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  1. What can you make for your guinea pig or what can you do to entertain it?
  2. My Beta fish was attacked, plz help!?
  3. terrible grief over my prescios dog! please help!?
  4. Have you trained your dog to sit and wait when visitors arrive?
  5. raising a yorkie (plz help, need suggestions)?
  6. Did you buy or adopt your dog on impulse?
  7. A few QUESTIONS on MY DOgGie?
  8. Is my chihuahua b***h in heat?
  9. when i just leave the coroplast nothing over it for my guinea pig cage ?
  10. How can I stop my chickens attacking each other?
  11. My chinchilla is sick and I dont know what is wrong...lots of nasal discharge and...
  12. Anyone know anybody that has English Bulldog puppies for sale?
  13. Which Rabiits are the smallest ? 2 buy ?
  14. just wondering my grandson asked me if any animals died after laying thier egggs
  15. Can anyone give me an advice about betas?
  16. Should I punish my dog for something he did while I wasn't home?
  17. diabetic cat has dry nose?
  18. Is catnip bad for Cats?
  19. why do people with animals do this?
  20. How do i make/build a cavalletti?
  21. my puppy chews on everything!!! i need help?
  22. Kitty litter/cat questions?
  23. Long hair Chihuahua will potty in house if she so chooses?
  24. What to do about a filthy cat that won't use the litterbox?
  25. How big do you think our dog will get when he is full grown? At what age...
  26. Help with MICE!! New Pet!!?
  27. am i ready to own my own horse?
  28. do you think cats are worthless?
  29. Will a bitch in heat cycle be aggressive to other dogs?
  30. I have a blind cocker puppy 7wks old Help!?
  31. I Have A Female Pug And Want To Mate Her With A Male Pug In Florida?
  32. What to feed the dog?
  33. heater size and tank size?
  34. My horse refuses jumps now!!!?
  35. Was my husband right about putting dog to sleep?
  36. I have a question about sugargliders.?
  37. Do dogs like to eat kittens?
  38. Whats a good name for a male westie/jack russel pupppy?
  39. Keeping 5 cats out of my yard!?
  40. how lond do normal goldfish usually live for?
  41. Look at these horse pics, conformation question?
  42. Dog has purple testicle???
  43. Aquarium Maintenance?
  44. I have a 9 month old Chihuahua. Is it regular to have her teeth pulled if...
  45. how can i train a kitten not to pee on the carpet or in the house?????...
  46. Question about pied lutino parakeet.?
  47. Bearded dragon Brumation?
  48. how long will it take for my female mouse to get pregnant?
  49. My dog's bones are poking out?
  50. Do you think that the local RSPCA or kennels need free help?
  51. Hamster CRISIS SOS!!! Answer immediately!!!?
  52. what is the difference between indian yearling peahen and peacock except plumage?
  53. Whats a good name for a Cairn Terrier male puppy?
  54. bearded dragon eggs sinking,what do i do?
  55. How do you give someone a goldfish as a present?
  56. My birthday gift, help me?
  57. Leopard Gecko Licking Butt?
  58. Please help!! Guinea pig's leg cut off!?
  59. My cat just hissed at me!?
  60. What can be done for a dog who has severe crate anxiety?
  61. how to stop cat scratching carpet?
  62. Moving To Utah: How Should I Bring My Bettas With Me?
  63. what name should i call my boy rat?
  64. breeding my rabbit in the winter?
  65. Be honest.....how many hours a day does your dog spend alone?
  66. Why Cut Dogs Ears???
  67. My schnoodle is pulling the hair from my yorkies back.?
  68. Need Help Finding Homes For...?
  69. Why is my dog drinking urine?
  70. what is good for a dogs bad bad breath?
  71. What kind of dog is this?
  72. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel question?
  73. Have you ever lost a pet?
  74. Dog barking solution/Citronella Collar?
  75. Why do parakeet parents hurt parakeet babies?
  76. my male canary sitting and building the nest :O ?
  77. Were can I buy a merkid tail the is REALLY cheap?
  78. HELP! im confused and i dont want a fight?
  79. What kind of dog could i get that is very cute but doesnt grow big as it will...
  80. Does cat urine or feces produce carbon dioxide?
  81. Why does my new puppy cry?
  82. what is your favourite animal?
  83. Why are my parakeets just getting one feather on each wing?
  84. barrel racers look at this!?
  85. Are they annoying my turtle?
  86. 8 week old puppy, will it test positive for parvo?
  87. i have used invermectin drops on my guinea pigs and they cleared up fine. but now a
  88. Female 7yr beagle back pain problem...Need help!?
  89. Ive had my guinea pig for about 5 months and im thinking about getting another one?
  90. What is the smallest breed of dog?
  91. Is my puppy "marking" my husband's stuff?
  92. I have a Betta with a tumor in his belly. ?
  93. Is It Ok To Feed my Dog This?
  94. Backyard agility course?
  95. Looking for a Husky specific rescue in the NC area.?
  96. My puppy has Parvo, we caught it early, and we are keeping her watered, is she...
  97. Do you think my rabbit is?
  98. What games can I play with a Blue heeler?
  99. Do Guinea pigs make good pets?
  100. would my colt make a good jumper?
  101. do electric dog whistles really work?
  102. My crickets stink.....?
  103. Help Please!! Two Horsey Questions..?
  104. My anemone crab is losing his legs!!?
  105. I just got a kitten and she's so scared of her new home, what can I do to help
  106. BETTA QUESTION pleaes help?
  107. What other animals can i get ?
  108. Should my son find Pugsley a new home?
  109. How do I potty train my bunny?
  110. ever heard of a small sengel bichir going after baby snails?
  111. My dog is sneezing blood please help?
  112. Whats wrong with my Cat?!?
  113. cats or dogs.................?
  114. Where is the best place to by racing pigeon corn?
  115. Do you prefer your cat to be quiet or meow alot?
  116. what should i do? horsemanship?
  117. A couple cat questions?
  118. hi... can anyone help me with the beak of my cockatiel?
  119. I need to know.....please?
  120. Before Grain cat food?
  121. How do i get rid of mice without hurting my hamster?!?
  122. how do i know how many weeks a chihuahua is?
  123. I want to know why my turtle is acting so weird...Please?
  124. Does anyone know of a colorful and beautiful freshwater crab?
  125. Why does my dog keep throwing up?
  126. Has anyone every onwed a pearly conure?
  127. My dogs have different colored pupils?
  128. Annoying Kittens Don't stop meowing?
  129. How much does it cost to take my cat to a vet for check ups and shots and...
  130. i think my babie hamster has cancer?
  131. Why are my dogs continuously fighting?
  132. Should I put a Heat Lamp in my Chicken Coop?
  133. ball python bad shed?
  134. Easy Dogs to live with?
  135. gecko male or females?
  136. are white cats prone to being blind?? ?
  137. When do Old English Sheepdogs get their gray fur?
  138. My 2 Cockatiels, Lady&Guy had a brood of 4 that hatched this last wk,Do the...
  139. Where can you buy a clown fish?
  140. My dog needs his teeth cleaned....?
  141. Kennel Cough vaccination due when dogs are to be boarded?
  142. Why did my turtle do this?
  143. schnauzer help help help?
  144. about parachromis dovii wolf cichlids?
  145. what would be an appropriate temperature for a tank containing corys and danios?
  146. My cat jumps up to my BETTA bowl (6in at the top) and spills water...
  147. shrunken abdomen and yellow fluid on rose hair tarantula?
  148. Puppy behavioral issue?
  149. about crested geckos?
  150. im14, i want a puppy but my mom wont let me. wat to do?
  151. What fish is compatible with a Betta?
  152. What are some good come backs if someone makes fun of my horse or me?...
  153. What should I name my shih tzu puppy?
  154. do you think this could be possible, by rat poison?
  155. sun conure qustion for new sun conure owner?
  156. Why is my cat licking herself raw?
  157. Who can I get to help these poor dogs?
  158. to the people that have a certain breed of dog?
  159. my dogs pads on her paws are very flaky?
  160. I also have a dragon that is not growing. can any1 help me?
  161. Wondering if my Pit Bull brothers will ever get along again?
  162. Cow kicking with a bungee?
  163. How do i make my sick ferret eat?
  164. Can birds eat meat or does their body not filter it?
  165. I accidentally poked my dog's eye ?
  166. Canidae dog food changed and now I need help!?
  167. Malnourished looking rat? No normal symptoms?
  168. Is it normal for a house-cat to make buddy-buddy...?
  169. I have these stray cats in my backyard and I feel bad for them.?
  170. What fish would be suitable with a Dwarf Puffer?
  171. How to introduce a mare into a group of geldings?
  172. How do you introduce a new kitten to an older cat?
  173. When is a puppy no longer considered a puppy?
  174. We have a 5 yr old Golden Retriever that is going to be given to a family with 3
  175. My kitten got dewormed and they are coming out in his stool?
  176. Have any of your dogs had mastitis?
  177. How do you prepare fruit for parakeets?
  178. Watching my neighbors dog?
  179. Do Cats know when anothers are in trouble?
  180. My Dog Just Ate Chocolate! ?
  181. This is for the pet experts: What would happen to the puppies if...?
  182. My friends Black bear hamster had pups. they are 11 days old. what now?
  183. Will you click my Dragon Eggs? ?
  184. Another fishy question from Buck?
  185. How cold have you set your thermostat with a cat in the home? ?
  186. How do I get my male cat to stop attacking my 7 month old pit bull?
  187. I Really need help with my 4 month old puppy, he doesn't want to listen to
  188. Why does my cat do this?!?
  189. What should I name my dog?
  190. Has anyone used this Premier Easy Walk Harness before?
  191. training siberian huskies to play ?
  192. How many and what fish in a 20 gallon?
  193. Is $5,000 too much for a maltese puppy ?
  194. whats a good name for a chocolate shar pei?
  195. anybody using "program flavor tabs"?
  196. is it easy to keep sand in an aquarium? im getting corys?
  197. can anyone tell me anything about american bull dog and pit bull mixed dogs?
  198. Lost Ferret is Still Lost?
  199. When will a GSD puppy begin to fill out?
  200. my dog got fleas i think she got them at the park?
  201. How do you read a Puppy chart for German shepherds?
  202. omg im so sad!!! ='(?
  203. Do Greyhounds make good apartment dogs?
  204. How can I pick my rabbit up?
  205. How do I tell if my turkey is male or female?
  206. Does anyone know what would help cure black/red hair like algae that keeps
  207. animal feels left out????????
  208. how much should i sell my puppy for? i have a 3month yr. old dalmation terrier mix?
  209. what age is it good to start training a pomeranean puppy?
  210. Answer if you know about canine health?
  211. What fish would be good for a 10-20 gallon tank?
  212. puppy has runny nose and diarrhea?
  213. What exactly is flyball?
  214. are grape vines bad for cats?
  215. Why is my 2 month old kitten so lethargic?
  216. American Staffordhire Terrior aka Pit Bull puppy?
  217. What do you recommend for my kittens?
  218. Where can I take my dog for teeth cleaning for cheap?
  219. Looking for a good VET!?
  220. is being drunk an excuse to make love to a dog?
  221. Where can I get Harlan Teklad products without spending an arm and a leg for
  222. i want ifo on blue indian peacocks?
  223. Know anything about orange butt monkeys?
  224. Anyone in Arkansas close to little rock want an emperor scorpion?
  225. How do can I tell if my black mystery snail is dead?
  226. how to convince my parents to get me a parakeet?
  227. Can you identify the species of my goldfish?
  228. Do dogs get pms??? Help anyone?
  229. Dog poping! ?
  230. We got a new puppy, What kind is...?
  231. Hamster Purple Butt ??????
  232. Guinea pig going mad?
  233. Any home made treats I could make for my rabbit and hamster?
  234. How can I have a successful walk with my pit bull? PLEASE READ?
  235. if i pay for a house-sitter to look after my dogs, who's insurance covers my dogs?
  236. Just got my first puppy ever a few days ago and I feel bad at night and...
  237. chihuahua is aggressive and biting new owners?
  238. How often should a dam be with her puppies?
  239. A Simple Question about rabbits.?
  240. pets for kids- cerebral palsy?
  241. can you test your dog with a one touch meter for his diabetes?
  242. My dog, how do I keep him from getting out of the yard?
  243. How much should i charge for the physiotherapy of my neighbor's cat ?
  244. Warning Thunder Ridge Rabbits Sells Sick Rabbits!?
  245. how do japanese keep their kois big and colorful? what's their traded secret?
  246. Is my dog having a seizure? PLEASE HELP!?
  247. my cat eats too much.. worms?
  248. Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!?
  249. How do you add new hamsters to a cage with a hamster that never had any hamster
  250. Looking For A Dog Shelter?