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  1. I'm going to the vet tomorrow, but I need to know if this is okay?
  2. What is a Curly horse?
  3. i just got a american pitbull terrier 4 weeks ago?
  4. Breeding English with American budgies....?
  5. How do I integrate my newly adopted 5yr old fixed female cat into a home with two 10
  6. Can i take the ear mite stuff out of my cats ear?
  7. Heated water troughs?
  8. what is the best size of hemit crab should i buy?
  9. My Hamster......?
  10. Whenever my dog gets out of the fence when I'm not home he goes to a farm down the
  11. my hamster was chewing the bars of his cage suddenly he made a sqeak sound?
  12. Goldfish PROBLEMO! my 5 year old goldfish has developed red dots on his body. it
  13. whats the hamster in this you tube video your answer will decide my fate!?
  14. Why is my cat acting weird?HELP!!!!!!!!?
  15. What is the definition of a puppy mill,?
  16. Good fly sheet?
  17. Is this stupid?
  18. Help! My cats bleeding in her ear!?
  19. dog info quick!!!?
  20. Why are my cat's gums red?
  21. =0 is my cat ok?????
  22. Are my male rats fighting or are they establishing their dominance?
  23. Any home remedies for really bad doggie breath?
  24. what if i cant deliver my kittens?
  25. i need all possible info for leopard geckos?
  26. cat or dogs?
  27. What Should I feed my salamander?
  28. yearly heartworm preventitive and vaccinations?
  29. I do not understand.....?
  30. need help finding a store with 10 gallon fish tank?
  31. Chihuahuas?
  32. what could be wrong with my cats tail? (picture)?
  33. Calling all vets! Cat question...what do you think of long-term antibiotic therapy?
  34. Swordtail and Guppy Fry?
  35. outdoor pet?
  36. My kitten has fleas how do i get rid of them?
  37. ok what can i do until i get home i have to work and he will be in kennel?
  38. what cleaner can iuse toclean my rats cage?
  39. My dog has potty problems.!!!!:(?
  40. Puppy names?
  41. What should I put In my ten gallon tank?
  42. English Spurs!?
  43. about my dog?
  44. heartworm treatment and phenobarbital?
  45. Is it easy to put together the cubes and coroplast cages?
  46. Care for animals? Please read this))))))))?
  47. Miniature Daschund Training!!! HELP!?
  48. Red Worms in Aquarium Gravel?
  49. is there anything else that can help with my dogs sore legs & artiritis?
  50. Some ideas please?
  51. Let's say, a drug-addict owns a dog. Does the dog recognize that its owner...
  52. From taking lessons?
  53. Dura Whelp or The Whelping Box? For English Bulldog pups?
  54. barn sour is she???
  55. What is the lump on the side of my kittens face?
  56. Baby boar getting mom and sinblings pregnant?
  57. One of my Parakeets has a completely brown nostrils, is that normal, or should
  58. human soap on a dog?
  59. What breed[s] do you think she is?
  60. Safeguard usage?
  61. My cat is 5 months old and someone told me it's time to spay/neuter her...?
  62. help id this bird!?
  63. hedghogs??
  64. Bombay kittens are they a risk?
  65. What do nitrate and nitrite do to goldfish?
  66. sorry about another question but.....are my rats behaving wierdly??
  67. Lethargic kitty - eats snacks and drinks water, but not regular food-- sick?
  68. my rabbit has two ticks?
  69. Ok biggg problem with me green tree frogs??
  70. danio looks like she is ready to burst should I move her to another tank?
  71. Eukanuba or Nutro?
  72. What Breed??
  73. do all blue merle poms have blue eyes?
  74. I found an orphaned puppy and brought it home.?
  75. Breeding Questions?
  76. What Is the best quality rat or rodent bedding?????
  77. any ideas on a paragrapgh for againstn animal tetsing?
  78. one dog breed -many different standards, who do I trust???
  79. Catnip. I don't know how to use it?
  80. Valley Bulldogs in N.S.?
  81. scratches around my rats eyes?
  82. PLEASE READ! frogs, betta, and goldfish question!?
  83. Dog Fetching Problem?
  84. Renting a house in LA with 5 dogs and a cat?
  85. Serious Potty Problem!?
  86. My female cat is not spayed,?
  87. does my molly look knocked up.lol? pictures included?
  88. Do I have a problem?
  89. Anyone Know The Average Price for a Chihuahua?
  90. Puppy sits on command but only on carpet.?
  91. Is it difficult to teach an English-based horse to ride Western ?
  92. How much would it cost to.........?
  93. Advice on owning gerbils?
  94. Should I report the pet store for having puppy mill puppies?
  95. Does my dog need to go to the vet???
  96. What's your favorite tropical fish?
  97. Safeguard usage?
  98. gold fish Q?
  99. Do you have any pets?
  100. what should i do with my pregnat MOUSE?
  101. Does anyone know of a Nubian goat breeder in Oregon?
  102. My dog has lumps on his hips?
  103. What kind of fish should I get (depending on fish I may/may not get a heater) 10...
  104. Where can I get a Ashera Cat?
  105. what should i call my white all over guinea pig?
  106. i wanna get a hamster...?
  107. kidney failure in my cat?
  108. my cat just had kittens!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  109. Kitten names.?
  110. does your dog keep a diary?
  111. my dog is sick i think please help me?
  112. Teddy bear hamster?
  113. missing link dog supplement is it good?
  114. Well Im Looking For A Minature English Bull Terrier Im Lookin To Pay 1,000...
  115. is my baby gecko sick?
  116. Dog Pooping inside the house?
  117. i have a Trichogaster trichopterus fish...will it die?
  118. hartz flea and tick drops and thyroid problem?
  119. My dog just had puppys please help?
  120. I found an orphaned puppy and brought it home.?
  121. Is there irresponsible dog breeding in Australia?
  122. What is growing on my dog's neck?
  123. Pregnant kitty?
  124. in an incubator, how long should i wait to turn chicken eggs??
  125. Is there a site that tells how to care for your dog? I have a dog and
  126. Ghost Shrimp?
  127. my cat has been bitten by something?
  128. any ideas??
  129. is anyone else afraid of birds...?
  130. Sick since birth :(?
  131. Is handreared cockatiel and lovebird the same in terms of personality?
  132. What causes male dogs to mark inside the house and become aggressive at...
  133. My 9 month year old dachshund dog is unusually inactive, help!!!?
  134. My dad wont let me get a puppy what should I do?
  135. Is my guinea pig sick or picky?
  136. Dog poll wolf wolf?
  137. Is the length of a Betta's fin genetically determined - or environmental?
  138. What breed is this puppy?
  139. New Kitten 7 weeks old arrived two days ago and still hasn't pooped. How often
  140. How would I go about building a cage for an opossum?
  141. When does a puppy looses their teeth?
  142. my little dick is dying yesterday it was fine eating and playing what happened?
  143. Is there a fish that looks like a dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi)?
  144. Salukis as apartment dogs?
  145. Baby Convict's . . . ????
  146. why does my cat pee on my things?
  147. mouse cage? pleeeease??
  148. Is petco a good place to buy a bunny?
  149. can animals get the same mental disorders at people?
  150. Car Seat for a Chihuhua?
  151. Mourning Dove in my Backyard!?
  152. fish help?
  153. breeding zebra finches?
  154. Cocker Spaniel with bathroom issues?
  155. selective breeding???????
  156. My week old chickens (I have 10) are pecking at each others eyes, what can I do to
  157. Can you help me answer a raccoon question?
  158. I just noticed that my hampster has a large blackish ball on his lower...
  159. my dog was stung by a bee?
  160. How do dogs have cleaner teeth than us?
  161. when is the best time to for my shih tzu to mate???
  162. OFA results?
  163. My friend had a bird 4 a couple months & then got another1 & the 1st one was
  164. what do i do when my kitty doesnt poop?
  165. quakers genders - "old wives tales"?
  166. What level rider would you rate me as?
  167. do you think it is fair to put people down.......?
  168. Kitten swimming pool!?!?!?!?!!?
  169. con anyone tell me EVERYTHING there is to know about caring for tadpoles
  170. I think my hamster has cancer? HELP?
  171. Is it cruel to put a pet down???
  172. Does any one know what type of snail would be good to clean a male betta
  173. What is Parvo?
  174. 2nd part of GP "whoops" question (posted earlier)?
  175. My dog needs a diet...help!?
  177. Horse Supplements?
  178. My crazy cocker....?
  179. What am I to do?
  180. can someone give me a definition of a reptile?
  181. how long exactly from the day of conception should I expect puppies from my sheltie?
  182. reptiles?.......?
  183. Can i train an 11 month old schnauzer?
  184. Help with my pet mouse please?
  185. Is this dog Myth true or not true?
  186. How can i prevent my pit bull to stop attacking my collie?
  187. Duplex Issue, Dog Shat all over shared backyard?
  188. My Dog Has... My kitten ...?
  189. Is it ok to take home a 4 wk old kitten and let my other cat train her instead...
  190. Where can I take my dog in San Francisco?
  191. Do you like Toads ? Where is the strangest place you have found them ?
  192. who do fish live under water?
  193. please help...my pug?
  194. I have 8 bars (all diff. tiger) and 2 silver sharks, the barbs are...
  195. My beagle has these episodes where he shakes and drools, and cannot move his
  196. Any one in the Texas panhandle or western Oklahoma looking to give away
  197. Where can you find a cat to look after for six months?
  198. im so frusturated about my mice, please click here!?
  199. For a horse show?
  200. can marine invertibrates live without a protein skimmer??
  201. Another happy breeder...?
  202. Another happy breeder...?
  203. toy poodles?
  204. Paint . . . ????
  205. Am i incubating my duck eggs right???
  206. What Coloring is my dog?
  207. SICK PUPPY 7 week old pit bull?
  208. Question for pit bull ppl or dog breeders. is it common for a female to nip and
  209. Help me with a new fresh-water aquarium?
  210. Does anyone else think guinea pigs are creepy?
  211. my dog just ate some chep play doh?
  212. HELP,Want to buy a 6 Horse Head to Head horse trailer.?
  213. Where's the best place to adopt dogs in Riverside, California?
  214. It's getting out of hand: but enough to give up on her?
  215. My chihuahua is in heat.....at what point is it safe to let her out of the kennel...?
  216. One of my baby shubunkin has long tan 'wormlike' tail from his anus. What...
  217. What breed of dog is in the Peticure commercial?
  218. How can I get rid of my horses hay belly?
  219. My Min pin has a large black mole on her back???
  220. What breed of cat do I have?
  221. Please help me!! My new persian has an URI!!?
  222. turnout rugs- safe for a horse in an agisted paddock?
  223. Hybrid name for Chihuahua/Westie?
  224. My dog will not stop peeing when I go to pick her up!?!?
  225. Canadian geese eggs and Qs???
  226. Can you put a baby duck in a rabbit cage??
  227. What's the difference between and English Pointer & a GSH Pointer?
  228. Birds that can be housed with budgies...?
  229. I have a red thai crab in a 10 gallon tank, i was thinking of getting him a friend?
  230. A black thing stuck out of my male turtle's tail. What is that?!?
  231. Whats the earliest.....?
  232. Our turtle is trying to lay her eggs How long should this take?
  233. Dog diet with broccoli?
  234. I am looking for a Giant Breed that can play ALOT!?
  235. Training tips?
  236. When is a French Bulldog "fully grown"?
  237. Elenas cat is yewwwwwwy?
  238. Any Pet Stores that Sell Puppies in Plantation?
  239. Cleaning a dog's ears?
  240. almost fish help?
  241. is it ok if I have a fully submersible heater about 2 inches out of my tank ???
  242. Questions on Anglo-Arab (The horse breed)?
  243. Any experiences with Merrick?
  244. What aged chidren should toy dogs be placed with?
  245. where the red fern grows?
  246. Can I cut my cat's fur on his feet safely? Do I HAVE to clip his nails?
  247. can i feed my damsel fish some of my lizards mealworms?
  248. whats wrong with my cat and how can i help them?
  249. if i have a male halfmoon betta and a halfmoon female will they make halfmoon...
  250. Is it a good thing that I let my birds go?