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  1. My snake is brumating?
  2. where can I find a white ferret plushie?
  3. Taxidermy? how to fix the hair of an animal that was previously done at
  4. just wondering really?
  5. How much food and water does a cat need in 14 days?
  6. anyone ever had a welsh springer or english springer?
  7. what is that weird sound that cat's do, kinda sounds like a purr, a whine and a cry?
  8. My kitten has very few teeth. The food for kittens seems too hard for him. What can
  9. Where can i put my pet cow?
  10. is there something wrong?
  11. Please help. The dog best for me?
  12. How do I stop my cat from spraying?
  13. will the temperature change be okay for these rabbits?
  14. Major horse problem...HELP!?
  15. how is the best way to train a dog ?
  16. i think i might have a new cat!!!!?
  17. Deer antlers as a safe decoration in aquarium?
  18. Help Help emergency.. goldfish with possible mercury poisoning?
  19. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  20. my dog just swallowed a good size piece of cheesecloth?
  21. pet owners with small dogs make me soo mad?
  22. Any ideas about a wild yet calm kitten?
  23. How do I keep my dog from scratching the door when I leave the house?
  24. Know any GSD breeders?
  25. Dog Treat Company!!! ?
  26. My two 3-year old cats are always meowing for food. Why?
  27. Can dogs get the flu?
  28. Dog is about 80-90% house broken, how do I achieve the last 10%?
  29. how can i houstrain my puppy? please help?
  30. please i need your help asap?
  31. My cats being really odd, not acting like himself - my family have noticed it too?
  32. is it bad to have 3 dogs?
  33. I'm thinking of a second moggie?
  34. whats it like living with a horse? (horse people)?
  35. I want a cheap bird that talks?
  36. Roborovski cage, big enough? Easy 10 points!?
  37. do other countries have an overpopulation problem?
  38. Chinchillas In Massachusetts?
  39. Would it be better to keep my dog at my house or move her with me?
  40. my cat wont stop meowing?
  41. Norfolk Terriers ? :)?
  42. Does anyone know any Great Pyrenees breeders? ?
  43. how can i stop my dogs having sex?
  44. How to make the neighbor cat stay away from your house?
  45. my dog only comes when I have food?
  46. Where are some good spots to pet or massage my dog?
  47. Hamster babies WANTED?
  48. Hamster problem.. grrrr?
  49. my quarter horses seem to have the flu they are my mustering horses how can
  50. Cat chewing on artificial Christmas Tree!!?
  51. can anyone answer this question the dog whisperer?
  52. What's the best way to get rid of diareaha?
  53. Why does my dog do this?
  54. long back, short back...horse conformation?
  55. Which heater for betta's?
  56. Dog (a Beagle) pregnancy questions.....?
  57. Can you induce labor with a dog?
  58. why did my fish die so suddenly?
  59. Help My Dachshund Has Worms!!!!!!!!!!!?
  60. Tips on jumping horses?
  61. my pug is limmping on her front left paw whats wrong?
  62. Bump on the back of my dog's foot?
  63. Is there anyway my dog isn't a chow mix?
  64. Do tropical fish go in to hybernation at winter?
  65. synthetic or leather?
  66. ANIAMAL ABUSE! Can you help?
  67. My Axolotl Is Sick Does Anyone Know About Sickness In Axolotl?
  68. How do I convince my strict parents to get me a dog?
  69. Why does my dog have a bald spot on her lower back?
  70. what's wrong with my dog?
  71. Why does my dog hold her head to the side? ?
  72. what should i do if my dog just drank some mopping water with bleach in it?
  73. betta stays at bottom of tank?
  74. Help with what equipment I need for a pond?
  75. what if we like to buy a european boxer from europe?
  76. How do you know when a bearded dragon is hungry?
  77. Rabbit Questions...Yahoo! Mail.?
  78. Do you believe in clipping a bird's wings?
  79. My cat has a cut on it's eyeball, what should I do?
  80. Does your cat come home sodden the same as mine?
  81. Why does my cat pee everywhere but the litter box?
  82. Should i get a hamster or a guinea pig?
  83. What dog should I get?
  84. Death of a puppy....how?
  85. Do 2 cats live well together?
  86. How can a Boa Constrictor living on live prey be converted to frozen/thawed?
  87. i need a good name for a ball python ...?
  88. My rat can no longer clean himself. What can I do for him?
  89. why do dogs always bark?
  90. I need help on my dog!?
  91. Is a 6 month old puppy too old to buy and train?
  92. Is a 6 month old puppy too old to buy and train?
  93. Which Dog Breed Best Fits My Lifestyle & Requirements?
  94. How long does it take for a "fixed"male dog to not produce sperm? ?
  95. Is there anyway to get my 18yr old Gelding to walk faster but not trot?
  96. Have you ever got your cat banned from places?
  97. Conformation critique....?
  98. Should we attend when our dog is being put down?
  99. How can I tell if my Boa's Scale Rot is healing?
  100. There's something wrong with my dog?
  101. betta mating problem !!!!???? help me?
  102. showing a MINI in 4-H...?
  103. talking parrot ??? need help?
  104. Hens - laying eggs (anatomy)?
  105. Cockatiel... male/ female probability based on vocalization?
  106. Is it good to feed my cat this?
  107. Dog Limping Or Stiff Joint?
  108. Wanted for Adoption: Male Siamese Seal Point?
  109. Is there a difference between a teacup Pomeranian and a Pomeranian?
  110. What's the best bird for me?
  111. is there anything that can be done with a dog with a over shot bottom jaw?
  112. petco aquarium driftwood?
  113. WARNING Alfalar Rottweilers FL?
  114. what exactly is alpha rolling dogs?
  115. How to keep Bengal cats away from Xmas Trees?
  116. parrot ??? need help!!!?
  117. is tap water with dechlorinator in it suitable for an oscar?
  118. Reptile expos in or around VA?
  119. My chameleon has stopped eating, in fact he hasn't eaten properly for...
  120. why are people so brain dead about mix breed dogs?
  121. Clippers for shih tzu?
  122. how do i get my cat to obey me?
  123. Help please i think my hamster is dying?
  124. How do you train a horse to bareback? ?
  125. Help with my male rabbit please!!?
  126. Cats keeps licking off fur on back side?
  127. cat owners, I have a question!?
  128. How do you know betta's filter current too strong?
  129. Can I feed fish during Ich treatment?
  130. What is normal colors for kittens/cats?
  131. cat purring because something's wrong?
  132. do you know eny small lizards that you can by at pet stores?
  133. Horse name issue, please comment?
  134. I love my 2 dogs, so, so much, i cant stop thinking about how i will cope
  135. I have a rat problem, any advice?
  136. If I have acreage, and more than one dog, do I have to walk them?
  137. about teddy bear hamsters?
  138. Pleco Q's ?
  139. My Chihuahua / Dachshund has recently began to lose her hair. ?
  140. How to stop my mice from biting me?
  141. I am not sure what to do?
  142. Help me again please with dogs?
  143. Where should I buy a puppy?
  144. can dogs eat chocolate or no?
  145. Should i take my hammy bath?
  146. Wil my two dogs get jealous if i bring a new puppy home ?
  147. How long would this tub last for a baby ball python?
  148. Are freshwater angelfish tropical? ?
  149. What is wrong with my cat?
  150. Introducing my Pitbull to our new kitten?!?
  151. having a rabbit and a dog?
  152. help me she's gonna die?
  153. What are some favorite quotes about the relationship between women and horses?
  154. pet snake health problem?
  155. my boxer has the blues, HELP?
  156. Closing off a C&C Cavy cage?
  157. my baby corn snake doesnt constrict his frozen thawed pinkies, i'm...
  158. Can I get my dogs to get along?
  159. How do I treat an infection in a cat's ear?
  160. See Details. Newt questions!?
  161. should i get two guinea pigs?
  162. Dog training, I need advice, PLEASE!!!?
  163. How come birds dont get electricuted on electric lines & wires?
  164. I want to work in an animal shelter? ?
  165. how to build cheap and easy lovebirds cage please help?
  166. My Batman, a four year old APBT, as started to pee himself while he sleeps. Can...
  167. Do electric fence collars still go off in cars? ?
  168. My 5 month old kitten wont eat or drink water.?
  169. My older cat keeps stealing the lil ones food!?
  170. i have a bunny. my bunny keeps jumping out of its cage and the digs enormus
  171. Did your kitten explode overnight?
  172. how do you make your hamster stop eating?
  173. Idea for decorating a horse stall? ?
  174. Has anyone ever had sucess in getting their obese cat back into a healthier shape?
  175. Feeding dogs BARF?? Do you?
  176. Has anyone out there lost a pet? I had to put down my dog of 15 yrs this week and
  177. Will a cat outgrow wanting to go outside?
  178. my rabbit ran away for the fourth time but...?
  179. What are some good ways to ask for a dog if you all ready have two?
  180. Buying a playmate for a male guinea pig?
  181. Does anyone know what this cut could be from on my cats face? I need help, This is
  182. What are the early signs of a dog being pregnant?
  183. my dog is 6 yrs old and pees like 5 or six times everytime i take her out. what
  184. Two female mice fighting?
  185. first kitten check up?
  186. Why does my cat back kick things?
  187. Male Dachshund Dog Names?
  188. My yellow lab used to have the perfect black nose but as she has aged, it has lost...
  189. HELP, found bird with neck twisted but still alive?
  190. My cat does this weird thing when I am sleeping...?
  191. Fostering an English Bull Terrier puppy, any advise?
  192. What are questions asked on a animal adoption form?
  193. How would you find an invisible dog?
  194. freshwater mussel ? ?
  195. what do outdoor cats do when they meet?
  196. Can i use bengay on my dog?
  197. why does my kitten scavenge?
  198. how long can my Mediterranean chameleon live without food?
  199. Can your chihuahua do any cool tricks? Was she/he easy to train?
  200. What breed is the dog from the Balto movie?
  201. i have just brough a Fluval 205 External Filter how do i set it up?
  202. My Horse Keeps Rearing, How do I make him Stop?
  203. Bearded Dragon enclosure?
  204. Frontline causing hair loss on my dog?
  205. How to make a dog go away?
  206. So, If i want my horses man parts cleaned, what do I tell the vet?
  207. where to buy a dachshund in texas?
  208. Help finding a dog breed that my husband and I can agree on? ?
  209. Where are some dogs that I can find in Grapevine,Texas?
  210. Why does my dog stare at nothing?
  211. Python tank cleaner question?
  212. Are BiOrb fish tanks cruel?
  213. if there not moving is it ok?
  214. I'm helping out at my stables tomorrow, but...?
  215. how many times a day to feed my puppy?
  216. can you breed 2 pairs of zebra finchs in a large cage?
  217. Malawi ROCK FOR THE FISH TANK.?
  218. why when i pick my new baby hamster up....?
  219. What should I do, my neighbors keep dog outside 24-7 and I can hear him...
  220. My guppies have a disease that I dont know..?
  221. I have a 25 gallon tank and about 30 fishes and the water in my tank seems to
  222. Amazon Tree boas. 3 in one tank?
  223. Can walking horses do fox hunting?
  224. How often do you have your dog's teeth professionally cleaned?
  225. Territoriality in honey gouramis?
  226. where is my kitten? did my cat have anything to do with it?
  227. Where can you get twig/whiptail/farlowella catfish?
  228. how to convince parents to let me buy a ball python?
  229. I just got a new puppy?
  230. Chameleon has blisters, please help.?
  231. Pet owners - what do YOU think? I'm getting very frustrated...?
  232. what kind of dog should i get?
  233. what brand of cage would be the best for a hamster?
  234. 5 month old french mastiff pup.?
  235. Shelties: do they generally get on well with cats, or will they herd them?
  236. Clingy cat all of a sudden...why?
  237. I need to know if you can hook two critter trails together if both cages
  238. feline hyperesthesia syndrome- can you help me out please?
  239. What do you think my puppy is?
  240. How Do I Bond With My Dogs?
  241. We just got a brand new kitty and are headed to the pet store today to outfit it....
  242. What is a good toy for birds?
  243. I was offered some Discus fish yesterday,a large pair and 4 young about 2...
  244. Cute Beagle Puppy Name?
  245. HELP what do you think about this puppy?
  246. What is the best kind of poultry for me?
  247. I have an odd acting cat?
  248. help.! Can palnts grow by their own?
  249. Our 7' Burmise Ball Python's throat at the base of his head swelled up....
  250. I need a good starter reptile.... Can you help me?