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  1. Posting Bad Breeders - Would You Post on and Support This Group?
  2. Aggressive Goat Issues?
  3. What Should i Play with my guinea pig?
  4. Why is my mouse scratching?
  5. Do you have any pets? What are they if you do?
  6. Chihuahua isn't eating very much ?
  7. Help locating a Vet (MI)?
  8. What games can i play with 7wk old puppies?
  9. cheap Vet for my Dog?
  10. 15 week puppy not eating his last meal.?
  11. Stall fronts for a Horse Stall?
  12. Anybody know about registering AQHAs?
  13. What are your pets names?
  14. my dog is pooping out hairs i try too take it out but it wont let me please help i
  15. What are some VERY healthy fresh foods for parakeet (budgies)?
  16. Do you think $75 is too much?
  17. Name for a female sheltie puppy?
  18. How to get my puppy to stop biting the older dog?
  19. How can I hydrate an injured cat who is not interested in eating or drinking?
  20. Is this normal behaviour?
  21. in michigan where do you get an exotic animal permit?
  22. What can I give my dog for his bad breath?
  23. Guinea pig blood in urine?
  24. Is it a seizure or what? Jack Russell Terrier help?
  25. What could have happened to my dog's leg?
  26. I Want Some Info On Hermit Crabs?
  27. Should I take away me dog's puppies?
  28. Skunk Shrimp Questions?
  29. dog Embryonic development?
  30. what dose it mean for fish to be stunted growth?
  31. Have you got budgie('s) with another bird?
  32. Is 'Jagermister' a good name for a cat?
  33. Is it ok to put a 4 year old dog & a 1 year old dog in the garage?
  34. what happens when you cancel and appoinmnet with your vet?
  35. why is there milk coming out my dog's breast, she's not pregnant?
  36. My Lab ate a piece of spoiled mushroom quiche and a few slices of spoiled
  37. Which is better for a house pet?Hamster or rabbit?
  38. chinchilla? ?
  39. is it ok to give my dog speed ?
  40. My new puppy has worms.?
  41. Rat got into the hamster treats?
  42. Our 1 year dog attacked a small dog and killed our cat. What can we do?
  43. Can Someone Give Me Advice?
  44. Can mystery snails breed with other colored mystery snails?
  45. Does anyone know how long a Chihuahua stays pregnant?
  46. Can sugar gliders be kept in trios? Also, do you have tips on introducing three...
  47. Has anyone had any experiences with "knuckling over"?
  48. training a puppy to use a kitty litter box?
  49. I have had my dog for 2 years....could I just now be getting allergic to him?
  50. what should I name my new puppy (girl)?
  51. where do you find the last horse at on the petz horse club wii game?
  52. Are Siberian Huskies hard to train?
  53. What should I do with my newborn mice?
  54. Dog broke nail far back to paw, acting tired?
  55. My fish tank exploded in my room but theres no cracks on the bottom how can i
  56. my dog got CLIPPED and I'm worried!?
  57. Sit means Sit Dog Training!?
  58. Question Concerning Bull Terriers?
  59. Is a Pekingese the right dog for me?
  60. Where do I start in order to become an Avian Veterinarian?
  61. How Can We Stop Digging?
  62. Is hamster food harmful to guinea pigs?
  63. what is the monthly cost of a monkey?
  64. Can mares have false pregnancies?
  65. Bearded dragon is bleeding?
  66. My boston terrier has Quarter size bald spot and bumps on his back?
  67. How do I gradually put my two rats together?
  68. my dog tore open a cushion filled with feathers i think he has swalloed
  69. does anyone know a good way to keep a Santa Hat on a cat?
  70. where an you get puppies?
  71. Question about Shih Tzu puppies?
  72. Dwarf hamster question, THEY CAN LIVE TOGETHER.?
  73. Should i get a maltese dog?!?
  74. Why is my male chin being so protective?
  75. Is there anywhere in Arkansas (nearer Conway the better) where I can have a...
  76. best answer please help hurry?
  77. Would A Cone Help My Dog?
  78. how do you check for parasties?
  79. My dog chewed up a mechanical pencil, is this bad?
  80. any ideas about my cats bald spots?
  81. Injured Quail help please!!!!?
  82. Allergic reactions to Dog Vaccinations?
  83. cat knocks stuff in the tub?
  84. Does my rabbit have abnormal behavior?
  85. How do I find a reputable?
  86. Should I take my kitten?
  87. Cat weight problems please help!!!?
  88. Should I take my kitten? Kinda long but HELP!?
  89. Do all dogs instinctly know how to breed?
  90. im thinking about getting a hamster.....?
  91. my cockatiel is approximately 6 weeks old can you tell the sex by the way it looks?
  92. Is this the saddest thing you have ever read? PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER!!!?
  93. I have an insane mother who purchased a cat (William) from the humane society
  94. Do Dogs Know if they are Related to Each Other?
  95. akita vs pitbull??????????????
  96. can dogs take viagra?
  97. My Shih Tzu bites really hard ?
  98. My dog is still farting and don't know what to do next.?
  99. Is anyone else getting tired of seeing this?
  100. Show name for my chestnut mare?!?
  101. do you think its cruel to use a harsh bit on my horse?
  102. Jack Russell Training help - seperation anxiety?
  103. How do you feel about dog clothing?
  104. Help...................!?
  105. What's wrong with my cat?
  106. Why is it that my 2 goldfish are sitting in the bottom? my small ryukin is not and
  107. my dad said i can have a puppy!!! what should i call it?
  108. breeding ball pythons?
  109. what do you think be cool in a 30 gal tank?
  110. How can i get my new horse to stop buckin?
  111. i introduced my chinchillas last night and.....?
  112. My dog just ate a Lindt Lindor truffle?
  113. Crate Training Question?
  114. Fully grown cat and a kitten ? ?
  115. Is my sunburst platy pregnant?
  116. Id like to start a aquarium plant farm kinda thing in my basement but i have
  117. BY WHEN WILL PET technology Advance LIFE SPAN OF PETS?
  118. Why does my cat eat plastic bags?
  119. Guys Only! Do you love your cat/cats? Are you embarrased that you adore your feline
  120. How can i prevent my puppy from having dry skin?
  121. I am living my kitten with another kitten for 5 days.?
  122. My 4 month old maltipoo pup is throwing up a foamy clear liquid and not eating,
  123. will my chickens be ok?
  124. Is my ferret ill please help?
  125. Show names for a Black gelding?
  126. does anybody have any free teacup puppies?
  127. will you send me an angel god?!?!?
  128. one of my bunnies keeps attacking other bunnies and me?
  129. My dog is extremely underweight...?
  130. Whenever my grandmothers birds has eggs, she breaks them all, do you know why?
  131. What should I do with my cat ?
  132. 29 Gallon Tall Aquarium Stocking Suggestions?
  133. need help with fresh water needle fish?
  134. how do i build a simple chicken coop ?
  135. Why is my beta fish's face getting pale? Help! :(?
  136. What should i name my dog?
  137. I'm looking for a good photo of Algonquin the poodle. I want one of him in full
  138. Why does my german shepherd breath so hard when resting and she is not over weight?
  139. Which fish tank would be cuter for Christmas?
  140. Any good ideas on making money to pay boarding for a horse?
  141. You guys think that a betta will go after a white female guppy?
  142. why wont my guppy have fry?
  143. what's the good and bad about owning a bunny?
  144. My Yorkie's last 2 nipples are flat, but full of milk, puppies can't nurse...
  145. need to rehome my gran dane?
  146. I really need help with my fish tank!?
  147. what sky channel is Parelli on?
  148. what do you do when you find the dog dead?
  149. What type of dog should i get...?
  150. latley when i touch my cat in the stomache she meows? and today i checked and
  151. Are you a pit bull lover? Or any dog lover for that matter? Please come here!?
  152. aggressive female cat has become scarey kitty-what do I do?
  153. is it safe to buy pets online?
  154. Can I use an Elite mini heater for my 2.5 gallon tank?
  155. how do i take care of a turtle?
  156. My royal gramma has white spot?
  157. How often should i use seachem flourish excel?
  158. which would be a better pet?
  159. Looking to buy some gold fish, but is the tap water bad for them? do i need purified?
  160. Any specific or well known health problems in Yorkshire terriers?
  161. I have a 7-8 gallon tank...Breeding?
  162. what should i get a dog or a cat?
  163. problems with my cat!?
  164. I have a litter of 6 shih tzu puppies that were born Nov 5th when should they
  165. My cat hits my new kitten?
  166. Dog dog's nails damage hardwood floors?
  167. All about horses, tack and breeds?
  168. what does it mean if it sounds like my puppy is snoring while she is awake?
  169. Is my puppy depressed or just laid back?
  170. My female cat pees outside of litterbox!?
  171. Herpes eye infection in cats and kittens...?
  172. my dog has bad diarrhea help?
  173. Where Can I Find A Free Contract For Selling Puppies?
  174. Please help with cichlid compatability!?
  175. Stupid people and Pit Bulls...?
  176. Cat had kittens - male neutered cat mad at her?
  177. Kitty has a new BAD habbit...?
  178. Will my rabbits be ok outside in the cold?
  179. Cat Name - Female White Kitty?
  180. Can we register our puppy again?
  181. how much should 10 week old maltese eat?
  182. Reptile expo question?
  183. Dog with joint problem?! HELP!!?
  184. Quick question about my AmStaff?
  185. Just for fun? what bits do you use?
  186. My rabbit doesn't like to play with toys?
  187. Ok I have an english saddle, now I need to know if it's too small for my
  188. After a cat is fixed, do they still have urges to have sex?
  189. My 9 moth old American bulldog puppy has no prey drive?
  190. How do you teach an African Grey to fly outside?
  191. What type of snakes and frogs can you find in the Everglades/?
  192. Why do people on here not realise that animals aren't people?
  193. I Have Roborovski Hamster Questions. Can You Help Me?
  194. Best Place to Buy Peachicks?
  195. is it ok to give my cats human grade meat?
  196. Can I give an adopted dog away to a family?
  197. Why is my 60 galloon fish tank cloudy?
  198. Did the police have a right to shoot my dog?
  199. Help me please about my tortoise !?
  200. Small Birds? Any suggestions?
  201. How do you get a snake to stop biting you?
  202. my dog ate chocolate! :O?
  203. trying to locate a reputable breeder of english creme golden retrievers?
  204. how do u get fish to be realy big?
  205. How many pets is too many when renting?
  206. My 19 yr female cat has been sick with an eye infection and drooling.?
  207. Will a dogs dislocated elbow get better when the swelling goes down? continued?
  208. Where can i find a Guinea Pig for sale in newark, new jersey?
  209. need help on pet adoption!!!?
  210. Im looking for a Small Dog: Yorkie or Maltese?
  211. How to bulk up and train 2 young great danes?
  212. I've been sniffing and kissing my bunny a lot. Is there a possibility I
  213. How old should a bitch be before she is spayed?
  214. Name for a goldfish....??
  215. Does any know who Madeline Pickens is?
  216. can a dog go for a walk she as just had one puppy but not sure if she is
  217. How can I train my indoor cat to potty outside?
  218. Horse has Behavior Problems.? easy 10!?
  219. What is your favorite freshwater shrimp?
  220. dogs are castrated with razor blades .what is your idea?..?
  221. After a mare gives birth what should you give her?
  222. How can I stop my adopted dog from biting me when scared?
  223. PAL/ILP dog owners can you...?
  224. My Dog Just Got Sprayed By A Skunk!?
  225. My guy Pilgrim has hoof surface cracks...?
  226. Why does my betta keep dieing?
  227. What vitamins for my Puppy?
  228. i have a 5 year old brother who wants a pet,what would be the best?
  229. i have a shetland pony and was wondering?
  230. How can I trim my dog's black toenails safely?
  231. How Can I Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In My Hermit Crab Tank?
  232. Where can i adopt a puppy a jack russel puppy near birmingham?
  233. how much should i feed my boxer puppy? i feed him natural balance, but how much?!?
  234. My cat is on phenobarbital can giving her cat nip affect the meds?
  235. riding school question HELP!?
  236. Can I give papaya to my budgies?
  237. How is babby formed?___?
  238. Lice treatment for rats?
  239. I'm missing my cat in Toronto!?
  240. Urgent Cat Problems????????????????????? ?
  241. Dog Breeder Contract - Please help me get out of a "Guardian Home Contract"...
  242. Do you believe in the afterlife for dogs? Has anyone experienced..?
  243. I have adopted a female Mastiff puppy. I am wondering if anyone can tell...
  244. Bushland Terrier Grooming Question?
  245. What do you think of them?
  246. Why does my cat stare at me ?
  247. What's Wrong With My Dog's Butt?
  248. How do I get my dog to sleep somewhere other than the couch?
  249. Is guppies eat larve of mosquito?
  250. What is the difference between full loan and half loan on a horse?