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  1. What should I name my hamsters?
  2. Modifying an all glass aquarium?
  3. force feeding rabbits?
  4. 5AM Kitty Leg Biter - how to stop?
  5. I have a Shiba Inu, 5 yrs old. I had to put my other dog to sleep in May.?
  6. What is a good conditioner for a silkese dog?
  7. suggestion to remedy muddy near barn entrance of stalls?
  8. buyonlinepetshop.co.uk are they for real? I made an order was told up to
  9. getting a dog plz tell me what should i get ?
  10. how to perswade my parents to let me get a rat ?
  11. My molly fish gave birth a week ago.. but she's been floating in the water ever...
  12. fish filter: wuts the difference between a fluval 305 and a 304?
  13. How do i forgive my ignorant mom?
  14. signs of my dog being pregnant .?
  15. Guinea pig ear mites maybe..?
  16. Does my dog want to play with or eat our bunny and guinea pigs?
  17. what are the differences between english bridles?
  18. My little dog won't stop barking. How can I stop him?
  19. why is my dog such a pig?
  20. can some one please help me i dont know what to do ?
  21. Tortoise or Turtle: Which makes a better pet? ?
  22. Help me please on this question is really important?
  23. Is me and my horse competing to be alpha mare?
  24. Should I get my dog neutered?
  25. How To Tell If My Boston Terrier Is Pregnant?
  26. hoe mutch is an iguana at petco or petsmart?
  27. How should I feed my mollys?
  28. whats wrong with my kitty?
  29. 12 year old dog suddenly starts whining all the time?
  30. whats wrong with my goldfish?
  31. Have you ever wondered if your dog had secrets that they were keeping from you ?
  32. parvo puppy, cant pay vet in full!?!?
  33. what's with these catfish?
  34. How do I calm a over energetic kitten for the night?
  35. my dog has trouble socializing at the dog park!?
  36. can i give my hamsters yogurt?
  37. where in california can i purchase a fennec fox?
  38. Does anyone know what could be wrong with my dog?
  39. If my girl dog gets pregnant by my boy dog, her brother. What will happen?
  40. Does the iguana look healthy? (pic inside)?
  41. Very distressed. Need advice/encouragement on what to do about pets.?
  42. Please help!! My dog!!!!?
  43. my rat has a sore on her nose? answer ASAP?
  44. Square cage for my budgie?
  45. dog and a rash/sore kind of thing? very worried.?
  46. How did my gerbil die?
  47. what can you tell me about dwarf hamsters?
  48. what is the black and white terrier called?
  49. please tell me my dog isn't pregnant?!?!?!?
  50. Is it okay for my budgie to eat an apple?
  51. My dog just killed a huge rodent... can anyone help me identify it ?
  52. plz name as many medium sized fish that can live in cold water besides goldfish?
  53. Effect of light on fish behavior?
  54. My Kitten Has Been Getting The Fits. Please Help ?
  55. How much should I be feeding my beagle?
  56. !my hermit crabs are not very active!?
  57. HELP!! I found a tick on my dog! ?
  58. What do you think of my cat??????
  59. Leopard Gecko Rack system?
  60. Does petsmart use clickers to train?
  61. Exotic Animal easy points?
  62. My Blueberry russian hamster has been bloated for two weeks and has two lumps on
  63. I want to buy a mouse but my mum won't let me!?
  64. what should i name my new puppy?
  65. Cat brings in mice and other gifts?
  66. why do gorillas eat what they groom off eachother?
  67. how does my dog look?
  68. Question about kittens?
  69. I want to set up a salt water aquarium, is there professional help?
  70. My boys are driving me nuts, any suggestions?
  71. which is better for hermit crabs ?
  72. Which dog is the cutest?
  73. How do you train your cat to NOT do something?
  74. My Pet oscar sick or pregnant?
  75. Why does my cat growl at everyone?
  76. What do you think about the dogfight ring broken?
  77. Dew claws grown into leg?
  78. Guess these CAT breeds!?
  79. what should i name my new fish?
  80. What kind of snail(s) can I get? Please read the entire paragraph and answer the...
  81. In the US, who breeds and exports Hackney horses to Europe?
  82. 9 month old dog freaks out when left alone?
  83. can i use a water conditioner for my red eared slider turtles if i says for...
  84. What kind of insect/lizard is this?
  85. Do you think that animal breeders are to blame?
  86. Is it possible for fleas to get under a dogs skin?
  87. Who Is The Owner Of Ganz?
  88. Can you be allergic to just one particular dog?
  89. Shipping a Shih-tzu and raising 1?
  90. Why does my male Barraband Parrot try to mate with Cockatiels?
  91. New Leopard Gecko Always Asleeep.... Every thing else is fine?
  92. I Want To Know Who Likes Pitbulls?
  93. I have a 1 year old coonhound pup... Is it ok to start kenneling this late in the...
  94. The Ol' How to Convince the Parents Question..?
  95. So I would like to know how you can tell how big A puppy will be as an adult? But...?
  96. My ferret is sneezing a lot. Should i be worried?
  97. What is so bad about backyard breeders?
  98. Can I kill a black widow with bug spray?
  99. Do your cats eyes dilate...?
  100. Bit Shy 5 year old gelding ?
  101. I have four beautiful spotted puffers, but within a few days, the tank got cloudy?
  102. How to train a dog off-leash?
  103. Once i went to orshelen and there was lop rabbits with one ear missing!?
  104. im looking into breeding birds?
  105. Was He Retired?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  106. Which one would you recommend I feed ?
  107. Is my horse cut out for Barrels and poles?
  108. My husband and I work 9 hours and have a dog, we create him but feel horrible? HELP?
  109. Air Pump? Is that a filter?
  110. Air Pump? Is that a filter?
  111. How do i get my hens to lay?
  112. My Shih-tzu has a sore ear?
  113. what to do with this dog?
  114. How do you start a cricket farm?
  115. can an egg from the freezer still be hatched?
  116. Show Jumping?!?!?!?!?
  117. Adopting an older cat?
  118. Breeding Mollies in saltwater?
  119. Racking Horse & Mule????????
  120. what kind of puppy should i get?
  121. How much would a hammerhead shark cost?
  122. Weird dog behavior... anyone know why?
  123. Will My Chinese Dwarf Be Ok?
  124. my kitten has grey flesh popping out from his eye socket and its like a huge
  125. Should I let my dog be bred?
  126. golden retriever puppy questions?
  127. 10 Points Best Anwser!!!!!!?
  128. what do i do with my red eared slider turtle when i go on vacation?
  129. My kitty is 6 months old, and lately she has been grabbing the edge of her water
  130. do u know what kind of dogs are these?
  131. can anyone tell me where i can find pygmy chameleons?
  132. what should i do about my dog...????? ?
  133. What are the main differences between Male and female Great Danes?
  134. pitbull and yorkie puppies.?
  135. I had a great lesson today!?
  136. Can guniea pigs drink water out of a bowl?
  137. My gsd has not ate for 3 days and is also throwing up and is bright green?
  138. anybody have any experience of 2 intact, male dogs living together?
  139. Molly fish is staying in the same spot and has a jerky movement, any suggestions?
  140. Show me your dog plz?
  141. Can goldfish live in this environment?
  142. What's the right Meat-stuff for Pet Rats?
  143. Will a pair of Cockatoo Cichlids, a pair of Apistogramma uaupesi, and a pair of
  144. does a monkey make a good pet?
  145. where do i get kitten tshirts!?
  146. Female guppy harassing male guppy.(?)?
  147. I have a 1 yr old Great Pyrenees and he wont chase anything?
  148. How can I convince my parents to let me have a guinea pig?
  149. Can i Shave my dog any risks?
  150. Need a really cool name for a company.?
  151. where can i buy dog around CA94523?
  152. how can i get my dogs and cats to get along?
  153. I can't get my snake to eat. Help!?
  154. our yorky is not eating and just lays around she is not herself at all what is
  155. Ok so when i go up to my bettas tank, i see his flare fin about to go out but not...
  156. Slypner horse shoes???????????
  157. Why is my 13 year old cat suddenly pooping in the living room?
  158. how can you tell if your rat is pregnant?
  159. any one selling pug puppies in san diego CA?
  160. Is there a reptile that makes a quacking noise?
  161. what is the best way to make a dog vomit as my dog just ate my gold and ruby earing?
  162. Would pedigree persian breeders...?
  163. Do Guinea Pigs Smell ?
  164. are mosquito fish the same as guppies?
  165. My Kitten is doing this. How can I stop her?
  166. Searching for a good dog, help?
  167. How do i get rid of fleas from a 5 week old puppy?
  168. ok, my dog has fleas i give her a bath Avery week how can i get rid GO them ?
  169. Weaning a dog off a crate?
  170. What should I name my hamster? 10 points if I use it!?
  171. Why is my pleco being so aggressive?
  172. My dog has major gas what can i give her to stop it?
  173. Would you get your puppy debarked ?
  174. Guinea pig turms - what does stillborn mean? ?
  176. Betta cant swim, Help?
  177. will guinea pigs need to be more in number to be happy?
  179. I need to get ear drops in my dogs ears, even with another person helping it's not
  180. what happens when a cockatiel and a parakeet start "mating"?
  181. How hard is it to get rid of mites in rats?
  182. When does a dog get his big teeth?
  183. Why my 2 year old dog stopped peeing on her wee wee/ training pad?
  184. What is a good book about horses, for a person who knows a lot about horses already?
  185. Cockatiels sneezing and runny nose?
  186. Why does my cat suddenly bite me and run away while I'm petting him?
  187. Why is my dog acting scared/nervous?
  188. Are cats good therapeutic animals for someone who is mentally ill ?
  189. Do hamsters have to have wood shavings?
  190. Golden Retriever color question?
  191. Stock or normal tie for agricultural shows?
  192. How often should I feed a 3 month old ball python?
  193. What kind of mix do you think my ten week old puppy is?
  194. what type of knot should i be using for crocs?
  195. Ideas for Pet and Pet parent portraits?
  196. Why does my dog howl at sirens?
  197. my bunny wont let me pick her up so when her nails grow we have to take her
  198. My 2 cats use the litter box constantly. Is it true that...?
  199. Did you know that if you say the word Chihuahua?
  200. I got a shih tzu puppy today?
  201. im a gerbil, get me out of here ?
  202. Good diet for a conure?
  203. Why does my cat think my printer is a toy?
  204. Why shouldn't we give sugar,chocolate or sweets and biscuits to dogs? ?
  205. try this!! wikid fun?
  206. Is my Sun Conure obsessed with me?
  207. help please i have lost my female eastern small blotched python ?
  208. Why would a 16 year old cat lose weight and fur with no appearance of sores?
  209. Is my hamster hibernating, or dead?
  210. Anyone have experience with Feline Cardiomyopathy (HCM)?
  211. How can I repair my tortoise's cracked shell?
  212. chinese crested dogs?
  213. What should we do with this kitten that runs lose in our apartment complex?
  214. My little Chihuahua has a swollen eye?!!!?
  215. I Won A Goldfish! What To Do?
  216. I want to help save Pandas do you???
  217. What kind of dogs are these? ?
  218. Why does my dog jump on my back, bite the back of my neck and push me over?
  219. Should i put bamboo in my future 10 gallon fish tank?
  220. Found stray, what to do?
  221. Can I give my ferret hot dogs?
  222. What's the difference between an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky?
  223. my bearded dragon ?
  224. Does this puppy look like a Bullmastiff mix to you?
  225. Should I use sand or gravel for African Cichlids?
  226. will a cat use a used stratching post?
  227. How to make my dog more active?
  228. How big is this tank guys?
  229. is my betta fish gonna be ok?
  230. what do i feed my four month old guinea fowl?
  232. Are cats loyal to their owner/love them?
  233. Rat Fleas or Mites? ?
  234. What is the breed of my parrot?
  235. Need help with some issues with my pitbull?
  236. My cats simultaneously stopped eating...how long will they be okay without food?
  237. my dog's schedule is all off?
  238. My red zebra cichild keeps moving quickly in the same spot is this normal?
  239. Are neck sweats okay for young horses?
  240. I keep finding snakes in my basment, and dreaming about them what does this mean?
  241. My cat hasn't gone poo in a day in a half now! Is that normal for a cat?
  242. Why is my dog walking without her right back leg?
  243. Guinea Pig help!!!!!?
  244. my bearded dragon has white under his eye and around the mouth but ive
  245. How many hours does your cat sleep each day?
  246. Get Up And Take Him Out, Or Wait?
  247. my cat has fleas anyone help?
  248. Looking for a good food that does not contain a very high protein percentage?
  249. Lights on gerbil cage?
  250. What is the best food and bedding to use for a hamster?