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  1. What should i do bout my kitten?
  2. some1 please help =[?
  3. What does it mean when my dog stands in the middle of the room with his...
  4. my dog sheds hair?
  5. What Remidies If Any, Are There For Direhea In Cats?
  6. have you ever witnessed Animal Abuse, either in your community or first-hand?
  7. What types of fish should go in the tank???
  8. My cat has a circular patch of torn /removed skin with hair loss around it?
  9. My puppy is a collie, shih tzu, and toy poodle mix. He is about 9 months old. Will
  10. How can i make this look good?
  11. Under tank heating, HELP?
  12. why is my dog eating lots of grass?
  13. worming a dog with a cattle wormer valbazen?
  14. what will i need to keep a chicken...?
  15. holding dogs in arms?
  16. How can I get my 1 year old cat to stop attacking feet and ankles?
  17. Mastiff Puppies?
  18. Shih Poo puppy?
  19. border terrier or german shepherd??
  20. How thick is the branch chickens roost on?
  21. what kind of dog is this?
  22. bathing before a show?
  23. Guppies okay with these fish?
  24. PLEASE help, i need advice on which pet to pick!!!!?
  25. Is it normal for a cat to have swelling and bleeding from an incision site 5-7
  26. Good Idea?
  27. my 9 months old kitten stopped eating after seeing another cat in house?!?
  28. My dog has just started to be aggressive with other dogs. How to I break this habit?
  29. was it ok to...?
  30. my dog has a cataract and it turned red what does that mean should i take her to
  31. How hazourdos is choclate to dogs?
  32. im agasigt neutureding and speay anamils its mean but my two male rabiits...
  33. i fed my puppy a cow's milk...?
  34. What kind of breeds do you think this dog is a mix of?
  35. I am Thinking About Getting Another Dog But Do Not Want A Big Dog Again?
  36. Would you knowingly take your neighbors dog for someone who wanted it, if
  37. My older dog (14yrs) is puking up yellow bile and with alot of mucus in it.
  38. Can I breed A male FIV+ cat with a female who is immunized against it?
  39. Stomach Surgery for Dog...he has trouble standing up now.?
  40. Dog breeders, how do I get a mentor? I'd really love to breed and show
  41. dog stomach surgery?
  42. Is my cat in Labor?
  43. Male mouse breeding ?!?
  44. What kind of lizard shoud i buy?
  45. Are 5 week old baby ducks able to stay outside without a heat source?
  46. My guniea pig is pregnant and she can go upto wednesday 14th she keeps biting
  47. My kitten keeps walking around me in circles?
  48. Do you think prisoners should be allowed to keep pets?
  49. Does anyone own a ostrich? Would you let someone ride it?
  50. How can I attract Blue Jays? I live in Southern California. PUENTE HILLS?
  51. help me find out a bit more PLEASE?
  52. I took cats in for the winter and I can't keep them?
  53. Is this a good deal from a cattery?
  54. Has anyone traveled with their pet from US or Canada to Europe?
  55. How do veterinary referrals work?
  56. I think my cat had her kittens and I can not find them, what do I do?
  57. what designers still use animal fur?
  58. any ideas?
  59. plant lights for fish tank?
  60. Dogs & Cats?
  61. what breed of dogs are these!?
  62. 75 gallon tank?
  63. Our recently adopted 3-yr old male neutered cat is spraying, does this...
  64. Morkie puppy's hair...?
  65. Can I do anything about my neighbor's perpetually barking Chihuahuas?
  66. Celebrities who carry their dogs under their arms.... Could you do that to YOUR dog?
  67. why is my pet rat acting so stupid?
  68. Where in MI can I find a good Roborovski hamster breeder?
  69. Lookin 4 a free puppy!?
  70. can any one help with information on bearded dragons?
  71. Dogs VS Cats?
  72. Litter for young kitten?
  73. Flying lead changes and cantering (2 questions)?
  74. What is wrong with my fish???? Please help!!!?
  75. boy dog to girl dog...name?
  76. I have two fawn pitbulls (one male and one female) that need anmes!?
  77. Could someone help me find out what breed my dog is?
  78. My balloon molly fish is really agressive, is there something I can do to stop this?
  79. DNA and Dogs?
  80. Compatibility Question?
  81. My dog thinks other dogs are a food source? Help!?
  82. Is my kitten a male or female? Pictures please help!?
  83. Looking to Purchase Another Snake....?
  84. Netherland Dwaf Double Pregnancy!!?
  85. How can i make be dogs breath smell better.?
  86. Good horse breeds?
  87. Sulcata Not Growing?
  88. Webbed toes?
  89. motherless 4 weel old yorkie need all the help i can get ( PEASE )?
  90. Adding shrimps to a 20 gallon community.?
  91. Reintroducing to ferrets to the same cage?
  92. My dog is limping and i dont know why??? plz help!!?
  93. What can I expect when I have my dog spayed.?
  94. What is clicker training?
  95. How to get a dog to eat or make her fattter?
  96. How can you tell if a baby rabbit is a boy or girl?
  97. How often should I feed my leopard geckos?
  98. what are great dog breeds for running and endurance sports????
  99. how long till my guppies give birth?!?!?
  100. guess wat breed my puppy is... again....ps its NOT lab x poodle?
  101. Can anyone tell me anything about a Bull Boxer?
  103. Can a kitten get pregnant at the age of four months?
  104. y r my 2 preggo guppys chasing each other away one of them is swimming dead fast
  105. hyperthyroidism in cat urinating on floor?
  106. which pet would you rather have Dog or Cats?
  107. whats the easiest pet or medium work?
  108. Cat poops on the rug?
  109. How Many Pets Do You Own Right Now????
  110. What makes a cat eat a cactus?
  111. How to keep Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier face clean ?
  112. Is my Rat nipping me?
  113. Are boiled chicken neck bones safe for rottweilers to eat?
  114. cats/ staying indoors?
  115. What dog breed would suit this lady-She lives on a 5acre farm, but she 60yrs old.?
  116. Getting cats to go in garden?
  117. should i get my pig a friend?
  118. unfriendly parakeet??
  119. Have you used the plastic caps for your cat's nails?
  120. Why is my cat locking his hair out?
  121. why are my clow fish fighting when i turn on the actinic light?
  122. Has anyone bought a Kitten off Dickinson Catteries?
  123. Why did my dog refuse to walk down the street?
  124. Question on puppy's vaccines.?
  125. My dog has a cough, and I think it is because of the vaccines?
  126. Why is everyone so mean to people to ask questions?
  127. What category on Craigslist would a "Pet Caretaker Needed" ad go in?
  128. Blenheim Cavaliers?
  129. My female rabbit is 6,5 years old. Can she meet the male one and reproductive still?
  130. How do I housebreak an outside cat to stop going to the bathroom in places
  131. Has anyone flown a dog from China to the US?
  132. I have a new banty rooster and some hens. Will my bird eating (large,...
  133. What's a good small dog for kids?
  134. Do you think it is safe for a new puppy to go to work with me before it has all
  135. how far back to trim sun conures wings?
  136. Huge increase in abandoned pets?
  137. Has anyone used the Sprenger KK ultra Baucher Snaffle?
  138. Professional vs. Personal training when it comes to ...?
  139. Will my kitty's hair grow back?
  140. can my cat eat fruit? in can my cat eat chicken or ham or anything like that?
  141. Is it ok to take a parrot out with you on a little chain?
  142. Boxer Pup's nipple... should i be worried??
  143. What rabbits eat and not eat?
  144. I have week old chicks.?
  145. Cat disposition?
  146. my one year old dog, just ate a mouse, and now my dog won't get near me.?
  147. Whats the best and fastest way to house train a year old puppy?
  148. Should I castrate my dog??PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!?
  149. kittens have red rimmed eyes and look sore?
  150. Do you think its okay if my puppy ate some chocolate?
  151. In my fish tank (1 gallon) I have these white wormy 1 millimeter long
  152. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  153. My Dog is evil!!!!!!!!!!!?
  154. Our Rottweiler is almost 6. She has had both knees done (I guess ACL in our
  155. Can anyone please tell me a rough idea of wages for an entry level Veterinary...
  156. Are hamsters a good pet for people who are afraid.?
  157. What does it mean if my rabbit licks me????
  158. Why are dogs playful?
  159. Dog food quantity...........?
  160. Do crickets need heat?
  161. what do you think about making a pet sniff your barefeet?
  162. do you know a number i can call??
  163. My dog has a problem humping my leg?
  164. Why has the behaviour of my cat changed?
  165. Feeding raw food diet to my cats and dog?
  166. how much should i feed my goldfish?
  167. i need hepl fast dogs??!!!!?
  168. i need hellp with my pit bull???
  169. Dog Question?
  170. Fish tank Cleaning and Fish Species?
  171. my cleaner fish is barely moving?
  172. my yellow tang died after 3 days ! WHY???
  173. English Cocker Questions?
  174. What do you think of this?
  175. How old should a male dog be before he is bred?
  176. How do I get my 3 year old Chihuahua to eat dog food?
  177. What's a good rat cage for 5 rats?
  178. what pets do you have?
  179. Do you think it is safe for a new puppy to go to work with me before it has all
  180. why are my robo dwarfs fighting?
  181. My dog was boarded for a few days, and now has way more eye "goop" than normal...?
  182. Advice please?
  183. my dogs starting coughing forcefully about an hour ago and started eating
  184. Can you have a tank with just male guppies in it?
  185. i was told that our dog has tape-worms.i don`t have money for a vet.?
  186. list of chinchilla questions.. please help?
  187. We have a male cat that is a year old and recently started "spraying", ugh!?
  188. i got a hamster about two weeks ago, and each time i handle it, it trys to run
  189. Thank you guys i found a picture of him so what kind do you think he is?
  190. new born paint horse name ideas???
  191. I need help with my foal?
  192. My dog's breathing isn't normal so what could be wrong?
  193. Butt scooting cat...?
  194. im buying a dane puppy..it will be a 5 weeks old pup..what should i start with,...
  195. Pond Fish Water tuning green and cloudy?
  196. Dog Grooming?
  197. Training Tips! (Long description but please read it!)?
  198. What and where do you buy puppy Knibble?
  199. two-day-old duckling too weak to stand?
  200. Several Horse Questions, Please help. YOu will know the answer to at least one?
  201. Is 6 years old too old to have a male Doberman neutered?
  202. I found ticks on my cat. I've removed them and put stuff on the back of...
  203. Have you ever kept the fish you caught as a pet? If so, what kind of fish was
  204. Nail Cutting?
  205. My 17 week old chocolate lab has diarrhea?? Any suggestions?
  206. Has anyone ever tried Nature's Guardian flea, tick, and mosquito prevention?
  207. Wintec Easy Change Gullet System?
  208. Children under 10 Should Not Own A Pet?
  209. are there such things as quiet pets?(introverted)?
  210. Doberman Debate?
  211. Endurance riding with your dog?
  212. my sons rabbit couldnt outrun the puppy- IS SHE IN SHOCK?? didn't find any
  213. i just got a cat and it is a year old but it is a very nervous cat and scared...
  214. How do you hand raise birds?
  215. What is she mixed with?
  216. Guinea Pig Question?
  217. My leopard geckos keep eating their eggs? Any reason why?
  218. What kind of dog is the white cutie in the Mighty Dog dog food commercials?
  219. Hi, do you have any idea what this dog might be?
  220. will my long tentacle anemone be hurt by my haitian anemone?
  221. my rabbit is pulling out his own hair and if he can grab it he will pull
  222. Cat HELP! Swollen Paw?
  223. Guniea pigs?
  224. what can i do to get my pit more big and stronger?
  225. Does anyone know where I can buy a Boer Goat in the Indianapolis, Indiana area?
  226. should i...................?
  227. newly gelded horse?
  228. Lonely Lovebird?
  229. Still can't pass huge poop?
  230. Descaling tartar at home?
  231. Help! What is the most effective way to get rid of ammonia?
  232. Foster kitten is sick?
  233. Dog Breed!?
  234. Do weather loaches eat white cloud mountain minnows?
  235. my kitten won't use the litter box?
  236. My dogs skin is so dry that sometimes she makes it bleed from so much...
  237. A little peeved now? Military and animals?
  238. My cat screamed and acted weird outside?
  239. Planting an aquarium?
  240. 6 yr old female cat recentely started urinating on furniture? Help!?
  241. Does your kitty ever wink at you ?
  242. how is a cairn terrier good w/children(babies) and other pets..? i have a 5...
  243. iguana tries to eat my fingers and hair, is he hungry or pissy?
  244. Which breed of dog do you think is better???? random poll :)?
  245. How long can Duck eggs survive...?
  246. Why do i get sick after thinking about my dog?
  247. What does having a lot of pictures of one's dog, and only 3 small ones of one's...
  248. My dog is wobbly and weak...?
  249. Animals' unconsious?
  250. my rat...?