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  1. Dominant Oscar Fish??
  2. Where to buy goldfish?
  3. Please answer this survey on cat deaths?
  4. My doggy sneezing, please help!!!!!?
  5. Question??
  6. Can you help me Identify my dog Spot !!!?
  7. looking for long finned white clouds?
  8. Do you see any potential in this Flowerhorn??
  9. how do you get a pomeranian's hair fluffy??
  10. Is it true that a pregnant guppy can reabsorb her babies and never give...
  11. what is the best dog breed to be left by itself?
  12. How do I find out if a breeder is reputable?
  13. Question about Dogo Argentinos and their genetics?
  14. What breed of puppy never grows too big?!!?
  15. What do you think of a guy who has a poodle?
  16. My gerbial had baby's,moma does not look like she is nursing???
  17. should i let the pay for the damages to my car?
  18. I need some Chinchilla information...?
  19. Does anyone have "different" pets?
  20. my female parakette's nose is very black and it looks a lot bigger than the...
  21. Doberman and safety with neighbours children?
  22. White cloud minnows with betta?
  23. My female Eclectus...?
  24. Should I be having difficulty loving my cat right now?
  25. My cat is a very fussy eater.. please read on?
  26. Sick cat legal advice?
  27. What kind of dog is this?????
  28. Why do MOST cats hate water?
  29. Innova dog food versus Eukanuba, which is better for Rottweiler?
  30. Dog Obedience Ribbons how are the dogs judged?
  31. Leaky Bladder?
  32. gold fish in what sized.................?
  33. My cat lost her tooth!!??
  34. How do dogs sleep?
  35. Im worried about my 7 month old purebred blue nose pitbull. she is sick.?
  36. Can you keep African cichlids with others?
  37. What type of turtle should I get?
  38. I have a doberman with a cut on her foot. Its not deep, stitches are not needed...
  39. some how one of my dogs ate half a tube of triple antibiotic ointment???
  40. Litter Theme???
  41. Weimaraner dogs...?
  42. Lost Dog? Please help?!?
  43. Does your dog...?
  44. ‚ô•Turtle names?
  45. I think my dog has an ingrown whisker?
  46. Nipping in community?
  47. Brown Tree Frog Need Help!!!!!?
  48. Guinea Pigs?
  49. i have no idea of building my dream, reptile park, can any one show me how?
  50. IS my pregnate?
  51. Ball python habitat question?
  52. ok the mouse/rat im trying to catch just appeared again?
  53. how show that you can own a poodle?
  54. Training a Western horse to do English?
  55. I am looking for a maltese puppy?
  56. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your kind words about my dog's
  57. How do i know my acquarium is ready to start adding plants?
  58. I would like to be able to purchase raw meaty bones for my dog. Any ideas?
  59. How can i convince my fiance to let me get a puppy?
  60. do i relly need a dimmer to control my leopard geckos heat pad?
  61. i got a new bunny and now the older one is spraying me a don't want to nueter
  62. are my fish supost to be out when my moonlight is on?
  63. Fur Real Friends.. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?
  64. Do you like Tufted Titmice? I think they're cool. I like all birds...except maybe
  65. Does anyone know any information about horned agamas?
  66. Is the hormone shot to stop female heat cycle dangerous?
  67. what kind of cat is this?
  68. my dog has a big bump on his upper leg,by his butt.?
  69. guppy question?
  70. How can I sell an Alaskan Husky on-line?
  71. For those of you who know how the dog exersise pen works: is it possible to leave...
  72. Where can i get a snuggle dog?
  73. my cats mated?!?
  74. Where can I buy a pirhana?
  75. Can my cat be pregnant??
  76. Q for people with indoors cats-what do you do with the cats waste,in the litter tray?
  77. Do you eat intelligent species...?
  78. How many is too many dogs.?
  79. What do you use to scare away squirrels?
  80. what size dogs do you like?
  81. can u hold huntsman spiders?
  82. moutain lions? (Informative answers ONLY)?
  83. How can I tell if my cat is pregnant?? Is she??
  84. How often should I feed my cat??
  85. guniea pigs?
  86. Why does my dog eat a mouthful of food and then walk away?
  87. i thinking about getting a macklots python?
  88. why are my goats birthing still borns?
  89. new project a 10 gallon?
  90. What can you tell me about algae eaters??
  91. dog sleep: crate or rug?
  92. How do I get my cat to go in the litterbox?
  93. I have a male Amstaff terrier who is ready to breed, but I can't find a suitable...
  94. My dog is 13 years old and has been dizzy and falling. He has responded to
  95. Which kind of Girl Scout Cookie does your doggie like best?
  96. ????????????????????
  97. Team Penning and Feed Lot Sorting ???
  98. WANTED: 100 gallon lizard tank for $125 or less.?
  99. Nervous, Help!!!!?
  100. My son has a Painted Turtle and??
  101. Cat Food & Kitten Food??
  102. rate my german shepard pls?
  103. The marine that threw the puppy?
  104. I am looking for a mix Boxer Lab puppy near Oklahoma.?
  105. I made my rat a house from a shoebox and she hates it! Any help?
  106. Why do you neuter your animals, would you get a vesectomy or your tubes tied...
  107. breeding help?
  108. Why does my Maine Coon meow? HELP!?
  109. what can i do to make this tank look better?
  110. What kind of dog do you think this is? Can they all do this trick? (pic) .?
  111. Can I feed my cat "human" food?
  112. What should i do i want a dog!?
  113. Confidence lost?
  114. Do ultrasonic rat repellers work?
  115. My cockatiel(?) Pete is a swillie. Anyone have a drunken bird?
  116. suicidal fish?
  117. Who's FOR animal cruelty?
  118. Pomeranian Dogs?
  119. Cost for spaying a cat?
  120. I need horse names!!!!?
  121. I got a turtle.But.......?
  122. Please help me!!?
  123. Do hawks make good pets?
  124. My Shih Tzu is sick, we took him 2 the vet and they dont know what is...
  125. Therapy Pug?
  126. clean horse??? plzz help!?
  127. problems with gerbils, help!?
  128. has anyone got a afican grey parrot if so have you got any food recipes?
  129. My cat's breath smells like cat food all the time, do I need to take him to the vet?
  130. Annoying cat.?
  131. i need 2 puppy names can you help ??
  132. Puppy Diahrrea?
  133. i need help fast--- my dog has aomthing wrong with his penus he has like a big ball
  134. what is a draft?
  135. Do you really need 2 filters for 20 gallons?
  136. my horse bucks PLEASE HELP ME?
  137. what is ur favorite disney movie that has 2 do with dogs?
  138. pitts hair falling off?
  139. My dog eats alot but is loosing weight- vets can't find anything wrong?
  140. suggestions on breeding african greys?
  141. Strange white growth on betta fish's gill? Answers desprately needed!!!!?
  142. Why are some of my fish growing faster than others?
  143. What are other good names for Rats?
  144. which is crazier a cat with a monkey or a dog with a mouse?
  145. I showed this the other day but what do u who have not seen her thnik of...
  146. What dog should I bye a doberman or a rottweiler? Dan Agency?
  147. Fur Mites in Wilkinson's Hay Bedding?
  148. Help! My fish have Ick what should i do??
  149. How can I make my cats breath not smell like cat food?
  150. please help my fish?
  151. can you please answer a few questions about my hamster?
  152. at a estimate..?
  153. Will my dog remember me if we have been apart for a few months?
  154. how do betas thrive?
  155. Horse problem: Picking up feet?
  156. what do peacocks eat in captivity?
  157. my dogs are worse together and don't obey?
  158. does anyone have a free puppy in streamwood or chicago IL area?
  159. Rainwater for Aquarium?
  160. cat w//diabetes... how long can he go without an insulin shot?
  161. Can my female red slider turtle reproduce even if there isnt a male around?
  162. I think my cat may have cataracts. Anyone in vet school who can help?
  163. I'm thinking of buying a pet and more like one that won't wreck your house and isn't
  164. anyone familiar with altraflex soft chews for dogs?
  165. guppies or betta fish?
  166. Help my rats have fleas!?
  167. Onespot treatment for cats and kittens to a puppy?!?
  168. My puppy was diagnosed with parvo. She was improving but has stopped eating.
  169. Keeping my dog healthy at a hotel that allows dogs?
  170. Does any one else...?
  171. looking for a lab or english spriner spaniel cheep in Maine?
  172. cuttin my dogs nails?
  173. Cat with allergies?
  174. Can I use this rocks in my aquarium?
  175. My dog has Seisures?
  176. Fish suddenly get pale and then die?
  177. Senior Cats frantically crying for no reason?
  178. My cat throws up a lot. Is something wrong?
  179. When i try to discipline my dog it doesnt phase her?
  180. Biting dogs ear?
  181. what do pregnant cats look and act like?
  182. i just received a 12 yrs old pug and she has been fed people food her whole life?
  183. which gender chinchilla should get the bigger cage?
  184. I have a 10 gallon fish tank & within a week of putting guppies & tetras in
  185. why do all my gold fish keep dieing so fast but not the green one?
  186. whats your pets name?
  187. Cat pregnancy problems?
  188. Guinea pig help?
  189. who likes horses and has them?
  190. fish? what to get aquarium?
  191. I need help placing my puppies...?
  192. What Can I Do To Help My Cat?
  193. my dog has a small cut on his arm, put peroxide and anteseptic on it's Fri nite
  194. Okay last question of the night I promise!?
  195. do fish jump out of the lack?
  196. What kind of breed is this dog....I saw it on google after I searched
  197. Which fish should I get?
  198. i cant seem to win. help?
  199. Hamster???????
  200. Hello dears, Doris here with news of my reprobate Boris-in trouble again...sigh?
  201. is tunafish good for dogs everyonce in a while?
  202. micro chip?
  203. what fish can a clown fish stay in a tank with?
  204. i have mini dashound who has the slip disc syndrome?
  205. Question???
  206. how do i use my tank syphon?
  207. My Dog will not get in the car?
  208. Does my dog understand what I am doing in the bathroom?
  209. As anyone's dog ever recovered from a stroke?
  210. what do people think of the expression.better fat than flat.?
  211. How to properly correct a kitten?
  212. Can a horse eating too many apples cause diarria?
  213. I am adopting an adult cat and need some advice on food and care?
  214. My New Born Puppies!!!!?
  215. Why do people here persist in attempting to educate despite overwhelming...
  216. Need help! My cat keeps waking me up at 5 am?
  217. If you have a pet bird can it talk?
  218. Why is my hermit crab burying itself under the water container?
  219. Training a horse to kneel for the rider?
  220. Has any by-laws or actions been put in place to stop people letting their cats roam?
  221. Trying to get my 18mth old border collie to sleep in his kennel, we rescued
  222. My dad hates cats! Can anyone help?
  223. Chewing Chihuahua...?
  224. Name for my cat?
  225. theres something seriously wrong with my dog?
  226. Is my bearded dragon setup as perfect as I think it is?
  227. Pregnant dogs temp has me confused??
  228. dogs growing?
  229. does anyone own a staffy cross dogue de bordeaux?
  230. Great Danes?
  231. My dog was a stray we have had him for years but my other dog gets of the leash and
  232. 9 month of boxer with a heart murmur?
  233. Dog, Brittany, has rash and loss of hair under collar. What do you recommend?
  234. My newly adopted/rescued cat won't use the litter box!?
  235. My dog consistently takes her bowl out of her dog house and puts it at the...
  236. can dwarf hamsters eat oatmeal?
  237. Does A.K.C pull a dogs papers after it has gone threw a shelter?
  238. marine that threw the puppy??
  239. Are your pets given "run of the house" ? Like mine are.?
  240. i have a 17 week old staffy, when is the right time to get him castrated?
  241. what breeds of horses would a person take to eventing?
  242. WINSTON! my cokatiel! =]?
  243. Cat feeding question?
  244. what should i do with 7mth old pregnant pup?
  245. My dog died! Wow! This is harder than I thought. Any advice?
  246. Hello would a 2.5ft incl tail female Australian water Dragon would eat a 4ft Corn
  247. how much should i feed a 4 month ol puupy?
  248. What does it mean to "back" a horse?
  249. how do i make my cat litter trained?
  250. Help, My Dog has large hard dry lumps of skin on her legs!?