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  1. pomeranian hair care?
  2. Just got my cat spayed!?
  3. im a homesick aussie & would love to buy a dama wallaby.. does anyone know
  4. Neutered/Spayed?
  5. Pet store owners...Who can I buy dog goggles from wholesale, in large quantities?
  6. Is it good to get dogs from a shelter? How do I convince my mom to get
  7. Goldfish seems really tired and isn't moving a lot - what do I do?
  8. guinea pig pregnant??
  9. What Is The Best Companion Pet 10 POINTS?
  10. What animal are you most like?
  11. does any one know where to get a horse?
  12. balloon bellied moores.?
  13. How do i get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet?
  14. My fish is looking drained and shriveling. What do i do?
  15. What color is fish poop?
  16. i need support!!!!?
  17. What should I name my webkinz Pink pony? I?
  18. where can i buy aquarium 3d background?
  19. Help.....my new mother cat has stopped nursing & is trying to move her kittens
  20. why do my puppies.?
  21. A question about comformation A.K.A "dog shows"?
  22. My Scottish terrier randomly Yips.?
  23. Bird Phobia?
  24. Samoyed Breeders!?
  25. Best dog clippers for a maltese???
  26. How do you help a dog with seperation anxiety?
  27. i took my puppy to "petco" for her puppy shots. will that make her worms
  28. how can i get my dog to not be scared of the camera?
  29. which of these pets do u like most? and why?
  30. How much do Miniature daschund run for? I need an amount, price?
  31. WHERE CAN I BUY A WHITE ANDALUSIAN HORSE? (please don't say Andalusia...('-.' )?
  32. My cat was just diagnosed as being blocked last weekend.The vet took out the
  33. I am getting a chihuahua puppy next week and I was wondering what you thought of
  34. i need a name for my new tricolored paint filly?
  35. does any one know where to get a horse?
  36. What's the best technique of holding a puppy's bite?
  37. How do I get my quaker bird to come out peacefully of its cage ?
  38. My clam has parasites..help!!!!?
  39. my two week old cat dnt poop!!?
  40. What is the safest way to upgrade to a larger fish tank?
  41. I have a Brittany Pup that is 14 weeks old and he is some scared when ever I try to
  42. how big should a wheel be for a 8 week old rat?
  43. How do I help my attacked dog?
  44. Spring, texas (montgomery county) dog limit?
  45. CAN CAYUGA DuCKS FLY???????????????
  46. My dad won't let me have a dog,why?
  47. I Have a kitten thats 9 months old and he needs to lose weight what should i...
  48. Kitten weaning question...?
  49. This subject has been talked about today, but I just watched the Oprah show...
  50. Should I spay my 3-year-old chihuahua?
  51. High headed eventers?
  52. How do I get my rabbit to pee in her potty tray?
  54. Should I get a fish?
  55. Should I spay my 3-year-old chihuahua?
  56. Need a name for a little plush pengiun?
  57. Why do people with dogs think they know it all?
  58. Hi, is it unsafe for my Red Eared Slider Turtle to be without a tank or other
  59. My pitbull killed.....?
  60. NUET- Any Info? (Northwestern Equestrian Team)?
  61. Are my hamsters cute?
  62. I've touched the baby hamsters?
  63. My two dogs are going crazy for spinach artichoke dip?
  64. hamster name?
  65. help step ed on bird?
  66. Is there ANYTHING we can do to help dogs and cats from being KILLED?
  67. how to breed quails in the avairy?
  68. I can't find my porpoise?
  69. Hey, everyone who loves horses! please send me pictures of your horses! I...
  70. Does a dogs lactating nipples automatically mean pregnancy?
  71. well what can i do to get?
  72. Cat lost their tail!?
  73. rabbit food?
  74. I have a 2 gallon fish tank, how many fish can go in there?
  75. how do you tell if a cat is pregnant?
  76. tricks to teach a stallion?
  77. whats the best kind of puppy?
  78. Why might dogs get diarrhea from eating canned Food?
  79. My 9-week old shitzu growls and wants to bite my daughter, what can I do to stop
  80. Ghost knife or clown knife?
  81. My guinea pig doesnt eat her food pellets,only the treats inside her food.Does
  82. Wut can i do about a fat, lazy, and timid cat?
  83. Spirulina..?
  84. 7-year male neutered beagle, started having "erection" and can't stand up.
  85. HELP! My cockatiel had his first night fright!?
  86. CUTE Female rat Names????
  87. What Do Rabbits like/ all da things about them?
  88. my pregnant cat is driving me crazy.?
  89. What does YOUR boxer dog look like? (:?
  90. My mom gave my dog regular benedril, she says it's ok but i say it might affect
  91. How soon after 3rd vaccine can puppy play with other dogs?
  92. my puppy has runny nose and eyes and is lethargic. vaccinated twice for distemper.
  93. i missed the oprah eposide.....?
  94. where can i buy fertilized chicken eggs in michigan??
  95. bird trouble plz help!!!?
  96. guess my dogs name?
  97. schnauzer or pomeranian?
  98. Missing cat! Please help!?
  99. Backyard Breeder?
  100. i really need help with my dog please i think he has something?
  101. HOW IS A horse classified COLD BLOOD?
  102. Does three dogs equal a pack?
  103. Does anybody Else's dog steal cushions??
  104. Bringing in another dog?
  105. Can any one tell me wut kind of dog she is?
  106. My cat got outside!?!?
  107. Dog is not feeling good.?
  108. Why is my two guinea pigs SUDDENLY doing this?
  109. How do you stop your dog from wiping his ass on the carpet?
  110. Why won't my dog kiss me?
  111. Declawing my cat? Whats so wrong?
  112. Specific fish for a friend?
  113. Other than walking, what else can I do with my Siberian Husky? (Inside)?
  114. I need hellpp quick with my hamster.........?
  115. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or King Charles Spaniel?
  116. My dog has a red irritated eye what can I do to relieve it?
  117. Do you think frogs like alot of water or just a little bit in their tank?
  118. Iodine on fin rot?
  119. What exactly is a Pit Bull...?
  120. How to breed zebra finches?
  121. Do guppies need friends?
  122. what do you think is the most important thing in a grooming kit and why?
  123. bearded dragon buying?
  124. Help with my bunnie!!!! FAST VERY IMPROTANT?
  125. 2 weeks ago my dog was put down, i'm kinda mad because my mom mainly decided for
  126. how do i get my dog (maltese) to walk on 4 legs again? he just got a...
  127. EEEP! :) Help..?
  128. do u think killing seals as a sport is cruel?
  129. Please help me with this?
  130. GUPPY acting weard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
  131. why is my guinea pig's ear a purplish/red colour and dry and crisp?
  132. How do I train my dog?
  133. Dog only wants to eat when its dark inside?
  134. Help! I'm worried about my hamster!?
  135. why was my question reported ? all i asked was do you ever wish to be a animal?
  136. Do you feed the same brand of dogfood?
  137. how can i train my chihuahua to walk with a leash?
  138. i'm worried that my dog is suffering..=[[[?
  139. Pros and Cons: Evo vs Wellness?
  140. Dead eastern box turtle?
  141. Fish? Fish Fish?
  142. i am expecting to have a baby in july. will my puppy get jelous?
  143. If I buy two Lovebirds, will they still socialize with me?
  144. RAT Treat Good? And TOYS?
  145. how often does labradors have their perios?
  146. I had hermit crabs for about a year. The two I had got along great.?
  147. My dog pees in 1 corner at my boyfriend's house but never anywhere else...
  148. Pregnant kitten question?
  149. Is Vitamin B toxic for dogs?
  150. (reactions)-flea and tick drops for dogs?
  151. , my cat is getting the PU surgery this weekend. if your cat had this...
  152. My siamese has a watery eye?
  153. Salt water tank - pink ?
  154. My goldfish cannot swim properly. I think it could be SBD or Flip over. What can...
  155. What is the difference between an anole and a gecko? Which do I have?
  156. Bearded dragon name?
  157. Does my dog have mange?
  158. Anyone know anything about the breeding pedigrees?
  159. what sucker fishes are good for a 55 gallon livebearing tank?
  160. Goldfish names??
  161. Baby Bunnies?
  162. I think my dog is in heat,but she dosent spot.Don't dogs suppose to bleed when...
  163. I need to name my guinea pig?
  164. my dog's eyes dont respond to light! help!?
  165. Do you want to see what goes on in puppy mills?
  166. Is it weird that my boyfriend is a dog?
  167. Can I have these fish in a 55 gallon tank??? (this is the last time ill
  168. Are there wild killifish in northern america? and where would i find them?
  169. San jose reptile show?
  170. Question about Clavamox.. Please Help!?
  171. my dog has a level 3 heart murmur?
  172. My aquarium?
  173. boy or girl??
  174. Horse problem...?
  175. Is it good to leave ur fish in the like, pitch black if they dont have a light in
  176. Can a gold mystery snail and a black mystery snail have babies?
  177. Which Dog Food?
  178. Oprah's puppy mill show?
  179. will doing this make my puppy sick?
  180. HELP! hamster trouble!?
  181. my dog has epilepsy... and ocd?
  182. My ferret has something that looks like blood might even be and some clear stuff on
  183. OK, so can we get the word out..dogs and human medicine?
  184. food for my catfish?
  185. Who eats better...?
  186. my friend has a problom she has 6 dogs and she only can have 3!?
  187. Is this a baby eastern water dragon?
  188. How can I calm my rabbit when I hold him?
  189. I added a pleco to my 6-gallon tank with a betta; both now have Ich & the...
  190. Fat Cat???
  191. I need a small, cute, somewhat exotic pet?
  192. American Fuzzy Lop info?
  193. Hamster hideout?
  194. Can a male cockatiel breed two females at once?
  195. Which kitten is cuter? Look in my 360 profile?
  196. my dog has a level 3 heart murmur?
  197. my cat seems to be sick and i dont know what to do?
  198. How to stud my dog?
  199. Need help with my Boston Terrier (BT) and another dog getting along?
  200. Baby Bunnies?
  201. What is the best (small) animal to get for a pet?
  202. Should I Give My Dog Away?
  203. My fish had a baby (babies?)?
  204. If a horse has a swollen body and sore feet what is wrong with it?
  205. Puppy Name Vote?
  206. Dog Pimples?
  207. Do you agree with the current seal hunt in Canada?
  208. My cat has been pregnant for a while now and I think she might be in
  209. how do you know if your parakeet can talk?
  210. Is my goldfish okay?
  211. When i leave the appartment my dog doesnt stop barking...help!!?
  212. will you please send me $5?
  213. dogss gay?!?
  214. 90 Gal. fish tank question?
  215. miss cats way to much?
  216. Is their anyway for my dog to stop doing this?
  217. How cute is my puppy?
  218. Looking into Owning a Bearded Dragon?
  219. How big do plecs get?
  220. USING A STILL AIR INCUBATOR???? please please please please help!!!!! DUCK EGGS!!?
  221. Question about my dog's habit....?
  222. Good Lord, Do you think she is pregnant by the symptoms? What do you think...
  223. 5 month old golden retriever, is this agression?
  224. Need info on Pitbulls and the police in the U.K!!!?
  225. My dog was neutered and hates the e collar. Is there an alternative?
  226. Can i keep Angelfish in outdoor pond?
  227. Which trailer?
  228. To all the cowboys and cowgirls out here....?
  229. Oh god! My cat just ate a mouse in front of me!!!?
  230. help with treeless saddles!?
  231. My vet just informed me that my 9 week old puppy has been exposed to the...
  232. do you love animals more than people?
  233. What to do the first 24 hours of buying a hamster?
  234. I'm trying to find the history of mounted police forces?
  235. My dad is going to give me a dog but I dont know what to choose among maltese or...
  236. itailain greyhound breeders in the uk?
  237. What plants/base can I put in my tadpole tank?
  238. Are baby california king snakes really shy?
  239. Would this tank comunity work?
  240. bettas and other fish?
  241. Cross Country Saddle Show Jumping?
  242. help me with my new baby silkie?
  243. Help! - I have found 3 bird eggs and...?
  244. how often should i feed my baby mollies?
  245. Boxer or Pitbull question?
  246. I have been trying to get my guy to fix his 10 month old female cat, is it hurting
  247. can't tell if my dog is peeing when i take him out?
  248. Rabbit question?
  249. I think my bristlenose catfish has eggs I'm not sure though please help!?
  250. My 6 month old pitbull pup wont stop Peeing!!!?