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  1. cats? This is a little long.......?
  2. Planted tank lighting question!!?
  3. Do you like the name Ruby ?or Ginger for a chocolate lab puppy?
  4. Fantail Goldfish question?
  5. Why is my dog's tail down?
  6. finding the right exotic pet? no iggnorent answers please.?
  7. How many of you have Akitas, and do you like the breed?
  8. please its about my cat?
  9. How do i airate the water in a tank?
  10. I put my kitty on a diet and shes still overweight.?
  11. rat help please?? maybe sick??
  12. i want a kitten but my mom won`t?
  13. Turtle Will not Bask?
  14. My kitten........?
  15. What do I feed my 2 month old Chihuahua?
  16. Dogs or cats?
  17. How can you search in Discus fish weather they are Female or Male?
  18. Weird Guppies?
  19. Cats are so lazy?
  20. Dwarf Puffer fish and Male betta?
  21. What would you do with a baby Orangutan.?
  22. i know now i need an atleast 2.5 g tank for my goldfish but i need a place that
  23. is it possible for...?
  24. How Do I get My Horse To Gain weight?
  25. what type of pups sell best?
  26. What kinds of fish could you put in a 5 gallon fish tank?
  27. Best way to get pet urine out of a guitar case?
  28. How much longer for my dog to live?
  29. What is the best pet for me (keep these things in mind please)?
  30. Scarred dog?
  31. Why is my dog growling at boyfriend when he unlocked front door at night while
  32. Severe Dog Disobediance Problem?
  33. My kitty is haelthy enough but...?
  34. What do I need to set up a 4foot fish tank for gold fish, what type of...
  35. What are some good things to keep in mind when naming a purebred puppy?
  36. help me with my leopard geckos!?
  37. Mean bunny, what do i do?
  38. Is there anything I can do to see if my goldfish are male or female?
  39. How can I clean out a Febreeze bottle so I can use it to spray my cat?
  40. How old is my Border Collie?
  41. First pet bird?
  42. Breeding my English bulldog?
  43. pregnet dog!?
  44. Is it common for manx cats to have problems with bowel movements?
  45. does anybody know where i can get a siberian husky male puppy for a low price?
  46. Are beagliers classed as a designer dog?
  47. How do i stop my dog from sniffing every grass in the park and come when i call him?
  48. Why is my dog suddenly so aggressive these days?
  49. What to do for my pregnant rat.?
  50. Cat owners, does your home smell like cat?
  51. Advice on my common fish?
  52. How can I stop my dog from barking so much?
  53. adopting a puppy mother is a chocolate lab but unsure what the father is.
  54. my parakeet just laid an egg!?
  55. My dog will not stop using the bathroom on my patio...?
  56. how do i tell if my iguana's poop is normal???????
  57. Socializing dogs?
  58. Small bump on hand from dog bite?
  59. I have 2 tinfoil barbs that have been losing scales and have red patches,...
  60. How do I stop my cats from being very playful at 4am?
  61. Yorkie with giardia, hypoglycemia, and kennel cough?
  62. Do you think someone would stoop low enough....?
  63. Have you ever ordered from SafePetProducts.com?
  64. Would getting teeth cleaning for a dog at a pet groomer be the same thing
  65. Doggie Question, Best Answer gets the Bitg 10 points?
  66. Where is a good place to get a dog haircut?
  67. How do I keep my dog from digging at the neighbors privacy fence?
  68. can i give my damsel fish a algae pellet?
  69. How much stress can a baby platty take?
  70. Japanese Chin new owner that needs some help!?
  71. about dobermans?
  72. how do I stop my dog from moving all our shoes around the house?
  73. Is there any good dog foods at wal-mart?
  74. what would make a good starter dog?
  75. What's you fave kind of fish?
  76. High quality wet good for cat with sensitive stomach?
  77. We've had our staffie for 3 weeks now, she is 12 mths old and she has
  78. the fear of frogs and crabs?
  79. why is my cat acting weird?
  80. Aquaclear filter question?
  81. My cat is acting odd?
  82. What is the better way to feed my cat?
  83. relax your arms??
  84. my mouse had babies and this is the second day with them... it doesnt look...
  85. what dog to chooose.....?
  86. Why do dogs sniff an empty sidewalk or ground? There is nothing on the...
  87. Reptiles/amphibians as pets?
  88. Think you got the cutiest Turtle?
  89. Do rabbits shut their eyes?
  90. what's so bad about toxoplasmosis?
  91. How can I tell my guinea pig is pregnant?
  92. my Clown Loach fish has a big?
  93. Crayfish molt?
  94. Where can I get a layout for a guide dog harness?
  95. MY ball python wont come out of his hide, just ate 2days ago is this normal??
  96. so ive heard it good?
  97. Convincing your stubborn father to get a pet?
  98. concerned for my new betta?
  99. Are male guppies not born with gonopodiums?
  100. Betta fish help please!?
  101. i have 2 male rats and it gets cold in my house do they feel the cold..?
  102. Heels Down?
  103. I was wondering what you do after the mitaban dip.?
  104. Black Algae?
  105. can i put 1 dwarf gourami 3 cories and 1 platy in a 5.5 gallon tank?
  106. Dog Kong Toy?
  107. What do i do with a baby bird?
  108. how much baby aspirin should I give my dog?
  109. Has anyone ever mistaken your mutt for a "designer dog"???
  110. Help my fish is bleeding?
  111. What causes spayed and neutered related deaths in pets?
  112. Can a guppy live with a male batta?
  113. Cat Swatting...=)?
  114. Will you breed my dog?
  115. Nail grinders?
  116. what will my bullfrog eat and what kind of habitat should he be in?
  117. i have to blue and gold macaws they breed what do i do big mistake help?
  118. how do i know if my parakeet egg is fertile or infertile?
  119. Chinchilla? 10 pts. best answer.!?
  120. I just found a ratshire terrier in my appartment buildings dumpster so......?
  121. I need help quick for my dog!!?
  122. Rabbit Care?
  123. Do you think that this "designer dog" fad will ever fade away???
  124. can rabbits wear diapers?
  125. Dogs eating Cucumbers - siezures??
  126. Filter (fish)?
  127. My puppy is peeing a mucus type substance.?
  128. will these minnows survive?
  129. Goldfish food help.?
  130. should I get 1 or 2 cockatiels?
  131. My fish tank is brand new and one month old, the rocks are turning brown as...
  132. l NEED YOUR HELP!?
  133. internal or external aquarium filter which one is better?
  134. Cavy advice?
  135. What hamster should I get??!!! pics please!!!!!?
  136. Is anyone selling a dog?
  137. Female cat spayed and becoming over bearing!!?
  138. Necessities for sugar gliders?
  139. how much are corn snakes?
  140. Aquarium temperature during the summer - no A/C?
  141. I'm getting a new dog. I need help?!?
  142. Does your cat produce lots of earwax and if so, how often do you clean his/her ears?
  143. Why do people say Lovebirds are so loud?
  144. can you name some vitamins and minerals that is in food??Just like if sodium is
  145. Potty Training Chinchillas?
  146. I Just Got My Dog Back From The Groomers and I Think They Overcharged Me?
  147. This is about a dangerous dog?
  148. I want a cute small fuzzy pet but which one?
  149. I have a green mare, What bit should i use?
  150. Our budgie/parakeet still pretends to 'feed' his cage/dishes/perch etc,
  151. what type of rat do have?
  152. Is there something Wrong with my Cat?
  153. kitty with 2 personalities?
  154. Help.....my new mother cat has stopped nursing & is trying to move her kttens after
  155. What should I feed my aquatic snail!!?
  156. Puppies!!!?
  157. Whats the best cat litter, ever?
  158. Can comet goldfishes and Guppies live to gether in a tank? Are they Both...
  159. What happens when a dog eats a tick?
  160. wheaton terriers?
  161. Thinking about getting a small dog for a medium backyard, and ideas on what breeds?
  162. What did cats purr for before they were pets?
  163. How do i look after a chick who her mum has obandon and her two other...
  164. Im bored?!?
  165. My are my cats terrified of plastic?
  166. Why would a bird be missing feathers...?
  167. How much are the expenses to own a cat?
  168. help mi hamster !!?
  169. Can cat allergies disappear?
  170. American Bulldog Breathing Issue?
  171. betta chasing its tail?
  172. question about my rabbit?
  173. how many leopard geckos can i keep in a 30 gal. tank?
  174. best bit for pleasure riding?
  175. How can i tell if the frog in my fishtank is pregnant?
  176. Bearded Dragon Curiosity ...?
  177. How many lbs. over the maximum weight do you think she is?
  178. My cat just got in a cat fight and received some cuts on his face and ears. It is...
  179. My kitten won't drink ANYTHING????!!!?
  180. Does anyone know where where i can find a Show Pig, Blue Butt Stud/Semen website?
  181. My dog keeps rubbing her bottom on the ground...?
  182. Basenjis arnet for everyone?
  183. Kittens back legs?
  184. My Cat Enjoys Baths Too Much?
  185. can someone help me with chickens?
  186. is my cat normal?
  187. Skinny Great Dane, im worried please help?
  188. Kitten help? #2?
  189. Baby horse...two heads!!! what do I do!?!?!?!?
  190. dogs,love them or hate them,me I dont need one????
  191. Pet Stores?
  192. i was cutting my dogs hair and by accident i cut him and its like a little hole...
  193. What should I name I name my webkinz german shepard?
  194. what breed of dog is this?
  195. whats up with my cat?
  196. what do rats like?
  197. I went to get 1 female + 1 male button quail and went home but I noticed both chirp
  198. my goldfishes mouth doesnt seem to be sucking properly?
  199. How can I stop my rabbit from spraying me with urine when I scold him?
  200. freighted fish tanks?
  201. male cats & kittens?
  202. What should I do about my mare?
  203. Fish keeps on sucking up gravel?
  204. fish tank question?
  205. is it ok to give your cat milk after she has kittens?
  206. How do I train my cat not to harm my parrot??
  207. My cat needs help.?
  208. Can anyone help me with a black beard algae problem?
  209. I'm looking at amer. bulldog/pitbull/golden retriever mix puppy,any...
  210. If a dog ate chocolate is there any way to save him/her?
  211. Need help with new tank?
  212. Leash in training a dog to behave indoors?
  213. What has your pet done recently that made you laugh?
  214. I am looking for a small breed dog?
  215. Why does my puppy vomit when he is in the car?
  216. HELP! Is my guinea pig sick? Please answer!!!!!?
  217. How much is a bunny?
  218. Algae in fish tank good for fish?
  219. Is this possible...?
  220. Can a living fish detect from the (tank) water that another fish just died?
  221. I Have Two Gerbils who are only 7 weeks old !!?
  222. how do i bathe my cat?
  223. Do you think guinea pigs make good pets of a scale from 1-10?
  224. Ok how scared would u be if u saw this?
  225. My dog is so bored and has learned to bark non stop in my face?
  226. Since the Belgium Malinois, Belgium Sheepdog and Belgian Tervuren are all...
  227. Names for Baby horses?
  228. dog just gave birth i need help?
  229. thanks Slinkeys and special.. do i put both bulbs at same end?
  230. Need advice on a new cocktiel please!?
  231. whats wrong with my pytyhon??????
  232. whats wrong with my pytyhon??????
  233. My Chinese trutles don't eat!?
  234. my shar pei always stinks why?
  235. What is the best way to make money online?
  236. Am I letting it get to me?
  237. Why is my dog agressive after giving birth?
  238. Pet Odor on Carpet...Help?
  239. flea drops adminstered by vet?
  240. Will aquarium sand harm my pleco fish?
  241. information on water dragons?
  242. How can i make my budgies breed i have 5 budgies 2 male and 3 female?
  243. How do I get my pup to stop pooping and peeing in house?
  244. Can you use a liquid paint striper on a bird cage to remove the paint instead
  245. Guinea Pig names?
  246. This really amazes me about dogs, and money..?
  247. Alright i have an empty 10 gallon tank...and i want to start a saltwater tank.?
  248. I NEED TO FIND a BULLDOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  249. Animal testing is wrong!!! how can i make a good intro for agaisnt animal
  250. What dog is this ?