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  1. Would a SKUNK be a good pet??
  2. please help my parakeet is bleeding?
  3. I just spotted white spot on my black molly....is it ich?
  4. Cat needs insulin...we're told to avoid blood vessels...why is this?
  5. Is my guinea pig overweight?
  6. Samoyed change in character.?
  7. My kitten got worms again. How?
  8. Does anyone know some good dogs names?
  9. When will my hen start laying eggs?
  10. Anyone know a good site with info on backyard breeders?
  11. Can you help me, I don't know what section to put this. my step dad has stolen my
  12. ball python will not feed?
  13. is this true? or not?
  14. Anything special we need to do to introduce new 6 month old male deaf cat
  15. Fish Trouble {Worth 10 Points}?
  16. How many pounds of pressure per square inch would a 85 pound boxer have? How about
  17. During the past week I noticed weird things in my birds water. It looks
  18. 9 month old torti; legs are toed in...?
  19. Breeding the next heat following a small litter?
  20. Help! My puppy is stressed?
  21. Biblical name for white Persian kitten?
  22. Help with a sick kitty?
  23. hi where can i get a ferret in el paso texas and how much they are?
  24. How can I brush my 12 week old, long haired naughty tortie?!?
  25. Is San Francisco Bay Brand frozen bloodworms sterilized?
  26. Question about a pregnant dog at the shelter I volunteer at ?
  27. What is the difference between baying and barking?
  28. any good hamster names? 10 PTS TO BEST ANSWER?
  29. Puppy's first birthday!!! Need ideas?
  30. We have just brought a rescue kitten home.?
  31. Are Cats Just Substitute Babies?
  32. Can you feed corn snakes crickets? PLEASE ANSWER!?
  33. Beardie Heath Emergency?
  34. My cat has been crying and whining frequently for almost a month. Any ideas?
  35. What is this mouth piece called?
  36. Moving with my 5 dogs hotels help?
  37. Pet Lobsters????????????????????
  38. In a response to an issue some people had about vets and about there dogs?
  39. Should we bother with surgery for for our dog?
  40. Where can i buy coroplast for my guinea pig's C&C in canada? (10 POINTS)?
  41. Who would you go about bringing a Swedish Lapphund puppy into the UK from...
  42. Can a ferret and rabbit get along?
  43. my dog keeps on getting ear infections?
  44. Wrong diagnosis for my pet is vet responsible?
  45. Is there a way to get MY dog certified to be MY service dog?
  46. Is it possible to get your cat's vision tested?
  47. Anyone having puppies?
  48. how do i get rid of my dog?
  49. How do I prepare bran for my dog?
  50. Why do so many people talk all 'baby-ish" to cats?
  51. Is it OK to let a cat outdoors if you have no cat flap?
  52. I dont know if this site is too good to be true.?
  53. why is it illegal to keep owl as a house pet?
  54. I need to find a good home for my parrot… Help! Please?
  55. must the kitten have an opened wound to have rabies?
  56. Why does my kitten do this?
  57. Please give me Good Recommendations of Rat diets?
  58. jealous dog help needed!?
  59. my turtles has bright pink lines forming on the yellow part of the shell?
  60. how much water for turtles?
  61. Help! Is my rabbit sick? ?
  62. is it safe to ship a dog?
  63. pet names :) HELP PLEASE!?
  64. Can a betta be kept on one Gallon.?
  65. How badly do you freak out when you discover your cat is missing?
  66. Duck Expert Need Help!?
  67. is there a wal mart dog food recall?
  68. black cat at bonfire night ?
  69. My zebra finch only laid one egg last week. She doesnt act egg bound, so
  70. Will my cat ever stop mewoing?
  71. Good German Shepard name?
  72. have you moved snakes across country?
  73. How do I persuade my mother to let me get a corn snake? Please?
  74. my dog is 58 days pregnant she got up this morning and went to her welping
  75. Please Help! Sick Maltese!?
  76. How can I get my kitten to stop meowing?
  77. How to stop toilet trained adult dog to stop peeing inside the house?
  78. hermit crabs and tiny tanks? why? why!!!?
  79. My rabbit keeps shaking when ever i hold him is that bad?
  80. What kind of dog is this...in movie "Seems like old times"?
  81. our 12 week old puppy is showing at times aggressive behaviour biting and
  82. Do you think this is odd?
  83. Question about my cat and a small stuffed animal....help please!?
  84. Have You Used the Peticure Nail Tool with Your Rabbit?
  85. Is it okay for my bunny to sleep in my bed?
  86. My superpoke pet has ALREADY grown but will it grow Again and when?
  87. Do you prefer male or female dogs?
  88. Question about horse owners...?
  89. how to stop a dog from running out the house all the time?
  90. Where can I buy tench (the fish) in the United States? Does anyone know an online
  91. What kind of bunny do i have?!?
  92. why is my budgie throwing away his food and water and poops large wet poops is
  93. Financial help for dog's vet bill?
  94. Whats the Best Temperatures for a baby mississippi map turtle?
  95. How can I get my 4 month old kitten to stay off the kitchen counter?
  96. i need help with a turtle tank?
  97. Help! My dog is constipated and vomiting?
  98. Need help with my siamese fighting fish?
  99. what to do about a kitten who can't poop to save his life?
  100. What is the right alimentation for my dog and how can my dog get more aggressive?
  101. where can I get snake tongs in bangalore?
  102. my kitten didn't get to eat for hours...?
  103. I have an 8 week old puppy. We have had him for 10 days & at night he
  104. Did My Rabbit Miscarry?
  105. my budgie is lonely cause the other one died. answer this please.?
  106. Is yogurt bad for my Cocker Spaniel?
  107. what size vivarium do i need for two adult bearded dragons?
  108. My rabbit is acting strange :( Please Help!?
  109. my rabbits keep spilling all the water out of their water bottle...?
  110. Dog is constipated for 3 days any advise?
  111. is having a penguin illegal in the united states becuase i want to buy a
  112. got a cat from vet. PURE white, no markings at all. Yellow eyes with green
  113. dogs are fighting what do i do to stop it?
  114. What do you think of the name meadow?
  115. Is this responsible breeding?
  116. My cat is being ...mean?
  117. Looking for an experienced dog groomer who's gentle and kind to clean up my
  118. Are Germen Shepherd Pups Always Like This?
  119. if your midget cats and dsh cats and dogs knews physic of o decreasing would
  120. i gave away all my rabbits babies and now she looks worried. why?
  121. Male dog tried to violently attack his own pup. OMG, how can he hate his...
  122. Question about ' My Beloved Jack Russell Terrier '?
  123. Would this be overstocked?
  124. work in australia with horses! and horse tips..?
  125. aggressive Chihuahua mix?
  126. We have had new border collie pup for about three weeks ,he barks and cries...
  127. how do i make my dog people friendly again?
  128. can you plant anubias hastifolia in graval?
  129. What is your dog's favorite ?
  130. My cat doesn't like wet food. Dry food is fine, yes?
  131. My rabbit keeps on peeing on me?
  132. I need to know all what shots a cat needs?
  133. Underweight Nursing Rat.?
  134. When you breed too different breed pits are they still considered full blood pits? ?
  135. how many female bettas can go in a....?
  136. Is my pet rat pregnant?
  137. can you use a 45 gallon fish tank without a stand?
  138. Besides a vet, what is the recommended treatment for an abscessed?
  139. how can i tell if my dog has fleas?
  140. Animal Fetishes? or Hobby?
  141. Mouse having problems?
  142. Dog Eats Everything!?
  143. Paw problem i dont really know whats wrong?
  144. How much are horses(like ones listed)?
  145. what would it be like?
  146. Does anyone currently have a type of pet Insurance? How does it work? Cover?
  147. How do i train my adult dog to fetch play balls?
  148. how much is a dog de Bordeaux?
  149. Dog found new home, got a new dog...Should I feel guilty?
  150. How do i convince my parents Pitbulls aren't the violent dogs they think they are?
  151. tropical fish experts help!!!?
  152. What is normal behavior between a mother dog and her puppies?
  153. Can you declaw a cat....?
  154. Going away for two days... how to feed dog?
  155. What's wrong with my Quaker parrot?!!!?
  156. What's wrong with my Quaker parrot?!!!?
  157. Do Pregnant Rats in Labor Make Noises?
  158. Help desperately needed! My dog is hurt and at risk of being put to sleep!?
  159. Does anyone know any information about Dalmatians?
  160. my dog has kennel cough and her appetite isn't very good at the moment,does anyone
  161. My little Yorkie girl is getting spayed tomorrow im so nervous. Am i doing the...
  162. female lovebird question?
  163. Buying Baby Mollies and need some advice.?
  164. my kitten had Coccidia, now she wont stop screaming?
  165. Does anyone know the breed of dog ?
  166. will they ever get along?
  167. Can they live together peacefully?
  168. What type of boots should I put on my horse?
  169. My 4 month old kitten was at vets y'day for his worm tablet. He is now sneezing and
  170. how do you know if you got worms from your dog?
  171. Is it normal for a siamese kitten to suck, bite, and lick around the eye area of
  172. Why the punishment for animal abuse should not be stricter ?
  173. ?s about lizard, centipede, scropion?
  174. Do you like dogs????????
  175. How often should I bath my dog?
  176. Issues after Tail Amputation?
  177. my dog keeps licking herself?
  178. how do you teach a cockatiel to talk?
  179. Why did this HORSE DO THIS TO ME?
  180. What color will my gerbils be?
  181. People who have their FEMALE dogs neutered... I need advice?
  182. Is a bathroom enough for a cat?
  183. Advice on bearded dragon hatchlings. Please help?
  184. Does this article mean that we might as well just use tap water for misting or
  185. My pet rat is behaving strangely... Advice?
  186. Room for 16 hand horse?
  187. I need to build a smallish feed/tack room?
  188. What would you do if you adopted a dog and it turned out to be....?
  189. Help... What can I do A Tom Cat....?
  190. Do I need a trainer to be in 4-H, or can I go without?
  191. If I get a horse will I keep it...?
  192. how old should a kitten be before it leaves it's mom.?
  193. Horses on loan in Cambridgeshire, ?
  194. How do i set this fish tank up?
  195. Why do crickets bought from a pet store die much quicker than the black ones found...
  196. My beta is sick! I need help figuring out the diagnoses!?
  197. are rubber snaffles legal in dressage?
  198. I ride her today!! HELP?
  199. Why did this HORSE DO THIS TO ME?
  200. My new kitten is doing some weird things?
  201. Can I re-release an adult turtle to the wild?
  202. How often should I be feeding black snail?
  203. help with 250 gallon saltwater aquarium?
  204. Bearded dragon vivarium set up, help??!?! (read details)?
  205. How many babies to mice have?
  206. Carrier cats and URIs?
  207. Boxer puppy got vaccinations on Sunday and now not eating well?
  208. How does a Pitt bull protect itself?
  209. should I get 1 or 2 parakeet? (i need advice)?
  210. Are these levels good or bad? How to change it?
  211. im thinking of buying a german shepard and have a few questions i would
  212. My Cat has Fleas that won't go away!?
  213. My molly is missing!?
  214. Recommendations needed for aquarium & fish for shark lover?
  215. How do I stop a 9 week old pup biting?
  216. is a Japanese akita a very aggressive breed?
  217. Is this animal abuse poem good?
  218. how to train a stray puppy?
  219. my dog has too many allergies?
  220. I have a two week old rat and need a cage. What should I get?
  221. Is it alright to feed kittens ramen?
  222. How do you prevent your house from smelling like dog when you own one?
  223. Equine rescue fund raiser?
  224. My goldfish has ulcers and spits out his food.?
  225. Can anyone help me figure out what breed(s) my dog is mixed with? pic's included!?
  226. I finally admit failure with my dog....?
  227. Kitten treated with Frontline, when can he sleep with me again? ?
  228. What breeds of dogs weight up to 10lbs that would be good for apartment life?
  229. Was this a terrible thing?
  230. What is a good intermediate reptile?
  231. Which breed of dog is right for me?
  232. Is there a pet turtle that doesn't grow too big?? ?
  233. What kind of dog loves to swim?
  234. What is the thing attached to my cat's ear?
  235. Can dogs chew too much?
  236. should fixed dogs do this?
  237. What is a good website to get small, fluffy, cute, reasonably priced puppies?
  238. I got a bunny 3 days ago its drinkin water but not eatin its bunnyfood but
  239. Does Sentry PerrScriptions plus flea treatment work?
  240. My aunt wants to breed my dog with her dog. What do you think?
  241. What happens if u place a Saddle on an UNBROKE?
  242. How Much Magnesium Can A Canine Have ?
  243. can i use natural red desert sand in my aquarium?
  244. helping sick animals/ animal hospital?
  245. 6 year old breeder Chihuahua is retiring to my house. HELP!?
  246. what to do about my dog's health?
  247. How to determine sex of turtle?
  248. does anyone know the best way to potty train a shih tzu?
  249. Why is mother cat scrawling and hissing?
  250. What size tank does a fully grown brazilian rainbow boa need?