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  1. i have 2 dogs,i've had one for 2 years and i for half a year, Which do you...
  2. Why do people think animals are more important than people?
  3. Nest box for blue tits?
  4. I am a new chihuahua breeder and need help picking the website name!!!?
  5. Parvovirus?
  6. Does a female cockatiel make a good pet, hand tamed, and could it learn...
  7. kitten pooping??
  8. New dog pees when left alone?
  9. how often should i feed a young rabbit?
  10. Can I have help with male puppy names? PLEASE?
  11. I have a new cat. Its brown and black. What should i name him?
  12. How do help my dog increase her milk production?
  13. my dog got hurt & he is salivating a lot....?
  14. I'm still thinking about my cat.?
  15. Was this a little mean?
  16. Hellp, girl stuff!?
  17. african plated lizard?
  18. I am wanting to get another fire belly newt and need some help.?
  19. honey bear or teddy bear hamster?
  20. how long does it take a baby bird to get out of the nest fly?
  21. how do you houise train a puppy?
  22. How much should you sell purebred Shiba Inu puppies for?
  23. annoying dog down the street who won't shut up! who am i supposed to call?
  24. PLEASE HELP?!?!? my...?
  25. 3 month old puppy and milk?
  26. I work for a Veterinarian who's a jerk?
  27. What is a cute, small, good puppy to have?
  28. My dob puppy has been throwing up half the night.He may have eaten a small piece
  29. convict and demonasi chichlids?
  30. OMG! Need serious emergency help!?
  31. my bird has some thing on its feet.?
  32. Please answer?
  33. Do you believe that cruelty to animals could become extinct?.?
  34. green cheek conure question !?
  35. Where should I keep my Puppy while Im gone?
  36. is it possible?
  37. I have a filter system that was meant for a 30-50 gallon tank, my tank is...
  38. Should i consider getting a choke chain for my dogs?
  39. Why does my 3.5 year old lab seem more in 'guard' mode when I'm home alone with him?
  40. PLEASE HELP?!?!?! my...?
  41. Feeding a dog canned food after surgery, and how to introduce hard food again?
  42. Saddleseat Farms in Maryland?
  43. What would a mix between an american pitbull terrier and a jack russle
  44. What kind of egg could it be?
  45. Lindsay480799?
  46. I dont know what to do now!?
  47. When should puppies be moved?
  48. Kitten Kaboodle?
  49. Animal rescue/shelter/organization "PANTS"???
  50. My dog is throwing up white foam.What should i do.?
  51. My cat's back is crooked, got bloody 2 wks. ago, Is this normal?
  52. german shephard vs doberman pinsher?
  53. Do you think that pet shops should be inspected impromptu on the animals health?
  54. horse names?
  55. What kind of cat does my friend have?
  56. What can i do to help my dogs aggression? I have a pitbull & a jack
  57. potty training a puppy?
  58. How to tone down cat pee smell?
  59. How do you begin looking for how your dog is getting out of the yard?
  60. I have a question about this saltwater tank i got but i did fresh water...?
  61. Will somebody tell me a few of the pet shops in appleton?
  62. Mini Foxy X Shitzu puppies, prices?
  63. Do pets get the same sicknesses as humans?
  64. what is a 6 month spade?
  65. Can Cats notice when there owners unhappy?
  66. help! dog skin problem????
  67. Do desexed cats still spray?
  68. What can i give my dogs to stop from scratching?
  69. Can I keep two buck lionhead rabbits together from the same litter together?
  70. my ciclid fish has lost its tail fin .will it live?
  71. My won't eat his dinner.?
  72. putting a pony to the test?
  73. are fish suppose to have a long brown string hang out of there butt?
  74. Will this stress my rabbit out?
  75. is there really a sponge fish out there?
  76. Leaving kittens home?
  77. guinea pig?....?
  78. What can you feed a baby pigeon????
  79. Has anyone ever been attacked by an animal before??
  80. Did your dog ever have Lyme Disease???
  81. i am doing a science fair experiment on whether dogs are right pawed or left. do...
  82. Gerbil Names?
  83. My new kitten came to me full of flea dirt, but when combed with a flea comb I
  84. what kind of stuff can you freeze to put inside a kong toy?
  85. Equine Liability Insurance?
  86. i have 2 female and one maleguppies and its been almost 3 months and they...
  87. what do chinese river dolphins eat?
  88. Cat's claws?
  89. Is it true that dog flea powders are harmful to cats?
  90. my 16 week old boxer wont stop using the bathroom in the house i walk
  91. where can I buy a baby bulldog?
  92. Red ear slider - basking?
  93. How do I know???
  94. Dogs ear need your help?
  95. i have a 30 gallon tank what aggresive cichlids can i put inside?
  96. Does anyone here feed Solid Gold food to your dog, specifically Barking At The Moon?
  97. Semi-Bald patches by my cats ears?
  98. Fast help please, keeping dogs outside in the cold?
  99. geko not sheding?
  100. My 2 year old lab is suddenly lethargic?
  101. OUTDOOR CAT how many?
  102. How is it fair muchless legal!?
  103. My terrier mix has had brown eye fluid coming out of both of her eyes?
  104. puppy problems...?
  105. About my kitten?
  106. I present you my kitty, is it just adorable?
  107. I have a mini chihuawa and all of a sudden she is starting to pee on the bed
  108. Hey yal......Horses?
  109. My dog is a blue heiler and she is very small she is only six months old why has
  110. how do i find reliable reasonably priced pet minder?
  111. Is it safe to was rope toys?
  112. why did my goldfish die?
  113. I took my dog to the vet yesterday...?
  114. Piranhas in Colorado?
  115. What should I do to make a dog stay away from the couch?
  116. 2 days before my dog dies, I can't pay a vet :(?
  117. How can you tell if its a boy or a girl?
  118. my hardheaded pit bull!!!?
  119. Friesian Question - Transport/ Shipping Fever or something more serious?
  120. Dog died in one day???
  121. I got a new puppy, a 12week old aus. sheppard. He is very shy/timid w/ me. How...
  122. how many steps are a stride when the distance between horse jumps?
  123. ok why the hell are my dogs doing this?
  124. two questions about rats?
  125. what rabbit breed is most friendly and likes to be picked up?
  126. Breeding Rats?
  127. Is it just me or are these designer dog names just daft?
  128. At what age do Desert Tortises begin to Hybernate?
  129. kitten high temperature?
  130. help with my puppy!?
  131. My female dog keeps getting humped, WHY?
  132. how do i make a parakeet like me?
  133. Educating the public on Dog Over Population Without causing a Cat Fight!?
  134. How long do I have to wait Before I Can Hold My Baby Dwarf Hamsters?
  135. more hamster names?
  136. show dog names?
  137. Why does this dog walk around in circles????
  138. I present you my kitty, is it just adorable?
  139. Another Pitbull question!?
  140. Who is the richest person who loves animals?
  141. I can't find the right pet?
  142. Could people and cats develop a strong bond?
  143. Where can i buy a crested parakeet?
  144. What are your thought on Equine Affair...?
  145. I just shot a dove.?
  146. Dog Breeders: Breeding Question?
  147. Do guppies have more babies as time goes on.....?
  148. What Kind Of Fish Should I get?
  149. My dog has been put on predisone what effects will she have?
  150. M dog has canine distemper, what is the outcome?
  151. how do i know if my python is hungry?it was just a gift to me and it last...
  152. what's the BEST kitten food and litter on the market?
  153. Fiddler Crab problem?
  154. My cockatoo is sick...please help please it jerks its neck constanly and legs seem...
  155. OUTDOOR Cat?
  156. Bald flakey spot on my kitten.?
  157. Good horse for sale sights?
  158. how can i cope?
  159. stop my biting bird?
  160. sick Mollie after giving birth to fry?
  161. Why is there so many baby snails in our tank, and will they hurt the turtles?
  162. how do i know when my cat is ready to give birth,what r the signs that she is ready?
  163. Puppy looker/wanter?
  164. Help Me Please!!!?
  165. Is it the right time yet?
  166. DOG NAMES. Pictures included....?
  167. my dogs have really bad flies plz help?
  168. my dog eats poop and is 9 years old and has always done that. What makes her do that?
  169. Anyone heard of the pill Quiet Moments for dogs???
  170. dwarf hamster questions?
  171. Can the vet keep my dog overnight without my consent for dehydration?
  172. When it's cold or pouring raining what do I do wit my dogs?
  173. What can I do if my pregnant fish dies from ick?
  174. TICK advice please!!!!!!!!!!!?
  175. Just out of curiousity...What is your perception of Dalmatians? Just...
  176. is this cage okay..?
  177. stranger shy?
  178. I need a Female Cat name?
  179. If you were in the pound. What kind of dog would you be. Would you get adopted?
  180. how do cats do it?
  181. Arowana fish?
  182. About how much does it cost to raise an average medium-sized dog throughout...
  183. dogs voice box?
  184. Holand Lop in 11" by 11" carrier cage??
  185. Loud purring and clawing... every morning, why?
  186. Dry skin on a lab...... my black lab has such dry skin that he constantly
  187. My cat is making strange moaning noises whats wrong?
  188. Do Kittens realize that they are cute and that humans will do anything for them?
  189. is a pelham appropriate for a hunter class?
  190. How much aspirin should I give my dog?
  191. I have a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix. Should those two types of
  192. What neat tricks can I teach my green cheek conure?...?
  193. Has anyone tried perfectlitter?
  194. My cat is having trouble peeing...?
  195. How do I look for a boarding center?
  196. This morning I dripped some Drano on my cat's head by accident...?
  197. How do lovebirds breed?
  198. What is the best pet insurance available?
  199. About my cat that ran away from his new home...?
  200. about black ghost?
  201. Wanna buy a Turkey?
  202. What am I going to do with this puppy?
  203. my dog's pads are red!!?
  204. Rat biting the other and pulling her away from cage door?
  205. why does my dog pee so long sounds silly but he is like taking along time to pee?
  206. Any tips for owning a gelding?
  207. Kitten eyes ?
  208. Dog Problems?
  209. I have some pet white doves and they recently just laid an egg.?
  210. How often should I bathe my dachshund?
  211. How do you tame a hamster?
  212. Betta fish...?
  213. My Dog Suddenly Has Food Aggression Towards My Other Dog??
  214. Diabetic Cat Help?
  215. is she pregnant again?
  216. Has any one done biz with Color Creations for chameleons?
  217. good parakeet names for a rare blue and a rare green male parakeets?
  218. What is the right size of tank for my red eared slider because its growng out of it?
  219. My hamster has a "boil" on her bum. PLEASE HELP?
  220. My dog is a Boston/Manchester and lately he has been "digging" at everything!?
  221. Vet bill limits?
  222. My cat just started to be in heat 2 days ago ,what should i do to make her calm...
  223. i want buy a tiger oscar can him and my red eared slider get along?
  224. What should I name my puppy?
  225. What could my puppy have?
  226. Pug owners can you help me?
  227. Anyone ever had a bad deal from this person?
  228. I cant stand it ANYMORE!?
  229. What can i do to stop my cat from...?
  230. Parrot And Cuckotoo?
  231. my dog just swallowed the head of a gum massager?
  232. Betta Fish Questions?
  233. can dogs get lumps through stress?
  234. Is this a disease?
  235. Does anyone know a stable owner/riding instructor??
  236. answer only if you know please???
  237. How do I stop my puppy from starting and stopping during walks?
  238. Is it normal for a dog to start panting when asleep?
  239. Leashes for Beardies?
  240. Pit bulls..are they good to be around a baby???
  241. How do I get a 5 week old kitten to use the restroom?
  242. What dry food do your cats love/prefer the most?
  243. When old people die in their home and no one finds them for a long time?
  244. animal rescue shelter?
  245. interesting fish for my 10 gallon???
  246. My cat's tail needs to be amputated!?
  247. Hot Dogs / Chilly Dogs?
  248. I have a pregnant pit bull she should be due any day and her temp is staying at 99.5
  249. What is the best measure a person can take to defend themselves against...
  250. how can i tell that my cane corso is pregnant without going to the vet?