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  1. Please help us! We are too worried for my both cats, they won't stop fighting...
  2. Jack Russell is constantly barking?
  3. Dog Afraid of Loud Noises?
  4. I have a rat thats always picked on?
  5. Transferring water into an Aquarium?
  6. why do dogs with rabies die after they bite?
  7. Is my rat sick or depressed?
  8. Where Can I Find A Dog?
  9. is this a good idea please answer?
  10. Prettiest fish for fish sculpture?? ?
  11. Chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs bite? Stay in the same cage? Need a friend to live
  12. Box turtle heat lamp?
  13. Box turtle heat lamp?
  14. Why does my dog keep crying and won't stop?
  15. What are some dog food that is good for a maltese?
  16. What kind of dog should I get?
  17. Should my new puppy sleep in a kennel?
  18. I'm new to dogs and I have a few questions?
  19. whats a cute name for a female doxiepoo puppy?
  20. How to keep a dog from eating the baby's cheerios?
  21. My Bichon is critically ill and NOBODY seems to believe me.HELP.?
  22. Julie fish aka Julidochromis, do they live in groups?
  23. question about GH???????????????????
  24. About my cichlids again?
  25. Was my horse excited or trying to kill me?!?
  26. My dogs back right leg is swollen.. Someone please help...?
  27. can i feed my bearded dragon caned veggies?
  28. 2 month old and 7 month old puppies get along?
  29. how much does it cost to heat a snake tank?
  30. My stables got closed down today from ASBESTOS and 30 of us have nowhere to go...
  31. I have a goldendoodle and want to cut his hair myself. What are the best clippers
  32. HELP ME!!!! plz answer my question?
  33. why does my dog always do this?
  34. If you own any pets please look here!?
  35. how do i measure my saddle seat size?
  36. breeding gecko, tips anyone?
  37. brand new baby triopss :)?
  38. if i get a kitten how much does it cost roughly per week?&if i get an
  39. I think my kitten has a cold?
  40. OK I need some food ideas, please.?
  41. Do you think my dog is from a puppy farm?
  42. guinea pig falling off 3 feet anything to worry about?
  43. what bird is this???
  44. stray cats in alley, how to find homes?
  45. How do i know if my dog isn't from a puppy mill?
  46. <> <><> <><><> Cat Question <><><> <><> <>?
  47. What Pet Should I Get?
  48. My triops died in their 4th day after hatching!!?
  49. My pug has stopped lactating and pups are only 1 week old?
  50. Anyone have any suggestions?
  51. my labrador actually peed/urinated on my shorkie?
  52. How can I house train a puppy if not all day at home?
  53. What breed of rabbit is this?
  54. How do I prevent static build-up on my cat?
  55. Silver/Gray Brussels Griffon?
  56. My dog has diarrhea and I am worried. The store ran out of her regular food and...
  57. Super easy 10 points ?
  58. How did my indoor cat get tapeworms?
  59. Why does it cost so much to go to the Vet?
  60. Horse clubs in jefferson county colorado?
  61. how do you care for pitless pygmy chameleons?
  62. My guinea pig has a gungey blue eye!?!?
  63. 10 gallon with green and albino cory catfish with 1 baloon molly?
  64. How do i make my dog hump me?
  65. What is the most quiet pet bird?
  66. Cyst looking thing on young jack dempsey?
  67. just got a rabbit help PLEASE!?
  68. My dogs hip dysplacier? ?
  69. I Have A Few Guinea Pig Questions?
  70. Please Help Me!! I'm Scared For My Bunny!!?
  71. What is the most loving, affectionate, loyal and relaxed breed of cat?
  72. What should I name my chihuahua?
  73. How to stop a wimpering dog?
  74. my puppy always barks at people who try to come near me?
  75. Hermanns Tortoise Question?
  76. my Miniature poodle is sick what should i do?
  77. What happened to my fish tank heater?
  78. Why are my guinea pigs doing this?
  79. I heard that PetSmart isn't supposed to sell live animals to minors?
  80. bunny - sick or dying?
  81. My Cat is Sh*ting On my Floor, Right next to the litter box that he uses to pee!
  82. I want a dog but which?
  83. Would Boston Terries make good pets in Arizona?
  84. rat questions?! 10 points?
  85. what name do you think is better for a boy bunny?
  86. something is wrong with my dog what is it'?
  87. Who would you choose?
  88. Are female Pugs hard to handle?
  89. What breed of dog is right for me?
  90. Is my dog depressed or sick?
  91. Can a chinese algae eater go with dwarf african frogs?
  92. Any knowledge on the reputation of the canine Soloject 7 vaccinations and the
  93. which colors best describe my pup and wot breed is it PICS?
  94. I am living, breathing, eating, and sleeping in dog hair!!!!?
  95. Starting a small reef aquarium?
  96. Do you think she's purebred? (pics)?
  97. Why does my Guinea Pig insist on torturing me?
  98. Whats wrong with my Iridescent shark?!?
  99. My best friend and I are getting three puppies...?
  100. Why is my cat's butt wet (serious question)?
  101. Why does my dog have black holes on his belly?
  102. What kind of bird should I get?
  103. Is it ok for a dog to eat a puzzle piece?
  104. what reptile is for me?
  105. My 5 month old puppy has forgotten how to pee. He pees all over himself when he
  106. i need money and Im 12 years old?
  107. I have a snake. Tell me what to do then SPend_day ?
  108. Why won't my cats use their new scratching post?
  109. Getting a new puppy that's never seen a vet---?
  110. Can you add on to a one story Ferret Nation cage?
  111. how often should i walk my dog?
  112. HAMSTER HELP!!!!! how can i tell if my baby hamster is a grl or boy?
  113. Can you help me? my dog needs potty training?
  114. my friends really annoying me with her horse?
  115. Im asking my mum for a rat today....?
  116. what dog food to use?
  117. what should i name my hamster?
  118. i want a dog really badly..HELP!! please/...?
  119. How big do Netherland dwarf rabbits get? and what age do they stop growing?
  120. Is Gucci a good name for a boy dog?
  121. I need some advise on my Tortoise im worried im not looking after him properly!?
  122. Carp? Carp? Seize the Carp?
  123. If i have a purebred pug and a purebred beagle who hooked up, will i have a...
  124. can anyone recommend a brand of hake cat food in the uk?
  125. Why does my dog gets a on and off red eye on his left?
  126. What dog would be best for...?
  127. How many of you bothered to read this?
  128. 20 week old lab walking times?
  129. what breed of dog do you think this is?
  130. is it possible for a dog and a cat to have babies together?
  131. what kind of dog would be good for....??
  132. Are my dogs cute and which one is pretier?
  133. Feeding my dog human food?
  134. my pomeranian yelps when i barely touch him...?
  135. cardboard in my cage?
  136. Is my dog's fast breathing normal?
  137. what can be causing bald spots on my dog?
  138. How long do you have to wait before feeding Fantail goldfish?
  139. how often do dogs come in heat?
  140. When is my puppy SAFE?
  141. Dog Breed Quiz Part 01?
  142. how long shoud i wait to take my ball python places?
  143. Is it bad for my dogs to eat pieces of cardboard?
  144. what can i do when my dog chews on things it not supposed to?
  145. What should I name my mice?
  146. can you own a hedgehog in mass?
  147. *How do you get 2 dogs & a cat to get along?*?
  148. My tank is cloudy. what should I do?
  149. Can dogs understand dog behavior coming from humans?
  150. What type of dog do you have?
  151. What is the best dog food out of Canidae, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack
  152. Do you think this cage is good for 2 guinea pigs ?
  153. What are some good ways to sell a horse?
  154. Will my 5 year old Siberian Husky get along with a new rescued Siberian Husky?
  155. How could anyone hate dogs?
  156. Cat not digesting food?
  157. I need a name for a baby leopard gecko?
  158. is my betta fish pregnant?
  159. Which brand of dog food is best?
  160. Anyone have any suggestions how I can get my dog to take his medicine?
  161. Shaving your Australian Shepherd?
  162. Do rats like water ??????????
  163. I'm moving but want to bring my outdorr/indoor cat...?
  164. Should my daughter try bumper spurs?
  165. my dog is always really nervous and weard?? please help?
  166. my beardie died what do I do?
  167. How Can I Stop My Ferrets Smelling So Much?
  168. Are cats better off staying home with a sitter calling daily, or traveling by car
  169. Finding a dog park near me?
  170. Does my female budgie consider this as egg #1 or egg #2?
  171. I want to get a Guinea Pig, but should I get 1 male of 1 female?
  172. any ideas on good cat presents please?
  173. is there such thing as a pocket pitbull?
  174. 2 questions. Why does my puppy cry when she is on the leash? How do we stop...
  175. Found a sore on my cat, can you look at the picture and tell me what it might be?
  176. my puppy has lil lumps in his ear, now they are bigger, litter mates are the same...
  177. My hamsters!!!! please help me!!!!!!?
  178. A question about awrrowanas?
  179. My Red Eyed Tree Frog has a blister over it's eye and it's mouth looks
  180. What kind of dog is this?
  181. my betta fish's upper fin looks a little ripped up. what can i do to get
  182. Help Guinea Pig Pink Urine And Mites!?
  183. dying parrot, not sure what to do, help anyone?
  184. what should i ask a rat breeder?
  185. will my fish be ok together and should i get any more fish?
  186. my dog had her period a few months or weeks before she turned 1. should i be
  187. Purina Ultium=crazy horse?
  188. why do indoor cats sleep so much. they do not go outside and run around all day.?
  189. My sister is thinking of getting a Scottish terrier. Any tips on how to
  190. If a puppy has warms could one come out when the puppy vomitted?
  191. rabbits pregnancyy----rabbit experts helpp?
  192. Help! My Cat Has Licked A Chip! Will This Hurt Her?
  193. best toy for t-cup yorkie?
  194. How to get a cat to stop scratching and attacking you?
  195. Why do people do ear and tail crops on dogs?
  196. For those of you with showcats that are white or bicolor - which whitening...
  197. What is a good name for a female yorkie?
  198. Show names for Mare for funshow?
  199. again, my moody horse.?
  200. i just got a 1 year old husky but he has separation anxiety what do i do?
  201. Is this a big cage for an African Grey Congo?
  202. When doing water changes how long does the water need to sit with the dechlorine in
  203. Is my dalmation Molly fish pregnant?
  204. I have a fox terrier and she is drooling and just laying around like she is...
  205. rabbits pregnancyy----rabbit experts helpp?
  206. Can my little GloFish (Zebra Danios) stay under a lamp all night long and not
  207. Can my GloFish ( Zebra Danios) eat goldfish pellets?
  208. *** Urgent! Veterinarians and People with the Experience only?
  209. mean being mini horse?
  210. Algae in aquarium? Aquarium just cleaned!?
  211. How do I calm a dog down after smoke detectors go off?
  212. How to stop a dog from biting herself?
  213. why is my dogs eyes twitching from side to side and his balance is bad...
  214. for all rabbit lovers 10 points ?
  215. Scarlet and gold macaw?
  216. I accidentally cut my dog's skin!! =[ please help!!?
  217. How do i get rid of pond snails?
  218. Please suggest a name for my new horse!?
  219. So many problems... I need answers. Please Help.?
  220. Why the hell does my dog do this?
  221. Why is my Doberman back talking me?
  222. Fish tank gravel during science experiment?
  223. How do you train a puppy?
  224. Fish tank water is really dirty?
  225. Will My Rabbits Die From Chocolate?
  226. need help with my cockatiel !!!!?
  227. What can i do about an infected cat foot?
  228. Kitten losing deciduous teeth- PAINFUL! Help please!?
  229. My Axolotl has her tail up and her body is arched, what could this be?
  230. what shall i name my new puppy?
  231. My hamsters fur is balding!?
  232. Why Is My Dog Suddenly In This Trouble-Making Mood?
  233. Will a clown leach eat baby guppies?
  234. Whats the best way to break up a fight between 2 dogs?
  235. Tegu attempting escape?
  236. dog doesn't eat out of bowl or poop, but drinks water,pees very little?
  237. Why does my female Jack Russell keep 'humping' my other dog?
  238. My Vet spayed my dog without permission..?
  239. Advice Needed On My Dog?
  240. I have a out door fish pond it is made out of cement and we put dam water in...
  241. whats a miniature horse?
  242. has feahers and has big eyes?
  243. Were can i buy guinea pigs fence?
  244. Any dog breeders or sellers?
  245. guide dogs???????????
  246. does somebody does were can i go to clip my dog ears?
  247. My Puppy Is A Little Skiddish!?
  248. Help! My Guinea Pig Is Sick! I think?
  249. How can I stop yew leaves coming into my rabbit run?
  250. My parakeet started acting crazy and died in minutes. Other birds are fine....