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  1. what medicine can i give poultry to make them bigger?
  2. Puppy Won't Stop Biting Me?
  3. How do birds differ in the amount of noise they make and which kind in Spring as
  4. Can anyone Please HELP me!!! ?
  5. dog toys ?
  6. what is a good dog for small children?
  7. Could my puppy already be done growing?
  8. should i get more fish?
  9. Is it OK to just have 1 pet hairless rat, or should I get a companion?
  10. what disease does my fish have?
  11. What type of monkey is the best for a pet?
  12. Dancing dogs? Seriously?
  13. My dog just ate about 10 chocolate chip cookies.?
  14. What must be the characteristics of a pure bred female yorkshire terrier puppy?
  15. Does my hamster have wet tail?
  16. what are some problems with collie/lab?
  17. Morality of animal euthanasia?
  18. dogs and christmas trees?
  19. When will my 2.5 gallon fry tank be finished cycling?
  20. Is there any way to compromise?
  21. 1.5 year old TWH....??
  22. What is your horse's......?
  23. Please help...with my kitten..don't know what to do!?
  24. Pigeon and dove diapers?
  25. I have a Dobermann that wipes his feet on the floor like a bull after you scare...
  26. red clawed crab perch?
  27. How many times a day to feed 7 month old kitten?
  28. Do corn snakes make good pets?
  29. if we were the same size (ok maybe a tad bit smaller) than a hamster..?
  30. I have a pond with FISH,.. could i put them in my tank?!?
  31. How do I know my Female Guppy hasn't given birth and eaten her babies while I wasn't
  32. How do I keep my Chihuahua from peeing on my bed?
  33. My 2 Baby Guinea Pigs just died?
  34. How can you tell the difference when looking at a magpie and a currawong?
  35. The water in my fish tank is murky and yellow, help please =(?
  36. when is the best time to mate a dachshund?
  37. How do I keep my three cats out of the Christmas tree?
  38. How does getting a dog impact the family?
  39. Have any of you got a Norwegian elkhound?
  40. 10 points for anyone who can guess the names of one of my guinea pigs?!.?
  41. do male cat like to pee?
  42. Help With Dog Breeds?
  43. Help! my dog had puppies 5hrs ago and there's a big string coming out of "there"!?
  44. I got a new cat and my other is jealous...?
  45. Looking for a maltese?
  46. I have a male cat approx. 6 months old. He litter trained quickly (son found him...
  47. If you could turn your?
  48. Is there any way to stop my cat from playing in the water bowl?
  49. Things I can use as toys for my rabbit that I might have lying around?
  50. Why does my cat like her belly being rubbed?
  51. Angelfish Question...?
  52. Has anyone tried the " perfect dog training system" advertised on tv? ?
  53. Re Training a Two Year Old Pomeranian?
  54. Are cats and kittens mammals?
  55. How can I get my kitten out of a tree?
  56. when should i stop feeding my dogs puppy food?
  57. One of my rats has red 'scabs' all over his body?
  58. How to train a horse to SHAKE?
  59. My dog puked and his eyes are sunk in. Why? He is very skinny and not eating...
  60. Need a pet answer regarding possible parvo?
  61. I need goldfish advice!?
  62. Another question about my cat...?
  63. Urgently looking for rhodesian ridgeback puppies for sale ready for xmas!!!!?
  64. What is the best rat cage under $45 from Petco? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!?
  65. Cat nail trimming problem?
  66. How Much To Feed A Horse?
  67. kitty with dislocated hip?
  68. Where is the best place to buy a Ragdoll cat/kitten?
  69. What kind of horse would you rather have.?
  70. why does my hamster have little bugs?
  71. external filter for saltwater tank?
  72. the difference between 2 dogs !!?
  73. can anyone help me? mystery snails..?
  74. My Labrador has little bites on her back what are causing them?
  75. Does the SPCA charge for putting animals up for adoption?
  76. hi,my family is getting a schnauzer puppy..are they easy to train at...
  77. i need help with a baby rudis chameleon?
  78. Which Daschund is cutest (pictures included)?
  79. How will I catch my hamster...?
  80. My cat is 8 months old & he likes to knock all my pictures off the walls. Why &
  81. If your dog was taken because of its look? An accurate BSL Christmas reminder?
  82. what does AKC mean...?
  83. pimples on my cats chin?
  84. lovebird fight please help!?
  85. how do chickens mate?
  86. How do I stop my male and female dogs from fighting?
  87. I want to breed my 2 syrian hamsters. But Im sure how.?
  88. Saint Bernard question?
  89. Is this community ok for a 30g fresh water tank?
  90. Rabbit not pooping after spay?
  91. What should I do about my dog being violent with our baby?
  92. What should I do about my dog being violent with our baby?
  93. Why is my ferret sleep alot, drool, and his back legs not steady?
  94. Is there a big difference in how you would train a horse to steer with a
  95. How do I raise newborn Pit Bulls less than a week old that have no mother?
  96. Questions about Panda?
  97. Does your cat get into your christmas tree and gifts?
  98. my chihuahua isn't good with dogs what should i do?
  99. English Bulldogs????
  100. How big do hermit crabs get? ?
  101. What vaccinations do cats need?
  102. Can a cat get a sore throat? ?
  103. Hamster = sick (sneezing/coughing)? :(?
  104. Why does my cat go crazy for my attention when I get out of the shower?
  105. My dog is upstairs and won't come down how can i get him down?
  106. How do I crate the dream house for my guinea pigs?
  107. Is my 10 gallon fishtank setup overstocked?
  108. Dog in severe pain.. perhaps broken rib?
  109. what is a Brandel Bracke?
  110. Shelter for cats. I need some help in this area of where to even start?
  111. How can I get my cat to like my dog?
  112. What has happened to the goldfish?
  113. 35 Gallon Hexagon tank?
  114. Can guinea pigs mate with their parents?
  115. Need Horse Advice..........?
  116. I Just Saw Some Blood In My Dog's Urine?
  117. what is the funniest thing your dog/puppy has done?
  118. My Lovely Rabbit....?(confused)?
  119. potty training a dog?
  120. Older cat going blind or eye infection?
  121. how to prepare a nesting area after birds have mated? Cocatiels?
  122. Antidote for itchy paws anyone? ?
  123. My labradoodle/border collie Cross breed?
  124. I need Show names!?!?
  125. Is this good for my future hamster?
  126. I was just wondering how much a 1 year old female puggle would sell for?
  127. Whats wrong with my betta?
  128. What else can I do, I feel helpless?
  129. need help,with traveling with horses?
  130. My Mini Schauzer lost teeth. She was playing with her toys and all of the
  131. What to Use for a Rat Bath?
  132. What type of dog is on the Australian Barina Ad?
  133. Is it ok to have only male guppies together in a tank?
  134. Best flea medication?!! ?
  135. what fish eats algae but is a community fish?
  136. how can i find out my dogs family history?
  137. 8 month puppy has multiple bald patches on face/body?
  138. Making it easier to walk my Chihuahua?
  139. i lost my snake in my house what should i do!?! :(?
  140. i have a husky and lab mix he bites all the time does he grow out of it/ can i
  141. Why do people treat their dogs like their children?
  142. what methods are there to fatten up a shrimpy kitty.?
  143. Has anyone had a Boxer who lived longer than 8 years?
  144. what dog should i buy?
  145. Stuffed Animal Dog Name? For kids at hospital?
  146. How Many Gallons Is my tank?
  147. how do i tell the gender of a danio?
  148. Chihuahua with an ear infection?
  149. My rat's vergina is bleeding can you tell me if this is part of her being in heat?
  150. PLZ HELP HORSE PEOPLE! Info about this song?
  151. What do I do with my platy?
  152. where 2 buy quaker parrots?
  153. what does this sound like ?
  154. does your cat have any object they are attached to?
  155. How can I get my Hamster to stop chewing on the bars of her cage?
  156. will my dog lose weight when investigating new territory?
  157. Is there such thing as a brindle Chihuahua?
  158. I have a 46 gallon aquarium and I want an undergravel filter. Can I get a
  159. my dog gave birth 3 days ago !!!?
  160. What dog should I get!?!?!?
  161. Wintec Pro Isabell saddle?
  162. How do I divide Frontline Plus between 4 dogs?
  163. How can i teach my dog to not get her cable wrap around the tree?
  164. Approximate aquarium size? For bearded dragon?
  165. IS my cats tail broken??/?
  166. if i had 2 knife fish one brow and one black ghost....?
  167. Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Turtles, or Button Quail?
  168. Help! Bird pulling other's feathers?
  169. Can anyone give me Big dog advice?
  170. Constantly following me?
  171. how to become a dog trainer?
  172. How could I make my cockateil let me pet her?
  173. My Puppy has little bumps coming up on her body.?
  174. Potty training problems or marking?
  175. my catt keeps peeing! how do I make it stop?
  176. Intestinal parasites? ?
  177. A few hamster breeding questions. I need a lot of details just to be totally clear. ?
  178. Do Fish Piss? o.o I Really Want To Know x]?
  179. I have a sick goldfish!!!?
  180. why do you have to milk a cow?
  181. My Pit cross is the runt of the litter?
  182. I just got a Robo Hamster and am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to
  183. i found a dog that i would love to get put i cant find the info have the
  184. Kitten has swelling broke or sprain?
  185. Where can I get a pet duck near San Francisco ?
  186. I need answers on animal abuse.?
  187. What kind of cage should i get for my hamster?
  188. how to cure my cat's skin irritation?
  189. my kitten has hemorrhaging and has diarrhea and scoots around on the floor ?
  190. Sweater for a hairless rat?
  191. How much do you like CAT?
  192. How do I get my 4 month old husky pup to stop eating underwear?
  193. Why do people still buy mutts while millions die?
  194. can hairsPray kill hampster URGENT QUESTION!?
  195. 2 year old male chihuahua always marks in the house?
  196. What types of fish can be kept with betta?
  197. Is Organic Pet Food worth the extra money? ?
  198. My dog is limping? Any ideas?
  199. What should I name my other puppy?
  200. witch one would be better for me and my dog?
  201. dos any one know where i can sell my pit puppy?
  202. does any snake owner know a site that i can order yellow baby chicks?
  203. Dog Food Which One Is Best?
  204. Has anyone here ever worked at a guest/dude ranch in the Colorado/Montana/Wyoming...
  205. Hamster in the Snow? Please help me?
  206. Looking for a family dog with certain characteristics?
  207. About how much will it cost to...?
  208. i want a fish tank where can i buy a used one?
  209. A puppy for the Holidays?
  210. Horse Careers? (other than being a Vet & therapist)?
  211. My dog is eating forigen objects...help?
  212. Can multiple Ball Pythons be housed together?
  213. POLL: Do you take your pets to the pet stores? ?
  214. Should I put my cat down? Is he in pain?
  215. Do you think im wrong for thinking this?
  216. My puppy ate Hersheys Milk Chocolate!?
  217. Any Australian Shepherd owners out there who also have other breeds of dogs? ?
  218. tick head removal on dog. is hydrogen peroxide okay?
  219. After I pick up my 8 mo. old poodle from the groomer, he is extremely
  220. What Could This Rash On My Dog Mean?
  221. What is the best way to introduce a cat and a dog?
  222. My cat seems to be drooling, is there something wrong?
  223. Please help get my cat inside.....Any info on how to?
  224. Can dogs eat chocolat?
  225. My ball python is acting strangely?
  226. Not quite sure..Help?!?
  227. Why is my older cat following my new kitten?
  228. How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  229. dogs digestion system..?
  230. My fish haven't been swimming all day, what could be wrong?
  231. Could you kill a dog?
  232. What breed/size horse should I consider for trail riding?
  233. horseback riding clothing?
  234. What to do about your dog biting you?
  235. How do I keep my schnauzer from running outside every time someone opens the...
  236. How do i change parent's minds on getting new pets :)?
  237. What to do with my goldfish?
  238. can guniea-pigs eat oranges or the skin?
  239. which is the cutest breed of puppies ?
  240. RSPCA getting involved!?
  241. What's wrong with my dog?
  242. Is it ok for my 8 month old puppy to snap at another puppy who wouldn't...
  243. Help from people with fish tanks?
  244. I Need Help With A Turtle...?
  245. Numbers denoting quantity/gender of reptiles owned?
  246. What would you rather as a pet: a guinea pig or a hamster?
  247. Have you heard of Samantha Champney-Warrener BHSI - United Kingdom?
  248. I have a sinking goldfish after a tank change. What could be the cause?
  249. FISH QUIZ, "10 points"?
  250. Okay... okay... my dog is caught under my car.... its right leg and tail are...