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  1. How long will this last?
  2. are the nerite snails at petco olive nerite snails???PLEASE AT LEAST TRY 2...
  3. Is this a cruel but effective way to potty train your puppy?
  4. my cay had 18 kittys 2 days a go?
  5. if the mom is truly dead how do you take care of a neighborhood baby rabbit?
  6. my adult male cat is biting and calling to female kitten like mother...
  7. How often can we bath our dog?
  8. howcome whenever i get a big bala shark it dies when i change the water?
  9. Dogs won't stay home? Any good advice?
  10. Happy Hackers?
  11. Update!!-New cat is sick and won't eat-hasn't eaten in over two weeks.?
  12. Ball python prices??
  13. my kitten has a weeping eye,, what could I do to help?
  14. Help! 2 new kittens, 1 is hardly eating, the other eats enough for both of them.?
  15. English stirrups and leathers on a western saddle?
  16. I killed a dog which was running on my feilds, and i feel guilty, it what...
  17. Budgie breeders in Vancouver B.C ?
  18. What should I feed ducks and chickens?
  19. Adopting a Dog in the beginning of July?
  20. What breed is my German Shepherd mixed with?
  21. My Oscar kills other fish?
  22. I would like to know why my standard poodles, Noodles, jumps into my seat...
  23. I Have been told about a little Town in NC that you can only get to by horse.?
  24. are these the most beautiful faces ever?
  25. horse riding competitions?
  26. Does anyone know of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed with a Rat
  27. What is wrong with my cat?
  28. Lightly thinking about getting a bird and just wanting some help from experts
  29. best dog for me? ive tried websites but none come up with a dog i could put up with!?
  30. Non suet/Non geletin bird cake recipe?
  31. Are all dogs greedy?
  32. Can newlyweds with a one story house handle a Labrador Retriever?
  33. need some help?
  34. Anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  35. How do u make snake skin lighter?
  36. puppy with milk bone???
  37. what is wrong with a bgk when the "lips" are swollen, its also loosing...
  38. Potty Training a Puppy?
  39. Dog time sucks.?
  40. Dog Breed Costs?
  41. My birdie ate cat litter!!!!!!!!!?
  42. Horse boarding in Lincoln, NE?
  43. Cat on heat?
  44. What is a good pet?
  45. dog food ?
  46. Can He get Parvo?????????????
  47. My cat is 19 and her whiskers are thin and some missing, normal?
  48. Breeding my yorkshire terrier?
  49. im finding it really hard to toilet train our puppy ???
  50. Puppy crying when being 'trained' for leash or crate to aide in potty training?
  51. A good treat that my puppy can lick off my hand?
  52. Poodle grooming info ?
  53. Dog Walking advice?
  54. Which store is the best to buy goldfish ( walmart or petsmart )?
  55. Stifle problems?
  56. i have a black moore that likes to play dead?
  57. Leopard Gecko shedding problems...HELP?
  58. My yorkie has slight tremors or twitches only at night and they only last
  59. My hamster died...?
  60. When I pet/scratch my black mutt, after a while, my fingers turned black!
  61. Temperament Testing?
  62. What kind of lizard/gecko/snake can live in a 10 gallon tank?
  63. Where can I bring my bird when he is sick?
  64. My axolotl's skin is peeling?
  65. How do I get my puppy to stop crying ?
  66. Hey poeple can you help???
  67. How to get 4 year old dog to learn its name?
  68. Help? My older cat is meowing funny.....?
  69. potty question?
  70. Camera on cat door?
  71. for people who think animal testing is worng?
  72. Help with a dominant Dachshund?
  73. want to combine2 10 gallon fish tanks with clear pvc tubing, will it work? how can
  74. What do you feed a dog which has diarrhoea?
  75. Who loves chihuahuas?
  76. My dad bought some new cat litter.?
  77. Want to get my Pits ears cropped anyone know a good place in tampa fl.?
  78. leopard gecko length and age?
  79. How long should it take for a cut to heal on my cat?
  80. Turtle Lighting?
  81. What brand food is the best out of solid gold, merrick, innova, Canidae and
  82. Horses being Stolen, Please Read!?
  83. medium outside dog 13yrs has a cough but is otherwise healthy and playful?
  84. How do I settle my three cats into our new house?
  85. Is this ok for stocking a 55 gallon tank?
  86. new duck owner?
  87. Does she look like a fish-head?
  88. which do you prefer to feed?
  89. I am worried about my betta?
  90. Where can IGet?
  91. animal question please help answer?
  92. Picking up Pregnant Yorkie?
  93. Pregnant cat? Please help!?
  94. My dog is really sad???
  95. how would u catch a res?
  96. Dog breeds developed for fighting?
  97. why does my dog bite fur off her paws?
  98. So is my cockatiel a female or male?
  99. does anyone know how to translate cat language?
  100. Nine month old kitten sick in the night?
  101. My guinea pig is making weird noises.?
  102. I have a Staffy X Kelpie 6 month old puppy & she walks up randomly and bites....
  103. how do you get the knots out of a persian cat?
  104. having pet mice? can a coulple of girls be with eachother if i get them...
  105. wats wrong with my dog!!!!?????
  106. how to clean 10gallons aquarium with undergravel filter?
  107. How can you tell how big a colt will end up getting?
  108. What does it say below the statue of balto?
  109. The best treat for a dog!?
  110. My russian blue cat bites out hair when he grooms.?
  111. I have a serious tick infestation problem....2 questions?
  112. Dog shampoo?
  113. Dog treating her treat weird?
  114. Siberian Husky puppy?
  115. I found a tick on my puppy?
  116. milk is going everywhere!!!!?
  117. Does she need to go to the vet??? please very worryed!?
  118. Are vegetables healthy for my cat?
  119. My mare keeps running away!!!?
  120. Why don't people like designer dogs ?
  121. Why does my new puppy have stools that are half white? They come out half...
  122. Boxer peeing problems!?
  123. how big of a tank is needed for a single?
  124. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  125. Traveling with Babe cockatiels?
  126. What type of flea/tick prevention do you use on your dog?
  127. Which breed of dog should I choose?
  128. getting a boy hamster? (roborovski hamster)?
  129. Why does my cat's back often have a spasm/twitch when she lands?
  130. Concerned about fish and fish tank?
  131. Alaskan malamute threw up on the porch?
  132. Dog names? 3 pics included!?
  133. We are getting a new puppy!!!?
  134. Neighbor threatens to sue over Parvo?
  135. why does my dog sneeze???
  136. i caught a frog from the pond and i need to know if beta pellets and
  137. what are the types of gold fish that can live without filters?
  138. I think my corn snake is sick?
  139. my cat needs a nick name?
  140. whats your favorite animal and why?
  141. Domestic Cat Question?
  142. my 9 mnth old cockatiel has is pooping brown poop?
  143. Fighting rooster genes?
  144. I need some bird help!?
  145. what kind of fish can i feed my red eared slider?
  146. bird or bat flighting around in my barn? what to do?
  147. downsides to a pet ball python?
  148. Who loves chihuahuas?
  149. How often should I bathe a 6 week old kitten? How soon should I start giving...
  150. I have a 5 month old kitten who doesn't like to be touch still!?
  151. Labrador Retrievers?
  152. Snakes in Colorado?
  153. small animal bedding?????
  154. Ticks!...What product or concuction to use to kill them...?
  155. How can you socialize an adult cat?
  156. What is the best dog food that is easily found in stores?
  157. abscess on dogs side?
  158. My cat is sad?
  159. Dwarf hamster chewing on plastic and metal bars of cage... how can I make him stop?
  160. pet stains...a little help here!!!!?
  161. Why are people on here attacking my puppy ? his breed...?
  162. How much do garter snakes cost?
  163. Rabbit Cage Size?
  164. how long does a female great dane have to get pregnat after bleeding?
  165. Please help me READ!?
  166. igunnas ?? an two,help?
  167. our puppy licked up some oil in our back yard!? what are some symptoms we should
  168. Potty Training....?
  169. When is to soon?
  170. where to buy olive nerite snails PLEASE CLICK!!!?
  171. Is this dangerous?
  172. Info on Mice!?!?
  173. Surgery price for a ferret with Ferret Adrenal Disease??
  174. Why Does My Guinea Pig Keep Chewing On The Cage Bars?
  175. my siamese cat eyes are dilated and one is darker than the other ?
  176. whts wrong with my mouse? plz answer as soon as possible!!!?
  177. Best college at which to study animal science?
  178. Why is my cat losing hair on his behind?
  179. Need help identifying snake?
  180. Guinea pig food - which is better?
  181. How to keep cats from defecating in animal taxis in long car trip?
  182. How expensive is a Westie?
  183. 2 Anemone with 2 Clowns One Maroon Gold Stripe and One Percula?
  184. I am worried about my Dog ...Please Help?
  185. Dog Breed Experts, PLEASE Answer This Question?
  186. why does my cat meow when an open hand is directed at him?
  187. How do you get rid of wild Mallard ducks without killing them??????? They crap all
  188. Dog Pregnancy induction?
  189. how do you know if a bird is alive in the egg?
  190. I need help with a horse show name!!!?
  191. why does my cat have diaria if he eats cat food(MEAT) or even if he drinks milk?
  192. Leopard Gecko substrate?
  193. Rabbit orphans?
  194. HELP ME with my dogs name!?
  195. Kitten Vet Bills...?
  196. I have a 5 gallon tank with a female betta?
  197. why do dogs smell bad when they're wet?
  198. Porcupines! Has your dog ever gotten into a porcupine?
  199. how many watts for a 55 gallon for java fern and gava moss?
  200. County Fair...?
  201. How do I breed Degus?
  202. With the summer approaching, do you predict a higher or lower or steady chance of...
  203. I know my ferret is dying he dosen't move and is barley breatheing
  204. What is this snakes name?
  205. Wild lizard as pet....?
  206. Why is my horse terrified of large dogs wearing white T-Shirts?
  207. My newts will not eat?
  208. The Byrds - Chestnut Mare?
  209. how much do senegal parrots cost?
  210. What is the best dog for a runner?
  211. Puppy ears?
  212. Can cats be gays?
  213. How do your triain your dogs to be "good boys" and not bite people?
  214. please need info on some web sites???
  215. question for people who know a lot about leopard geckos?
  216. What type of heater?
  217. Chickens in Orange City FL?
  218. where can you get teacup piglets?
  219. Could fish make a dog bald?
  220. How do I keep birds from eating my dog's food?
  221. I made a bonehead mistake. Repeat queation. KMR and Iams or canned?
  222. Golden tree frog with grey tree frog?
  223. I've heard a lot of people talk about sexing fish?
  224. I have a cat who was probably a feral kitten - she is becoming crazier the older...
  225. What do you like about Black cats?
  226. Cat pedigree?
  227. my long nosed leopard lizard has an abscess?
  228. How can litter train a 6 week old kitten? How can I know if its a male or female?
  229. Weaning kittens. Milk replacer with Iams or canned kitten food?
  230. guinea pigs ??
  231. How can I find out my puppies age?
  232. I have two dogs and they are both itching like crazy. Two different breds...
  233. what should i feed my 7 week old pug puppy ?
  234. What is the weirdest, stupidest, scariest or funniest question you have ever
  235. why am I finding all my birds eggs pushed out of the nest?
  236. My Guppy (fish) is dying? Should I let him suffer or end it now & how?
  237. lizard compatibility?
  238. transporting my ball python?
  239. puppy eating question?
  240. At about what age do dogs stop growing?
  241. Dachsund Name?
  242. why does my dog roll in other dos poo i took him out before and when i turned...
  243. Does anybody have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum?
  244. I need dog/ puppie advice!?
  245. Why can't the "low income" population have pets?
  246. Is giving my black lab dogs rawhide bones good for them? and how often should...
  247. is advantage multi the same as advocate OTC?
  248. In What Room Would Be Best To Keep My Rabbit At??
  249. Why is my yorkie puppy's hair so short?
  250. Are you a hermit?