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  1. What Does PH Measures When Putting Lava Rocks In A African Cichlid Tank? ?
  2. Are cockroaches harmful to cats?
  3. Puppy help! Please....?
  4. Does anyone know any good sites which sell Stable Plaques? ?
  5. How do we get rid of the smell from a sick dog's mess?
  6. what breed of cats are known for their dog like personality?
  7. my dog keeps getting out of the dog run. He goes underneath the
  8. why has my cat gotten so much more affectionate as she's gotten older?
  9. The stink of cat pee out of carpet?
  10. Cat jumps on kitchen counters?
  11. how to start a small scale hermit crab rescue?
  12. WHy does my fish do this?
  13. what are some interesting and fun facts about peacocks?
  14. Why is my dogs hair falling off its tail.?
  15. My cat is driving me INSANE!! Help!?
  16. What should I put at the bottom of my parakeet's cage? Grid, litter,
  17. how can i convince my mom to let me get a ginny pig??
  18. Is putting a cone around my dogs head cruel?
  19. How to make a kitten stop clawing the LEATHER FURNITURE?
  20. first time pet snake?
  21. My dog went from angel to complete terror?
  22. does a corn snake NEED to eat mice or can it eat bugs?
  23. Can ball python's eat rabbits/bunnies?
  24. callus on Labs elbows?
  25. What can i do to help my leopard gecko settle in and be less hostile?
  26. my dogs milk dried up. what do i do?
  27. Do Serpae Tetra and Scissortail Rasbora get along together?
  28. Pit bulls and other pets is it possible?
  29. What is a good diet for my pomeranian?
  30. Do monkeys make good pets?
  31. my nans cat is not drinking?
  32. Why don't cats like water?
  33. My rottie has bad diarrhea :( help?
  34. Do you think it would be out of line to do a background check on a
  35. how old does a dog have to be before he can breed?
  36. Adopting Greyhounds...................................?
  37. where is the best place to buy horse tack?
  38. Does anyone know if litter mates retain a bond for life?
  39. why pets don't like me?
  40. do ferrets stink thats why my mom dosnt want to buy me one?
  41. Why is my cat so mean?
  42. Is this because my cat is unaltered?
  43. How to make my dogs and cat stop fighting?
  44. How often should i feed my leopard gecko?
  45. Which puppy do you think I should get?
  46. What type of goldfish are these?
  47. what kind of worms are they? little white ones in my puppys poop?
  48. For those who crate trained their puppy?
  49. Where to find Pet Coupons?
  50. Where Can I Buy Bed Bugs To Feed My Snake?
  51. is my sulcata tortoise fat?
  52. Spay/neuter.....when is the best time to do it?
  53. can my malebearded dragon be with another male bearded dragon?
  54. Why does my cat puke everyday?
  55. dogs & outdoor winter play..?
  56. What is it about Boxers. What don't I understand about the?
  57. When can my Gerbil cage be cleaned now that the babies are 8 days old?
  58. there's a hamster loose in my parents house?
  59. What kind of toys should Rottie mixes have?
  60. Hi, my 9 month old cat has just eaten her dinner and immediately thrown it back up,
  61. Labrador facts, likes, dislikes?
  62. i have a new dogg in my home and i having problems w her eating?
  63. Whats your favourite breed of dog?
  64. Two free beautiful Kittens?
  65. Sugar Glider MythBusters?
  66. My dog is sick. What does he have?
  67. My Orange goldfish is turning black?
  68. ´Do Geckos need some Exersize?
  69. Whats Considered A 'Purebred Dog"?
  70. should i go to vet for bird right now?
  71. 7 week old puppy has bad gas?
  72. Any owners/people who know about African Pygmy Dormice?
  73. Theres A Baby Owl In My Backyard?
  74. my dog has lost his bark:( please help?
  75. Why is my dog sluggish and her stomach gurgling?
  76. Help, why is kitten lethargic?
  77. We found 4 of our 5 chickens dead. What could have killed them?
  78. why does my cat always cry after eating?
  79. dog food muscle related question?
  80. Where does your cat or cats like to hang out the most in your home?
  81. concern on my 9mths bow movements?
  82. Appropriate wattage for CHE?
  83. My came into season and I noticed a lump on her shoulder...?
  84. What should I name my dog?
  85. what to do with my new morkie?
  86. What is your dream horse? Breed, hands, color, markings, etc…?
  87. Cat wound: Can I treat this at home?
  88. Black substrate/tank liner for a snake?
  89. Is it safe to let a slider turtle go into a wild pond?
  90. Dog, Growling, rumble, sound ?
  91. How do you get rid of cat spray smell?
  92. whats a good carrier?
  93. Is my Bearded Dragon Okay?
  94. My beagle had pups and she keeps trying to carry one away from the litter. ?
  95. is this good for my 55 gallon tank?? there gona be small tho?
  96. Is food colouring poisonous to baby ducks?
  97. Puppy hurt his leg? help please?
  98. why do dogs cry at night time?
  99. how much would you buy a shmorkie for?
  100. should i get 2 ferrets for my first time?
  101. Proper vaccines for a horse in Pennsylvania?
  102. Floating African Water Frog?
  103. What can I do about my dogs behavior if anything?
  104. Dogs: Is California an unsuitable environment for Husky Breed Dogs?
  105. helpp mouth fungus?????????
  106. My Maltese and Yorkie.?
  107. what's the best way to clean pea gravel?
  108. Question about breeding snakes?
  109. If my dog opens her legs everytime I talk to her (yes, she shows me her
  110. Rashy/flaky scab on my dogs belly!?
  111. What is another good small pet i can get?
  112. Is this possible for any dog?
  113. i have 170 pound rottweiler he has hip dysplasia got meds from vet but he is still...
  114. Fish in a 0.5 gal bowl?
  115. What is a really stupid animal?
  116. lighting for my reef tank?
  117. not sure what to do with my Father-in-laws dog oraville califorina?
  118. how can i unspoiled my horse?
  119. Will A Coyote kill or eat Chihuahuas or any type of Small Dog?
  120. Mom rat attacking new babies?
  121. Have you ever had a "debate" with a family member about the amount of dogs you have?
  122. Where is a good place to go with dogs and cats while the house gets exterminated?
  123. i need to know if my dog is pregnant shes not acting the same way ?
  124. How did people find out that dogs were color blind?
  125. My 3 month old chiuahua urinates everywhere in my house!?
  126. What are some GOOD female dog names?
  127. What is the difference between punishment, and correction?
  128. i wanna crate train my puppy, but having hard decisions on which crate to get...?
  129. My 12 week old puppy sometimes gets CRAZY FOO MAN CHOO on me all of a sudden...why?
  130. Which one which one you choose?
  131. My dog has diorrhea and one of them has blood in it?
  132. what is that dog commercial thats really sweet, it has a bunch of different dogs..?
  133. why does my dog (male) lifts his leg very high sometimes and very low at other times?
  134. How can you help a dog keep it's weight while nursing puppies?
  135. Why would a kitten not purr?
  136. why do cats run sideways with their tail puffed up?
  137. Pit Bulls, where can I get some info from both sides?
  138. How high can a bird fly in the sky?
  139. how much should my dog eat?
  140. Is it neglect if you tie up your pup to one corner with a leash, when
  141. Whats wrong with my snake?
  142. What's wrong with my dog? is he sick?
  143. Anyone know how to make homemade yummy yet organic treats for puppy or dogs?
  144. I am getting a new puppy on Saturday. I already have two adult dogs. Any tips on
  145. Animal 4 Teen as a present.?
  146. I have some issues with chickens...Help!?
  147. Sick dog please help!!!!?
  148. How to Train a Flying Budgie?
  149. Peaceful Female bettas?
  150. What breed is this dog ?
  151. distemper? parvo? please help!?
  152. am i the only one who does not like dogs? my g/f got a puppy and its driving me
  153. My puppy is in pain barking limping a tiny bit HELP?
  154. Getting a second dog (which is a puppy)!?!?
  155. russian winter white hamsters?
  156. My dog pregant for 1rst time?
  157. Any adult pony riders here?
  158. my best friends dog died....what can I do?
  159. Where can I find a Great Dane breeder in the NY/NJ/CT area? ?
  160. I have a lot of pets including a dog. I really want a German Shepherd!! My mom
  161. Correct wattage for my ball python's viv?
  162. help advice on my limping cat!?
  163. Can i spay my dog for free somewhere in los angeles?
  164. Why does my dog pee on my carpet, couch, and bed?
  165. Help!!! my dog is 63 days pregnant ?
  166. Does wet food affect bowel movements in cats?
  167. A good bit for a Beginning English horse?
  168. Last night while handling my ball python he slid/fell off my shoulder on to the
  169. Mother Cat Lost Kitten?
  170. if i get my dog fixed will he be easier to house break.?
  171. What is a water dog or muddpuppy?
  172. What is the difference between an American Warmblood vs. the other kinds...
  173. what can i do to save my dog?
  174. Can a miniature donkey live with small goats?
  175. Can anyone show me ALL the breeds of Budgies?
  176. Can you name the *only* world-recognized,bred-on-purpose ,FOR a purpose "mongrel"?
  177. The nitrates in my tank are off, help.?
  178. What is the best way to travel with a kitten? any suggestions?or things that
  179. Does my betta have Dropsy or is she just constipated? Also, does she have fin rot?
  180. Travelling with our cat for the 1st time? ?
  181. my cat got hit by a car just like 10 minutes ago! ?
  182. I just got a brand new Boxer, and it is drinking excessive amounts of water,...
  183. Does it cost money to adopt a greyhound from the Lincoln, RI racetrack?
  184. To mizzchery1989 about the animals?
  185. How much can I sell my puppies for?
  186. Is my cat depressed because its winter?
  187. What to do about feeding issues?
  188. are my pups old enough?
  189. What kind of fish is this?
  190. My female betta fish?
  191. how do i train my puppies?
  192. How can I get my cat to stop chewing towels?
  193. How long will it take for my shepherds hair to grow back?
  194. right size viv for a bearded dragon?
  195. HELP!! black moors tail is allll ripped!!!!?
  196. To Gypsy about the animals?
  197. Can male cats have wet food (canned food)?
  198. Anyone's dog got Polyradiculoneuritis (coonhound paralysis)?
  199. Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Determine the Sex.?
  200. can tennessee walkers do barrels and poles?
  201. What method of correction do you use for your dogs?
  202. black lab puppy question please help?
  203. How do African Grays react to music?
  204. I need some definitions?
  205. Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Cherokee pull a 2 horse trailer?
  206. Possibly surrendering dog?
  207. why isnt my puppy eating as much?
  208. My dog pees every time i touch it! Help!?
  209. Getting rid of dog because of a dishrag?
  210. Red Ear Slider sanitary/health concerns?
  211. im so scared of my dog dying?
  212. how many shots should a dog have?
  213. How do I get my budgie to fetch?
  214. If I cuddle with my chihuahua...?
  215. Could you please help me???? Regarding saddle.....?
  216. One of my cats have gone missing!?
  217. Canine Treat Recipes Online?
  218. Bleeding gerbil ear!!!?
  219. Please Help Us!! (animal Emergency)?
  220. Home Remedies For Fleas?
  221. need help with kitten?
  222. What's wrong with my dog? is he sick?
  223. Puppy housebreaking / potty training in extreme cold, what to do?
  224. What are some good names for a male yellow lab puppy?
  225. sick oscars HELP ME!?
  226. I need YOUR help!!!!!!?
  227. Need help with my month old puppy, what to feed?
  228. Do goldfish really don't get enough food no matter how much you feed them?
  229. What are the characterists of a ragdoll cat?
  230. how to breed small mealworms?
  231. My cousin's cat died suddenly. Can she catch something? ?
  232. Why is the coral in my fish tank green?
  233. What can i feed my rabbits?
  234. Where do I get one of these?!?
  235. information on pitbulls in general, and the law?
  236. Anyone know anything about raising a puppy Doberman?
  237. What,other than dog toothpaste, can i use to brush my dog's teeth?
  238. Help With My Hamster!!!!?
  239. There is a fatty tumor on my cat?
  240. signs of anal glands needing to be expressed in a miniature schnauzer...?
  241. I don't want any more mystery snail babies!!! ?
  242. Why does my kitty only like to sleep in my arms?
  243. My dogs ear smells and is crusty inside, do you know if its ok to pour hydrogen
  244. how many dog breeds in the world is there?
  245. how to make mice run?
  246. Hamster missing quite a bit of fur?
  247. red bump on dwarf hamster?
  248. how long does it take a dog to conceive ?
  249. How hard is it to have a cat?
  250. What do you look for when buying Sturrips? ?