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  1. What dry food will silk terriers eat?
  2. Was it OK for me to feed some small apples to a herd of wild Canada...
  3. Help with Hot Spots! ?
  4. How can I tell how a puppy Beagle will looks when it is full grown?
  5. Help! My Budgie's left leg is broken?
  6. i have a female american rottweiler that is 4 1/2 months old?
  7. is it hurting the fish to do this poor thing?
  8. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can you pet a fish?
  9. Please answer! If my hamsters were to breed....?
  10. Did my cat have kittens?
  11. Why are western reins so long?
  12. Where is a good place to buy aquarium plants online with VERY LOW SHIPPING costs?
  13. urgent need help asap?
  14. How do I get rid of the Smell from mty sons fish tank?
  15. Good Breed Of Dog For Me?
  16. The different sex's of doves?
  17. I want my dog to eat the raw food diet,what do you think?
  18. Can female dogs temperaments change even when they are fixed and rapidly?
  19. a bulb for tortoises?
  20. What should I do about a clingy dog?
  21. Is this betta fish a male or a female?
  22. toilet trained cat urinating on the carpet?
  23. Does My Cat Have Flea's?
  24. How does an egg form in a chickens body?
  25. anyone know anything about turtles?
  26. How long do i have to wait to get new cold water fish?
  27. should i adopt a cat ?
  28. Why are my goldfish changing colour?
  29. Which horse to buy - broke or not?
  30. basset pup pees in house when she greets my husband or when he tries to take her
  31. Good Vets near Riverdale Bronx area pets cat?
  32. How many pets are killed each year through animal abuse?
  33. Aggression? My dog has puncture wounds round her neck?
  34. has your cat ever caught something and left it on your doorstep?
  35. 6 month kitten with Diarrhea?
  36. Cat urine on the carpet can spread throughout the concrete?
  37. Does anyone know how to get a dog in a rescue orginization?
  38. Water Conditioner for Hermanns?
  39. A male and a 2 female fighting fishes living together with other fishes?
  40. My Dog Does'nt play !?
  41. Do you Like Wellness Dog Food?
  42. Cat & the dog dont get on help?
  43. Need help with my siberian cat?
  44. how do i get my cats 2 like each other?
  45. Can hamsters see Colour vision ?
  46. Why does a male fighting fish keep hiding in plants?
  47. if a fish tank has a crack in it will it leak water?
  48. My beloved Labrador recently died. During the last two weeks of his life, he was
  49. why wont my pet tiger get up in the mornings?
  50. How often should I add an algae wafer for my pleco?
  51. how is bull fighting a violation of animal rights?
  52. How can i let my puppy sleep in my new bed sheets if he's not potty trained?
  53. When you start your own business...?
  54. How do I introduce my two cats? ?
  55. What are the advantages of getting a puppy?
  56. Question about Gouramis---male female ratio?
  57. Do ALL Westies have problems getting along with smaller dogs?
  58. how old is the oldest rider you know?
  59. What breed are my cats?
  60. found a shih tzu out side my 8 ft fence whinnin.I opened the gate and he came...
  61. my goldfish are pooing bubbles?
  62. I Just Found A Baby Kitten!!! Help!!!?
  63. How often do I need to feed kittens?
  64. why were animal rescue centres started?
  65. for the ignorants who told me i cannot get a free pup. I JUST DID.?
  66. Cold water guppies.....?
  67. I'll definitely get mixed answers on this one...?
  68. what breed is my cat i think its a california spangled?
  69. Mysterious black parasites?
  70. What should I name my fish?
  71. my dog keeps pooping in the house. is there any medication that could help?
  72. Marked up or down with pelham bits?
  73. My kitten dislocated her hip. The vet said....?
  74. When can you tell when your molly had its fry/babies?
  75. my 7 months old kitten wont eat!! ?
  76. where can I find a dog with a wrinkled face (toy) in london?
  77. puppy swallows several bones...?
  78. What's wrong with my cat?
  79. hamster makes hiccup movements?
  80. I have lost the plot with my dogs and where they poo what do I do?
  81. iguana help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  82. why do people feel pleasure to hurt cats in excruciating pain?
  83. How much Ick Clear should I use on my Betta?
  84. Why did my snake die?
  85. What's wrong with my cat?
  86. What could have been wrong with my dog's eye?
  87. why does my cat INSTANTLY begin to purr when i hold her in my arms?
  88. what type of dog should i get?
  89. how can I help the 150 ferals in LA county?
  90. buying n selling horses ??
  91. What gets bigger a female or male herman torotise(testudo hermanni)?
  92. Canine thyroid disease?
  93. what do you do if your dog swallows a sleeping pill?
  94. Why has my pair of Salmon Tail Catfish been destroyed?
  95. Need a "registered" name for my puppy, can you help?
  96. Is This The Kind of Thing That You Can Train A Dog Never To Do Again?
  97. is a presa canario aggressive?
  98. Is it Ok to feed my cat foods with wheat gluten again?
  99. Does anyone have a cat with diabetes?
  100. Is Beer Bad For A Dog?
  101. im depressed for no reason.?
  102. bringing a new puppy home?
  103. Are there any skins from Sabre-toothed Cats to show what color or pattern they were?
  104. Why did my cat stay out all last night?
  105. people who think you can keep bettas in a bowl?
  106. Keeping an outside dog warm?
  107. Could I leave a Sugar Glider on it's own?
  108. Can I Put A Shoebox In My Gerbil Tank/Cage?
  109. Does anyone know where you can download the "long johnson" talking cat video?
  110. Japane Is Killing Fish By Dumping Something In The Water!?!?!?
  111. how do i teach my dog to CONSISTENTLY bring back a frisbee right to me?
  112. Snake!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  113. is it safe to buy animals from a nother country ?
  114. How can I train my cat to bring me things?
  115. Help training my sheltie?
  116. Is it safe to take a small box turtle to California on a plane?
  117. Should i get another kitten to keep my other cat company?
  118. Is your dog scared of fireworks?
  119. Do you have a Cat older than 17? ?
  120. What would I call a horse business that is training/riding without my own farm?
  121. can anybody truly say that one being decides what species lives or dies?
  122. Puppy Ear Cropping Tape Stays?
  123. what should i feed my cockatiel?
  124. What was the first answer you gave on your current account?
  125. My friend rescued a puppy that had been beaten...?
  126. My bearded Dragon sleeps all day and night, is there something wrong with her?
  127. What is the type of dog they used in the movie the patriot?
  128. How to stop a puppy from biting?
  129. can anybody truly say that one being decides what speices lives or dies?
  130. just a little question about my horses conformation(pics)?
  131. Why is my cat peeing everywhere?
  132. Where can I find the best information on my ringneck blue parakeet?
  133. they use animals in pet food?
  134. how can i convience my mom to buy me a chinchilla?
  135. what do baby dragonflies look like?
  136. what is the best pet for me?
  137. Winter white hamster turning white?
  138. Question about green iguanas (MBD)?
  139. Turtle Question ? ? ? ? ?
  140. Where to buy a fitted harness in Montreal, QC?
  141. New kitten..i need a name?
  142. Does Anyone Know WHY People Get A Pet When They Can't Afford It?
  143. who are akc boston terrier breeders in indiana?
  144. Which one should i get?
  145. my pet rat clicks its teeth together a lot i was wondering why?
  146. can a sugar glider wear a harness?
  147. how can i convience my mom to buy me a chinchilla?
  148. Whats a long-term treatment for a dog with allergies?
  149. Where to sell our horses?
  150. I am looking for spadefoot toads as pets. Does anyone know where I can get one in
  151. Dog Pheremones and What to Do?
  152. I would like to put a algae eating fish with fancy goldfish; how's the
  153. what do fish in the wild eat?
  154. Would a Brussels Griffon puppy be able to live with two budgies?
  155. do u have pets????????
  156. relax at show/why is she behaving like this?
  157. What should I do about the Dog?
  158. Horses?? Horses?? & Why??
  159. What info can u give me about a Miniature pony ?
  160. How do you take better care of A CAT?
  161. bristlenose catfish and cory`s?
  162. My Robo Dwarf wont let me touch him or grab him?
  163. my female cat is in heat for the first time?
  164. Is it ever possible in any way shape or form to have a domesticated fox as a pet? ?
  165. why does my cat always lie down on my homework?
  166. Weird breathing? curiouss..?
  167. what is wrong with my iguana?
  168. My cat scratches herself and shakes her head a lot does anyone know why she
  169. iam getting i pittbull ?
  170. feeding a bichon frise?
  171. Doesn't the test for ring worms in dogs take two weeks?
  172. American Paint Horse Journal Ride Strong Password?
  173. What the heck is wrong with my female betta fish?
  174. What kind of animal is this and what's its name o.o?
  175. Want to provide warmth for my baby (cat) during night?
  176. whats should i name my pitbull puppy ?
  177. Why is this kitten still afraid of me?
  178. What dogs would be best for us?
  179. yorkshire terriers fur?
  180. How smart is my....?????
  181. Flea problem or could it be something else? ?
  182. What is the horse 4-H?
  183. Why do cats like to sit on papers and books?
  184. How can I get my Chihuahua to mate?
  185. Can i keep Oscars & Red Belly Piranha in a same 55 gallon tank?
  186. know anything about pregnant guppies?
  187. Help!!!, im loaning a horse!!?
  188. Question about having my own dog grooming business?
  189. Breeding a huge dog with a really small one?
  190. My neighbor directly across the street has a huge and mean pit bull. It
  191. the puppy should another the shot?
  192. Training Border Collie puppies ?
  193. where is the best place to find geckos in the wild?
  194. how can I get a kitten to stop biting and clawing up my house? ?
  195. my dog dying has really effected me?
  196. White Persian Kitten ,?
  197. i wanted to give hamster owners this website...?
  198. What's wrong with my cat? Why won't she lay on her stomach?
  199. Help with Female puppy names?
  200. My male lab marks his spot everywhere, how can I make it stop?
  201. HELP! Dog acting out of character...?
  202. To all of my contacts and whomever it may concern...?
  203. My 11 week old puppy bites me while I am playing with him.?
  204. scared to handle new ball python1?
  205. can i give it to a dog of 100 lbs?
  206. What's the best reptile for me?
  207. What breed or breeds of dog is this ??? ( pic included )?
  208. Hamster eye problem help?
  209. Hamster Equipment Question?
  210. Calling All the people who thinks that Cats should be spayed.?
  211. albino african clawed frog?
  212. here is the changes !! opinion again?
  213. why does my puppy have diarrhea several times a day without eating?
  214. Do you think I could keep 2 Syrians together?
  215. What are some quirks about your horse?
  216. Does my CHIWAWA have an alter ego? ?
  217. i heard that commercial food is really bad 4 my pets at this website?
  218. How long will it take before my snails have babies?
  219. What fish should I keep with my Catfish?
  220. my dog................?
  221. My parrot flew into a hot candle!?
  222. How many holes is 1 meter?
  223. Help!! There is foxes on my estate and I have two rabbits!?
  224. My hamsters teeth are too long!?
  225. how do i know when to take my dog out at night?
  226. Can you tell me, Or better give me a website that tells me how to make a guinea
  227. where is there a gold nugget pleco for sale in southern california?
  228. Pregnancy in cats? What to do with kittens?
  229. snake food frozen pinky question?
  230. My 6 month Puppy has a sore eye.?
  231. How can you tell how old a chihuahua puppy is...?
  232. how come my puppy chases chooks?
  233. My baby hamster talks alot?
  234. What is somthing i can do to make my rats heathly ?
  235. I have way too many cats, and I need to give some up. I don't know places
  236. How do I know if my fish is dead?
  237. Need help with my Red fronted macaw ?
  238. in regards to my pregnet dog?
  239. what type of winter blanket to get? I want him to grow out his winter coat?
  240. Leopard Gecko or Cockatiel?
  241. Who is at fault here....(Dog Bite) ?
  242. Can you get your dog unfixed?
  243. Anyone know of any chicken breeders near New Orleans?
  244. can I use baby wipes to clean my yorkies rump, or is there a wipe made for dogs?
  245. Is it illegal to own a african hedgehog in any of the States?
  246. Any clue why my cat licks plastic?
  247. i lost my pet corn snake?
  248. Free Puppies in Pembroke Pines?
  249. how to get my dog to go to the toilet when on her lead?
  250. best type of bedding for mice?