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  1. There's weird things on my dog!?
  2. Im 12 and want money for a horse i need answers this is my dream and i cant wait?
  3. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  4. how old are kittens when they open their eyes?
  5. I really want a dog exactly like old yeller were can I get one in southern...
  6. I'm looking for a picture of a particular fish.?
  7. How do worms exit a dog's body?
  8. Should I get rid of my turtle?
  9. on a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, how good of a pet is a Bengal cat?
  10. Kitten Problem Please help?
  11. Looking for a dog?
  12. NeedleNose Gar?!?!?!?!?
  13. I don't think jockeys hit the horses with the crops?
  14. Why is medicine so backwards regarding horses?I cannot understand why Eight
  15. Looking for someone to buy or give away my parakeet zeke to?
  16. What should I name my hamster?
  17. Home made bird toys??
  18. I'm confused. Eight Belles?
  19. Dog situation, what should I do?
  20. prices of...?
  21. I was bitten by my 2 mos. old puppy?
  22. I found this bird that I think is a juvenile because it seems to have all
  23. How can I take care of animals better?
  24. How can some people not LOVE dogs?????
  25. My lop earred rabbit is scratching her ears and loosing her balance. Will...
  26. What are cute names for four black kittens with a tiny bit of white on their chest?
  27. Puppy Help??
  28. Is it cruel to put a muzzle on my dog?
  29. Should I name my Hamster Dottie or Nibbles?
  30. How do I keep my beardie from getting eaten ?
  31. Acepromazine- is it lethal to humans?
  32. Where did the babies go???
  33. How can I help a lame horse?
  34. Timothy hey... love?
  35. My dog picked up this habit about not eating out of her bowl...?
  36. Would it be ok to shave my cat?
  37. Is dog racing and horse racing inhumane?
  38. can these fish coexist in the right size of tank?
  39. My Betta friends?
  40. Dog.... self filling water bowls??
  41. Rescue the Puppies!?
  42. is there something wrong with my cat?
  43. how can i teach my cat to sit?
  44. Someone asked something yesterday about an idiot starving a dog for art?
  45. I just adopted my first pet and he is joy, but I'm uncomfortable because I...
  46. There is a male killdeer in my backyard?
  47. What am i supposed to do with this newborn baby bird?
  48. Stock Horses?
  49. My angel fish layed eggs, what now?
  50. This is confusing me....?
  51. riding help - i get too hot in the summer!?
  52. Horse pasture?
  53. Doggie Diet?
  54. i dont like to ...!?
  55. My mouse is raping the other.?
  56. Thanks for the suggestions NOW WHICH ONE IS BEST???
  57. Here's a FUN question...?
  58. Guide Dogs?
  59. where can i buy slate tiles for my leopard gecko?
  60. Looking for English Bull Terrier puppies near chicago???
  61. New to Gold fish, strange behavior?
  62. Budgie froths at mouth!???!!!?
  63. Walking???
  64. I need help with my mollie?
  65. Purina? Iams?
  66. Dog who bit me in question below?
  67. turtle question?
  68. Where should I release my turtle?
  69. where can i find a pregnant dog to adopt or foster in san diego?
  70. One of my fish is injured, I want to put medicine in but will it affect my other
  71. 75 gallon fish tank heater?
  72. Whats the matter with my dog?
  73. has anyone got a Siamese cat ?
  74. Looking for a Marmite sweet itch update ?
  75. Is it okay to get a cat if I have 5 dogs?
  76. My red parrot chilids acts like he digging a hole?
  77. Please help!!??
  78. Who uses 1800petmeds.com?
  79. Why did my female beta fish make a bubblenest? And I also saw this little...
  80. Street surfing dog!?
  81. Why wont my dog let my other dog use the restroom outside?
  82. Look at the dog I'm getting, What do you think of her?
  83. Just bought new zebra finch?
  84. Would you use this product on your dog?
  85. My Westie is 6 months old today. She doesn't have the "Westie look".?
  86. I need help with a cute puppy name?
  87. Cat labour???
  88. What are some good names for dwarf hamsters?
  89. Goldfish with large brown spot and brown on fins?
  90. Puppy shots, none yet at 6 months. What is needed and at what price?
  91. Do wild birds only poop when they are in flight?
  92. My dog had puupies outdoors would like to move her to covered porch or indoors?
  93. Help a begging fish owner................please?
  94. I Want to walk with my dog but i cant?
  95. Albino Kingsnake????
  96. Looking for a groomer in San Jose California?
  97. if i breed a titanium retic with an albino purple retic what would i get?
  98. why do they eat poop?
  99. Does anyone know a good site in the blue mountain for horseriding?
  100. possible false hibernation of a russian torotise?
  101. barn swallow!HELP!!!?
  102. aquarium theme?
  103. Long Reining a horse?
  104. how many animals are you allow to have in Maryland without a animal license?
  105. My Weimeraner smiles at me.?
  106. How to convince my parents?
  107. should i get a teddy bear hamster or a dwarf hamster?
  108. Recovering Parvo Puppy?
  109. how fast do blood parrot cichlids grow?
  110. What would happen if I made my dog eat "happy" brownies?
  111. Why does my yorkie have enlarged nipples?
  112. Hi again.. Ok a question about my OES...?
  113. PetScripts for cheap.com?
  114. leopard gecko or bearded dragon?
  115. my hamster has these two bumps on its sides with yellow hair growing out of them.?
  116. I have a shetland pony that i would like to teach some tricks>>>?
  117. My twelve your old son just killed our neighbors kitten?
  118. What amount of dogs is manageable?
  119. When do you know its time to put your best friend down?
  120. Can you carry dwarf hamsters?
  121. Cat has worms?
  122. Goose eggs?
  123. My dog won't poop outside!?
  124. Rottweiler puppy very rambunctious?
  125. My crested gecko is injured?
  126. Pregnant mare?
  127. How can i stop my Weimeraner from chasing our 3 cats?
  128. My Long-Neck turtle got problem...?
  129. My Budgie?
  130. Red Tailed Shark?
  131. Biocube help!!!?
  132. Dose anyone have a link to the video of Frodo Baggins or Quite mans fall...
  133. why does my horse throw her head around alot while riding her?
  134. Kittens Wanted!!!!?
  135. Do you need a specific breed of horse to show?
  136. Are the bugs close to the plants?
  137. should I feed my dog Solid Gold Wolfking or Wellness Super 5 mix?
  138. Rabbit Question....?
  139. My kitten has been sleeping alot today?
  140. What do you think of Cesar Milan's philosophies about dog training and ownership?
  141. oops i screwed up my last question: on litter boxes?
  142. How do I reintroduce 2 neutered indoor female cats? One is DOMINANT! They've
  143. What kind of treats, do you give to your dogs?
  144. My dogs have red round ciricles on the bellies.?
  145. Help please?
  146. What do you think?
  147. isn't my turtle the most prettiest you have ever seen?? I do plz ANSWER?
  148. help!!!!!!!!!!!?
  149. Is there any problem using an aquarium with a reptile sticker heater on
  150. Getting New Dog??
  151. Feline emergency?!! My kitty is very sick!!!?
  152. One of our corn snakes is pegnant and...?
  153. My female mallard's head is turning green?
  154. Can anyone help me come up with ideas for a registered name?
  155. I have a litter of cockapoos and and I want to find a good place to advertise
  156. I know we all like shelters but...?
  157. Why does a dog randomly give you his paw?
  158. dwarf hamster mating question?
  159. I need help with my dog.?
  160. Doberman's and Bullmastiff's?
  161. Sick spayed kitten, going to vets tonight what do i feed her in mean time, if
  162. What do you think of my dog? (looks wise)?
  163. Rabbit has wet fur by nose?
  164. why do frogs...?
  165. My puppy's ears have started to stand up and are no longer floppy. How do I make
  166. Animal Passport?
  167. Are there some dogs that you can be non-allergic to?
  168. what is a 7 month old german shepherd is going to look like?
  169. My kitten is very adventures how do I keep her inside and happy?
  170. Can You Tell Me What Kind Of Mastiff I Have?
  171. Cutting guinea pig's nail?
  172. if a dogs tail is wagging while growling does that mean dog is playing?
  173. Can the following lizards be handled?
  174. Advice on Border Collies and Australian Shepards??
  175. Chicken Problem?
  176. Adding fish in with an oscar...?
  177. can't potty train my dogs!?
  178. Do Muscovy ducks make good backyard pets?
  179. butt sniffer?
  180. do chick cats have periods?
  181. Is this an answer you would agree with?
  182. My rabbit has a wet very soft stool (almost diarrhea) every few days what...
  183. FLEAS!!!! Please help!!?
  184. Is a ferret a weasel or a rodent?
  185. Do Guinea pigs like to be moved around from place to place?
  186. Hermit crab fights?
  187. what should i charge for taking peoples dogs for an hour walk?
  188. Goldfish Q's : Mirrors, plants, lighting?
  189. How do you cure pet dander allergies?
  190. why is my cat throwing up?
  191. I have a pretty young duck and...?
  192. Great dane questions?
  193. What breed of horse is used in contemporary Wells Fargo Commercials?
  194. My rat sneazes, why?
  195. Strange behaviour mum molly and a baby?
  196. Medium sized predatory fish......help.?
  197. new kitten?
  198. My neighbors dog (two full grown Boxer) attacked my two 7lb dogs.?
  199. My pet dog is skinny and needs to eat but wont eat or drink anything what do i
  200. dog in heat scent?
  201. I have an amazing puppy for sale anyone know who would want a special needs puppy?
  202. mom wants a small dog, recommendation on breeds?
  203. Are cat treats "Temptations" Brand bad for puppies?
  204. flea and tick?
  205. Is my cat about to give birth?
  206. Question for members of Peta and followers?
  207. What are the most common breeds of horses used mostly for riding?
  208. stethoscope to hear a chick heartbeat in an egg?
  209. A bird made a nest above our back door somehow, a little baby just fell out..?
  210. Feline emergency?!! My kitty is very sick!!!?
  211. How do I know if my guinea pig is pregnant?
  212. Why is it when a cat climbs up a tree?
  213. Is it uncommon for a leopard gecko to sheed 2 times in a month?
  214. A good title for why and how cats purr paper?
  215. Urgent Help Needed!! What are "stocks" - in relation to restraint methods for farm
  216. Is it okay to pick grass from my yard and let my rabbit eat it?
  217. Sand? Or fine gravel?
  218. When and what channel is ROLEX going to be on TV?
  219. how do i register a dog who i dont have papers on, but both parents were regisered.?
  220. is it normal for a cat owner to be worried about their cat while on vacation?
  221. Can I reclaim my dog after I surrendered him?
  222. Pomeranian free to good home!?
  223. how do u get neighborhood cats from pooping in ur dirt around yard?
  224. Do snakes like being touched/petted?
  225. Bulldog black spots just came out of nowhere!?
  226. Enlarged prostate in dogs???
  227. Two Dwarfs Bunnies CoExisting?
  228. my one week old puppy won't stop crying?
  229. When to start feeding adult dog food?
  230. Has anyone heard of the cat dome litter tray?
  231. My chihuahua Sisco keeps biting at his butt?
  232. Caring For Goldfish - A-Z Practical Guide On Goldfish Care?
  234. Are there Black Cats With Blue Eyes In The World???
  235. My adult oscar's face is turning black on the right side only. Can anyone
  236. baby orphan bunny...1-week old?
  237. my little sister has the webkinz panda,,?
  238. why is my male goldfish digging a hole?
  239. Can Ferrets eat cat food???
  240. S.O.S! Can anyone identify this rodent? pleeease :(?
  241. I have 2 female mollies, silver and black, the silver one is very aggressive
  242. Mouse Bleeding Ear?
  243. Ok Listen up?
  244. is my mare close to foaling?
  245. What should I name my dog?
  246. I want to get a reptile of some sort. I want a fruit/veggie eater..?
  247. Where can I buy a Roller canary?
  248. Breeders to breeder question?
  249. What breed are these adorable babies?!?
  250. Apple cores?