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  1. brownish witha little red tint on green anole mouth?
  2. What am I doing wrong with my fishless cycle, why haven't I had a nitrite spike yet?
  3. how can i stop my cat from going to the bathroom on the floor!?
  4. Help With My Equitation over Fences!?
  5. Any idea what happened to my cat?
  6. Duck Incubation???
  7. I know that Presa Canarios are very territorial dogs and also dislike strangers?
  8. some aquarium questions?
  9. Cats & Kittens ~I am really worried about some of these questions.........?
  10. Can i feed my rabbit lettuce?
  11. I just got a puppy. And im trying to figure out how to potty train!?
  12. My neighbors dog (unleashed) bit my dog pretty badly. Is the neighbor
  13. Brown Algae problem?
  14. How can I remove the static from my cat's fur?
  15. Which reptile is best for me?
  16. Are palm trees safe for parrots?
  17. teaching a Parakeet to talk?
  18. Could anyone help me with a Shih tzu question?
  19. what is a good name for an african grey?
  20. Is a bird a goos pet? or is a gennie pig better????
  21. what do you do to keep your dog occupied when your not home?
  22. Am I training my dog properly?
  23. Is my 43 day old English Mastiff puppy okay?
  24. Why did my Chocolate Lab have a siezure?
  25. is it normal....?
  26. Left leg gets left behind..?
  27. Why does my newly adopted dog pee every time i get close to it.?
  28. At what age should you try a kitten with solid food?
  29. does diamond really cause death?
  30. My Angelfish just laid eggs on heater...wat should i do???
  31. My rabbit bites me!!!!?
  32. My cat is old?
  33. What happens when you accidentally cut past your dog's nail and it hits...
  34. I'm thinking about getting one or two Oranda Goldfish and would like to clear...
  35. A Rhyme for the Dog Section....By Havoc Angel?
  36. Are there annoying people in your riding class?
  37. Problem with my King Charles spaniel?
  38. My dog got put down a month ago and i really want a puppy.?
  39. i need help with my old hamster?
  40. How can I stop my cat from peeing on everything?
  41. Maltipoos? Easy to train....?
  42. My Puppy has coccidosis, and is being treated, how can i comfort him?
  43. How do you keep a rabbit for a pet in the Midwest?
  44. Are fleas a problem for pets in AZ?
  45. Days 11-15 are most fertile, are the last days as crazy with trying to get mounted?
  46. I think my dog may be pregnant?
  47. How to convice parents to get you a pug?
  48. Best Algae eater?
  49. my guinea pig???
  50. How do I incubate abandoned cockatiel eggs?
  51. Chinese algae eater?
  52. can i get my sib husky kc reged?
  53. My dog doesn't seem to like me.?
  54. What should I do for an infected wound (smells) on my dogs leg when she has
  55. What should I do with my dog now?
  56. sexing turtles???
  57. English Golden Retrievers?
  58. Blue Buffalo dog food?
  59. Is it safe or ok to put a newly adjusting gelded arabian and gelded mini...
  60. i have a collie bitch and have been told by the vets that she is having a...
  61. is my fish dying?!pleez help!!?
  62. My kitten has a heart murmur, how serious is this?
  63. Does anyone know of any?
  64. My dog has reappearing lumps (sores) and going bald?
  65. How do i toilet train a 6month old puppy?
  66. Bichon Frise House Training?
  67. Problems with the fence?
  68. Rats as pets?
  69. How sick can cat poop make you?
  70. goldfish ick?
  71. Baby snail in fish aquarium?
  72. best kind of dog for foods sausage?
  73. I think our Hamster is ill, When we got him he had a rash on his belly but it...
  74. My dog is sick...I'm worried that it might be really serious???
  75. what can i do?
  76. Dog is acting shy towards me?
  77. How fast can a dog die of old age?
  78. Does anyone know if a black moor or Goldfish will eat a ghost shrimp?
  79. Trouble with my new kitten, cries alot and hardly eats?
  80. Why do rats make good pets??
  81. Help me with my cat...?
  82. Betta Problems, and worms in tank!?
  83. How do you teach your dog to roll over?
  84. some dog eat cat food why is that?
  85. African Chiclids??
  86. is CO2 injection necessary for a planted tank?
  87. Are grapes poisonous to dogs?
  88. how much does a good mini labradoodles cost?
  89. Any woman here into snake modeling?
  90. my cat died?
  91. I am wanting to know if I may be riding a guinie pig in future moviefilm?
  92. needing advice on new puppy.?
  93. umbrella co*katoo?
  94. Dog getting old???
  95. My cat's eye is scratched?
  96. can humans catch mites from pet rabbits??
  97. I have a pom-poo he is 4 months old and throwing up and crapping blood and I...
  98. my hamster?
  99. how to convince parents to let me get a rottweiler puppy?
  100. i think my staffy has a cold ?
  101. how do you no if your dog woll protect you?
  102. cockatiel not singing anymore?
  103. Shih Tzu teething problems?
  104. i need help to find who killed my?
  105. why is my rabbit drinking a lot?
  106. I just got a Betta yesterday and now he is at the bottom of the tank?
  107. Have you noticed the new advertisement?
  108. Guppy questions?
  109. Medical Question about my dog?
  110. My Ryukin is Scaring me?
  111. why do people think that eating guinea pigs is gross?
  112. what are some cute names for 2 girl guinea pigs?
  113. Homing Pigeons?
  114. My dog has environmental dermatitis, looked into a lot of treatments but don't know
  115. dog food question?
  116. Dog survey...?
  117. Where should I keep my cat when I leave the house?
  118. can turtles cause rashes?
  119. our my kitty's cute?
  120. My Chinchilla wont eat ?!?!?
  121. bathing sand are good to guinea pig and hamster??
  122. What are???
  123. Is there something seriously wrong with my dog?
  124. What is your most favourite breed of dogs and which one do you you preferer?
  125. Is it okay for a dog to drink milk?
  126. 12-year-old standard poodle?
  127. Why won't my Red Tailed Boa eat?
  128. is it normal for bettas to sleep and play around the filter and heaters?
  129. how does a rabbit find his hole in the dark?
  130. Help - Tropical Fish?
  131. Mice and rabbits?
  132. My german shepherd is ruining everything at home, what to do?
  133. How much to I feed my guinea pig??
  134. Can I have my cat de-clawed? He's almost 10 years old!?
  135. is it true? boston terrier "rare" {red, blue, and white} are more in
  136. Is there really such thing as a all white horse?
  137. My dog is fixed, however, he has had a "boner" for a few days, I'm not sure
  138. I'm considering a Bearded Dragon for a new pet and need some information..?
  139. How much is it to get a rabbit's teeth extracted on average?
  140. Is my cat, KiKi sick?
  141. My 11-yr. old fixed male cat is starting to smell?
  142. i need a good name for german shepard puppy.he is male and colour is black and brown?
  143. Rat sniffing/snorting??
  144. I need help picking the best horse breed?
  145. My 8mnth+ cockatiels just layed an egg. How do I check it's fertilized?
  146. I bought this Aspen Pet Aristo Silent Dog Whistle, and I can't find a place to blow?
  147. Max my Border Collie Puppy is ill, will he be Alright?
  148. What is a good type(breed) of Horned lizard to get, im in nevada,
  149. why is my dog not sleeping?
  150. crazy bearded dragon idea?
  151. Ferret????????
  152. What Are Your Views On Animal Cruelty?
  153. My black lab chews everything?
  154. my dog had her 1st dip for dermidex mange yesterday........?
  155. Lab Puppy Breed?
  156. i need a badazz tuff name for my new belgian malinios.?
  157. Weight loss for an obese male cat?
  158. My American Eskimo dog chews at his leg all the time.What is wrong and what do I do?
  159. What should I do with my hamsters?
  160. I want to take in a street cat that is around my house HOW?
  161. Is it best to feed your dogs fresh meat?
  162. When do I make the transition from baby food to dog food after parvo?
  163. I have a Boston Terrier who has scratched himself raw...?
  164. Hamster viagra?
  165. how can it be?
  166. My puppy wants to eat me?
  167. we have a cat named kitty?
  168. How should I keep my 2 female dogs from fighting over posessions?
  169. Sugar Glider vs. chinchilla vs. rat?
  170. hi see i have a boxer dog and its a male his 1an a half years old the only...
  171. my pitbull is going on 5 months in march and he weighs 52 pounds do u think he will
  172. what is birds method of feeding ?
  173. Does my cat have a u.r.i?
  174. Which are best Algae eaters?
  175. Soft runny stool in my cat?
  176. What wrong with my dog?
  177. why is my albino burmese python acting weird?
  178. Bearded dragon that is extremmly bloated?
  179. can dogs eat shrimp?
  180. Do you think these baby puppies are cute??
  181. Got a story???
  182. I am scared for my cat... she is getting weaker every day?
  183. how big is a baby eastern cottontail rabbit?
  184. how do i get my dog to be quiet?
  185. kitten or a cat?
  186. Very Injured Cockatiel (Cat Attack)?
  187. Take 2... second Foster cat just popped help me out on names again..I know I have
  188. Does your dog have a special trick they taught themselves?
  189. Why In the world would a bassett hound eat a mouse?
  190. Help with my mississippi mud turtle,possible shell rot?
  191. I believe my dog is in the early stages of labor?
  192. why does my dog pee when she is nervous?
  193. What are some cute boy dog names?
  194. Can my cat live happily with only access to 2 rooms?
  195. Creating a 30 gallon community tank, please help?
  196. There are these tiny little bugs in the pantry, especially around the rice
  197. what mix do you think my dog is ???
  198. webkinz lil kinz pig?
  199. Has anyone tried making their own cat drinking fountain?
  200. Is this a question?
  201. my dog and light?
  202. Photo please help!!!!!!!!(dog)?
  203. My dog is digging at his ears.I clean them 1x a week but he digs and there...
  204. What signs should I be looking for after separating my dogs?
  205. Riding Bridleless???
  206. Where can I find a dog like this?
  207. When do I breed my rabbits?
  208. Is my dog okay?
  209. My dog is jumping out of our backyard...[[over the fence]], how do I get her to
  210. proplan, eukanuba or royal canin.??? 10 points?
  211. Is there ANY small fish that would fit into this aquarium?
  212. How can I repair the screen top on my snake's cage?
  213. Anyone got a good flea solution???
  214. I had a 65 watt buld for my leopard gecko tank.....?
  215. while in oregon a rat was caught in the attic, weighed 10# what species is that???
  216. What kind of "human food" snacks do you give your dog/cat?
  217. Am I feeding my dog the right dog food?
  218. How does Riddex work?
  219. parrot harness?
  220. People Dumping animals?
  221. My dog has yellow matter in her eye?
  222. ear mites?
  223. How long will a fish stay alive without oxygenated water?
  224. What are Maine Coon personalities like?
  225. How to treat an aggressive dog with diabetes? Please dont tell me to put her down.?
  226. 20 gallon reef help? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
  227. Hello who know what its like having a ferret as a pet???
  228. Guppy and Glofish question?
  229. Golden pup doesn't know who her owner is?
  230. Whats wrong with my cat?
  231. Does my Lovebird need a mate? Please help!?
  232. My dog that I'm adopting soon was attacked last night and I can't take him...
  233. My brothers cat might have a broken paw, help?
  234. How much do I need to handle mice?
  235. my plants are developing little holes in the leaves. (amazon sword)?
  236. Kitty trouble...?
  237. I just got a 1 year old chiwawa and she never barks.?
  238. I want a dog? Which is the best medium Breed?
  239. I have a cat that is almost 1 yr old. She loves to cuddle and purr... but she drools?
  240. my puppy just got it vaccinations, what does the vaccinations protect it from?
  241. can i use the blue night glo heat lights during both day and night for my iguana...
  242. My boss' cat has suddenly gone psyco -- help!?
  243. do you have pets!?
  244. New great dane pup?
  245. Why do dogs face(head) tilt to a side when they certain sounds.?
  246. How to tell if a hen is too old to lay eggs?
  247. Soft coral that tolerates 2 watts per gallon?
  248. What might be wrong with my Pitt?? bladder control problem, bad breath, weight...
  249. if you don't have kids but consider your dog your child is this wrong?
  250. What are the Easiest Hamsters to Take Care of?