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  1. What's with my cat wanting plastic?
  2. A sand question for the 10 gallon tank.?
  3. Do you have any suggestions on parakeets and death of a mate?
  4. Another question: Good name for a yorkie?
  5. what should i do with this bunny?
  6. cat escaping big problem?
  7. What does it mean when it's eyes are watery?
  8. Chinchilla Questions? How Expensive Are They To Buy And Take Care Of?
  9. If you have watched "The Dog Whisperer"...?
  10. my puppy isnt really playful juss sits and scratches?
  11. What can i give my birds to look healthy?
  12. How did you know when a pony is blowing there belly up when you are tightening...
  13. are pigeons domesticated???
  14. Disney is hoping that "Bolt" will boost hamster sales...?
  15. Why do people want their pets sprayed?
  16. Help! My pet mice don't get along!?
  17. What health problems do Yorkies have?
  18. why is my shih tzu acting like a gaurd dog?
  19. why does the qu'ran say that its ok to have sex with animals and children?
  20. My Red Eared Slider Pets. I need your feedback!.?
  21. does anyone know where I can get a chicken coop/pen?
  22. Rosy red minnow/shebumkin/koi questions? betta and gourami questions?
  23. Question regarding expectant dog.?
  24. What kind of dog would be ideal for me?
  25. What can I feed my turtle?
  26. good pets for teens? a.k.a me!!?
  27. What can you feed your rabbits?
  28. Pregnant Yearling Heifer Holstein?
  29. I'm thinking of getting a goat but what should I know?
  30. My fancy rat Pubesy "mr. P" is Four years old now how do u tell if a rat is sick or
  31. what effect do bybs have on your choice breed?
  32. shelter volunteering?
  33. what is the point of docking and cropping?
  34. new 5month old puppy i need help!!!?
  35. Is my chicken sick?if she what is her sickness?
  36. What time should I put my 6 month old maltese and 8 month old yorkie to bed at night?
  37. Abused animals help?!?!?
  38. Is this cage okayy for 2 rats?
  39. african grey chasing my baby?
  40. what is my ideal dog?
  41. Hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help ?
  42. What do you know about Rimadyl?
  43. What type of parrot should i get?
  44. Colic question. Pls answer?
  45. help with my cat please?
  46. can you breed related ball pythons? like a son to a mom and sister to a brother?
  47. How do dogs show their affection to their owners?
  48. Question about great dane english mastiff mix?
  49. how to bathed my shih tzu?
  50. So...What is your dog eating?
  51. What condition can cause this? I had a female beagle(?) mix, 7 years old and a tad...
  52. What Else Can I Feed My Doves, Lovebirds And Parakeets Besides Seeds?
  53. Which breed of dog would scare others away?
  54. my dog wont stop howling?
  55. my black piranah question?
  56. Homewrecking squirrels, please help!?
  57. Help :[ Dog ate whole chicken wing!?
  58. I have a 5 months old domestic short haired cat. Her ear lobe is hot since
  59. How can I stop my dog from ruining my carpet?
  60. what can i do for my dog?
  61. My guinea pig is about 6 years old, can I still give her a bath?
  62. i just bought a 20 gallon tank and can i put a red eared slider in it?
  63. can i feed 3 week old puppies plain goats milk?
  64. Why does my dog "cry"?
  65. Shih Tzu: The Color of the nose?
  66. red ear slider question?
  67. question about tie downs?
  68. Weird red clawed crab?
  69. help my teething kitten!?
  70. please answer i need quick answers!!?
  71. Treatment doses for Maracyn 2?
  72. What do snapping turtles eat other than rats and varmints?
  73. My cat is wierd please tell me what to do,10 points for best answer!?
  74. I took in a homeless cat, how can i prevent it from scratching my expensive rugs?
  75. Can you tell me what breed my dog is?
  76. My 1 year old lab wont stop barking when we put him in his crate!!?
  77. What do you think about my cat? And what breed do you think she is?
  78. My dog bit me. What do I do?
  79. What dog should I get?
  80. What plants are safe in a tarantula habitat?
  81. New Family Dog....She's sweet, but I'm Uncomfortable?
  82. my dog needs help please help?
  83. tank question.please help.?
  84. why does a twelve year old male cat pick up dog stuff toys?
  85. how do fleas look like also..my cat gave birth about 6 weeks ago?
  86. My Cat Keeps Making Weird Coughing/Choking Noises.?
  87. What type of cat litter is good for mutiple kittens?
  88. is my rabbit mine or hers? ?
  89. Why did my oscar jump out of the tank? He died...?
  90. Why doesn't AKC register the American Pitbull Terrier?
  91. Is this normal for a 2 month old sun conure?
  92. nitrate problems how can i reduce it?
  93. My 10 yr cat has been urinating against walls.Have tried everything. Has...
  94. can a pony be worked after fusion for a bone spavin?
  95. Problems with mean dog?
  96. cat problems..help! she may be taken away.....?
  97. please help with my bettas!?
  98. Why does my cat freak out at ME after an encounter with another cat?
  99. Do you feed your dog table scraps?
  100. My dog shakes all the time?
  101. Is it illegal to dye dogs hair with non toxic items in Florida?
  102. How do you break a cats habits?
  103. What part of the cat purrs?
  104. My kitten meows a lot while using the bathroom, what is this?
  105. Highland White Terrier or Pomeranian?
  106. If i put plastic plants in my terrarium would the turtles try to eat it and
  107. I need to make my cat calm down before he's shaved...?
  108. 5 year old female dog keeps pooping indoors and in front of people,
  109. Name my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  110. Where can you buy ferrets in Oklahoma City,OK?
  111. How do I get my kitten to stop attacking my dog?
  112. Thoughts about a two parakeets in a 10 gallon fish tank?
  113. Can my dog still compete in Agility if he is neutered?
  114. Is it appropriate to ask for money for dog sitting?
  115. Why won't my rabbit let me hold him anymore?
  116. Why Doesnt My 7 Month Old Cat Like The New 6 Week Old?
  117. How long is okay to leave a dog outside in colder weather?
  118. what should i call my rottweiler?
  119. Has anyone used the Old Mac Hoof Boot?
  120. how can I get my kitten to stop licking?
  121. did i overfeed my fish?
  122. My new budgie wont sleep on any perches, he cling to the wall?
  123. Why does my hamster have a bald spot?
  124. What should I name an orange cat?
  125. UV light Question....................?
  126. Help me please ! i don't know what is happening !?
  127. At what age do rabbits' eyes open?
  128. What breed is my kitten?
  129. can you reuse dog accessories if your previous dog died of parvo?
  130. Do rats like cookies?
  131. Christmas Pics with the dogs.....Do you include your dogs in family photos?
  132. Housetrained dog pooping in the house!?
  133. Help several rat questions!! 10 POINTS!!! PLEASEEE!!?
  134. What kind of mix is my dog?
  135. I used K9 advantix on my dog 12 days ago and am still seeing fleas, is this normal?
  136. why do you have to see the male? true or false?
  137. do u have to schedule vet appointment or can u juss show up on the spot with ur dog?
  138. Is my budgie bell safe?
  139. what year did toto the dog form the wizard of oz die in?
  140. what dose this mean wean the poo is black like Cole!? in a dog?
  141. Dog is peeing on boyfriend!?
  142. Dog clothing ..football shirts ;P ?
  143. My dog bit another dog....am I at fault?
  144. Dwarf hamster. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  145. Are hamsters can cause some diseases to us?
  146. Help me please ! i don't know what is happening !?
  147. can you catch tapeworms from their segments?10 points..?
  148. can you catch tapworm from segments?
  149. roller world pigeon forum?
  150. My turtle has abnormal spots on his shell?
  151. My Dogs arguing/fighting over toys?
  152. any good tips on kittens?
  153. do i give my dog too much attention?
  154. How do I get over my puppy?
  155. Iguanas? Prices? Care?
  156. how do you build a rabbit...?
  157. dog being bad...might have to get rid of him.?
  158. do any body know where i can find a dog?
  159. Does a pet Turkey prefer to have a friend or be alone?
  160. Can i move my fish out of my brothers tank?
  161. Who and what is your favourite pet and why?
  162. jack russell help !!!!!!! !!!!?
  163. Do chihuahuas get attached to a certain person?
  164. My 14-year old cat is starting to smell bad. Can I take her to a groomer?
  165. Are you a chihuahua lover?... ?
  166. Opinions on saddles .. ?
  167. My puppy's mouth is swollen?
  168. I'm getting a puppy for christmas and I need a name?
  169. My friend is offering to give me a guinea pig?
  170. Why do dogs dig their paws vigoriously after they do their "business"?
  171. How do you get a dog to stop humping your other dog?
  172. What can i do to make my male muscovy nicer?
  173. Why did the water get cloudy when I replaced my aqua clear ammonia...
  174. I think my dog ripped out her stitches...What should i do untill Monday?
  175. Custom colour horse saddles?
  176. Can my cat read (details inside)?
  177. Is there anything I can do for this baby hamster?
  178. What are common off-standard traits that BYBs and puppy mills use to profit on?
  179. Bearded Dragons? Prices? Care?
  180. What supplies would i need for a gecko?
  181. Dog keeps itching, and causing himself to bleed..?
  182. New Born-White Miniature Schnauzer?
  183. Why did my cat suddenly throw a fit? ?
  184. How much living space does medium sized outdoor dog need?
  185. Can I use regular Melafix to treat my midas cichlid?
  186. can someone help me? anyone can answer. its easy.?
  187. HOW COLD IS TOO COLD FOR YOU DOGGIE? 40 degrees? ?
  188. why it my rabbit liking her water then biting it like shes mad at it?
  189. My dog is lost! How can I find him?
  190. what kind of dogs do NOT shed? 10 pt best answer?
  191. My rat smashed his tail is he going to be ok?
  192. Please Help, I Think My Dog Is Ill!!!!!!!?
  193. Halti collar-are they useful for a small dog?
  194. What would be the best pet for a 10 year old?
  195. 2 questions here about pup?
  196. Dog may have eaten something bad?
  197. what dog food make the big and tall? someone said that some dog food
  198. how many gallons of water can my 2nd story floor hold?
  199. My cat does not go in the box with her kittens?
  200. How often should I change my aquarium filter?
  201. helpful tips with rats!!! getting one tommorow?
  202. 17 year old cat with Kidney Disease. ?
  203. Can Savannah Monitors Swim ?
  204. Parakeets: What can I feed a parakeet?
  205. No Kill Shelters How Too.....?
  206. does your male cat still spray after getting neutered?
  207. how do I find out how old my german shepherd is?
  208. what can i put in a1 1/2 gallon tank?
  209. What type of cats don't grow very big and have short hair?
  210. Wild 9 months old lab mix.?
  211. help, my dad wont take the cat to the vet...?
  212. Are all bully sticks equal?
  213. How many different blood types can a dog have?
  214. My aquarium is re-cycling?
  215. Secur-a-cat where to buy?
  216. Fennec Foxes in Pennsylvania and information?
  217. which boots are better?
  218. Baby dwarf hamster advice?
  219. Why is my 4-5 week old green cheeked conure squeaking all the time?
  220. I need some good names for my ferret?
  221. what are some good places to put flyers for my missing Chihuahuah in
  222. How do i get my 2 month old white/brindle pitbull short and musculer?
  223. First time ever food aggression. Should I worry?
  224. Is my rat goin to be ok?
  225. Good Female Puppy Names?
  226. A few hamster questions... Please Answer!!!?
  227. Chicken trouble question.........?
  228. What happened to my cat?
  229. How do you build a dog feeder (does or doesn't have to be automatic)with basic...
  230. Which Dawn Dish Soap for killing fleas on puppy?
  231. the pump for a fish tank...?
  232. Where can I get a baby bunnie?
  233. My midas cichlid hasn't eaten in 4 days is it because I treated her for...?
  234. Comfort Stall System or Other Barn Flooring?
  235. I need some names for a female dog 2yr old please?
  236. Which Ewok name is the cutest?
  237. how much should i pay my friend to babysit my ferret?
  238. Whats up with my dog?
  239. What breed of dog will get along with my Pekingese?
  240. dogs eye all swollen ?
  241. What do you think of three of my Miniature Horses?
  242. How can i convince my parents?
  243. what is best type of dog for our family? should we get a dog when we have
  244. Opinions on Saint Bernards?
  245. hamster trouble! crazy hammie?
  246. Our cats of 3 years attacked my daughter when she had on a mask, is this normal?...
  247. HELP..my dog just gave birth and she dont have no milk and the puppy keep crying
  248. What short haired dog will be best for protection?
  249. Are Cane Corso's Good Dogs?
  250. How many molly fish can you have in a 5 gallon fish tank?