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  1. dog section...working around it?
  2. Anyone ever hear of Chihuahuas by Ratliff?
  3. Is getting my hamsters teeth clipped safe?
  4. How could I convince my dad to let me get 2 kittens instead of 1?
  5. Help my dog has started growling and barking at everything that walks past the gate!?
  6. what is your favorite animal?
  7. im looking for an american bulldog bitch to put over my male must be pure bread.?
  8. i need help with my fighting dogs.?
  9. I asked earlier about the boston and the frenchie and have a response to all the...
  10. What possible breeds are mixed in my dog (NOW WITH PICTURES :)?
  11. my dog always chews on furniture?
  12. What's the best type of algae eater?
  13. My kitten meows whenever in the litter box?
  14. what is everything you need in a barn?
  15. Where to take my sick Parakeet!?
  16. My dog is in pain. Common reason she could be?
  17. What's wrong with my loach?
  18. should i let them ride bareback?
  19. for all the betta experts please answer these questions?
  20. Are rattlesnake roundups lame?
  21. Should I name my Samoyed girl puppy: Chloe or Violet?
  22. How to house break our puppy?
  23. Help me with a dog bed?
  24. I'm allergic to my fiance's dog...I absolutely love the dog and would never ask my
  25. Ingested foods in snakes are typically digested by?
  26. Are these signs of depression?
  27. Will coralline algae grow on my live rock?
  28. Are Corns Snakes Affectionate Pets?
  29. What is an animal that is like a bunny, but not exactly?
  30. What is a good job dealing with animals?
  31. how much do you spend on your pets?
  32. What do you guys think about?
  33. Ferrets and excessive biting?
  34. Snake in my back yard?
  35. How much is a pen and rabbit cage?
  36. Where can I buy a hairless cat at?
  37. Would a hedgehog be a good pet?
  38. Does anyone have info on Vets?
  39. Do you know anything about Manx cats,...?
  40. Please help, my dog is very sick?
  41. how can i find out what type of bird this is?
  42. What type of siphon is safe for a ten gallon fry tank and were can I get
  43. Favorite experiences with animals!?
  44. How much is a full blooded beagle worth?
  45. What color is my cat?
  46. How can I help an injured cat deliver her kittens?
  47. a question about my dog and her separation anxiety?
  48. Are Corn Snakes the best?
  49. What's Your Opinion On This- What Boots/Wraps Are Best For Flatwork?
  50. What name do you like better?
  51. Could this possibly be a sign my cat is going to die?
  52. How can you breed red clawed crabs?
  53. Do you think my cat is cute?? photo included :)?
  54. How do you determine the sex of Canaries other than listening to see if they sing?
  55. Can i feed my Oscar....?
  56. Is my pet sick. Please help me im worried. ?
  57. What dog name do you like better??? Thanks!?
  58. What should I do with my chihuahua?
  59. How do you train a cat to use the bathroom outside?
  60. Puppy heat & spay questions.?
  61. Can I feed my chickens popcorn kernels?
  62. Should dog fights be legalized?
  63. When should I introduce kittens to dogs?
  64. I dunno whats up with my dog she never...?
  65. Cat spayed last week now has a bulging incision?
  66. My horse hates being tied up?
  67. cats & dogs - together?
  68. Stuck on cat names......?
  69. Is CFA papers a good registry to buy Cats?
  70. my 7 month old dachsund picked at his staples?
  71. Best English or German saddle makers?
  72. i have a eastern mud?
  73. how much should a small rabbit eat daily?
  74. how much should a small rabbit eat daily?
  75. my goldfish's sick :( help!!!?
  76. Macaws Easy 10 Points?
  77. Emerald Tree Boa not eating for 4 months.?
  78. What type of goldfish should I get?
  79. What to tell friends' about their stinky pet house?
  80. What would be a good combination for a 55 gallon tank that doesn't include...
  81. one of my kitten came back from vets after treatment the other kitten keeps...
  82. how to stop your dog from barking at night?
  83. My pet parakeet doesn't eat any millet?
  84. I need help stocking a 20 gallon aquarium!!!?
  85. why are HIGH QUALITY cat and dog food brands almost NEVER advertised in commercials?
  86. Will any1 be kind enough to.....put a picture of your pets
  87. How can one validate animal testing when in ALL 50 states there are laws...
  88. Is your pet ready for a disaster if it strikes your home?
  89. How old does a female cat have to be before she is ready to mate?
  90. How much more will my american bulldog grow?
  91. Can someone give me an explanation of why these pitbulls look like this?
  92. What Kind of Lizard Should I get?
  93. How can you prevent a cat from hiding?
  94. Why does my kitten suddenly have diarrhea?
  95. when do u think will aquabid be up and running again?
  96. Do wolfdogs make good companions?(Wolfdog Owners Only)?
  97. My Dog Eats His Own Poo?
  98. problem with gypsy my pom can anyone help?
  99. my dog puped in the house.what should i do?
  100. when can I stop worrying about my baby kittens if they're going to die or not?
  101. Can baby turtles handle the force/suction of a 8000 gallon pump in a pond?
  102. pregnant guinea pig gave birth but baby died?
  103. Paging Dr. House! I will preface this by saying that I have been to many good
  104. Is my dog going crazy with this teddy bear?
  105. Why is my dog doing this?
  106. What is the prettiest betta fish I could get?
  107. What Breed is this????????????????????????
  108. i really want a horse?
  109. What kind of small pet should i breed that will go outside?
  110. please help getting over it!?
  111. What is the growth process of a chic and duckling?
  112. How to care for a leopard gecko?
  113. What is the best method for crate training a small dog?
  114. Red Ear Slider Turtle Toes/Nails bleeding?
  115. can i use dog flea drops on my cat?
  116. What happens if my dog hasn't had his shot in 2 weeks?
  117. do potbelly pigs make good pets?
  118. Is a pet turtle good?
  119. Which Name for a Himalayan Kitten?
  120. My dog is a golden retriever and he chews the house, what do i do?
  121. Aquarium helps and hints?
  122. koy fish with eye injury how can i help it?
  123. what are some dog training tips?
  124. quote for a cat flap.?
  125. how do u get a dog to stop growling?
  126. My 13 year old female cat keeps peeing on my bed?
  127. Had to share this website with recipes for cats!?
  128. My cat is really thirsty all the time?
  129. What breed Of Ducklings?
  130. Why is she acting like this?
  131. are all rabbits picky eaters, or just mine?
  132. ethic of feeder fish?
  133. What is the cheapest you've seen mealworms sell for online?
  134. What can I do to get my dog to stop pooping in my house?
  135. Leopard Gecko Egg Question?
  136. how much Benadryl Can i give my dog?
  137. What do I need to know about kennels?
  138. What are some cool names for a male ferret?
  139. Convince my parents to let me get a new pet?
  140. This is going to sound strange, but is it normal?
  141. What's your favourite guinea pig name?
  142. what should i name them?
  143. There is a sticker on my tank that says 50t. What does that mean?
  144. Did my hamster have a seizure?
  145. do newborn kittens know that you love them?
  146. Does anyone know of any horses for part loan/share in crawley down area?
  147. What do you think about these baby mice names.?
  148. pube plucking pig!!!?
  149. Do you think if we eliminate the ability to make a private business of the selling...
  150. Chick Hatching - I rushed it and there was blood on it, will it live or...
  151. Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko?
  152. Why do dog foods advertise corn?
  153. pregnancy perid of rat terrior/ jack russle terrior dogs?
  154. Small dog under $1000?
  155. Does it cost money to adopt a pet?
  156. Why does my Lovebird climb to the roof of his cage and Drop all the way down?...
  157. best names for a siamese cat?
  158. Should I take my dog to the vet or shoot it?
  159. Hamster names?
  160. Does your dog do this?
  161. Can a golden retreiver be trusted with my 4 year old son?
  162. What does it mean when the mom dogs tries to put her whole mouth on the puppies head?
  163. I have 3 female dogs that were spayed during different years, same vet. Three of...
  164. Webkinz Tiger Names!?
  165. Is this something of concern?
  166. feeding an older mare alfalfa?
  167. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  168. mouse problems, need help asap!?
  169. Norfolk Terrier in Illinois...?
  170. How to ween a cat onto water instead of milk?
  171. 2 Cats Fighting...! Any Advise...?!?!?
  172. i need help on names and Activities to do with my rabbit?
  173. DOG OWNERS: How can you remove dog blood from the trunk of a car?
  174. How do you clean clean a big tank?
  175. Question about my dog's allergies?
  176. Would two brother cats get along?
  177. guinea pig!!!!!!!!!!?
  178. Good Nick Names for a pet ?
  179. I have a question please help..I have a almost 4 month old boxer puppy...?
  180. Hoof boots for turnout use?
  181. where do u find a good pet?
  182. how can you tell if your hamster is preganant?
  183. is there a way to get my corn snake more active?
  184. i need help with tips on introducing a new dog to the house?
  185. Where can I find a miniature female dachsund puppy in Missouri?
  186. How can i convince my parents to get me a guinea pig? PLZ ANSWER!!!!!!!!?
  187. I have a Lemon-Fire Albino bearded dragon. Some questions?
  188. How do I take care of red crystal shrimp/bumblebee shrimp?
  189. w h a t i s a g a i t?
  190. shave my cat? picture!?
  191. My dog is a metal head?
  192. What size syringes to get?
  193. Is there an version of 'Extreme Home Makeover' for dog houses?
  194. my 10 month old cat just started jumping on me the minute he sees me put my coat on.?
  195. Names for Black&White Paint Horse?
  196. What do you think of my Kitten(Pic)?
  197. What's wrong with my cat?
  198. How do I potty train my chihuaha/poodle to go on his puppy pad?
  199. how do i get my dog to not pee on everything?
  200. How to set up a tank for 3 yellow belly turtles with a 10 gallon tank?
  201. Can I mix my hamster cage with two different breeds?
  202. My anole had a fit(?!) please help!?
  203. what's better, discus or oscars, and what are your reasons?
  204. What is the perfect name for a female that is a toy dog size?
  205. Border collie needed puppy.?
  206. what kinds of fresh fruit and veg do rats tend to like? (getting prepared)?
  207. What should a person do when presented with a barking dog complaint?
  208. My Guinea Pigs and Their Cage?
  209. how can animals watch other animals on tv?
  210. Help my lil Hamster!?
  211. California King Snake ?
  212. having dog in flats.... good or bad idea?
  213. When you ride cross country, what do you do with your arms (etc.)?
  214. New kitten is a terror and is causing me to lose my mind - HELP!!!?
  215. Do you have to kick a stallion in the privates?
  216. How long did it take you to teach your head to keep their head down?
  217. Why is my cat making weird noises?
  218. how does the Cygnus Atratus protect itself?
  219. Does the greenfinch feed it's youngsters with Chick Crumbs ?
  220. Breeding Registered Pitbulls?
  221. Opinions on my new horse?
  222. How to keep cats from scratching furniture.?
  223. my dog is in alot of pain can someone help plz?
  224. Which breeds are friendly to Golden Retriever?
  225. How do you clean a cat?
  226. what food should i give to my love birds to stay fit and live long life?
  227. Help!!! My friends dog got hit and I saw it! =[?
  228. What is another name for a mother dog?
  229. Can someone please recommend a good dog groomer in Chula Vista?
  230. I really want a dog bad but my parents say that we have too many animals. What do...
  231. Why is my cat so whiny after giving birth?
  232. Oranda,Redcap and Fancy together?
  233. Unfortunately our Basset is going to have to be put down soon, can you explain...
  234. is my rabbit okay in the wind outside, shes in no hutch ;[?
  235. I used to crate my dog, now I put in a doggie door and...?
  236. how long is too long to wait before you start taking care of forgoten duck eggs?
  237. How aggressive can I get with my dog?
  238. My dog is acting different?
  239. Puppy barking at other dogs.?
  240. When do Budgies start Chirping?
  241. My 8 yr old cat has a spot behind her right front leg?
  242. Best filter for a Betta's 1-gallon tank (and other Betta questions)?
  243. what are lions predetors?
  244. How often should i give my bearded dragon a bath?
  245. I might be getting some gerbils, questions!?
  246. How do i get my silver arowana to grow as fast as he/she could?
  247. Why does my cat get a wet nose when he purrs?
  248. Having a problem with my horse and not sure what to do about it?
  249. My weimaraner puppy is really fat/bloated?
  250. who knows about bichon frise like me and tell me your opinion about them.?