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  1. Could the world ruled by horses,if they had developed the upright walk
  2. Clumber spaniels in Australia?
  3. How long will it take before my dog and cats get along?
  4. How can I tell how big my puppy will get to be?
  5. what to do now?my birdie flew away.?
  6. My 8 year old cat had a blood test taken 1.5 years ago due to slightly elevated
  7. wat do u think of animal testing?
  8. Green Hair Algae?
  9. Dog teeth question?
  10. Is there breed/type of cat that doesn't shed? I know some dogs don't. Any...
  11. What would you do in this situation?
  12. Why does my cat keep running back indoors?
  13. I have a horse that is not ridden alot and seems to be losing muscle in
  14. Norwhich Terrier... Is it just me, or...?
  15. Have 2 new iradesent sharks in my 40gal. tank ,looks like tiny air bubbles on both.?
  16. New rat!! Name ideas, anyone?? Also, what color is he??
  17. where to buy marimo balls in Las Vegas?
  18. How should I correct aggressive behavior in my puppy?
  19. How do you stop your dog from marking?
  20. I have a few questions about breeding Bettas?...?
  21. Tail Docking?
  22. Whats this on my dogs nose?
  23. I have a terrier cross terrier dog who is almost one year old. How do I...
  24. Is it safe to have a brother and sister Labrador (with Champion Blood
  25. Are Boston Terriers prone to back/hip problems?
  26. Help!!! Fast Snake Question!?!?!?
  27. whats happening to my harlequin rasboras?!?!?
  28. One small oscar wont grow?
  29. dog help.... what should I do??
  30. Why is My Cat Getting Sick After Every Meal??
  31. PLEASE help me with my puppy?
  32. what do i do if my budgie lays an egg???
  33. Dog smell home?
  34. My dog sneaks into a room with no one in it to pee and poop.?
  35. The difference between BYB and Licensed Breeders?
  36. Favortism in Green Cheek conure?
  37. What is The Best Conditions For African Dwarf Frogs to mate?
  38. I was one of the lucky one's who didn't lose my cat.....?
  39. How to help this dog?
  40. can a dog have puppy's outside in the open dirt?
  41. German Shepherd mix puppy - what other breed is he mixed with?
  42. Dogs Destroyed my Couch...Thoughts on Shock Collars?
  43. help! im trying to housetrain a puppy but i have a 2 year old that doesnt...
  44. parents and bird?
  45. why is my dog not eating,even tho there isnt a bitch in the house??
  46. In general how much does a vet check-up and an ultrasound cost?
  47. Our Dobermann is going through a phantom pregnancy, what can we do?
  48. I lost my cat yesterday to CRF. he was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago .how
  49. what is a pocket puppy?
  50. hello cat problems?
  51. I want to buy a belgian malinous, any info?
  52. AKC vs UKC?
  53. does anyone know who is giving or selling rabbits in the wigan area?
  54. HELP! I have high ammonuiun levels in my tank. Whats the best way to get it down?
  55. help i need pet names?
  56. How do I stop my German Shepherd puppy from jumping on me?
  57. Im tryin teach my dog a differen trik how? (READ THE BOTTOM PLZ)?
  58. New Helmet?
  59. adding more chicken to my flock?
  60. For anyone who knows anything about pit bulls---?
  61. parrot fish eggs?
  62. Manly, Australia - Did anyone find a budgie today?
  63. Boxers and children?
  64. Where can I obtain factual stats on canine lepto cases?
  65. Help! I am falling in love with my cat?
  66. why does everyone say fixing ur dog makes it fat and lazy?
  67. My dog is sleeping on my bed what should I do?????
  68. Mad eye-popping rat???
  69. Grey horses and tumors?
  70. my 6 day old puppies are not pooping with moms heip or mine what can we do?
  71. My cat has been sick what could it be?
  72. How accurate is a pregnancy ultrasound?
  73. What is the % of Guinea pigs Dieing When they Give Birth?
  74. What cat breed is it?
  75. what brand dog food should I feed my Bull Terrier?
  76. I'm looking for getting and training a service dog...know of any sites?
  77. what can i use for my rats as bedding?
  78. Does your dog grumble when you hug/squeeze him?
  79. My dog accidentally sat on my pet rat...?
  80. Pitbull doesnt walk good on leash?
  81. questions on platys?
  82. hamster babies?
  83. I have this algae that is great for my saltwater sump. I have enough for others
  84. Help I think my chihuahua is spoiled?
  85. dog ownership??
  86. what things can i put in my blue tongue lizards outdoor enclosure that it
  87. Do crickets need to be kept at a warm temp?
  88. Positive Training is not the only way?
  89. In indoor or outdoor riding schools, who has right of way?
  90. How to teach my puppy where to pee?
  91. my 5 year old daughter and a companion dog.?
  92. ok my hermit crabs...im getting 4 small ones,3 medium ones,and 2 large..?
  93. I have a boy puppy and have just got a girl puppy.?
  94. one day i went to the kinzchat in webkinz and saw a cheeky cat. i tought...
  95. I'm getting a hamster soon and i need a name for it. please help.?
  96. i just got a new dog.?
  97. Do you were I can get a dog Dog muzzle, cause I tried Walmart they didn't have
  98. First to answer this correctly will get 10 points!?
  99. Australian shepherd puppy -- do you have one? I just got one, he is cute as a...
  100. is the orange fish pregnant?
  101. my husky eats food very fast. not able to slow him down. what to do?
  102. My female budgie started singing?
  103. My cats eye is squinting out of one eye. I think she may have gotten something
  104. best indoor duck type?
  105. answer all of U !!!?
  106. What Breed is my Cat?!?
  107. Why does my old guinea pig chatter his teeth when the new one is around?
  108. Dog terribly misbehaves. What can we do?
  109. My ball python won't eat?
  110. What kind of Lovebird is this?Picture inside!?
  111. Do you REALLY care about ANIMALS? Need help...?
  112. What kind of dog is this?
  113. i need help before i lose the plot. my 9 month old female collie/lab sporadically
  114. Red eye tree frog.... Crickets died in bag, can he and will he still eat them dead?
  115. What's a good size fish tank for my room?
  116. My two dogs use to get along just fine and then one night they started fighting?
  117. is it okay to keep my rabbit with its cage in a basment?
  118. My cat had 2 seizures in the past month?
  119. Dog eating frozen mouse.?
  120. How do I tell what kind of turtle I have?
  121. Does anyone else love their cat(s) as much as I do?
  122. My cat woke up with her head tilted to the side?
  123. Would my dog pass for a Lab mix?
  124. What to do with these ducks ?
  125. Doggys bleeding !!?
  126. New Cat Name?
  127. Turtles in Brisbane Australia?
  128. I need help with writing an ad for the newspaper.?
  129. Why does my cat loose a lot of hair?
  130. My dog's stomach is bloated and she won't eat anything. What should I do?
  131. do red eared slider turtles and a snapper turtle get along?
  132. experienced goat owners?!?
  133. Fog from ph adjusting products?
  134. How easy it it for me to setup a saltwater aquarium.?
  135. What should I do if I have to leave my puppy home alone?
  136. What is wrong with my Platy? (Disease?)?
  137. How to plant on Vertical surfaces in Vivarium?
  139. is my gerbil going to die? Experts only i dont want any guesses?
  140. what is the normal hardiness for bettas?
  141. I have a hatchiling (i think) who has a soft shell (mayb becuz of diet,etc)
  142. My dog chews on everything.?
  143. Why do dogs act differently when their apart from their pack?
  144. Red footed tortoise hatchling w/soft shell?
  145. what is a puppy mill??
  146. what is the height of a full grown maltese?
  147. Why does my dog give me his rawhide bones?
  148. "Do female Bettas eat the same betta food as males?"?
  149. What breed of dog was the one on the new episode of 'Dogtown'?
  150. Could anyone tell me more about this horses giraffe-type coloring?
  151. Is this normal?
  152. if i have 2 lovebirds?
  153. Please help us find Tiki...?
  154. Why is my staffy X Lab behaving oddly? Is it worms or something else?
  155. I have a 3 yr old female parakeet and she has suddenley developed a bald
  156. What pets have you got and if you had a choice of another what would it be??
  157. possessed cat?
  158. my goldfish died?
  159. Dog operation?
  160. guineea pig?
  161. What's the best way to get my puppy to get used to his collar and leash?
  162. My cats playfight. One seems to be picking on the other and is really rough.?
  163. a good name for a dog?
  164. anyone tried rear sea monkeys without using the water purifier #1?
  165. What kind of dog would be a good match?
  166. I’m trying to figure out my dogs breed.?
  167. Why after a water change my fish are acting wierd?
  168. What's the largest pump I can use in a 30gal saltwater tank?
  169. Puppy Mills?
  170. how much should i ask for ?
  171. what are good names for a female Golden Retriever?
  172. Which is better?Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies?
  173. what is the law when boarding?
  174. How long do cats have stiches after being fixed?
  175. I need to know the best way to market my northern ravens nesting slideshow and
  176. What is wrong with my pet dumbo rat?PLEASE help!?
  177. what do you think of this?
  178. Would a mama boxer kill her pups at 6 weeks old?
  179. Dog vomiting?
  180. Are female doberman as tough and protective as male doberman?
  181. My Pomeranian is to hyper to control!?
  182. apartment and animals?
  183. How often do you bathe your doggies?
  184. Best place for a stuffed cat?
  185. I have been giving my little Shih Tzu mix Omega -3 for 2 weeks now, how?
  186. i'm fighting with my consiense ? spelt wrong i know?
  187. how long do you have to wait after putting advantage on your kitten to give
  188. Ever Notice ? Dogs Helping in Personal Experience's ?
  189. snake breeder?
  190. Can you put a female Diamond dove in with a Ringneck dove.?
  191. where are the toes located in a cow?
  192. does anyone want guinea pigs and lives in australia W.A?
  193. My dog jumps the fence can u help?
  194. Dog Dilema!?
  195. I am looking for a Great Dane to adopt or buy?
  196. Need some much needed advice:?
  197. whats wrong with my pet birds?
  198. If you were bitten by your cat...?
  199. what is a quick efficient and safe way to carry out water changes on a tropical...
  200. My dog has a hook stuck on her nose!?
  201. Very Talkative Cat . . .?
  202. what do i feed guppies,black mollies,red cap,neon terras?
  203. Betta fish laying on side, not eating?
  204. 32weeks pregnant and i have a dog?
  205. any ideas how to support my labs crucial ligament without opting for surgery?
  206. My dog is sick, can you give advice?
  207. Give me some good ideas that my rat can exercise like fun things!He is...
  208. how doi get my persian cat to sit down and be brushed?
  209. My friend is going to steal a dog?
  210. do you ladies want to pet my Alabama black snake?
  211. phosphorous levels in marine tank?
  212. ball python questions/problems?
  213. my cat has been peeing on the floor...?
  214. What is this thing?
  215. Parrotlet - how quiet is quiet?...?
  216. I've created a pet website for pet lovers (mylooneypets.com). Could I...
  217. My cat is sick again, can I give him some NyQuil?
  218. I have a 4yr old lav/pit mix who does not let me know when she has to use the
  219. What should I do during horse lessons? I need some entertaining ideas.?
  220. About my horse again?
  221. Any cichlid tips?
  222. humidity in tank?
  223. What kind of underwater object do you think a beta fish will enjoy?
  224. I love my Golden Retriever but please help (Urgent)?
  225. Can someone who has a knowledge about legal issues with dogs?
  226. Why is my kitten sucking on himself?
  227. i have had this betta fish for a week but lately he has started
  228. Are my fish hibernating or dead?
  229. I'm so annoyed with people who say coyotes attack humans!!!?
  230. housetraining?
  231. How much should I feed my 2 month old (.9 lbs) chihuahua?
  232. Please can you help me, I need a little advice. Thanks.?
  233. What can I do to help a sick kitty?
  234. Hamster- Wet Tail?
  235. what woods are toxic for ball pythons?
  236. SHOULD I MOVE MY HORSE?! scared?!?
  237. Can mice eat a syrian hamster?
  238. Getting dachshund used to dogs before adopting?
  239. can a dog die from an ear wound?
  240. Chihuahua is beating up my other one??
  241. where can u buy hermit crabs at in Cleveland Ohio or ones that ship during the...
  242. leopard gecko?
  243. some questions about having a pet ferret.?
  244. Who here has pets...?
  245. Help me!!!?
  246. .........................................?
  247. causes of diarreah with blood in dog?
  248. How can I firm up my cats poos?
  249. My cat has a funny bright pink spot that is different from the skin color? Is this
  250. Friend's Cat Died of "Broken Heart"/WON'T Get New Cat Fixed?