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  1. I want a ferret but i don't know much about them. Help?
  2. Whats wrong with my puppy ?
  3. my male cat keeps climbing on the back of my great pyrenees for ride. how to
  4. Can I substitue another brand of gelatin for making a kitten formula??
  5. My cat is slightly jealous?
  6. i found a lost dog!?
  7. Ok so i have this male rat.. not even 1 yet. i want to get him a friend.
  8. why does my cat stare at his litter box?
  9. How much do borkies and morkies cost?
  10. how can you tell if your cats in heat?
  11. Why wont my dog won't stop barking!?
  12. Newly Hatched Dove Chick!!!! HELP!!!!!?
  13. what will happen if a brother and sister hamster have babies?
  14. how long does it take for food to digest in dogs?
  15. my friends golden lab has a dry and cracked nose and a bad odor coming from...
  16. Goldfish help!?
  17. what does my rat have? [vet wont help]?
  18. PLease help i am scared! Please?
  19. Koi Pricing?
  20. Is it wrong to think of your pet as your baby?
  21. my cat eat her kitten!?
  22. i am looking for a long term cat sitter!?
  23. do i cut the lilter of when i make a water change?
  24. Lovebird breeding: Part 2?
  25. Is it weird that my cat goes looking for lettuce and eats it?
  26. Cat at petsmart?
  27. Does anyone know of any website with info on how to start a salt water aquarium?
  28. Winter White Hamster question?
  29. he is at the vet with iv in him seems really weak?
  30. My puppy ate a small piece of rubberish sticky bandage I had put on his around his
  31. paradise fish!!!!?
  32. What type of kitten do you think this is? Is she considered to be medium or long...
  33. Where to find a pet store that sells rats in Sydney,Australia?
  34. What should I do??!?
  35. Do I need to seperate the 'mom' and 'dad' hamsters when the 'mom' is pregnant?
  36. My Dog is snoring?
  37. Advice on my battery hen who wont perch?
  38. what kinds of animals do you like?♥ and/or wish you could have?
  39. my fish like seconds ago just died from finrot. i have 3 others in the tank but...
  40. helppppppp!!1 a bird flew away and left its two unhatched eggs!!?
  41. I have two 6 month old kittens?
  42. What to do for a puppy with extremely swollen lymph node????
  43. Puppy Pad help?
  44. why does my tetra bite?
  45. Is my cat pregnant?
  46. I need help with my sick dog!?
  47. Does anyone know a good flea prevention besides frontline or advantage?
  48. My ball python won't eat.?
  49. Is this good or bad?
  50. my cockatiel is too obsested with its cage?
  51. What do you think of an animal ambulance ?
  52. How to get myHamster to stop being noisy at night?
  53. possible pregnant lab has a clear fluid coming form her vulva. Is this normal?
  54. Attn Kitty Lovers: What breed of kitty would you say this is?
  55. 6 week old great dane with diarrhea and not really eating?
  56. How to find a home for an English Bulldog?
  57. i have an american bulldog and it now 2 months old .... so how do i start...
  58. Got my cat declawed: Symptoms..?
  59. can u house 2 tokays in a 10 gallon tank?
  60. can 2 budgies be hand tamed?
  61. Why is my cat crying?
  62. Have you spayed/neautered your dog(s)?
  63. what's wrong with my goldfish?
  64. Cleaning fishtank?
  65. Why is my cat so much cuter than your cat?
  66. how to know when cat is in heat?
  67. What are some ways to scare off a dog? (details inside)?
  68. I have a sick dog with a tumor, does anybody know where i could find affordable help?
  69. What kind of dog is this?
  70. how do i get rid of hair algea?
  71. SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!!! help?
  72. i have a question?
  73. How do I know if my egg is going to hatch or not?
  74. When my puppy gets spayed next week......Answer Please?
  75. is there a differents between a minature englishbull terrier and a regular...
  76. How to stop new cat from chasing out old cat?
  77. Why wont my dog wont walk near a spot she has pooped?
  78. Free dog spaying in NJ?
  79. Its my dog's 4th birthday today. How should i celebrate?
  80. suggesting a new dog too soon?
  81. My cats genital area is bleeding.?
  82. hyperactive dog a couple of questions?
  83. How Much food should i give to a bunny everyday? How do i know her gender?
  84. update and questions about HOPE..........?
  85. What can I give my betta fish? They look very pale.?
  86. I need help with potty training our puppy!?
  87. What happens if you suddenly switch cat food???
  88. i am looking for an anti-puppy mills necklace...help?
  89. Is a Red Coris Wrasse compatible with anemones?
  90. How do I tame my dog's wild fur?
  91. What cat is this?
  92. turtles....?
  93. when is the best time to breed my BMD??
  94. My dog is addicted to human food?
  95. 3-week old kittens have crusty eyes ....?
  96. Where can I find a store with hand fed bugies? Any breeders out there?
  97. Do You Think It's Plain Out Wierd or Unique That All Of My Pets Are Males?
  98. Why does my dog act this way?
  99. What do I need to do?
  100. my dog is always barking he is about 2 and i have tryed everything to stop
  101. this is reli important!! so plz read nd this is my friends situation!!????
  102. Can you name any types of vegetables that a guinea pig can eat?
  103. Question about dog???
  104. Danio...Again....Sorry?
  105. i have had 1 female and 1 male for 6 months. Female had four kittens 3 weeks ago.?
  106. when can i bath my dog after she had her puppies?
  107. Sheltie Grooming?
  108. Do cats have allergies?
  109. How do you tell what kind of turtle is it?
  110. Cory, Cory, What's your story?
  111. Anyone into barrel racing?
  112. advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  113. Bee in my Bedroom!?
  114. my dogs abnormal growing problem?
  115. Will This Do For A RES Tank?
  116. whats a good heating source for a boa at night?
  117. Homemade quail incubator would it work?
  118. This is more of a statement about pet owners who post questions here.?
  119. What are some good wiener dog names...?
  120. Dog barking: happy or angry?
  121. Does anyone else hav a Bearded collie (dog) that i can chat to?
  122. Poorly Goldfish?
  123. oscar fish length in groups?
  124. My dog accidentally hit his head under our table?
  125. These birds laid eggs in my bamboo, now they've hatched, but one chick has
  126. When did your cat become normal again after getting fixed? Also, I feel...
  127. Pit bull....?
  128. How much does a turtle ex ray cost?
  129. HELP HELP HELP!!! My pet mouse...?
  130. Why do dogs eat their own poo?
  131. Puppy problems?
  132. What is your favourite local or exotic bird? bred or seen?
  133. my syrian hamster thinks my hand is a food?
  134. Help! please hurry my rat is choking!?
  135. We have two mini dachshunds and we are pregnant with our first child. How...
  136. What killed my mother's Parrot Fish?
  137. List of legal pets? (Arizona)?
  138. I need dog help?!?
  139. How to teach your dog to lay down?
  140. Can someone tell me contacts of avian wildlife centers in west london please?
  141. Couldn't find ammonia ANYWHERE - so any tips on fish-cycling?
  142. What do you have in your tank? Real or fake plants? What's the different benefits of
  143. my 11 week old puppy has kennel cough and is on anitbiotics and i was wondering...?
  144. Is it safe to give dogs phenylephrine?
  145. Help! Rodent in room????
  146. I've just adopted a blind White's "Dumpy" Treefrog. Would be safe to put in...
  147. help with fleas?!?
  148. What is "dry tail"?
  149. can i baith kittens, they ahve fleas and the mom abandoned them, they are about 1
  150. My dog is about 2yrs. old and has been throwing up, I don't know much about dogs,...
  151. has this happen to your dog? if you what breed combinations did you get?
  152. How can I know if rabbits are playing or fighting?
  153. Electric Shock collar for my dog?
  154. I farted on my cats face and it fell over and died... help...?
  155. My guinea pig has bald spots, why?
  156. Pet quaker attacked me!?
  157. How can I get my dog to stop humping?
  158. Heart worm pill for dogs..help?
  159. Why is my dog so fascinated with a laser light?
  160. Summer camp for dogs.... and their people!?
  161. Ferals--Domestication or Stockholm Syndrome?
  162. What can I do to help my 13yr dog?
  163. crush on my riding instructor?
  164. about my cat..?
  165. What does it mean when a betta stays at the top corner of its cup?
  166. How do you tell the sex of a dove?
  167. NEED HELP IMMIDIATE!!!!!!!!!!! - titanic?
  168. What are some animals youi could mix?
  169. Is my freshwater Moray Eel acting normal?
  170. KITTEN NAMES!?!? female?
  171. how do i teach my dog to fetch?
  172. How long does it take for dove eggs?
  173. how can you tell if your dog ate a frog plz answer fast?
  174. Where can i search for some ones...?
  175. I need help potty training a pitbull terrier!!?
  176. what can I give my dog for arthritis?
  177. I want your opinion...?
  178. Why do cats feel heavier when they're sleepy/sleeping?
  179. Is it "Freebird" of "Free Bird"?
  180. What dog-related issues are most frustrating to you?
  181. My kitten loves so bite people?
  182. Cause of death of a corn snake?
  183. How can you get a puppy from eating her own doody?
  184. if my beta is dying?
  185. how do cat's noses stay wet?
  186. NEED HELP IMMIDIATE!!!!!!!!!!! - titanic?
  187. do dogs need to get shots?
  188. Hamster bites Constantly!!!!?
  189. i have a american pit bull terrier?
  190. help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
  191. cutest cat contest! GRAND PRIZE 10 POINTS!!?
  192. what should i do with the male hamster while my hamster is pregnant?
  193. How can i catch a wild hedgehog?
  194. is my pet spiders home a good one? (wolf spider i believe)?
  195. puppy question please?
  196. What is a typical Italian cat name?
  197. Daschund Name oppinions ?
  198. how long can a cactis live?
  199. help! my cat is in labor.....?
  200. I HAvE A PS3?
  201. Does any one know how to tell the sex of a parakeet?
  202. What is your favourite local or exotic bird? bred or seen?
  203. What Do You When Your Dog Starts Choking?
  204. What is a good name for a dog?
  205. Do I Need to protect my Dog from Chiken pox virus?
  206. Colorful freshwater fish for intermediate?
  207. Puppy Names!!! -pictures-?
  208. How tall? Bc pup.?
  209. Do you think...?
  210. My dog pee's in apartment! He's 2yrs old,neutered, and house broken, took
  211. What is wrong with my dogs nails?
  212. Is that a kit I can use to humanely euthanize a severely injuried and suffering
  213. mother cat needs a home.......what to do?
  214. What is the best breed of dogs?
  215. Looking for a good quality shih tzu breeder in miami/ft.lauderdale area. No...
  216. How do Reptiles Poop?
  217. Can Dogs be fed fruits at the same time as veggies???
  218. problems w/ my male cat?
  219. Do they sell 20lbs bags of aquarium gravel at Petsmart or Walmart?
  220. Does any one know how to tell the sex of a parakeet?
  221. Zebra finches eggs?
  222. My new Doberman smells like the Dobie I had 7 yrs. ago ?
  223. I was wanting to buy some silkworms...?
  224. Saddle Serial number HELP!!!!??
  225. why does he still scratch after steriods and benedryl from the vet?
  226. Does a Turtle's shell removable just like in the movie over the hedge?
  227. What are some pet places that sell puppies?
  228. My iguana has developed some sort of Fungus, or Bumps?
  229. My dog randomly barks at night between the hours of 1 and 3 am hes a shih tzu...
  230. Are Rabbits allowed banannas?
  231. my cat seems to be losing weight?
  232. How can I make my dog more aggressive and playful? He is Border Collie...
  233. please help?
  234. If a dog lost his tongue, could he still drink?
  235. What's a good way to reduce my cat from shedding so much?
  236. How could i tame my male syrian hamster if it sleeps all day?
  237. what is the law on getting dog bitten?
  238. what are some things i can do for my budgies to encourage breeding?
  239. Will a cat,s milk dry up after she has been spayed?
  240. My puppy bites a lot how can I make him stop?
  241. french bulldog info?
  242. what do i do when my duck eggs hatch? can i hold them or do i have to leave them?
  243. why does my betta change colors (decrease)?
  244. kitty with bumps and hair loss :( PLEASE HELP! (mange??)?
  245. Hey can anyone tell where I can find good detailed birdhouse plans?
  246. My hamster wont eat what should i do? p.s i already went to the vet?
  247. guinea pigs?
  248. Is my cat going to be alright alone tonight?
  249. How do you start a chain letter? I have only recived them and most people don't like
  250. what should i do while my hamster is pregnant?