Siberian Husky be trusted off leash?
  166. where can I buy alfalfa seeds to grow as crop for Cows to eat?
  167. where can i get a crocidile/alligator?
  168. How do i train my kitty (8 wks old) to not go outside? He is not declawed, but...
  169. new with cat, need help?
  170. Pregnant pit still bleeding?
  171. What type of dog is this?
  172. Are ferrets legal in NSW?
  173. Can you tell me about a specific type of dog?
  174. my cat is super shy and scared of everything help plz?
  175. i have a boxer and im looking to get another dog.. any suggestions for a...
  176. what kind of fish eats the food that drops to the bottom and sits there?
  177. in my 29 gallon i wan to make it look more natural but no real plants lol?
  178. what hurts worst baby ball python bite or baby bearded dragon bite?
  179. smallest -common- snake.?
  180. Somebody PLEASE help me with my Miniature Dachshund!?
  181. my bunny is dying!! whats wrong with her?:(?
  182. What lizard should i get next?
  183. Is it okay too keep my two goldfish in a bucket over night?
  184. Is the heat of Las Vegas too much for my dogs?
  185. When should puppies be switched to adult dog food?
  186. Do you think this guy can recover...?
  187. How to control my dog on off leash walks?
  188. My kittens (3) are 3 days shy of a month old?
  189. i jusz got free parakeets no joke?
  190. If my hamster dies in winter, how would I bury it?
  191. help! I don't want the baby to die!?
  192. How much would it cost to have a pet rat in austarlia?
  193. my dog has a red eye?
  194. I need my dog for protection!Anyone no how tot rain a dog to sick someone in
  195. Whats up with the cat ?
  196. Will my 2 black cats have all black baby kittens?
  197. Can certain foods make dogs stink?
  198. Does anyone know what snipy means, in terms of dog muzzles?
  199. I caught a Salamander and need help...?
  200. How can I keep my dog warmest in the winter?
  201. my 3 old month puppy has a cherry eye?
  202. Where should I get a dachshund puppy that behaves well, is cheap, and is adorable?
  203. My cat ran away does someone have him in their house?
  204. I Found a Hurt Pigeon, What Do I Do?
  205. Is my fence fit for a foal?
  207. wat dog is this.link included?
  208. Ferret Names (Spelling not ideas)?
  209. how much is my saddle worth?
  210. My new kitten likes to sit in his litter box. Will this keep him from using
  211. Why do people hate rats so much?
  212. why does my rat keeps crawling all over then poo/pee on my sholder?
  213. School Asignment Help?
  214. How Often To Bath My Dog? 14 Months?
  215. Are Hamsters funny when they play around?
  216. What kind of turtle do I have?
  217. I want a 10 gallon fish tank in my room, but my parents say that it isnt sanitary
  218. guys what should i do my dog wont eat?
  219. i have 2 dogs..sometimes they bark and growl as if there seeing something in...
  220. my hamster had babies? pleaz help!!!!!!?
  221. What is a good caption for lolcats.com for my cat?
  222. baby turtles???????????????????????/?
  223. My rat is dying of old age?
  224. how do i make my guinea pig healthy?
  225. i need someones help, anyones help?
  226. does anyone knows where to go if you need help for you cats surgery?
  227. PLEASE help me what is wrong with my goldfish?
  228. vomiting in my dog for two days?
  229. So i have a pet worm. his name is Kenny and i want Kenny to have a sister...?
  230. How much does a Leopard Gecko cost, and its substrate, food per week,,,ect?
  231. what is wrong with our dog?
  232. what do pond frogs eat?
  233. First saddle being a used one?
  234. What is the name of this reptile enthusiast from animal planet?
  235. Why doesn't my cat meow?
  236. I have a 30 gallon fish tank?
  237. What's the best way to convince a parent to get a pet?
  238. Don't you feel bad for these horses?
  239. Whats a good weight for a Pot Belly pigelt?
  240. Natural Snail Control?
  241. If i want to just ride just for fun what saddle do i need?
  242. Slaughter house 5 help?
  243. How much water should my bunny be drinking?
  244. what kind of animal would you be?
  245. Why does my cat get "Shit madness" after doing a poo?
  246. ***Which aquatic plants require little light?
  247. nyla bone helpppppppppp?
  248. my rainbow shark chases my creyfish?
  249. Can you have a duck and dog as a pet?
  250. When I Woke Up I Saw My Freshwater Stingray And Was In The Corner Of My...